This podcast is a relaxed space for me (Elliot) to dish out talks on a whole bunch of dorky topics. You like movie reviews? I do 'em! You thoroughly enjoy comics? Well so do I! Whether you want to hear my take on something, throwing around some original ideas, or just listen to like-minded folks with similar interests, you're in the right place.
I've always had an appreciation for ASMR videos, being a person who's had a hard time falling asleep for the last 15 years. And my intention was never to create a channel playing it up, but I've been told by a lot of people that in person/in episode my voice has an ASMR-ish quality to it. So why not, feel free to get as many tingles as you can while you're here. All my videos are pretty low energy and devoid of background noises, so that's a plus.
Also I'm genuinely happy to hear suggestions and ideas, so if you have something you want covered let's hear it! I like discovering new and weird stuff. So if there's a comic from 1983 that you don't think enough people are talking about, shout it out. Or if you're unhappy that no one is reviewing the latest HeroClix set, let's change that (small crowd for that one).
Hopefully you like what you hear, and I'll do my best to make content that doesn't suck. I do all my recordings in one, earnest sitting, without any kind of fancy editing. Or editing at all. So at the very least, I can say it's authentic. Enjoy guys!
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This is another wandering episode, so it looks like I happen to be "far from home". But yes, obviously I just saw the movie, and that's what's going on today guys. I'll cut right to it and say Spiderman was amazing, and super entertaining. The movies' lighthearted innocence of high-school life and romance is just as good as the superhero quest which surprised me. The same way Ant-Man and the Wasp had a tough act to follow, Far From Home takes place after the biggest movie in the MCU. They offer some explanations and perspective on the "The Blip" (formerly "The Snap") and actually does a pretty neat job of tying it all together. This was the first movie I've seen solo as an adult, and it was a good time. I had a half day from work, invited a few friends but to no avail. So I plopped down and saw it, and yeah pleasant experience overall. I found that not having someone talking to you during the movie is cool, but occasionally you'd like to say something yourself to your neighbor, and that's the only things that's not really an option. One thing about the movie (spoilers I guess)... Mysterio is a villain in the comics. So it's not really a surprise that he winds up being a villain in the film too. And I get that most people don't read the source material, but the amount of *gasps out loud* I heard at his reveal was kinda shocking.Besides that, I guess business as usual. My son is good (and adorable), Fortnite is almost done its 14 Days of Summer (so get those rewards while you still can) and it's still gross and swampy out. So thanks for listening guys, catch you next time.P.S. Count me in on the raid, I wanna see them aliens 
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