Today is our final episode of The Business Experiment. If one thing is for sure, it's been experiment success. Join us as we talk about our favourite moments from the show, including behind the scenes memories that have never made it to air before now.

This episode will take you on a trip down podcast lane, as you laugh, cry and what the bleep with Jemimah and Shevonne one last time.


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00:00:02welcome to the business experiment podcast this is a collaboration between Jemima Ashley creative director of Tanks design and Siobhan Joyce founder of the other palominas these two ladies are coming from different parts of Australia documenting then personal genny's learning and running Independence small businesses and hear your hosts Jemima and Shavon
00:00:25hi chef hey Jen he we are well let me rephrase that I'm actually really great food during this off focus because we've got some crack is we have had really really a lot of fun this way figure member and stuff that's gone down because let's be honest it was a whirlwind for mommy started this
00:01:00we're not sure what's left I thought there might be some oil changes in the cabinet I think kind of the left last night pretty drunk so good luck to you studied I understand that Jerry could you just listening to the best friends to go back to the beginning and then come back and then you only said that we were going to do a top 5 - the podcast he is the problem that show - 2 immense number favorite moments but we also want to give a lot of credit to them because these are the things that already. The most mentioned the most questioned in interviews about or just give me the things that release of whatever reason just made us giggle yeah but just a favorite most amazing moments on the podcast as well but just the funny
00:02:00what is a FIFA just how enormous is Jenny has Bane yeah yeah it has been let's not forget that is well the chef what you got my first one at my first favorite moments and actually this encompasses many marmots
00:02:26but it's the interruptions by Wildlife Refuge the cats my cat is not there I don't remember one time with someone else and it was a really serious selfie I think it was laying Kemp and you really serious tell me can we prevent diamonds in the background and stare at me and I'm like this is my death Stampy the cat I don't know where that's coming from yeah yeah and it's ruined so many times he's on the computer
00:03:26skit on he's now as we saying is come at me like it's hilarious another one of my favorite moments of wildlife was the time that we were getting ready to record me and you all of a sudden started getting attacked by random base
00:03:49what about these are also we haven't really run for old days of each other we're going to different codices yeah I remember these I was interviewing someone again and it was due base in my house we were actually we were actually do it in between time to actually in the meeting with members of a team and we went into planning a strategy meeting and we were after the meeting like we were getting ready to record me doing the planning strategy and I used to record and Jemiah was talking about a really serious about having a really serious discussion Wingstop for me to check and stuff like flailing her arms around and we were like what the hell's going on. And then she was like there's a bee in my house I need to get in and then she's flailing around where I like all my God and then all the sudden she's like this to babies and so damn we are eating
00:04:49absolutely not record that because I like the video of that would be sorry the Brisbane Wildlife Center for the bed the cheat me on Cookie Bars outside peeing in the stone of people yeah yeah okay alright my next one you inflicting on May the 5 a.m. wake up challenge
00:05:28sorry for some stupid experiment we decided that I would live the life of the most successful entrepreneur in the world and they open up at 5 a.m. and have some breakfast stuff for one home like for like in the middle of winter so this is like it's not fun it was a deal and I'm so proud of you for doing that because when we first decided to do this I was like how I'm going to space are how how could it be that really very very difficult but I got food poisoning
00:06:11Gloria by its 4 a.m. and they're available on YouTube when we were raised grain sitting down like it's 5 a.m. at least I had really bad so I had fish and cereal to salmonella come from fish poisoning you went well you are not well and then shave actually visited during the challenge and refused to get up with me so I know you like tacos
00:06:50it's going to be funny like this is not fun to get out of the room I never get to sleep in do not like me at right now
00:07:00sorry I at 5 a.m. tonight. Having said that I will give crate like a lot of credit to it's actually change the way that I handle my morning sorry yeah yeah it's been amazing right out of great stuff is coming out of that challenge but yeah it was pretty hilarious at the time the things we did the things we did for the mission you would bring me relax I'm fine why and I'm fine but you've lost your spot
00:07:28what's the forecast and then you said random cat photos to Lake that were meant for me and I had no idea what was going on yesterday I was like what the hell is going on my next one is Jemima quotes So I have a couple of favorite Sia think about it is that I never know what you're going to come out with Devin are ever in a lot of headaches yes today was just one time that we were us at is it is it hard being women in business
