Moguls, here it is: The last episode of Season 1. And it’s a classic! Back in August, we recorded a live show at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. That night, Reggie chopped it up on stage with Dante Ross, Dave Lighty, Mike Lighty, Déja Lighty, and Tiffany Lighty. They talked about Chris' legacy as someone who made sure everyone got fed, and dropped more than a few big names along the way. There was also a lively Q&A where the audience got a chance to ask all of the burning questions about the first season of the show. You can hear all those conversations right here.
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00:00:43yeah yeah yeah yeah internet's already
00:00:55can I go to jail
00:00:58churches for most everybody Welcome to the Highline ballroom and welcome to the celebration of Chris lighty's wife and welcome to Mogul live
00:01:10now I got to be transparent with show a fucking nervous is fun
00:01:16I'm nervous as fuck because I'm looking at y'all and I've never done anything like this but all this production in the whole novel let's get into it we got an amazing amazing amazing event plan for y'all tonight like I said this is a celebration of the one and only Chris Lighty Chris Lighty changed all of our Lives some of us are very aware of that some of us don't even know because we take a lot of this shit for granted him saying he was such a Pioneer from day one in his hip hop thing and that's why we're all here so I want to Welcome to the stage somebody that is also legendary was also very you know early Pioneer in this thing and really had the opportunity not to just be up here of lydian in somebody to love the music in the culture but somebody that was really fortunate and talented and capable capable enough to build this thing into a business a multi-billion-dollar business so let's welcome to the stage I got to say this this next person on the stage like we I think we take him
00:02:16granny cuz we don't realize like there were never any hip-hop and R Us but the guy is coming on the stage right now was the very first person to ever be hired to be a hip-hop and R Us without further Ado let's walking to the stage mr. Dante Ross
00:02:54that's about all for one that wasn't All Brand Nubian was supposed to be 2 intro song but you know this is this is this is this is good man thank you doing eating good evening good taking care of yourself Yo listen let me ask you something man like we we shared a lot of conversations and you one of those kinds grown-up in the Lower East Side that was really tapped into like the punk rock movement in the early days of the Beastie Boys in the whole nine and I remember growing up in New York City you really couldn't separate the energy between hip-hop and Pop Rocks I just had my first Hip Hop Experience what was here first Hip Hop Experience man my man Jackie Van Horn his real name was Columbus when you called me Columbus you slap you in the head he gave me a tape and was a Grandmaster Flash tape and he was like this is the real shit and it was 52 beats and later on Kik a premade of 52 Beach tape homage to that and that was a tape
00:03:54I dumped it and I wish that was really when I got into it you know it and
00:04:00I just stayed at tuned into it you know it's like I kind of want to wait and you know we thought it might be a bad we didn't know it was going to happen in and then Run DMC came out and I was you know when they dropped out it was all over and I was when everything you do is for Real was going to last so how did you make that transition from being a fan of the culture you know being somebody that appreciate it in the energy and it gave you so much like how do you make that switch into the business side so you know I grew up with the beasties and I know Russell Lee or when I was a wild little kid in high school were skateboard around me and McAn and I saw them get their foot in the door in and I couldn't wrap for a for shit so I figure I had to do something I saw I saw the Russell and I thought he was he was looking pretty good and Rick too and I was like Rick Rubin and I was like well I can rap I got to do something I'm waiting tables and that's bullshit so I wanted to let the beasties and and their world manager adopted me the sky Shawn Kara's off went upside of Tribe Called Quest who passed away
00:05:00Captain fishy in MPC adopted me and got me a job working for Russell in them and you know I started I was like I was just like running around getting in trouble if those guys in any man should give me a job and I was the office message Erin and I got yelled at by Leo everyday he told me to fuck this Chinese food up it can you give us your best impression I said shrimp fried rice Medford fried rice and I shoulda known after she eats kosher so so I got a couple years and I know going to an art job at Tommy Boy records and from there I just found a lot of Groveton and I still do it today so you know that the music was the music was brand new and industry was brand new to don't know what you would do we made it up as one along just like the music I mean when you listen to it I mean maybe even listen to the early Run DMC should how what is there's no music to it it's just drums and like a scratch and also I think we're rewriting the rules
00:05:59I think that's why I like kids like me and the Beastie Boys like who grew up exposed to punk rock and and all this down Township that's that's why I grabbed us it had the same raw energy it wasn't can't ride you know we could have talked with Bon Jovi and all that shit so you know we are right next to Hanson I Michael Jackson as hell can't find them Michael Jackson no one could ever thrown on him so you know this is like it appealed it spoke to us and volumes it sounded aggressive in and it was just our team and that that's what we got into that's what we listen to him we just Rock the Casbah for that like we would have to have been bought and we start breakdancing all that but would have got a little corny and they they look like broke Rick James up there you know it's like that like a big they look like the Israelites or something and it just it you know respective and all that but it wasn't appealing to us the way that wants to Run DMC they look like the thugged-out guys on the Block you were like oh that guy he you know I respect that so you know we really identified with it the culture of it the way they look
00:07:00the music and everything in embodied you know who like doing a fat laces cleaning on or shoes with toothbrushes and win a mock neck and all that not the name buckle belt all that kind of stuff so you know what you know that the late 80s was an amazing time for music like you had it was single version New York to it was at 1:10 and I was part of it the music was dangerous and so is the city itself sneak out and get my ass beat by my parents but at the same time when I was at the park jams I was risking myself getting shot stabbing hope it was a dangerous of The Cauldron I mean a block away from where is the Roxy in and like you know I remember the first one with the Rock's yet I was like what the fuck is that smell someone's I got to angel dust and you know it's just you know I mean l l was performing Little League he went back down like on stage and stole his world from the chain that's crazy that song I've been robbed and cats and sell a Latino song about the Roxy that's crazy Rob just change so it was real is very dangerous it wasn't it wasn't sweet
00:08:00and and I was excited to us we like that so I'm going back to the late 80s when like the industry just started turning out these amazing Classic Albums like Eric BN Rakim EPMD LL sampling error Academy you know I'm saying and then I found this one special cassette you know straight out the Jungle the jungle brothers and I got locked into that cuz I was such a unique album that was a game-changer game changer but I remember one of the things about that album you when we used to read credits you know you will see Chris lighty's name a right we read we read credits and you were here about this baby Chris and at the same time to me the hottest group of all time at that time was motherfuking bdp boogie down Productions and carry us once I remember looking at certain videos like yo cuz we would study those things we can have the internet video music box video music box and yellow but I remember seeing this dude like in a couple of
