Juno Beach and Beyond is Canada's first Second World War podcast. Discover Canadian stories from the war that changed the world.
United States
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since May 30, 2018


Three miles or so south of Caen the present-day tourist, driving down the arrow-straight road that leads to Falaise, sees immediately to his right a rounded hill crowned by farm buildings. If the traveller be Canadian, he would do well to stay the wheels at this point and cast his mind back to the events of 1944; for this apparently insignificant eminence is the Verrières Ridge. Well may the wheat and sugar-beet grow green and lush upon its gentle slopes, for in that now half-forgotten summer the best blood of Canada was freely poured out upon them.C.P. Stacey, The Victory Campaign Seventy-five years ago this summer the Canadian Army was engaged in some of the bloodiest fighting in history. By some estimates, the daily casualty rate in the Battle of Normandy exceeded that of many First World War battles associated with atrocious slaughter — Verdun, the Somme, or Passchendaele. Indeed, Verrières Ridge resembles Vimy Ridge in that both were the sites of bloody clashes featuring Canadian troops in the lead. In part, this was because Operation Spring, the II Canadian Corps assault up the ridge, was the largest Canadian Army operation since Vimy Ridge 27 years earlier. Unlike Vimy, however, the Canadian corps did not succeed in capturing the ridge as planned. Best-selling author David O’Keefe joins us to explore the Battle of Verrières Ridge through the senses of a storied but doomed Canadian infantry battalion, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada. Proud of their past, new to action, and in the midst of an evolving military culture, the situation on 25 July 1944 challenged the Black Watch’s sense of honour. Private R. Pankaski waiting for the end of a medium artillery barrage before moving forward during Operation Spring near Ifs, France, 25 July 1944 (Ken Bell / DND / LAC / MIKAN No. 3226044). Time Stamps 3:58 To Normandy 5:37 The Battalion & the Scout Platoon 9:14 The Scouts 10:52 Inoculation 16:39 Operation Spring 32:00 A Question of Honour 41:41 Surviving Verrières Ridge 48:23 Historical Meddling Guest Biography David
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