Neptune Dash In this episode we talk to Cale Moodie, CEO of Neptune Dash. Cale and the folks at Neptune Dash are doing some very interesting...

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00:00:00welcome back to another episode of let's talk crypto on one of your co host bearing more you joining me shortly will be Tom Cholesky in this week's episode we are going to take a slightly different format we found out about a project that brings together a lot of
00:00:14the elements about crypto that we like all in one spot so this week's episode we're going to be talking to Kael moody CEO of a project called Neptune dashing Canada brings together a lot of the elements that we like dash master nodes traditional investment vehicles easy in easy
00:00:31out with a lot of tech headaches so let's get into this week's episode an overview of Neptune dash heard of digital currencies bitcoin those words like blockchain crypto currencies and mining don't know what it all means or how to get started well let's talk crypto we break it
00:00:50all down in easy to understand terms and help you learn and in the age of crypto currency so welcome to the livestock crypto show brought to you by school of crypto dot com with your host very Moore and Tom Gillespie all right I'm excited about this interview because
00:01:07it combines two of my favorite things dash and master knows if you're not familiar with that you can always go back to our twelve coins of Christmas series part one where we talk about dash and I've mentioned number of times on the show now I'm sure probably most
00:01:20of you are tired of hearing about it and then if you want to go back and get a deeper dive into master knows you go back and listen to episode sixteen but on this week's episode we've got an interview with Cale moody from Neptune dash Kael welcome thanks
00:01:36for having us just before we get into Neptune Dassin what Neptune dashes Tom how are you brother on good money in as little as this couple to tell my voice ease back both getting the combo been put group the last few weeks cut also voice is getting better
00:01:49so young man very excited as everyone knows by now your huge fan of national like it as well but Tom moscovites month playing so to combine the two together is a perfect recipe should just before we get into that dynamic combination kale kit kills the CEO of the
00:02:06Neptune dash which we're gonna talk about just a second but I always like to hear everyone's crypto origin story cal can you give us a bit of your background and how you got in crypto sure yeah it's interesting I I come from a finance background I'm a chartered
00:02:19accountant by trade show in which is essentially a seat CPA for the Americans out there in the C. eighty pounds workplace or in the world but I'm a CPA and see a from Canada worked in public practice for a number of years and my focus was always on
00:02:33precious metals mining companies so when bitcoin first came out back in two thousand well when I first are looking at it back in two thousand twelve which was still in its infancy I was drawn said the scarcity fundamentals and of course the white paper being digital gold so
00:02:52I was really sort of a gold bug and so is an easy transition for me to understand Hey this is like this is like a digital gold in that and it has the same scarcity funk fundamentals supported by the algorithm saw that was pretty cool and I started
00:03:06sort of accumulating that corn back in two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen I'm a pretty reasonable price still have not sold one and in time the holding %HESITATION well into the future so that's been nice in two thousand thirteen high I thought it was time to take a
00:03:23company public that focused on sort of payment processing for on going I did not happen was very difficult to get out of the gate up one time just given the sort of the environment and everybody thought it was black markets and job black money and sketchy the banks
00:03:43and want to touch us no we want to talk just about one time so so that was that sort of that entity died on the vine but here we are it's two thousand eighteen two thousand seventeen when we had this big rally and atoms are crypto started making
00:03:57headlines again and sort of that mass adoption started started taking place about it this is now the time to do this and let's let's get going and fire up some of these public vehicles that I've sort of been dreaming about lost for five years tool that led you
00:04:11to Neptune dash so can you give the listeners just kind of a quick overview of what Neptune dashes when you guys did yeah exactly so so Neptune dash was the concept that sort of came in a round about way and Michelle Lee what we wanted to do as
00:04:26we were thinking Hey let's look at the day's gonna top ten market cap currencies and let's create some sort of trading be a call for each one of these and be the first to market in Canada the trying to stock exchange now again that was a slow process
00:04:42has a lot of roadblocks for some reason the regulatory securities commission can't seem to wrap their head around allowing people to train these and each yeah or trust structures which seems to me to be a little bit crazy given that you know your average investor and anybody can
00:04:58buy these an open market which is pretty far riskier but you know we'll get into that debate so we realize that's very difficult to do to actually start a public company and that sort of form so so again we looked at the top ten market cap companies at