00:08:28dirty Rossiter and this is why they don't be so spawns and Jemima is response like straightest face ever seen is the biggest problem is sometimes I take my boobs to meetings
00:08:45and I was like oh shit I just remember looking at you you would have had a screaming internally did you just say that and I remember thinking I'd like to get a male shot but I like to be surprised everyone else about what comes out of my mouth my favorite
00:09:15you need to hustle hustle until he and I like your legs fall off and I was like yeah sorry let's just point out that at clearly a podcast where I need to be so any think that matter word script it and it was a diet this is Charlie off track but I think it's in a poultry in general about eggs but never really made it to Erin to let us episode
00:10:15what's your next one gem numbers Raves was raised that was actually counting them because I was and I will talk to him something that was a little bit serious he at was the final grade chart sore at the sound right show that was heartbreaking and anyone that listen to the next sorry when are at least once you know it was a really difficult because
00:10:51Society raisins but we made the decision that we were going to start working for a while we can have a Christmas break in January and February of last year we went up to Sydney and I think you're wrong choice
00:11:08Michelle and I are on the town no kids what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas just hold on kids we haven't had the start we went to see me we had a baby and it was beautiful and we haven't seen each other for a few months like obviously we live in different states intestine and we had that perfect amount of wine where we should have stayed home
00:11:39but it was a good idea to go out dancing and as you know where I'm talking about there is a karaoke bar I mean he's also like dive bar but like the best amount of fun in the entire planet sorry I mean if you not being see me what are you doing get there it's amazing and I've got fired or who's will never see the light of day but what I remember is just dance number 5 and she was like new all of the two strong Hearts by John Farnham is well I'm recording that and then the voice thing it was on Tesson station in karaoke
00:12:34it was the best night ever. I'm glad they off and let's keep it in the vault in the vote to the next one. I've got to my list is similar to at never knowing what your mama was ever going to say at any point in time and having to make Nate Final edyta on the podcast you know what I'm going to show you how to do this
00:13:18it was all side never knowing what we were actually going to end up coming out with or doing on the Pug house I gave us a surprise to everyone and one of my favorite moments was when we challenge tiny should add you to be the first podcast on the Moon by the way to challenge still stands sorry Vanessa is listening can you call ask because we want to be interesting we might have a chance if this is something that could have happened if the cop so we had actually worried listing for a man we had a bunch of papers and better than some people hill climbing up shoes at your picture and we had a bunch of people from we had New York City we have people who was in your broke ass all over the world Phineas and Ferb credible but you're basically done well I bet you were the first to get there
00:14:18and then you set them the challenge
00:14:25I just went with it I was like this is happening I have a little bit of a competitive straight
00:14:34it was really interesting because I was just like I was just joking about what we talked about and he's like does not give me what I love how competitive you still out in the final episodes what setting is photos all these amazing locations all the way around the world and then we get this photo from Luke which is in calls
00:15:18that you listen to yourself if you have a story these Luke and very good friend of mine and my he just was Heavy stream the fight of the people all over the world and I London from Paris let me just get one like from the middle of a camper Kohl's that is in the
00:15:50sorry that was awesome that was just hilarious actually love it I'm going to do this one and this was when the business experiment was named the number three business cost in 2017 by Ted business that was on I'm happy to give guys head business and we were next to them because I'm coming for her like Chevy
00:16:34sorry I actually I was going to the beach and I was with a girlfriend of mine and I'll turn my phone back on it like a hundred missed calls from everybody like Springer like oh my God oh my God is like what is going on on your message from you saying call me I'm going to call you fat and it was yeah this is the article lose weight
00:17:34Starling highlight yeah and we want to say thank you cuz she's busy still does because they have been the biggest fans of us right from the way to guard like when they discovered us we we just could not be more grateful and thankful for the support about Pocus and then continue to support us all the way through which is being really great that was a really huge highlight because we had gone from being two chicks who just wanted to talk about business in the real rabbit to all of a sudden being listed next to Ted Talks business so that was phenomenal achievement along the line is absolutely completely blew us away was when we were named in the top 10 female entrepreneurs for 2017 by my Entrepreneur magazine and selected amongst the caliber of the remaining H that are out there as well Jen was was absolutely mind-blowing that we was sorry of course we would proud of outside
