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since Apr, 2014
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Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! Today's episode features Harvey Ball AKA the Stone fox. Join us as we take a deep dive into VRTK an amazing tool set that allows anyone the ability to make vr experiences with Unity. SHOW NOTES: 30: Getting rid of impostor syndrome thanks to VRTK. 2:00 How did VRTK first get started? 9:30 Why is working on VRTK important for the Stonefox? 13:00 What guided the Stonefox in building out VRTK. 16:40 What sets VRTK apart from other vr prototyping tools. 19:00 The features the community is asking for the most. 25:00 Advice on how to create multi player VR experiences. 28:00 Tips and advice for VRTK beginners. 30:00 Where to publish your content once you are done prototyping. 31:30 Long term and short term goals for VRTK. 36:00 Getting webVR and VRTK working together. 39:00 How to understand what's going on underneath the hood of your unity vrtk experiences? 43:00 Figuring out the logistics of delivering VRTK educational content. 47:00 Working on VRTK and the VR industry landscape. 54:00 Dealing with acquisition offers from big companies. 56:00 Is VR dead? 1:00:00 Where will VRTK be 10 years from now? 1:04:00 What will crossing the uncanny do to society? 1:10:00 Will VR create a massive cultural divide? 1:14:00 The Stonefox's hopes for the future of VR. 1:17:00 How to stay in touch with the Stonefox Thanks again to the Stonefox for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening. More information on VRTK and the stonefox in the links below: https://twitter.com/VR_Toolkit https://twitter.com/The_StoneFox https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRk-LEMUNoZxUmY1wO7DBQ https://github.com/thestonefox/VRTK https://vrtoolkit.readme.io/
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