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We explore, in depth, the Ramchal's book Derech Hashem. This is a live recording of the twice-weekly shiur Ari presents in Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron in Jerusalem. The topics discussed are fundamental to a proper understanding of Jewish thought, based ...
My mother, Malka Brandsdorfer, lived in a small Polish town near the German border. At the start of World War II she was married and had a young daughter. During the war her married name was Goldratt. She recorded her recollections of the Holocaus...

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This podcast is associated with Hadar Campus Scholars, which is itself a program of Mechon Hadar, an egalitarian, non-denominational yeshiva in New York City.
Torah Talk, hosted by Senior Pastor Mark McLellan and presented by The Harvest (Kehilat T'nuvah), is a purposeful deliberation that challenges 2000 years of misunderstanding and neglect of the Torah in the Christian Church. The Harvest is a Messia...
Jewish Sacred Aging podcasts are podcast programs featuring news and interviews on the subject of Jewish sacred aging.
A podcast for Jewish women looking for encouragement with Intuitive Eating. I interview women who have embraced Intuitive Eating and are ready to share their journey with the world! They talk about the excitement, their fears, and what has change...
A podcast #PoweredbyJNF where we’ll be sharing with you stories of interesting people doing fascinating work all over Israel.
JBS is America's Jewish television network covering the panorama of Jewish life.
Our mission is to create a platform that provides an accessible and comprehensive Mishna study based off of the commentary of HaRambam. We seek to generate an experience where students can become intimately familiar with the text and framework of ...
Love Israeli music? Israel Hour Radio is the official podcast of Israeli music lovers worldwide. Hear your favorite Israeli artists, your favorite Israeli songs, and your favorite Israeli memories - plus connect with others who share your passio...
Celebrating the beauty in the seemingly mundane. Discovering the extraordinary amidst the "ordinary" in the world around us. So much wonder out there! Let's get started! Reb Misha Clebaner is a passionate educator of Judaism and Spirituality.
Bringing weekly Jewish insights into your life. Join Rabbi Wes Gardenswartz, Rabbi Michelle Robinson and Rav-Hazzan Aliza Berger of Temple Emanuel in Newton, MA as they share modern ancient wisdom.
Stories are the best way to make a point and impart a message deep into the heart. Sit back and listen to inspiring Jewish stories and Chassidic tales.
A weekly q&a podcast on Jewish practice, history, and custom from Baltimore, MD.
The Mitzvah Podcast is an attempt to give a brief survey of the 613 mitzvos in the order in which they appear in the Torah. Please send comments or questions to [email protected]
Welcome to Drasha Deconstructed. An RJC podcast.
What do we all have in common? We all live - and balance - complex and nuanced identities, that, when braided together, make us wholly ourselves - and “Wholly Jewish.” Join April Baskin, the Union for Reform Judaism’s former vice president for aud...
a learner's guide by Michael Carasik (incorporating the "Torah Talk" podcast)
Rav Michoel Frank is the Mora D'Asra of Kehilas Ohr HaTorah in Silver Spring, MD. Rav Frank spent his formative years learning in Yeshivas Talmidei Telz Riverdale and Brisk Yerushalayim. Rav Frank then moved to Los Angeles, CA and joined the Los A...

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