00:18:33proud of what we achieve gnarly they select individual businesses that was really a highlight I think that tomorrow I meant that way card hold on to for a very long time particularly because we had come through the Roadshow and as you mentioned before how heartbreaking that right there was nothing the right sure I will stay with us forever I think I think it's going to be one of those values that since with you forever but having big names in that top 10 list was just absolutely amazing definitely next one is meeting the amazing people I've had the opportunity to mate so are there are too many people to name a common even but we ought to make some pretty phenomenal paperwork dreams process listening is of the shore of the podcast is celebrities people out there who drinks
00:19:33how to change and I decided to write this down because I got so out of control I was trying to remember all the days I would not sorry I wanted to see the amazing gifts that we had on the podcast yes sure I would baby not have been what it was without them so shove please stay with me while I was still their names of gillet Lisa song Sutton age me see Andrew Sans from Harley Quinn Belle Emma level from Kobe guard Jimmy Lloyd from the bestie City careers Leanne Camp from Italy. New Flame from thank you Emily Chadbourne Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Seesmod from trying to persuasion message Alex tripod
00:20:21China Lana from San Antonio and Tracey Spicer what a list of names I know I absolutely incredible and end of things that I bought to the experiment the richness I gave to Allison and have fun and friendly they were and the ability to be open and honest about the business real and having conversations that really matters that we had we thank you we have any practice with them we will remain impact partners with them we are hugely supportive what they're doing you know how old and fell in love with everything that you need
00:21:14meaning Daniel was such kind of this incredible and standard form of the Poke house and Daniel was so incredibly honest and when he turned upside podcast he had an incredibly rough morning but you and I both kind of new straight out that he look like he was having a terrific day and I was like oh my God and he was incredibly order and that you're sometimes business punches you in the face and you have to show up to an interview at Wet he was certain open and honest and roll and he told us so many beautiful things about the business and what it was like in that he really went to business real summer sorry that when the forecast was really nice to actually send it to all these stuff that can you please listen to the ears
00:22:14trying to think you understand the real behind the journey and what they do and how far thank you guys, and what it means for them to be part of that Jenny and Daniel Flynn just recently he was in the US and was interviewed by Barack Obama and to think of someone of that caliber. Who was sharing Apple cars with 18 yeah that was a really amazing my man cuz we didn't ask him to do that that's something that he decided to do himself that was totally awesome sometimes my other favorite ones was you and I volunteered to hardest one is the thank you baby potties collectively all the BS baby bunny that think you had on the range of that.
00:23:14arrange an old of the profits from any of the products for Action Channel health programs in each and help her guns all around the world with anyone's at ease and they Supply the puppies it's by the stuff that we actually had to thank you change that to Brisbane in Canberra we had some Chinese events happening we start seeing each other we had a huge amount of goods we have this massive party and yeah so we actually have the record for the biggest baby potty you think he held we had we do in the thing about these is not happened to me on Monday night as well but ever since we bought any on the show me decided to be impact hotness to thank you I've had so many people come up to me and say I've never heard about thank you before you or I've seen that stuff in the shop but I didn't really know I didn't make the connection between what they did and now I buy them and now I put the stuff in my business
00:24:14I even had someone say that on Monday night to me and and that you had this moment where
00:24:21I really realized what we've been able to shave with this platform fine thank you he went by and thank you before and that means your pet products help to end well, that means there are people have a Sadie's now having clean drinking water and food and mums and bubs there a surviving child Beth and an early life your that has a really big that's why I'm really really proud and it wouldn't be possible without them being as awesome as they are as well but yeah just have these moments where you realize what you could change everything falling into that shave with being very fortunate that we get emails regularly from listening is as well as in person we got feedback about the amazingness that they've take me to Babies R Us and listening to us and that is a little surreal little eye
00:25:21and he actually has happened to you if you need more time to make sure but you'll be out somewhere where it's really unexpected to make somebody it's almost out of me excuse me is like it's really it's so it's interesting to get used to deny people people feel like they know you and that that's really phenomenal and I love meeting The Listener is but it's also Trish I would like to listen is an I say things like you like it started on this really made an impact on me to me
