Classified Ads for Podcasting

The best place to find co-hosts, guests, sponsors, and cross-promotions for your podcasts.
How to post a classified ad?
You should claim your podcast page first, then indicate if you are looking for guests, sponsors, co-hosts or/and cross-promotion opportunities.
How to claim a podcast page?
Go to the "Podcaster" tab of your podcast page, then claim there.
Sort order of classified ads?
The list of classified ads is sorted by the published date of the latest episode in a podcast. For example, if a podcast publishes a new episode, then its classified ad will pop to the top of the list.
Can I post a classified ad if I don't own any podcast?
Not for now. But we'll allow non-podcasters to post in the future (e.g., brands looking for podcasts to sponsor).
How to contact podcasters?
Just click on the "Contact" button to email the podcaster.