00:08:59and I was like yo is he bdp is he jungle brothers so that was like my first introduction to baby Chris Chris Lighty what was your first introduction to go sliding so I know who he was and I know about the violators cuz I have to go to land court for that I used to actually go to Union Square which was bananas and so you hear about the what you mean by bananas Amelia Island place man you know what it was it was some was always hot happening like in the middle of that shit I'm in Clark Kent was the DJ he's my man since high school in and it was always Brooklyn against Uptown Brooklyn Bridge base with the violators more less and and I would always you know you violated and now so whatever and you know it just would happen if she was wild and so I knew Chris was before I knew him cuz he knew about losing actually I see Daryl here I think he's the first person can I meant I thought him and Crystal biological Brothers I didn't know they resemble yeah maybe
00:09:59okay did you did you actually see them doing damage from afar I like to be way in the back when that happens I wish I was lucky regular let me hang on the upstairs at The Quarters so I was in The Pedestrian and also had nothing to steal so what if you were going to take for me to lace I don't have any money so I am and I know who Chris wasn't and thanks for the rest a little bit and I remember we had this meeting with with bdp when I work for for Russell Lee or Rush we're trying to manage them with Eric be set the meeting up and Chris was there and carrots one totally totally rub. She was not feeling us at all why cuz she said he was he was deaf without the gym and he didn't need to be down with Rush shots he took shot straight up and Scott was there Scott LaRock and he was just he was very poised and they just it wasn't going down but Chris is Aaron and he
00:10:59politician he was laying the back but but him and be nice would like the way I know they were little friendlier
00:11:07and that's our memory left then we'll talk about what's going to happen in and legal want to know Chris what she said but who was that kid why did he want to know who I think that was the real reason and he was affable so so remember like for progressing for some reason me and Chris didn't we don't really like each other I can't even remember why we like how did you know that y'all didn't like each other we just we like game faced each other life is just like funny Vibes and and one night he came up to me at I want to say was the building but it could have been like Amazon his like I heard you I heard you don't like me and I was like I don't
00:11:45and I thought I was going to kick my ass and be nice and said he's like I mean he just so you know show me interceded and we're leaving the club so we were like whatever your you forgot that I was leaving the club Indy nice had a I want to say Acura Legend and he was or Maxima whatever the cool car was used outside and Chris was in the car with them and he was like yo what are you doing or what are you doing I said nothing so we can go we want the Chelsea Chelsea score on 23rd Street we ate and talk shit to like 5:30 in the morning and Chris told me he had never met a white boy who talked to him like the way I did before and I told him to get used to it
00:12:31he's going to go work early are you going to get away were so and we became friends you know that was like you know I guess I had to earn his respect in and on some level vice versa and wow Chris and managing damn near every band assigned to electron and I have a lot of history that I worked a long time what was that some of those been so he managed to school he he manage brand name for a minute with leor that was kind of a fail cuz Brand Nubian was a manageable shut off the Grand Puba leaders of the new school definitely I'm trying to think who else he managed who I work with he didn't manage candy so mostly leaders of the new school and and Brand Nubian you're actually cuz he manage them twice as a matter of fact he managed to buy May Fire them and hide them again so so those are the two main groups in management he had work with a lot for me to Prior so and leaves the new school work full-time occupation so I talk to him
00:13:31constantly about leaders of the new school will talk about how crazy and annoying they could be mostly and and also how great they were a brilliant they were and he engineered the tour that was their first Victoria was tribe Dayla
00:13:48leaders and KMD and he put the whole tour together and in the making of that tour we talk like everyday and we had the unpleasant experience of making II leaders record M&M Birch basically me and him can bind convince Buster at one point to become a solo artist so so he walked across and tribulations of the leaders in New School second record and after after the first record they were Purge 2 to be big and then everything got crazy after scenario right Buster clearly was looking like a star and that the band delivered the second record in Ida send them back in with Chris's help to to fix the record in the second time it got marginally better but but I didn't feel as the record I was going to take them to the next level I didn't think they were going to be massively successful and
00:14:43we put the record out knowing that that the future is probably Busta Rhymes going solo and me and Chris you could say conspired to convince him to become a solo artist and then we made the bus to records focus on two stories one of the stories is a story with Buster and Chris your Robbie got something to that
00:15:21I don't know what the hell it's just another case of that old PT hey so what's your Buster Chris Lighty story so there's a couple of them but the main one was so Buster and tip were very close so when they made it so when I made the first record I mean the second Reich when they made it the first time I had the idea when we have Q-tip just do the whole record let's have him come in and fix the hole record and and Chris was like that's a great idea let me talk to tip and it was down so we put a meeting together to try and make this happen and three out of four of them were dead set against it and Buster was the one guy was like I'm with it and the leaders work using tribe of plagiarizing East Coast stomp their dance and and very slow
00:16:15things in & Buster came to us on the side I was like yeah I think so ill idea we should do it imma try and get them to do it and it never happened and I always wonder that if had produced that record and put it together if their second wrecker would have been a homerun and they would have remained a crew so so that was the beginning of the story I told you earlier where we realize right then and there that buster was not only probably the most talented but the smartest he was the one who realized that if I do this over here with the guy who made my biggest record scenario I have the opportunity to be a bigger star and and that's where the seed was planted for solo records I got to tell you that every time we have a leaders record or meeting me and Chris would always say when we get the bus or solo record you know we always taken the side and constantly try and get that to happen and in the midst of this we got Buster the part in the movie Higher Learning so