00:05:10the time I believe Josh was about five or six on that list we said Hey how can we help we started technology company that is actually doing a real service in technology or cryptocurrency that allows investors to have exposure to a pure play so essentially how do we
00:05:30get how we build something as an operating company and by buying the stock in a company you're you're essentially sitting on a large pile of crypto currency and so as we went down the list dash popped out at us for a number of reasons one being the structure
00:05:44that happen has the master nodes performing this service on that on the national work and those master knows are essentially composed of each master of a thousand dash and so does being highly liquids on the market cap was substantially less about the same actually we're looking at a
00:06:01little bit less but you know the master knows a great structure and made a lot of sense Hey let's build and operate master notes I not only are we sitting on a large will occur currency or running an operating business and we have the revenues or or given
00:06:16in which is in the form of dasha doubtful about forty five percent of the block walk were coming to us for running a mass nodes lessons great Kelso can meet maybe we'll just break it down in simple five full so when you listen is that coming across out
00:06:29Ellison ease what actually is a monster yes our master known is unique in that it's essentially servers performing a function on the network and so in the case of dash I mean I believe there's a number of I believe there's eighty plus tokens on that actually do have
00:06:44a national structure but again we wanted to focus on highly liquid currencies large market caps and so dash was the first one without structure pop up so what is a master knows our master noticed initially is performing feature on the dash network in this case the master nodes
00:07:01perform a function of doing a single private send where privatize is are your transactions so I mean it's in layman's terms is equivalent of saying Hey every time I buy coffee I don't want people to see my entire bank records for that since the dawn of time and
00:07:16so that to me makes a lot of sense and the dash master note performs that function it also does something called insta sandwich speeds up the transaction time just you second so basically I mean we we signed money between our tribes or as our accounts when we do
00:07:32that which is a very nice or buying you know this it takes a few seconds and costs a few pennies so it's it's quite fast visions and this functionality sport by the master note another unique feature to dash which is really interesting is sort of the democratic governance
00:07:49system that is performed by the master notes and this is in itself is essentially each master node gets to vote on the dash initiative so I think currently there's roughly forty seven hundred plus monster nodes in the world each of those masters gets about that's your pocket as
00:08:05your voting population spacey forty seven hundred so any at and missions that are the Dodge foundation comes up with or any developer or anybody comes on their site those are voted on by the master notes and those are to turn those determined basically the direction and the ability
00:08:21of dosh to a ball so I think that's really unique in that and also we really like what doshas those master knows and that voting system allows the network to adapt and evolve really quickly to changing environments I think that %HESITATION that's very good for gosh it also
00:08:36allows dashed actually involved and and advertise and market them push forward corn for for Macy gray or adoption yet and look for in a failed this was back in episode sixteen we did actually do an episode specifically on on monster by themselves and also note dash as a
00:08:53let's say the coins less currency with into the sand and an actual how you can use this for day to day transactions we we also cover that on out twelve coins of Christmas special fell this is when I got back and really understand all the benefits of dash
00:09:04as a coin slash currency that that's where you guys I think you sort of when you you brushed over them how pretty quick which is a fantastic points that you know even right now to go buy a Cup of coffee with the coin it's impractical worse but dash
00:09:17can actually work that way so must another great I mean if anyone about listen listen to a lot of episodes on the stand I'm a big fan of monster nights and you sort of covered through why you chose dash but moving forward I mean is dust or any
00:09:30sort of monster note from the one he uses this investment vehicle if you go to a diff Moskovitz might be on the consummating full well you know it's interesting you mention that I mean we are we are we are always looking at other other coins and tokens in
00:09:42terms of functionality and the ability to build an angst year round or a vehicle but it again for us the the model here was let's build something really simple that your average retail or institutional investor can understand and invest and place of that on an individual currency so
00:10:02because the cars in general is so risky it was sort of our idea that what's your plane calls so that our only only one currency and let the markets **** to determine where they want to put their money so in that sense we are sort of plan is
