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The post This Is America #74: DeKalb Arrestees & Anarres Infoshop appeared first on It's Going Down. Cover Photo via @plussone Welcome, to This Is America, May 24th 2019. In today’s episode, first we talk with several people in the Atlanta, Georgia area who recently were arrested for protesting the conditions within the DeKalb County Jail, which It’s Going Down has covered in the past. After arrest, they soon found themselves inside the very institution they were protesting. We discuss their experiences and the broader campaign. Channel 2 Action News has learned of a recent inmate death in the DeKalb County jail days ahead of a second round of protests alleging inmate abuse. https://t.co/7U47n5donO pic.twitter.com/0Tztp5YswF — WSB Radio (@wsbradio) May 25, 2019 We then talk to several people involved in the re-launching of the Anarres Infoshop in Portland, Oregon, and talk about the role of space and infrastructure within the wider movement. Please support them on Patreon here. During our discussion segment, we talk about recent attacks by the Trump administration on immigrants, trans people, public housing, and beyond, discuss the history of neoliberalism, and current headlines. All this and more, but first, let’s get to the news. Living and Fighting McDonald’s workers in cities across the US went out on strike this week over demands of $15 an hour, the right to form unions, and against sexual harassment, with 25 women in 20 different cities filing suits against the burger giant. The strikes and walkouts caused 10 stores to close in St. Louis while workers in many other cities picketed and walked off the job, according to the Wall Street Journal, which described the strike as one of the largest disruptions to the fast food chain in 10 years. In Mancos, Colorado, around 25 people came out to protest ICE and the detention of two community members who had been working at a local Mexican restaurant. Lyft, following a global strike of gig economy drivers and their disastrous IPO rollout, has now moved to slash drivers pay per mile, in some instances, as much as 25% of previous earnings. The 6th child since September has now tragically died in border patrol custody. Meanwhile, the McAllen Detention Facility in Texas, which grew infamous after photos of children sleeping outside with just thin metal blankets went viral, has now locked itself down in quarantine after a flu outbreak. In St. Paul, hundreds of students walk out of class in response to two teachers use of the “N-word,” prompting one of the teachers to resign, and the other, a substitute, to be sent home. Across the US, mass protests have been organized against a wave of new attempted abortion bans. Abortion On Demand & Without Apology #AbortionSolidarityChi pic.twitter.com/UnOGGS2EbL — Rachael Perrotta 🏴 (@plussone) May 23, 2019 In Salt Lake City, Utah people rallied and camped outside of the police station, in response to the police killing of Cody Belgard. Ultimately, the DA decided to not charge the police officer behind the killing. Group yelling “Shame on Gill!” and “Justice for Cody!” among other things. DA just announced decision not to charge officers in police shooting that killed Cody Belgard. pic.twitter.com/TDKog8BlDc — Michael Locklear (@MichaelLocklear) May 24, 2019 Members of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement responded to the call from the Jailhouse Lawyer Speak for a week of action around the theme of #Fuck12. Also in Kentucky, a series of Confederate statues were also vandalized in solidarity with the call. Supporting the @JailLawSpeak call to action for #Fuck12 week we torched the #BlueLivesMatter pig flag. We also torched a Nazi flag & an NYPD flag. The NYPD flag was torched on its 100 year anniversary. We stand with comrades inside & are proud to fight to #EndPrisonSlavery. pic.twitter.com/HhTMru0iAZ — RevAbolitionNYC (@RevAbolitionNYC) May 18, 2019 There is no such thing as a blue life @JailLawSpeak #Fuck12 #FireToThePrisons #ACAB pic.twitter.com/gTj1aJToFC — RAM – ElmCity (@RevAbolitionEC) May 20, 2019 Officials in Dayton, Ohio, as was the case of so-called leaders in Charlottesville in the build up to Unite the Right, are telling residents to “stay away” from the downtown area, in the lead-up to a planned rally by the KKK. Members of the Klan negotiated with the city in order to secure a permit, but agreed only to allow registered members of their official organization at the event, which numbers around 20. Over 1,000 counter-demonstrators are expected to mobilize. Another "not-guilty" verdict in the Vaughn uprising. "…appeals to the state's "humanity" don't work, they aren't meant to work."#Vaughn #Vaughn17#prisonstrike pic.twitter.com/83OJDUEvsM — IWOC (@IWW_IWOC) May 24, 2019 Roman Shankaras, one of the Vaughn 17 has been found not guilty for the charge of murdering a guard, making him the most recent inmate to be found not guilty. Roman Shankaras not guilty of murder and all other charges! Another victory in the #Vaughn17 trial. We'll continue to support them as this repression continues, but for now we can all celebrate as Roman should be released soon!https://t.co/CsCmWLt3Qk — RevAbolitionMov (@RevAbolitionist) May 24, 2019 Finally, the viral craze of “milkshaking,” or the pouring of a tasty, lactose beverage over someone in an attempt to shame them – which has been used against members of the far-Right party in the UK promoting Brexit, has now reached US soil. In what is guessed to be Kentucky, someone delivered up a creamy malt to a member of the neo-Confederate Hiwaymen, a group of paramilitaries that attended Unite the Right, and who was protesting outside of Planned Parenthood. The Hiwaymen were one of the groups who attacked a rally of trans youth several weeks ago at the Kentucky state capitol. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold! Remember those Hiwaymen that assaulted trans youth at the Capitol on March 31st? They showed up to Planned Parenthood…and got milkshaked.#PositivePraxis pic.twitter.com/RmMGUo4ILJ — Brookelynn Mason (@darkestsongbird) May 24, 2019 Upcoming Events May 25th: Mobilize against the KKK in Downtown Dayton, OH. More info here. May 30th – June 3rd: Earth First! regional rendezvous in Hudson Valley. More info here. May 31st – June 2nd: North American Anarchist Studies Network presents Emergent Horizons in Atlanta, Georgia. More info here. In June be on the lookout for ‘Running Down the Walls’ events happening across the world to benefit Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) chapters. June 12th – 19th: Save the Mattole Direct Action Convergence in Northern California. More info here. June 14th-17th: Fight Toxic Prisons conference. Gainesville, Florida. More info here. June 15th – 23rd: Wild Roots, Feral Futures in Southwest Colorado. More info here. June 19th: Mobilize against Nationalist Solutions conference. More info here. June 29th – 30th: Southern Regional Organizing Assembly of the IWW in Richmond, VA. More info here. August 3rd-11th: Institute for Advanced Trouble Making in Worcester, MA. More info here. August 16th-18th: Indigenous Anarchist Convergence in so-called Flagstaff, Arizona. More info here.
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