00:17:09my friend's mother Dolores Robinson she managed John Singleton and she's a casting director too and she called me up and asked me if I had any rappers who could act and I lied and said Buster's a great actor and I called Chris and Chris got them the you know Chris walk the walk the walk with him and he tested for the movie and got the movie so why he was shooting the movie leaders bombarded my office and and told me they knew that we were conspiring to get Buster to go solo and it was a big Fiasco and I Chris on the phone it was just chaos and bust her actually that was the day that he decided he was quitting the group the wake of of that and understand animosity with him doing a movie and Chris told him it's the right idea and the rest is history that's crazy you know before we we jumped my next guess you got this one more interesting story won the most interesting characters one of most individuals one of those crazy creative people that's ever been in the music industry I want to hear about
00:18:09the late great Old Dirty Bastard Chris Lighty so
00:18:20so show up dirty was a handful and he's got a tunnel out with your Christmas club and not tell another story about Chris too so he would drive Chris fucking crazy and he he was a real fucking knucklehead and I love him rest in peace he was a handful and then some and he was going to smoke raise a tunnel and Chris it always want to kick him out and and they just had a long-standing problem so Chris hit me up to get LL to get a dirty verse for L L's record and dirty was hot as a pistol so I work a deal for it to happen in and I believe dirty got his money up front at least half of it and and he came to Studio Lake chunking was the old chunky man I'd like rats running around it was a shithole and we still work there was great so so Chris and Dave show up when 30 supposed to do the verse in and thirties in the studio just don't fucking craisin
00:19:20and he's beeping cuz LL doesn't show up as I can LOL wants a verse from the guy but he can hang out with the god-like and he's you might not want to hang out with a guy I mean you know that's probably why the move on Ella's part and I'm going to say that angel dust and alcohol may have been involved I can't I can't confirm it allegedly allegedly I don't speak bad about the dead use with Crazy Sam I know if you guys know Crazy Sam was crazy Sam so crazy and
00:19:55for obvious reasons if you know cuz you sent so so they're in the studio and they just get into a Dave and Chris and and Sam is is popping ridiculous and it becomes pretty apparent that the Dave and Chris are either going to kick the shit out of him or if he pulls anything out shoot him and it's a Mexican standoff in my T's and ODB and and my dumbass is there
00:20:26and and somehow by the grace of God cooler heads prevailed in and this is a test of the Chris he always was cooling, the pressure he he later on help me mediate a couple of things financially and and other otherwise he always was was very cool and kind of pick this battles well and he know this is worthless and he he basically told those that was like yo don't even think about coming to fucking tunnel anymore and go fuck yourself like and I got them out of there they left and when he left dirty took a l l plaque off the wall and pissed on it
00:21:03and was like fuck all dirty and the girl who work the drinking started crying and and I was just glad that Chris and Dave were gone cuz they would have definitely shot them allegedly allegedly and and and I remember actually like 30 going like an egg in the fucking money back either and I'm glad Christian hear that one another thing that Christy was me and my friends when I'm gone a fracas with with a guy named Eddie in a club and and there was allowed to the legend is doing Diddy squared up in through hands right allegedly
00:21:45let's just say he was no Chris Lighty so so so
00:21:54art bang bang so things escalated in and we had like probably like a football team of guys with us and there was like three of them so and Chris call me the next day I was like what the fuck happened and I told her what happened he's like yeah we got to straighten this one out I mean mediated and kind of him and Jessica Rosenblum calm the waters and and he also helped me out when I had my deal Def Jam and I hated lie or give me dated my getting out of my deal there and got me a severance in and help me a couple other times and things like that he was really good at solving people's problems and I always it's funny I'm older than him but went when things got like too complicated for me and my bad temper to figure out I would always call Krista Chris what do you think I should do here and they always have good advice for now because he also could have money for people like he invented money for me several times like I got this thing do this I'll get you this is like incredible that way
00:22:51so this is the thing that you know I worked in the industry you working in the street in the in the shoe with making money and it's the best life you could ever expect at the time cuz we're listening to something has given us so much life and so much passion and so much energy and purpose you know but no matter how long you in the industry I want to jump to 1998 you know Chris you know what's at the top of the game like Chris you know it took Def Jam to a new level like violators is his vibrant I'm saying is is a vibrant brand right
00:23:24but like the music industry like hip hop insane there's always drama Rob was played at the DMX situation was really my fault man that's the craziest brother stories about to tell us about a little misunderstanding that happened back in 1998 and they was working with Chris at Def Jam
00:23:49someone ask Dave for his opinion on a new DMX album at that time do you mix with the biggest name in that they like what you think of the bed and I was like you know me personally but I like it you though and I guess they thought that was a diss somebody in the room thought I was trying to disc and ran back and told DMX Eric Nix who worked at Chris Hern another version you heard the Dave said something a lot less flattering DMX had a complex about being called a crackhead and you got a serious complex back then about being called a drug addict and because insert against swear I'm not saying he's a crackhead but sometimes DMX DMX got wind of what we said and all he was Lady DMX's like fuck this problem was he was after the wrong lighting you put it was Chris lighting talks YouTube
00:24:50Chris was in the office Monday and DMX was in the office DMX scene Chris it was like yo Chris turned around and DMX sneak punch crest
00:25:01on a photocopy machine blocks 2000 clean out all hell broke loose
00:25:14mobile present-day Regio say here so just for a moment coming up after the break the Lighty Brothers join us to talk through that DMX punch and what went down afterwards
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00:26:30okay back to the Mughal live show well I'll be joined by Dave and Mike Lighty
00:26:37slide down one thing
00:26:48so warm
00:26:49so Dave what the fuck happened I mean pretty much it's just like you know how I said a lot of it was a misunderstanding people hyping shit what did you say about a crackhead does that sound but that makes sense and shout out to Eric makes I love him but he was searching for a job at the time so he's going to say whatever you was going to say
00:27:24it is what it is but but at the time like I'm always disick's like and we all hashed it out I'm not saying it was a misunderstanding and whatever at the time whatever however he was
00:27:39involved with things you know what I mean it may have it may have had a cause for how he reacted but it all got resolved now I remember I was Crosstown this is when I was an attorney and Industry and I'm at a certain hour my skytel to a Motorola Motorola pager started DMX punch Chris Lighty
00:28:06he lost a tooth and it was hot like that the tension in New York City is not that heavy heat's not Chris and then Chris he's literally snuck them turned he said Chris Chris turned around any punch them in the face and then Chris fell and hit his tooth on the doorknob