00:10:20to remain your plate dash master no company the pay outs on dasher pretty good relative to any of the other MAS nodes that are that we've looked at so that is our model right now again you know this market is changing rapidly and for some reason something changes
00:10:36and dash that we don't like anymore we may have to sort of your re evaluates on a more level as as during the direction of the company but as of right now we're really happy with dash we think it's got a huge opportunity here to be one of
00:10:50the top players and talked and currencies for you know in daily use case digital cash scenario yen and that's that's gonna be the winner frost moving forties at the daily cash alternative ways you know if the adoption on a global scale it's only gonna work if people use
00:11:07it so one of the things we talked about dashing when we did the review of it in early I've a Christmas was the one a and the structure that the monster might actually work so we we call it the forty five forty five ten split yeah forty five
00:11:21forty five and ten so the basically the masters get forty five percent for brunch now the running their servers on the network and then the timer saying goes the foundation yes Sir and part of that look said for every monster that whole they get voting is part of
00:11:35the governance model which is phenomenally good so how does it work with you because having a large chunk of monster nodes and getting involved you know in inviting and making decisions and stuff like that and then have this effect you know shells moving forward with but that sort
00:11:48of you do you guys control those votes on as a client into your shareholders the have any site or any involvement in that yeah good question so that's a question a lot of Alaska as like oh well you know some people don't like the idea of a of
00:12:00a large public corporations saying well we don't all these stops Maseno so we can sort about let's focus on perspective here costs about five hundred thousand dollars you asked by one master note we're eighteen master notices forty seven hundred moss notes for so so that eliminates the like
00:12:16we're not gonna be Corp ordering this market and and swaying about although that said anybody owns Daschle probably want that to happen because we're all we're all sort of vying for the same thing which is or or hoping the same thing which is dash to be a top
00:12:29top contender currency for use case and therefore increase the value of dollar so so just just to say that we're all sort of we're also pushing it never center action are we currently are abstaining from voting so starboard directive as being basically insane from voting until such a
00:12:46time that we can take out a suitable way I'm west about bands are we don't want to we don't want the optics of having anybody think they were trying to manipulate or change control or shoot down shirt certain next mission is so so far we that we can
00:13:04stand on voting but again and again keep in mind is only eighteen forty seven hundred boats you know that's probably going to change I mean we obviously want to scale this company to be large much larger than that but as of right now it's it's not it's not
00:13:17gonna make a massive difference in in the direction of dosh so that's that's not censure decision on on not in terms of the voting yeah fair enough given all the regulatory nightmare scenario that seems he planned out these days why did you guys go for a trip and
00:13:36a traditional investment vehicle you know listing on an exchange as opposed to just creating a tokenized version of that well I mean I come from a financial background a public company background and we went through the process of just doing it and I see I or something like
00:13:53that that kind of win against our mandate or mandate was really let's provides tools for you know accredited and retail investors so people who don't understand the space can still call their broker and say Hey I want to exposure to cryptocurrency so now we're trading on the Frankfurt
00:14:14exchange and so that makes it covers off mainland Europe we're trading on the OTC in the United States so now Americans can buyer stock as well we're trading on the TSX me in Canada also Canadians of export market so I mean basically we have basically first of its
00:14:32kind as far as I know as your plate Maseno gave it all where people can actually call their broker trade in and out of this stock based on where they think dashes going and speculating on the market and that's that's a true out I think it's your free
00:14:47market system so we didn't want to try and find your new ground and are not accredited investor space creating ice Yost tokens where we know that it's just a matter of time before you know under the securities commission and them in both the US and Canada cracked down
00:15:04on on these sites you know is I think what was just a matter of time to make an example of somebody who's basically sort of turned their back on the rules and regulations and raised a ton of money arms so so I just didn't want to even go
00:15:17there we want to do this about bored by the book and I create something that's legitimate and transparent for investors yeah fair enough makes less sense you know people can now get their toe in the crypto water so to speak without having to worry about all the tech
00:15:32behind it keeping their own keys and all that stuff exactly add and just and just in terms of transparency right I mean we just released our financial statements yesterday you can see or spend every penny that's a big concern when when you were a hundred million dollars you