00:26:12I now in Iran now why thank you for us because he got his recommended it will become your friends and really been welcomed into people's businesses in heart and really incredible moment when you realize the impact that you're having yeah and the fact that you're we had someone riding to us you said you've saved me from quitting my business today and that was a really that was a really big moment fast we would like wow okay we did what we doing really matters another we didn't think that it matters but we really had this moment we like it really matters to the paper were listening and that was really really credible Source in her in the face back it was hot. His name is phenomenal and see how he needs to, I look forward to reading through the messages it was hot in the email that are in boxing going well actually we're just really good stuff yeah I forgot about it until just now I'm not easy when we were talking to me I can't ever Legend of Legend
00:27:12Disneyland from ever let Josh and Jessica and she was we start recording with her when we connected she was rushing out the front door and had to record from Emily asked her what's going on she said that she actually just been called she's on her way to receiving award Prince Charles and that's really the business real is that you you kind of interested people in their lives and you never know what's going to happen or was it from her was when she was like also taking tomorrow off the other day just like Mark Zuckerberg
00:27:53I miss you too going to everyone or just like a big yeah we do we do I'm actually a cab but my final one. Okay yeah I could be here all day I could give you a thousand of days because oh my God this is been phenomenal but hair is D I'm going to end up my the strong one cuz this web for so long I don't know there was a joke on us or our families but here it is
00:28:28in the early days we went out that we wanted a hundred listeners by the end of the year so we can wrestle 6 months 800 listening and it didn't matter if we can get them cuz at least families will be listening out with my mom and she said honey will listen to you and my dad went over and said we listen to about 10 minutes
00:28:53it was okay and it was it was all right better get it right here shortly I think how many boys anyway my dad give me the tree version my mom says that's amazing about that was on TV the other thing is jammed my dad said the same thing that he was listening to the podcast and he was like yeah he wasn't me that you were listening yeah yeah let's let's check this so we decided to do the work and challenge which the short version was we had card Woods of the day we made them card where it's at for whole week we wanted to share these tiles and tag your friends and we kind of want to chat X
00:29:45but I might need it when the agreement was when one of the families finally says what's up with all the animals since we had a poetry thing going on for a while that we had to tell them your name on social media and everybody was into it we have people shouting out car windows for curtains and a family was the word we just thought it was too how to get changed and the guy about a parent's house and we awesome to basically if you need them Presley which message email Facebook Messenger job because I had one
00:30:35ways family member for my family hangout be calling on Scream raccoon at my mom and my cousin who sent like $55 the recurring we change that profile photos to Nada
00:31:03tick like all this is dead this is standard Dimension sorry the store. Listening listen to me say no thanks Julia. That's great not thanking everyone cuz we have a whole list of people we want to thank this one more gem that I want to talk about you and that is the reason why you have been late to poke House recording you have been late Jemima is light more often then she's not you never know where your mom is going to end up when she spoke House recording she was climbing a tree at some point let me let me be clear out we did a video and I was in Pemberton climbing the biggest tree in wa
00:32:03not any trade the biggest straight beat a couple of times one time I got this message you tomorrow my like I'm going to be late recording because it would have just waited my house and oh my God that happened others glitter everywhere and I tried to vacuum it up and no one told me you shouldn't do that is it just it's fine enough to go through the vent anyway and just exploded in my kitchen Yea Yea and then my favorite one is the time that Jemima rocked up late because her toilet head exploded I was letting the house
00:32:52sorry it was just water all over the floor and I was like I was like I said to my pot of water on the floor in the yard and he's an engineer I'll get some type to fix it all black short it was a fountain it wasn't like the videos of Sharon yeah was found me on Facebook so Jenna tells me Mason type what kind of socket do I need and it was just it was just all the time that they seems could have happened it was actually before recording every single time. I gave you proof that you could not make this stuff up I called in sick to during this podcast shiv yes you did because you got glass in your foot and you have to have surgery
00:33:52sorry for another day in the life of Jemima that is yeah that's a cop-out 150,000 forecast we'd love to everyone out there to share their favorite moments the podcast you can share that either by emailing us with the business that I use Facebook to Instagram. Don't use Twitter like you would love me love me like Twitter if you can so it's anything about yeah exactly sorry yes and those across the last because we would love to see it now we have a huge list of people that we would like to thank