00:28:29that's what happened to DMX did not knock his tooth out so what I'm hearing this is before Twitter TMZ is like yo is a class right now is this the violators and a tennis tennis tennis tennis Roughriders like what happened at night man I mean it wasn't even at night it was during that it was the afternoon so when that happened I was I wasn't even in the building at the time I got the thought I was crazy I was like what and I was doing down to the office that by that time my youngest brother who is off the chain mind you
00:29:14already was ready to get at him and the standing in the front door and people had to take me to Tech 9 ready to get Adam at 160 Varick and they snuck out the back way through Chongqing down down the elevators if y'all know how Def Jam was set up chunking and and and and in-depth and were like on the same floor so it is like you can walk through one way and get into town King and all that and escape the building if you was trying to hide so that's what happened then his brothers I can imagine how you feel but can you tell us can you walk us through that and can you tell us how your brother feels violated he doesn't honestly LOL I was on the plane with Noriega we were actually going down the runway on our way to London
00:30:11are we was heated and we was on fire at the time Noriega was that one of the hottest rappers in New York right now we had about a hundred left right do is ready to do whatever I'm glad it worked out because dude with all the Bloodshed but you know we had we we set a lot of hugs a lot of people that moved on the feed other families and help other families and it was just willing to do whatever necessary to make sure that the violators never get violated again so how did this thing it resolved well it always takes the the big dogs to you know rationalize and let people know that they look is going to be a couple of people that died before this beef is over so it's better off squash and it because
00:31:03we're coming to your house if not and I love DMX DMX on the Puff Daddy so he showed me mad love every time I see you I'm going all out for my brother for sure in the story but how did for the audience that may have not listened to most people have not
00:31:29but not listen to Mogul okay you you should not be listen to moto little girl and then you know Chris called dn.y and essentially you know we got rested up and went out to the went up to Rough Riders office it was just me and Chris and anomalies eventually met us there but like by that time we are a kind of like hashed it out and everything but it was you know it was up and it was a it was a rational conversation and even and it was Eve all explained out I even told them I say like I said this shit and we was in the bathroom and I was like yeah we can shoot a fat one whatever
00:32:18wasn't ready for that I said it I'm going to let my brother take it because of something I said life course so but it was all hashed out and then at the end of the day you know it was the most expensive punched in the industry Boost Oxygen in the marketing the marketing department that was just trying to cause to cause problems or on the top labels up in there a Def Jam at the time but we was on fire but it was so much money generator in that small section that you can't ignore us you know countless times throughout this narrative we hear from so many people about how
00:33:18Chris is influence them and just had them you don't open your eyes to like possibilities I didn't exist to them how was it growing up with Chris as your older brother of the best Christmas light guy like more of a father older brother kinda cuz he's not going to be so it is definitely kept us on our toes because you know he was he wasn't just with everything you know he didn't want to waste no time so so so give us an example like eight and five whatever the respective ages is and what what is Chris's influence on y'all playing superheroes and all that we grew up grew up heavy on comic books and and sports and all that stuff we did all that so we play football skelzies you know because we
00:34:18so heavy in the comic books we we we will play a game called superheroes and each one of us players and the lion and Chris used to come home and let you know tell us about the stories of going down to the parties with the Violator and everything so we was kind of into non to what was going on we just pray I didn't realize how big it was going to get you know exactly the point that both of y'all make a career in the music industry how did that happen and how did he influence you music industry mad for me to 81 days of school out of 4 years
00:35:14I graduated though I grabbed said he already found in Maryland right so like New York is so advanced than the other the other states when I move down in Maryland I was way ahead of them I was like
00:35:39Briggs ago so I wouldn't go to school and then you know I'll just go whenever they will test turn my horse and I was bored and then you know there's no focus on other stuff and then eventually I wanted to the military and that I didn't tell nobody when I went in the mail today I just went and then like Chris was like are you in the military but it was just at the time I just needed that you know I'm saying so but it made sense and then after I got out the military Christmas like y'all come on and it really it was Chris and Lee or cuz I had I was still like the military was a good thing and a bad thing for me cuz it open the door to the other things so I was able to like what I was in an entrepreneur
00:36:37get my hands wet with other things and at the same one I got out the military I move down Atlanta and then
00:36:47somehow my brother got window what I was doing and then Emily or called me and I remember like my brother was talking in the voice just started cursing at me like that
00:37:01yeah I'm not sure but I guess I have to talk to you like that
00:37:11told me like I know at the time I was living in Atlanta like I was doing what I was doing and my brothers I come to New York and I got on the plane to New York and I never want to change your life Mike how did you get that in any industry
00:37:28well I'm not sure if anybody in here from Baltimore but yeah I agree Mountain Lafayette that's why it's the hustle that tonight is it okay if they come get me for that you know please give me a call to find the song where Todd learned a lot of different aspects of the industry figured out what I wanted to do but when I thought I was staying my brother was that guy trying to go back to school so I had to break it down town like yo
00:38:09how do you think I pay for my apartment how you think I get close do you know I mean like I understand you know we call you every once in awhile for something but I'm out here doing me you know and I was like you know for what I'm doing we are they giving people 25 years you know so he he called on and he was like I can't go down like that knocking on my door by something and they don't even know who they was knocking on the door you know I'm saying so
00:38:42I definitely feel blessed that he he took you know my even though he's my brother that he took me in and show me the ropes and show me that it was a different way to make this money in illegally you know one of the one of the stories that stood out the most to me throughout this whole mobile process was how Chris was so committed to his family and his mom his brothers and sister but most most especially his kids you know and you hear specifically about his relationship with his eldest child Tiffany and even with the DMX story you know we heard the story where you know when his tooth was missing like even before you know retribution or whatever he was like I can't go home and have my daughter see me like this you don't mean it like that. Conviction of being such a positive role model you know to his kids and then you hear these stories about you know as