00:15:46have no idea where it's gone our who they are yeah will speaking on that and what were some of the regulatory challenges that the that getting listed gave you all I mean I mean it was pretty straightforward given that we are technology based business you know with the
00:16:02jump to the standard sort of public listing hoops are the biggest challenges for us with this company is is essentially tax legislation and I offer us financial reporting really because you know this is that it could not currency I mean how do you balance that how do you
00:16:19value that a balance sheet ID treat that so this is all new territory for both the revenue agencies are around the world and for international financial reporting standards so that's that's been the biggest challenge for us just a wrapping our minds around that and getting guidance from both
00:16:36both the tax authorities and John you counting bodies and and in our jurisdictions in terms of how we treat that stuff but in terms of getting a listing don army was pretty straightforward just like you would with any technology sure yeah I guess that's good that you you
00:16:51know your your position yourself as a technology company Hey we just wrote a bunch of servers in the service make us a bit of money you're not really you yourself as a cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency company your investment so to speak in army yeah we're not I mean we're
00:17:06not really an investment bottom you're investing in monster I was like so you got to look at it from an average retail investor there's no way that they would ever be able to have that exported to a master now that he's a revenue or demand whatever you wanna
00:17:19call it bachelor wasn't we call it for owning a house notes are now you have investors you can actually own a piece of a monster note which is kind of cool right I mean I I could go on by dashing market share but I'm not gonna get that
00:17:32seven plus percent are a why on a regular basis annually reinvested more dash so long as you have five hundred thousand dollars US to spend some time minutes so I mean we think we're we're work we created at a really cool service here and and a great training
00:17:49me a call and you know we expect to operate more master notes we are looking at a number of dosh technologies which I can't speak to right now just because it's not public information yeah we also announced that were you being a company called not should state which
00:18:03is going to be staying sort of focused quite similar to what we're doing enough to notch very cool and what about their custodial challenges with keeping all those I'm assuming they're not all under the same private key keeping us private keys in in an open and transparent fashion
00:18:22yeah so so with with our dash holdings are as you know we're both this to chartered accountants here were both companies are turning down so we we know the whole our regulatory system we basically develops a Sox compliance documents in this workable sort of glaze over if they
00:18:40don't really want to hear it but I mean there's there's a lot of documentation for what we've done in terms of security and managing that treasury managing assets so I mean we keep all our all our dash **** in cold storage entrees doors they're held involves our lawyers
00:18:57our lawyers balls I can't access them one individual can't access the master beat to individuals board members in addition to our legal counsel in order to access the assets so because everybody doesn't know this but once you actually get consensus that you almost thousand dash and you run
00:19:16out application and you get your server set up we have to do that once and you can take your dash essentially put them in cold storage ya touched me down so that those properties are off line in cold storage well let me ask themselves are offline cold storage
00:19:31and the risk of losing those assets is negligible Kyle what's the actual in the invent the wheel the value proposition for the investors that you talked about being listed in trying on different stock exchanges around the world so how does that work in relation to so I kind
00:19:46of I wanna invest and I want to buy in a chunk of shares of these two picks trying to say how does it work as an investment I guess and what's more returned is at high point dividends you know what happens in the process up or down a
00:19:58foot short how does that affect the minimal investment portfolio on the exchange upon things yeah yeah it's really interesting worse are learning as we go because we have no right we had no idea how how the price of our stock price would vary in response to movements and
00:20:16and also the and in the price of doc's so I'm quite happy we were training when we raise our money we raise twenty three point two million dollars roughly twenty one million of that was done at fifty cents I back in December when Josh was essentially three times
00:20:33or three times higher at least if not more repeated like nineteen hundred there are eighteen hundred so I mean I'm pretty happy that was at fifty cents an hour trading at roughly thirty five cents and dashes about four hundred seventy five dollars so it's about a third the
00:20:48our socks only down thirty one it wasn't our but yet our socks laying down a third so it goes to show you there's there really is demand for this product you know that show is sort of the response we're gonna have when actually news and I I firmly
