Do you want to master Sales Development? Tito Bohrt, CEO of AltiSales, gives away all his knowledge and experience for free!
The 3 Series in this podcast:
Superstar SDR:
Tito interviews the best SDRs out there and tries to Reverse Engineer how they got there.
Cold-Calling Training:
Tito meets with SDRs from all over the world. They mock call him and pitch him their product. After that call, he cold-calls them to pitch them their own solution.
Tito Teaches Sales:
How to sell? Conflicts between SDR’s and AE’s? Tito shares all his secrets.
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United States
16 episodes
since Feb. 19, 2019


Today we will get all the secrets from Grant Horvanth, who consistently reaches 200% of quota at LivePerson. He shows us some tips on how to  strategize for Fortune 500 Companies or creating a call-only campaigns. The topics covered, are indexed below the video. If you don't have 30 minutes to listen to the whole interview, just jump around. If you want to join the series or nominate a colleague, please send an email to [email protected] We've already had Val Moisland, Brandon Ferris, Jeremy Levielle, Hope O Baker, Jess Wilson (video), Mikey Pawell (direct mail), Louise Trump (email), Allie Hudson (cold calling), Jackie Lipnicki (cold calling) and Sam Silverman (Strategy) participate. Welcome Grant! Topics covered: 0:00 -> Intros 1:10 -> What is LivePerson and who do they sell to? 3:25 -> Inbound vs. outbound?  4:05 -> How is Grant at 200% of quota? What's your secret? 8:05 -> Where do the majority of your demos come from? 9:10 ->What kind of content do you find before reaching out to prospects?  11:30 -> How do you build your sequences? 14:10 -> Call-only campaign 16:10 -> Do what you need to do 17:10 -> How many accounts does Grant reach out to? 19:10 -> More context about the company 20:50 -> What tools does he use? 24:00 -> How is your script?  26:20 -> More about Grant's email strategy 28:10 -> Training 30:40 -> What keeps Grant up at night. 32:30 -> How to get in touch with Grant and Tito
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