00:39:42young father like he was focus on the business but he had to do you know and had he had to do the sessions but he was focus on being a father so he would show up to the Jungle Brothers session or the day La Soul are or Tribe Called Quest with Tiffany on his back or like as a child so you know what I want to complete this story and I want to bring to the stage on Chris lighty's eldest child his daughter Tiffany lady robbed
00:40:13are we got danger to
00:40:16and there's a light there's a lady Tiffany lighting
00:40:29how's it going up
00:40:31Chris Lighty straight into it into it I mean like how do I do like you hear all of us talk about I'm hip hop I grew up hip hop but like you really
00:40:41grow up hip hop do you remember any of those earlier sessions as a child or like maybe two three four years old like you grew up in this I mean I was so so yeah but I have like flashes of memories of being in the car which tribe spice grab it on my feet me being asleep asleep in his Studio smelling a funny smell not for my father but you know from the artist I'm trying to think of like my earliest memories so honestly one of my my earliest memories of being on set of a music video because I went to a lot of music video cassettes was for loungin LL Cool J and total
00:41:34and that was that was like a 95 I was like 5 so that that day I consider because I work I work in production I went to school for film so I consider that day the day that I knew I wanted to be in production which is crazy to say that it has A5 year obviously I'm not saying as a five-year-old but just thinking back because I just remember that that's just my first memory of being on set and just seeing everyone hustling bustling and and running around and the missing a green screen I remember that in particular seeing the huge green screen and seeing total standing up there and dancing in front of it and I remember asking my father what that was and him telling me and obviously my five or six went over my head and just so you know me looking around but
00:42:29yeah I have
00:42:32memories like that I don't know but you know it's crazy it was the norm for me that's that's what I knew and so like for a first grade my my show and tell when everyone was bringing in stuffed animals and you know mine was a VHS tape of me being on an episode of all that on Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is so yeah why not it's crazy but yeah that was that was my life and I know that yeah I was really blessed you know as a child your parents tell you things like you just said and it goes over your head you know but what are some of the things that that you here now that went over your head like both of y'all ain't like oh that's what he meant
00:43:20for sure for sure friends friends
00:43:26they come and go and to not be a follower and Knots yeah I just get caught up with with friends cuz you know when you're a kid and when you're young your friends are everything your friends of your world you know God forbid someone so I was not talking to you or you're not hanging out with end of the world so he would always say that and I'll just be like Dad you don't you don't know what you're talking about like these are going to be my friends forever what are you saying like I know I buy think it was more because now everyone tells me that I was a lot like him very hard headed I will run my mouth if you approach me but yeah Deja Vu are more outspoken yes I mean he one time called me and was like I need to talk to you come pick me up took me out I thought I was just going to eat lunch with him to talk to him he's like
00:44:26remember tweeting this on this day and I was just like I don't remember Twitter with you no like 14 maybe 13
00:44:43and now I don't curse on anything I'd like I'm afraid even though I'm 21 now I'm still afraid I won't I won't Chris on social media he was such this imposing figure I can you talk about how it go from being this warm loving dad to like oh my God like I'm scared of that I can we talk about that
00:45:07yeah I mean he would stick his finger in her ear as favorite thing to do, right here pulling you know I was always leaning on him I would always want to just hug him I wasn't I was never really afraid of him or intimidated by him I would always remember just walking behind him through New York going from Office Studio to the meeting and just trying to keep up with him and people knowing we was on the machine and walk two blocks was like the person like most people don't live a life like that I tell my friends jokingly that I was Northwest before Northwest so I got used to be in MTV apparently in Versace outfits and I was telling people to take me here and take me there and I never really fully sunken and most of the time when it did was when people would try to ask for favors I've been asked a lot of fat
00:46:07before and that was another thing with friends and it comes up with Friends making sure that people are friends with you for the right reasons this is when you got older and you wanted to claim your Independence and you wanted to hang out at night and your father would play this particular record right here
00:46:50what did that mean she went over that record came on
00:46:53that I can't hear that song and not think of my dad's face and him like in his room it's telling me like this what a big smile on his face this is why you have to come home at midnight black is the freaks come out at night like I don't know what to tell you be I mean you need to be home by 6 after midnight and I understood it but you know I was in high school and it honestly midnight that's reasonable for someone in high school but I of course of course wanted to push it to one or two but piano I knew I was like okay I understand I get it and I was I was home by midnight with regard to dating so like how was he like with boys like if a boy came to the house that he feel welcome when he was like a date over
00:47:49with me is I didn't really bring boys to the house honestly I didn't really say I didn't really date in high school I was actually focus in school and I ran track and Fields and I would go home and be with the family there was one time when I brought a guy over we weren't even dating but I knew he likes me he likes me more than I like him like a little bit yeah, that's how it should be ladies but I just remember him coming home and coming to my house I mean and he had his hat on backwards my dad open the door and he said try again and slam the door in his face
00:48:49then him you know taking it off to saying hello mister lady you know and so she came correct after that so that's how it was and then from then on I was like I'm never bringing a guy over you know you've had people that paid leidy Millions for his wisdom out of all the gems that he dropped like what do each of you remember the most like what do you what comes up the most at this juncture in your life like damn dad like this site here that's saying this
00:49:23for me he always really emphasize emphasize me one being a woman being black
00:49:34and having been having those two qualities and saying that that is going against me with you know try and get it trying to get a job where things like that and so he just always expressed to me how I had to work harder because he's like you can't give you a 100% he said 100 isn't enough you have to give 110% you have to get 150% like you said you have to you know carry yourself a certain way and he knew that I wanted to be an entertainment and so he always said you know you have to come correct then and just work hard and so now you know being in the real world and not graduated college in 2012 I absolutely understand everything
00:50:22but he told me you said for me I mean I was pretty young maybe just still in high school at the time so I was more just staying Focus Saba saying Focus I feel like he was my motivation I did well in school education yeah especially I did well in school because I wanted to do well so my dad could see that he is on the report cards cuz even if I would get one be like what's that be what's that feature in there yeah but it helps me and I'm still the same way that me and my freshman year of college at 4.0