00:21:01believe we're gonna reach us those old high some dosh which in essence should mean that our stock is going to be sort of a multi dollar stock that's again a gas of mine I have no idea we don't know we're going to reach us artists and I don't
00:21:14know where stocks or in the future but so far it's been it's been quite responsive to the price dash so as dash moves out sort of their stock again keep in mind that some people value it dire stock based on net asset value which would be our cash
00:21:29position Bardot's physician and any sort of quantitative analysis you do on on our our incoming dash now we don't pay out a dividend we're not we're not it trusted we don't pay dividends what we do is we we reinvest all of our dashed earnings in the master note
00:21:48so as soon as we have another thousand dash from our names boom we seven other Maseno keep going so you started your getting a sort of exponential growth curve in terms of gosh creating more dash getting more Maseno is great more dash and so on to the future
00:22:03so it's quite exciting I mean my my goal is to obviously scaleless and buy or build more master notes and the skills operations over growing growing those revenues and growing returns for shareholders in the fact that your honor let's say a normal exchange you know when normal people
00:22:20have access to this sort of stuff to do you know what I'm not sure if you have access to that data but do you know what the split would be between into institutions investing in this type of asset versus retail investors I mean do you have any access
00:22:32to that sort of dollars we we do yeah yeah we do and from when we first started most of our investors are institutional that sends some of them exit because they were happy to make an average of you know three cents on their investments and then they move
00:22:48on it's sort of a turn and burn sort of model for them so those institutions of accidents and were your price the retail arm I can say that sentence is public knowledge that obviously because they filed that route and all the investments you know are just fine in
00:23:04the world on sixteen percent of our company one five so they came in initially with eleven percent so I can only assume that been buying in the market and increasing their position so I think that's a that's a that's a good thing for the company and our RNC
00:23:19but we also traded sixty something million shares since we went public in January twenty second which only leads me to believe we just in turning over stock from institutional hands into us against retailing as well it'll think form you know all the noise that we hear in an
00:23:34old media and social the rest of it it's all about quote marks institutional money coming into the market nothing because you've gone down that you know away on a trip exchanges it's opened up that platform for them to be able to invest and tried without having to go
00:23:49through all the the in Wesley and all the regulations that has dealing dork with crypto something it's a very very wise decisions and also work on that my could Pat on the back for that yeah thank you yeah I mean that's that's sort of what we're going after
00:23:59initially I mean we thought it was gonna be more retail product but I mean institutions stepped up in a big way initially were out to raise ten million I believe and we had twenty seven million orders so Adam we've we've heard about you about twenty one million so
00:24:15it just goes to show you what the appetite I was there at that point time and that was after four days marketing so certainly there was a lab inside that was back in December things have changed since that I don't know what kind of hers beginning we went
00:24:26to the market now but you know the funny thing is is that it makes a lot of sense from purely an agreed a perspective to raise money at these levels and go back to the market and take all that money and put it back into buying crypto so
00:24:42by the optics of doing it down around to reach our masters are or you know unsophisticated investors are that you know you're doing around Graham down around and you're diluting me so again as as CEO and and our board of directors we have to manage you know investor
00:24:58expectations in terms of what we're doing but for me it makes a lot of sense I mean that it was it was just my decision I'd say let's go back to the market raise more capital because why wouldn't we dashes down dashes down %HESITATION to a third of
00:25:10what it was but our stock is only down one third so start raising money to higher levels to buy dashing much lower levels so many creative perspective makes all the sense yeah I mean it's rather than dealing directly with the crypto minute remove some of the volatility because
00:25:25I mean the bus liquid assets but I think because the stall of investors and this is just my opinion of course but still investors on the stock exchange a difference though is you're dealing in a traditional crypto exchange you know that that yes it's a liquid asset but
00:25:39the volatility is not as great so I think it probably type is it down a little bit and institutional investors are generally in a for a long term investment so I think that also helps reduce the volatility in the market place an analogy about investing so I'm just
00:25:52gonna look just a normal guy bid on I just think it's a it's a really good option for institutions and box at the public to be able to get in on a bit of crypto without having to bother crypto so that's really good off just phenomenal yeah I