00:34:52yes sir we have a massive group of people need to be thanked because it's not just us no I've never just made out of
00:35:00babies like day one so let's start with us out of hotness dating Cole husband's Partners toddlers cats beds the base to Wildlife now we are unbelievably thank our family for their support for this book has no it hasn't been easy for them either we found out sells old sudden frosting to the public lights and that meant but a few things had to change while families in a few decisions have to be made about a public and private lives and and that was your listing times when we missed out on family things because we've been recording and editing and and working so early hours of the morning and throughout that two out of the highs and the lies they have been if I ask believing in us and supporting us and picking up a dedicated to
00:36:00geiseric be endlessly endlessly grateful so grateful to everybody's using a chainsaw or would like to say thank you to Kate's from Advocate who's out legal team we like to say thanks to Mike from Ruby agency would like to say thanks to Sara Canada sound media manager absolutely amazing I would love to say thanks Jenny Jenny style. Graphics and also your door gilich who helped us out with that Graphics in the beginning I would like to say thanks to Cleo Cleo's portraits amazing portraits that you see your boy guess clear actually draw size and she's such a talented artist side we had to spend love her and you love her so we don't have to say thanks to Lou Cowboys have a guy and Neil Bonnett who is out and see about to say thank you to Amanda knight from balancing bookkeeping your capes organizes
00:37:00which keeps the science we'd like to say thank you to Brett heckenberg Gories I'll text accountants he has to find all trying to deal with to not number people during tax time we will sign eBay
00:37:18Gary and let me hear Let me see really shows a lot of these people have come into our lives and become business people with us because I reached out to us and they were sorry you're really has been incredible to have that I just want to say a few cuz shout out to all of our patrons what is with how to paint trim page for a long time now and have people who are supporting up on that $1 a month to $60 a month just made putting this all together a lot easier and I think the final shout out but I want to give you see her because we would have dumb ass like I said again you would have done if I will fax or I would fight because it wouldn't have been what I'm saying and it would have been as much fun as anybody else is with you and your room for sports such
00:38:18things to the podcast your house once shave and no been into the same and is having his mama knows like if it was any other people at this would know what yeah and I don't I think the same about you jam like you always bring such an amazing human eye and you make things fun and I know we live life about the life of Jemima bites your Hugh you make the hard times fun you know you you're really you have this beautiful mix of leadership and also this is great I wouldn't have been as fun and enjoyable to listen to if it wasn't for you and everything through some pretty tough moments together and we had to learn a lot about each other as any Apartments do in any business but I'd have to say that we have grown closer through that and actually would more about each other than what we are
00:39:18would have if we hadn't had that experience thank you for your being you and bringing what you bought 2 phone cost I think the other last thank you that we have to give shows
00:39:31alwaysness yeah because what the hell else would we were going there exactly it has been a very it's been an honor and it's stressful anxiety-producing on a small cakes the most amazing thing we could have ever done and I can't believe that a conversation with Mason animation Curtis Larry would result in 50 episodes 18 months and a pug cost Legacy of what we leaving and I just want to reiterate to everyone that you know this was a really hard decision for us to make to do this but here it's time for us to hang the lab cards take off drum let the dog still all the Malteses
00:40:24wake up wake the rest of the countries out so I got caught sending a hurricane we have had an incredible run and what kind of just kidding me that way. Yeah I'm wearing credible we're incredibly grateful and thankful for this journey and everything that it brings and we're looking forward to the next chapter sorry meaning for word from today you can find Jemima are you at www.my ashley.com that I you and follow her on Facebook not Twitter Instagram measure it for me Wednesday and I'm on there as well connected and you can find me on Facebook Siobhan Joyce and also Instagram just to be creative Siobhan Joyce
00:41:24ceramic glass thank you for listening thanks for being part of it and we'll see you on the other side 6 cases and head out the door yeah
00:41:37bye bye
00:41:49thank you for listening this podcast is documenting the girl's personal Jenny's a small business owners is generally nature and for entertainment purposes only it does not constitute personal medical Legal Financial or other professional advice please refer to the terms of us on our website at business experiment.com that I use for further information

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