00:51:07you don't have one one last question for everybody and I don't want them to go down the line you know I think we still take for granted ladies influence and how he's changed the game the business and push the culture so forward each of y'all what one we have
00:51:27if it wasn't for lighting for sliding
00:51:30what would not exist
00:51:32I wouldn't exist
00:51:39I'm just kidding I don't know I'll let someone else go first we wouldn't be rocking here like we we we do you know I'm saying like they said hip hop went last you number one right now we rock the world you feel me
00:52:03we are hip hop
00:52:07without my brother that wouldn't be happening he's part of that puzzle he's part of that Foundation that's what I know that's what y'all should know
00:52:21Yahoo what are the city got a manager that only book shows
00:52:27that's cuz you ain't got Chris Lighty as your manager you don't look at the industry now and it's so many managers you know in the game
00:52:35but they did not really make an artist
00:52:39real money you know like putting them to the biggest potential that they can make you knowing that that's what Chris used to do is to push his orders to the to the heights to the today today's say that they too tired and you will see him in the studio at 6 a.m. with you and you be like oh no I ain't supposed to be tired this dude going to wake up in the morning and still answer the calls for me so I can just push that envelope manager wise to the point where I mean I'm not trying to diss no managers and let me let me get a first off you know I'm not I don't want to do this any managers that is this right now but what I'm saying is
00:53:19if it's not a lot of managers that took it to the next level like Chris like Brandon know where the different companies and just showing you how you hit you can get Coca-Cola to pay for your video you know he call you up and tell you I got $100,000 for you to push going down like I'm not going to say it's not going down like that I'm just saying it's it's just a different different field of a manager going on these days and I wish everybody the best I hope that they really copy the skeleton and what Chris was doing and we really take keep continue to take you know hip hop to the next level you know where would I be without Chris I have no idea scary scary you know it's very scary you know I feel blessed everyday
00:54:19he he even motivated me to start my booking agency cuz you know when when I was interning for Chris you know
00:54:27I didn't know how to ask for a raise you know I was getting paid $150 a week but I was taking him so much knowledge it was worth millions
00:54:35so we had a staff meeting and I asked Chris and can I get a raise in front of everybody
00:54:44It clown the clown me Clowny clown me I said y'all started booking agency my first client Noriega I never looked back since then
00:55:00I don't even know where I would be without my brother and also
00:55:04just hope that everybody that knew him or heard of him or did their knowledge about him if you didn't know it helps you to take it to the next level and you really know who this man was in all of the things he accomplish cuz it's so many things that you you probably didn't even know that he did behind the scenes open how many people he put into place Jawas you know they continue to feed their families so you know where are my brother you know I think a lot of people would be jobless or really searching out how they're going to provide for their families and I still think you should have stayed for that I mean you you been in the game from day one like you you and Chris had the same legendary meant are they are calling you seen Facebook from your personal and professional experience what we not have
00:55:59without Chris lighty's influence the first person to understand the relationship between hip-hop and mass culture and I think about the Sprite ad campaign so that was one of the first times when a major corporation used wrap as their marketing tools are at their commercial their ad campaign and and he plugged in all my bands so it was it was Grand Puba and it was Pete Rock & CL Smooth and was tribe and it was large Pro and and I mean I thought that was a brilliant the way he did that you know he bridge the gap between the corporate and the street and I think he's the first guy to do that not change the entire game and then obviously use that blueprint with the vitamin water thing down the road so so he showed us where the real money was in that Corporate America needed hip hop as that cosine and M2 me that change the entire game I mean that's one of the most important things at work you know you can't turn on TV and see any commercial without it being hip hop themed right way
00:56:59we have you know hip hop movies we have a whole John or it's it's hip hop is at the center of culture and he's one of the people responsible for that it was crazy I got a 10 year old daughter and she looks we listen to the Disney Channel on on on Sirius XM and it's all hip hop right now like it's so crazy to me I mean it's a dominant streaming music in the world I mean Andy and Chris is one of the people understood that it was the voice of of Youth in America not just black youth I think he is. And and he sold that dream to you know to corporate American we all benefited greatly from it I mean he dropped a lot of gems to like you showed me a lot of stuff philosophically use one of the people who who taught me that everyone can win I can win and you can win right I don't have to take it all on you get nothing and I think that that level diplomacy is off the missing the end in the game right now you know Anna and I think that it was somewhat diametrically opposed to the way that lie or did you want to clean your whole house out right where where Chris
00:57:59like what I'm going to eat me you're going to eat in this guy could eat so we can all eat and I think spreading that around that was you no Testament is diplomacy in and the fact that he really believe that we all deserve to win and and I was like a wonderful thing I think it's a rule of thumb that we all need the other thing was she was a great manager and & Hip Hop is devoid of great managers for the most part and he was you know he's one of the first real managers to be involved in Hip Hop and now of course we have real managers we have Live Nation involved in Roc Nation blah blah blah but that would not exist if not for Chris and showing people the professionalism that needed to be exhibited to be successful you know he could talk to the street and you can talk to Doug Morris you know he could do that could talk to the guys at Coca-Cola in a can talk to Grand Puba and I think the fact that you talk to grandpa well that's hard without it without a two-way it's impossible I think but
00:58:50he was that guy he bridge the gap between a lot of worlds in and I think that you know he laid the blueprint for a lot of people to turn a living just like Mike said I think a lot of people would not be eating if not for Krista and M people who don't even realize it I think we weren't even cognizant of the fact that they have what they have and what people don't know we talked about so I said like everyone can win so he did the Drake Sprite at no one knows that Drake is not his hardest right but he was like here's your first paycheck I'll meet you're going to eat like you know Sprites going to be happy everyone eats so that was an example what he did he could he had scope Beyond just his personal backyard he could say I'm going to go to this guy and get him to do a phone cuz everyone like Chris so when he called you know it won't pick the phone up the other thing about Chris was no matter where you were in your career if he was your guy he always pick the phone up for you eat while we sat down with you you always wanted to hear what you had going on and he usually had to hustle for you and and he definitely came through for me a few times and I really appreciated that fact that I always knew I had access to all no matter where I
