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A change of pace for FIR The FIR Podcast is one of the longest continually-produced podcasts for communications pros. Since 2005, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson have been providing insight into the communications trends and developments that are important to communications practitioners. But now they are dialing back their production schedule to once a month. And as podcast producers who have followed in their footsteps, we’re glad that they are continuing. Because if you are a communications pro, you’re sure to learn something useful with each and every FIR podcast. So, kudos Shel and Neville for finding a way to keep it going and keep it fresh. GarageBand: Creating dreams It’s been fifteen years since Apple first offered GarageBand with Macs. Since then, it’s become available for PCs and iOS as well. And that means there’s a whole generation of musicians and podcasters who have brought their ideas to life using Apple’s free software. In fact, we use GarageBand to mix and produce the Inside PR podcast. And it couldn’t be easier to do, thanks to the simple, intuitive interface. So, here’s to GarageBand. And here’s to the community of creators who have grown up around it. And here’s to Apple for giving us this incredibly useful software. You’re just not important enough for us to take action The abuse of social media by foreign or malevolent agents is not just confined to the United States. It is a global problem. But that doesn’t mean that the social and search platforms are giving it the same attention in countries other than the United States. Indeed, you need look no farther than across the border to the north to Canada to see Facebook and Google taking very different approaches to the responsibility that national legislators and regulators say they should take on. In this tally, Facebook gains a point. Google loses a point. If you’re not part of the solution Facebook’s local news support project, Today In, underlines the news deserts that have been created by the diminution out of the display ad economy that local newspapers relied on. And in doing so, it drives home that the social and search platforms efforts to “support” journalism are not adequately addressing the problems they have created. It’s time for radically different thinking. Gini is on holiday this week. So, Joe and Martin are alone together. Linkworthy FIR Podcast, Shel Holtz and Neville HobsonInside GarageBand, the Little App Ruling the Sound of Modern Music, Amy X WangFacebook introducing measures to prevent election disruption, Elizabeth ThompsonSocial media giants don’t take Canada seriously, say MPs, Joan BrydenFacebook’s local news project frustrated – by lack of local newspapers Subscribe to the Inside PR podcast We’re trying to be wherever you want us to be. So, you can subscribe to Inside PR on the most popular podcast apps. Subscribe to Inside PR on Apple PodcastsSubscribe to Inside PR on SpotifySubscribe to Inside PR on Google Play It’s your turn. We’d love to know what you think about the topics we discussed as well as your suggestions for questions you’d like answered or topics for future shows. Leave a comment on the Inside PR Facebook group or the FIR Podcast Network Facebook group,Send us an email or an audio comment to [email protected],Interact with us on Twitter. We’re @inside_pr or connect directly with Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley, and Martin Waxman.And, of course, you always can leave a comment below this post. Please rate us on Apple Podcasts We hope you like the podcast as much as we like making it for you. If you do, we have a favor to ask: If you like this podcast, please rate us on Apple Podcasts. Thank you to the people behind Inside PR. Our theme music was created by Damon de Szegheo; Roger Dey is our announcer. Inside PR is produced by Joseph Thornley. Inside PR 541: Gain a Point. Lose a Point. by Joseph Thornley, Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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