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00:00:10the podcast factory.com the James J Jones selling on Amazon show starts now
00:00:23this is James Jones with selling on Amazon radio in this is episode 180 tracking claim codes and a simple cells booster this question comes in from our Facebook group from David Pollack and David said if I set up an Amazon promotion claim code for example promo 1 2 3 how can I tell how many buyers use the code I guess there's an option Seller Central but I can't find it what David is talking about is when you set up a coupon code you can give it a claim code such as promo 1 2 3 and then give that coupon code two people be able to get your product at a discount but then you're going to want to be able to track and know how many people use that coupon code there's actually a report inside of Amazon Seller Central and it's kind of hard to find because it's really hitting but if you go to under the main menu go to reports and then click on the film
00:01:23and then on the left hand side scroll down to sales and then under there you'll see several reports and you'll see a link that says show more so click on the show more link and finally that will open up a couple of more reports and one of them is promotions if you click on that then you can generate a report and you can generate a report of from yesterday to 365 days in the past and you generate that report and it's going to show you a view of each of the orders that had a coupon code applied however I don't really think this is what David is looking for and it's kind of hard to read this report and figure out exactly what you're looking for there's no way to filter for specific coupon codes or anything like that but there is a way David for you to get this very simply if you just need to have the number of orders that use a certain coupon code than Amazon actually shows this
00:02:23in the dashboard so if you log into your Seller Central account and the very first page once you login is called the dashboard look on the far right and then down at the very bottom and you should see a little box that has promotions and they're under promotions you'll see a description of the promotion and how many orders that promotion generated so try that and see if that doesn't give you what you're looking for. I also want to cover today a way that you can boost your sales almost immediately and I tried this a couple of weeks ago with my Retail Arbitrage items my used books and other one out of items that I have listed on Amazon and it immediately I mean the same day I increase my sales it's a very very simple thing it is simply lowering the price that you're charging so I have lots of books listed and
00:03:23some of my books have been out there for 6 months or more and I listed them at the maximum possible price that I wanted so let's say all this to the book at that $49 and it said it back when I listed that book I was the low seller will since I've listed my item someone else has come in and listed it as there is at a lower price and so that happens a lot of times I need to readjust my prices so what I do is I log into my inventory and I look at each of the prices and it will tell you right there if you have the lowest price and if I don't have the lowest price and I edit that price and I make mine a few cents or usually depending on how how high the price is I might make a dollar less than the next lowest or if it's so it's a very low price to begin with I might just make it a penny less but I'll do that and I do that several times a year and that will immediately result in more sales since doing
00:04:23a couple of weeks ago I've had just a constant stream of new cells coming in now you can do that as well even if you're doing private label products of juice if you have your own private label product and you're fine in that you're not getting the sales at you want or that maybe the ranking is not doing very well then try lowering your price we had someone Post in our Facebook group a couple of months ago and I couldn't find the actual post I wanted to credit the person with this because he posted some examples of his own products and he just lowered his price and immediately boosted his ranking so there are some people who say that Amazon takes into consideration the price of your product into the ranking formula and it looks like there's some evidence to support that so if you if you got a product that is not selling well just lower the price and buy lower the price I don't mean to put
00:05:23the sale price of self Rises different need to actually go in to the the actual listing price of the product and lower that price and see if that doesn't help your rankings and yourself thanks for shooting in and have a great day and a great weekend I'll talk to you again next week goodbye
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