00:59:50was there he was in his career and you know I think that that is something that that people don't really understand I think he is his vision and his amount of loyalty we're gems that I take away from the way to conduct myself that's dope man thank all y'all for sharing you know your personal and professional experiences for Chris Lighty I want to open up a Florida Q&A or before we jump into Q&A let's take one last look at Mogul in the life of Chris Lighty
01:00:26Chris Lighty was born in the Bronx in 1968 what time when hip-hop didn't exist
01:00:331979 on The Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight Christmas still in elementary school
01:00:43got his real education when back went on tour in New York acts like the jungle Brothers threaded their way through towns and cities up and down the East Coast
01:00:53rapid started to spread across America and Chris was along for the ride
01:01:02when broccoli is global so did Chris Lighty his artist tour the world and sold out stadiums everywhere
01:01:09when bling made it into the dictionary when America elected a President Who dusted off his shoulder and then hold back his love for Jay-Z Christmas getting Equity first artist and making black millionaires
01:01:26I wonder if he ever imagined that hip hop would take him so far
01:01:30she was every one of those pearly Park gyms with weed in the air and basing his chest and he stopped to think this thing is Stuart base and Beads and rhythm in poetry this will take me on an incredible journey
01:01:48and I wonder if he ever says himself this thing called hip-hop it's going to change my life
01:02:13Cloud that either so questions
01:02:19Mathieu walking around with the microphone
01:02:24alright that's that's Matt Nelson the producer of a mogul
01:02:31and tonight he's Oprah
01:02:35Reggie I have a question for you which artist did you work on with Chris and what was it like lawyer to manager working with him
01:02:46we didn't have the best relationship and you hear the stories about it today how about noreaga you know I did the CNN DeLand it wasn't one of the best deals I ever did but you know whenever a client of mine
01:03:03said to me because at the time in the 90s you had a lot of credible and I'm not taking anything away from the credible managers that exist today but the 90s was just a different time but whenever you heard someone say
01:03:16Chris Lighty wants to manage me
01:03:18you knew that they were going to go in a different direction you going to you know that they would change the trajectory of their lives I had this one particular client by the name of shine and
01:03:31why do you wanted to sign sign his record company to it since I think the Def Jam right violated Def Jam and it was this amazing bidding war between Diddy
01:03:44and Lighty and when you talk about you know those two cats like like like lady was a force of nature did he is a force of Nature and when you see them pull out the stops to lock it on an artist you just have to sit back you you don't you don't know how it's going to end up in that particular situation did he got shine but it was it was like you saw that you were like I had nothing to say because they were on such a Next Level and only thing I could do as an attorney's like wherever you end up okay this is all going to eat you know it was just amazing and another thing about lighting from afar is that you know you could tell I was never in ladies
01:04:28in a circle but it was like damn what you know what do I have to do how far how far up how much more do I have to step up to to really be recognized to be you know in Lodi Circle you don't see just an amazing person
01:04:44hope I answered your question next question
01:04:50hey Sam I'm smell from Chicago so it took two quick questions one for downtown the end I'm just going to just say it as a white guy in the culture of Hip Hop House
01:05:02how do I go tell my mom let me let me rephrase as a white presenting man right and we talkin about culture how did you navigate right to like the conversation a lot of like if it's we're doing it for the culture by a white person within the culture how did you kind of navigate that and what were your experience and what the feedback is you dealt with some of the most progressively militant black artist to me it's like it's never really like it never really came up I know it's not really a thing to me I never really acknowledged it and I never felt that it helped me back or you know maybe I got a little more scrutiny but I think my actions to show who I am it's never really an issue you know I mean I was in the trenches a long time I iron my bones a long time ago and I think people knew that so I don't think it really
01:06:02or several other people Stretch Armstrong I think that's the only issue if you make it issue you know and I don't I don't make it an issue so podcast and Reggie out that you did a really good job that we don't talk about a lot is mental health within hip hop in the black community and a little bit more of like if anyone like what we're doing to progress that conversation I know that's a little bit of the elephant in the room but I think that was really really important like you guys did two different episodes about you know the domestic violence and also just mental health and what everyone does for their mouth to help and being his industry know I was nowhere as as as successful as as Chris Lighty but at a certain point you know Jeremih Last 5 Years in the industry I just felt this heaviness
01:06:54I felt this Darkness I felt like no matter how hard I try to motivate motivate myself to get to the office or how how big the last check was it wasn't enough and at a certain point I remember talking to my my peers like kind of like she purposely because you know in the industry and we could all the tested at in the industry we can't shower weaknesses right especially specifically as black men you don't mean so I'm ever going to my peers and saying yo I just need a vacation what the fuck you talking about you making money like yeah we got to go harder you know an end it wasn't until years later after I just shut down and left the industry that I realize that I might have been suffering from depression you know what I mean but when you're in the industry it's so hard to talk to people or even if you need a career change it so hard to get out so I think you know where the new age man where you know we are I think as Americans is a hoe
01:07:54we all suffer from some form of PTSD cuz this is a stressful motherfuking nation and self-aware and compassionate appears to be like yo are you alright it's not just how you look physically it's like what's going on here because this is all we got you know I mean it says it's it's way past its way late in the day to start addressing you know mental health in the black community you know I want to add add on to that like the whole process of everything with with my brothers story is still a lot that the lot a lot of people don't know that that hasn't been told and I feel that you know your mental health is or is it is a is an important thing and then part of that process is also who you you you're with that is supposed to be able to help maintain that mental health for you based off of your relationship
01:08:54that person so you know that's a big part of it to that plays in two factors that that that that going to the story but it's like you got to
01:09:07you got to wait and be option and you know I leave that too and I know some people may think I'm in denial or whatever I I personally don't think that my brother did kill himself or anything to that effect because there's so much that isn't hasn't been told and if you know we have plans today to tell things eventually based off of you know information that I've dealt with me doing with my brother on how he was moving forward but in a mental health is very important in our community we have to definitely take heat of it and and watch the people around you make sure that they're there straight that they're in a good standing in a relationship in and way of life because things do happen unfortunately and it is a factor that I think that and especially in the hip hop community in the music Community alone that we don't Embrace we don't
