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00:00:01hey there it's call here if you ever need extra motivation a special gift for you right now the 20 most downloaded episodes of this podcast available for download this evening Whenever Wherever did you go to daily motivation podcast. Com or just click on the link in the show notes now let's get into Today Show
00:00:32play there it is another Wednesday we are halfway through another week and it's time to really decide what is important for you and what actions you are going to take today to make your life the way you wanted to be and that's what we're going to take a look at today connecting those actions to your bigger picture to your goals and aspirations this is the daily motivation podcast give you ideas and inspiration 7 days a week this is the place where real change begins my name is Paul Andrew and I'm happy you're joining me today. The other day I was reading about the eye these two eyes that you used to look around you and perceived the world now your eyes are out
00:01:32side of your body although your eyes take in all of this sensory information your eyes are actually an extension of your brain
00:01:42that's how scientists view the tissue the very stuff that makes up your eyes it's an extension of your brain and I think that might be why visual metaphors are so strong and so powerful one of those visual metaphors that I think is really potent is the idea of focus is very idea of focus is very tied to how we look to how we see but the idea of focus can actually a little bit misleading because your eyes are actually always taking in two types of information you have the focus of what you're looking at directly but you also have peripheral vision of what's going on on the sides of you now this might come into Focus if you're crossing the street one day and you're looking ahead and then
00:02:42summer you notice a car is coming you weren't looking to the side but all of a sudden you notice it so you stopped in your tracks and that fortunately saved you from having an unfortunate incident well this is also true about focus in your life and how you perceive the small day-to-day actions the small things that you need to do right now those concrete steps that move you forward and your idea of the bigger picture of where your life is headed in the bigger sense it's important to balance these two things and understand that both of them are happening alongside each other all the time
00:03:34when you take small steps you are also connecting those to the bigger picture of where you want to be in your life in the future days or weeks or months from now
00:03:49now here's an example that can help make this a little bit more concrete say one of your bigger goals one of your larger projects is to get yourself in shape is to get house here's to lose weight well you got to keep that in your mind you got a really drill down really think about what's important why that is important to you why it's really crucial for you to achieve that goal focus on it so deeply that it becomes part of the background of how you perceive the world
00:04:29once that becomes part of your peripheral vision you no longer need to focus on it explicitly you know that that is important to you that's part of who you are that's part of the change you would like to see in yourself
00:04:46then you can get down to the focus on the individual details the moment moment decisions that are going to help you move towards that goal
00:05:00it really requires a balance between these two both focusing on the bigger picture but also focusing on the small steps that are going to help you move towards that nobody said it was going to be easy personal change does take effort personal change does take some mindfulness Summit decision on your part but the decision to change is always present right now and right here it's really just up to you to decide what you want right now to see the bigger picture and to see the small steps you can take right now to move towards that
00:06:12thanks for tuning in and remember to get the 20 most downloaded episodes this podcast just head over to daily motivation podcast.com

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