00:26:06think it's it's a first it's a first out there for this product and and you know I think it's it just makes it really easy for people to make it all their broker a quick about not there on a discount brokers to get in and get out %HESITATION
00:26:18it on how to deal with any complexities of security or storage or any of that you don't know anything I have to know is this is I'm getting started as they can manage their own risk if you believe in crypto to me it seems like a no brainer
00:26:29you would buy the stock if you don't want to deal with the security and all that always yourself even you can deal with the skirt and all that sort of stuff on your own you're still not getting that master no pay out so holding the stock you're getting
00:26:40a mass no payout where he adds and less you invested five or thousand although master no you're not going to get better on your own and most people don't yeah and the more these vehicles that are you know more these quote unquote traditional vehicles that start bridging the
00:26:56gap between traditional investments in crypto the better that's gonna be for crypto the wider adoption you gonna give a group that which is going to be better for all of us so I think that's correct absolutely yeah so can numb you mention Frankford in %HESITATION OTC in the
00:27:09U. S. can non Canadians by by the venture exchange or is it Canadians on non Canadians goodbye I'm I believe you just have to have an actual physical broker in the US for an American %HESITATION American can buy on the Canadian markets definitely but they'd have to have
00:27:28a broker another brokerage accounts in the US use you as a ticket to be over by Canadian markets and most I believe most you I think a lot of people are just buying on their sort of student discount brokerage and you know like sort of each trade sort
00:27:43of thing and Despina discount brokers and buy and sell the OTC so it's good I guess you were both options I mean there's you want big liquidity or I see it's better to go straight to the source which is just a venture bottoming without some highly like when
00:27:55days on your to see you know half million shares plus on a last week or so on the OTC so so volume is kicking up in the US on are you also saying and you know this being pretty good volume %HESITATION that's there was a long day but
00:28:09it's been pretty good volume almost a million shares a day over the last little while suppose you have any idea how strange could get involved I don't know that you know it's it's interesting I mean I I assume that a strong should go by on on foreign markets
00:28:23probably not to your discount broker but certainly throughout a conventional broker I would imagine well do a little homework and I'll put up with that information is shown up through the steps of a great I'm actually curious now as well so what's next for you guys yeah I
00:28:38mean for me worse were sort of kicking back here doing a lot of marketing we're gonna be in New York %HESITATION next week at I mean is that there's a serial and there's consensus which is obviously one of the biggest differences in the world so we'll be there
00:28:52we actually have a little a little goes a little place to chat to people in the Canadian pavilion so that'll be signed lots of meetings that week also spots parties I'm sure you know how it goes in the group to space so so that that'll be fine next
00:29:05in terms of net June dash terms of our our operations you know were were essentially sort of sitting back and marketing watching to see what the market does so and we're also doing of course work on a few things on the side no he hasn't asked technologies are
00:29:23also working on this project being witches Neptune St which is a little slice going baby right now but you know we want to get it just right in terms or concepts and then are sort of scale that as well so you know what's happening here lots of agree
00:29:39to things you know but again it's being being quiet since we came out of the gate just because you know January things really started to pare back aggressively I thought was commissioned to percent retrace man it was much deeper than that and then everybody panicked and really know
00:29:55where the bottom was but seems that we have climbed out of the hole a little bit and our our sort of it's a wait and see would seem out we're not everybody panicked I thought the prices I thought it was pretty I thought was pretty logical that we
00:30:10begin to have people that get in the way things rallies but I'm not you have to remember we're dealing with and we're dealing with a lot of retail investors who only came only learns and learned about the currency back in November and then they they quickly came to
00:30:22the mark with everybody else and then got smoked so to get those people while leading again is a little bit of work and you know because they're new to this people understandable it's only this moment and see for me it's nothing I you know I did that was
00:30:36a big deal I thought okay outs or you know we were back fifty percent or so ten thousand percent you know and so it is the only a perspective of four months this is going to be a roller coaster ride from hell she came in right at the
00:30:51top like a lot of people there so you know that big spike a lot of stories on a capital works great and you know I'm hoping we can raise mark out all my goal was to raise a million dollars and and not two thousand eighteen and essentially by