01:10:07talk about and we definitely do have to do that more and you know I wanted one movement that I know that is going on. She's definitely pushing that man said that's that's huge man you know that sounds the same you know if you don't know about it look into it you know we should definitely you know take a stand for in all people do black people own you know we we are afraid to show our weakness because we look look at it as we can afford to choo choo to a certain degree I think but at the end of the day you know
01:10:52you got to be strong enough to say I don't care what that person thinks I have to care about myself and know that I have to be in a safe place I'm good standing and not have to go through any stress or or nonsense that I don't have to you know and
01:11:16we got it we got it we got it we got to talk about it more definitely we got to we got to just not you got to silence the next question how many more questions man this is the this is the last one
01:11:38sorry about that thank you for doing the savannas I've been listening to podcast forever and this is a really stand out podcast and I thought it was powerful storytelling and I've always considered Chris one of the masterminds of hip hop on the business side so so happy and I want to know what's next please tell me there's a biopic a film of his life I need to see something visual now I think he's so important you don't know nothing about that we would definitely I know there's a whole bunch of people trying to do it and all that I see y'all hear y'all yeah I know all about the people y'all been trying to reach out to cuz you know what they call me
01:12:19yes okay so that being said yeah we come up with something in the works it's going to be Hip Hop
01:12:27world's best what I can tell you though is that are we just got greenlit for season 2 of mogul
01:12:39we don't know what it's going to be about yet but I'm asking if that's what we can we would be sitting right now without any also really thank you for this last question good evening every Jack how's everything going Dante Ross Life Family how's everything you for everything tonight couple of things before we close on I want to address the issue of mental health I am an individual who are suffering with mental health for many years I worked in the finance industry for almost 20 years and it's something that you develop over the years you know anything about being shown weakness she can't and nose Industries in the in the circles that we running its you can't they eat their own you know I'm saying and it's it's just like you just don't want to show that and when I saw what happened your brother it gave me the strength to come out and tell talk to people and say hey look I'm dealing with this right now it's not you know
01:13:39I'm not weak for this you know what I'll take you outside whip your ass but I still am going to cry about it I have to hurt you know what I mean but you know with him and stuff like that so date that gave me strength to just come out and get help and you know what to talk about it it's not look what you kick somebody in the teeth on stage 4 Cancer Victim you know what I mean you wouldn't do that to him because you can't see it it's not physical you know what I mean it is not real that allow your week or your week mine is not that man after while the pressure gets here and it's like you know what are you doing next what I mean you can't make everyone happy you can't you know trying to make yourself make yourself happy and that gave me the strength to just go out there and talk you know what I mean and I'm not afraid to talk about it you know what everybody got issues everybody in his got something all right you know what I mean I'm stronger than that because I could try kissing in public and talk about it and last I just want to ask where do we see Chris's impact 20 30 years from now where do we see it in Hip Hop where where is this going down the road now where we where we be
01:14:43and I know I want to commend you on you know talking about the depression because I'm not going to even front like I want to Crazy stage of depression and the best thing that I ever did was talk about it
01:14:57when after I talked about it and told people yell I'm depressed I've been going through it man let me tell you it was like a thousand pounds just lifted off of my shoulders that's the best thing you can do is talk about it don't bottle it up and just engage in stuff that you normally do and you know don't don't try to be sheltered and you got to do the stuff that you would normally do in everyday life including playing and and engaging with your folks and you know you can't bottling it up and being salted in need to know you going to keep it in that brick wall talk about it the best way the only way
01:15:44thank you so much
01:15:46I want to add one more thing because when I was six I my mom actually passed away and so my dad was very serious about mental health in me having a therapist and at 6 years old 7 years old 8 years old 10 11 12 13 black I had a therapist and he did as well and even as an adult he did and so I just feel like
01:16:15towards those years you know from 2008 on things did get harder and heavier for him and so many people relied on him that it was harder to show you know
01:16:31you know he would say I would if there's a nose this if if we didn't call him like you know I'm away at school days is Young she's a kid if we didn't call him for a certain amount of days he would say hey remember me so you know it's like the you know the just stopping for a second and just asking someone hey how are you you know how are you doing because you know life is so fast and we're all busy and we're all caught up in our own lives but sometimes you forget to just take a second and just ask someone how they are even if you think that you know their you know killing it or making money or doing you know X Y and Z you know at the end of the day when you go home and if your foundation and home life isn't right then everything else doesn't even matter so that there's so much and so many factors and
01:17:22yeah but I just wanted to say that my dad was he said always I can't even get to wear the right now my mind is like blue yes he was very proactive about me having a therapist and and him having a therapist but yeah of course I wish you would have you know said a lot more but yeah but I'm good thank you for for saying all that and I hope that it happens for other people as well and that we have this conversation more in general and it hip hop and in the black community and in every Community because it's crazy how high
01:18:03you know suicide rate is and just how common depression is you know it's a common thing a lot of people on antidepressants it's okay it's you know it's not like you're a crazy person and so I hope that more people realize that and that more people go to therapy
01:18:22have you so much
01:18:25I want y'all to give a round of applause how amazing panelist Dante Ross
01:18:31Mike lighting Dave lighting lighting and Tiffany lighting we're about to turn up with DJ been humming on the Wheels of Steel with first and foremost I want to give you know the big Atari thanks and the credits no shout out once again to mobile producer Matt Nelson
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01:19:35your mobile life is recorded the Highline Ballroom by hailee Shaw shows produced by Matthew Nelson and Bob zipco Rob the sound guy and tell Rob thanks for everything you know sound guy man you responsible for everything man saw not really sorry for giving you a hard time but you know the game is the game
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