00:31:05docks cream also knows about money and I should ask about our operations are very very inexpensive I mean it doesn't cost whatever running eighteen mass nodes are eighteen hundred master knows the manpower and G. and a expense of running this company is very well so if you compare
00:31:24us to say one of these big miners these public company miners I mean their costs are astronomical so there's a huge huge risk factor in terms of cost we can we can take back and act actually if we wanted to do nothing if there was a sort of
00:31:37a long winter again and I do nothing and and it just fine yes that's two of the good things about mass knows one as it does you don't need any special equipment really and you know it doesn't take about spoke a lot of electricity they're easy to set
00:31:51up well easy hardware wise not necessarily easy to talk to us and the other thing is it doesn't matter if the market's going up or down you still learning dash as the master no keeps ticking over so the income keeps coming in whether the market's going up or
00:32:05whether it's going now exactly because we never sell any dash is kind of our it's kind of a relevant to me where it is in the short term I mean people see revenue line item on our financial statements but they need to keep in mind that that's revenue
00:32:18in dash converge Canadian dollars the time it was earned so it's our balance sheet those revenues our balance sheet and sit there and so you know when dash goes up five folder six folder tenfold which I hoping it will in the next few years that's a massive massive
00:32:35gain on the income statement and on the balance sheet so you have to remember that it's not that we're selling it this is all reinvest in the master note so short term movements and volatility don't really need a time to us Kyle you mentioned that you go as
00:32:50with the first in the world to have this type of offering so typical technology world is lots of copy cats that they also do you have any people that are trying to replicate what you guys are doing in the in the Dutch spice in the monster that spice
00:33:03and taking that from the crypto into the traditional investment vehicles yeah you know I I think I mean this for me lots of private companies out there that do what we're doing we I just don't know about them but in terms of public companies a model where anybody
00:33:17is doing really what we're doing I'm I do know there's other companies mostly miners are doing a number of things and you actually have master notes so I do know that those companies do exist on this probably companies coming coming public in the next few months or over
00:33:33the next year that'll be basically involved in Moscow it's finding a different group does so everybody's trying to do there there's a unique spin on things we don't have anybody exactly managing us and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter because the more people I
00:33:48mean it still because were sitting on a pile of master notes and especially the I'm not a pilot bash it just means more people are going to be exposed and interest and dash so what do you buy dash from a small cap public company indirectly through buying the
00:34:06stock or you buy it through a large cap private company or you buy just ask yourself it's August or dash and it's all good for us because as long as workable adopt it directly or through a third party price will go up or tell Linda berry thanks for
00:34:23going through all that wonderful wonderful stuff that he said now tell if Ellison is one of four that more about niche in dash can you maybe run off a couple of resources where they can go that will help us you have all those links in the shyness but
00:34:34just for our water part of the the listeners if you wanna give so where we can find out more about the conduct of the awesome yes certainly the best place to go is our website I mean there's a ton of information there WWW dot net tune dashed art
00:34:47com we have all our resources there basically every interview I've ever given technical resources we have a blog out there %HESITATION links to everything dash related so it's actually really good resources or website alternatively people can %HESITATION basic contact us your company or can email me at at
00:35:06Kelsey alley Neptune docstoc all four Celtics again for your time on the ice thanks a lot for I mean every ship that scale we look forward to following your success meant thanks a lot guys thanks so much for joining us on another episode a let's talk crypto you
00:35:20can find out all the links we talked about it today show over at the show notes at school of crypto dot com and let's keep the discussion going over in our private Facebook group which you can find at school crypto not com forward slash Facebook just let us
00:35:34know you want to join answer a few questions and your end will keep the discussion going about a lot of things this week dash master nodes all that good stuff so join us over there and as always if you found this information useful share with a friend and
00:35:48we would love it if you could leave a review over on iTunes it helps the apart casket a wider reach so more people can get involved in the crypto revolution until next week see everybody thanks for listening to let's talk crypto podcast you can find the link shown
00:36:03as all the latest cryptocurrency news over at school of crypto dot com

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