The Changeability Podcast past and future

We celebrate 100 episodes as we take a look at the Changeability Podcast past and future.

Here’s some of the top 3s from the past 99 episodes followed by a look at the next episode in the Changeability Podcast story. 

Audience top 3 episodes

The 3 favourite episodes of our audience to date. These are the shows with the highest number of downloads so far. The longer the episode’s been on iTunes or our BrilliantLivingHQ.com website or Stitcher or TuneIn the longer people have had to listen to it, so we would expect the older shows to have more downloads than newer ones and that’s reflected in these results.

Third most popular episode - ‘What is Mind Management’ Episode 6

In episode 6 of the Changeability Podcast we were thinking about our strap line phrase – ‘Mind Management’. What is mind management and what’s in it for you?

In episode 6 you found out about:

  • Kathryn and Julian’s acting skills (you’ve been warned)
  • How many thoughts you have in a day
  • Why sports people love mind management
  • How thoughts have energy
  • How you are not thoughts
  • How mind management needs training
  • Mind management can improve your personal and professional life

Second most popular episode - ‘The Brilliant You’ Episode 2

Do you know how truly amazing you are?  Well that’s what episode 2 is all about.

You might not always feel like a magnificent being, but by the end of this second episode you be agreeing with us that you’re pretty smart.

Because in this show we talk about just how brilliant you and your marvellous mind and what it means.   

  • What you’re doing as you listen to the episode (really?)
  • How you’re like an iceberg and why that’s a good thing.
  • How many things we can focus on at a time
  • What Julian learnt from a Memory World Champion (or rather - didn’t learn!)
  • The role of the conscious and unconscious brain and how they manage our minds. 

Understanding a few basics about how your mind works, will help you understand what’s getting in the way of doing what you want and what to do about it.

Most popular episode - ‘Changeability – The Start’ Episode 1

The first episode saw us introducing ourselves and the Changeability show. 

The Changeability podcast is for you if you’re interested in changing or improving something in your life or business, big or small. It’s for people like us who’re interested in finding ways to make our lives the best they can be – so we can be more successful (whatever that means to you), happy and fulfilled.

Through discussion and interviews we look at practical mind management and change techniques, tactics & tools - taken from the worlds of personal development, psychology, neuroscience, business, sport, entertainment and spirituality – to empower and inspire a happier, successful life or business.

In the first episode you find out:

  • What is Changeability?
  • And why should you care about it?
  • Why is change hard?
  • How we can self-sabotage our best intentions
  • Why it’s not your fault - and why it’s good.
  • Our story and what we’ve learnt
Top 3 countries

We love you being here wherever you’re from – so this isn’t our favourite countries – but rather the top 3 countries with the highest number of listeners out of the 167 countries we currently have listeners in.

  • Third – UAE 6%
  • Second – USA 19%
  • First – UK 48%

(And just in cast you’re interested the fourth is Australia with India in fifth place.)

Kathryn and Julian’s favourites

This was so hard to choose, especially as we decided not to include any interviews in our top 3s (maybe they’re deserving of a separate post) – but here’s three each with a couple of extras thrown in for good measure.

Kathryn’s favourites

  • Episode 3 – The Library in your brain
  • Episode 19 - Why use affirmations to manage your mind?
  • Episode 31 – 5 mind management techniques for changing your life.

Julian’s favourites 

  • Episode 43 – What is mindfulness and why you need it?
  • Episode 46 - 21 simple tips for mindfulness meditation.
  • Episode 56 What is happiness and the neuroscience behind it

Couple of extras

  • Episode 85 How to recognise toxic people and relationships
  • Episode 89 What does success mean to you
3 of our favourite reviews on iTunes

Very hard to pick 3 out of the 78 we have  so far across the different iTunes countries as we obviously love them all.  So we can’t really call these our favourites but they are reviews we’ve especially like.

Excellent - iimmmii from United Kingdom

One of the best ‘change your life’ resources I’ve come across. If you like to understand the theory and evidence (be it scientific or anecdotal) behind advice on how to change your life, this material is presented in an engaging way in this podcast. Of course they also make recommendations for how best to go about taking action. A few episodes in and you will feel like you’ve made two new friends who are supporting you on your journey of change. Well done Kathryn and Julian, listening to you makes me proud to be from the same Sceptred Isle!

A Homely Serving Up of Sound Advice/Wisdom - Ola-B. from United Kingdom

Where has this amazing couple been all my life?! :) Love Kathryn, love Julian, and let's not forget Dude!!! Love this podcast - the topics, the delivery of it all...it's simply unique, uplifting and inspiring! Thank you guys!

Kathryn and Julian's chemistry rocks! -   LornaLi from United States

I love the concept of this show! It's so unique and refreshing! I absolutely LOVE the hosts' chemistry - their exchanges are such a joy to listen to. Thank you for all the useful tips you provide to your listeners on how to plan and achieve their goals, I'm sure many are reaping so many benefits from this show!


Thank you to you for taking the effort and making our day. By the way – we’d love more reviews. We don’t always ask for them in every episode as it gets tedious for you to listen to – and we want to provide you with a good listening experience. However, reviews are important to us not only because it’s great to find out what you think but it means iTunes makes our show more visible to people looking for podcasts.  You know yourself the power of reviews on sites like Tripadvisor and Amazon – so if you feel like helping us out that’s one way to do it. 

Dude’s top 3

Who’s been with us all through every single episode and every phase of the podcasting process – in fact he’s always with us – Dude the Dog, our faithful hound and black labradoodle.

We’ve joked we have a contractual obligation to mention him in every show – not that we’ve quite done that but he’s had more than his fair share of mentions and even made it onto the show on a few occasions.

So here’s Dude’s top 3 favourite Changeability Podcast moments as chosen by him (woof).

  • Episode 83 ‘Self-love Rituals’ – The 10th of our self-love rituals is to have Pet Time. Walk, cuddle, play with or groom your dog or cat or talk to your budgerigar. You might not get this if you don’t have a pet – but if you do have one you’ll know what we mean!
  • Episode 63 ‘How to start and finish anything with Tom Boother’ – Dude features in a cameo role when Tom starts talking about Dude and how they met!
  • Episode 98 ‘What are habits and why we need them’ – Dude gets his own moment in the spotlight. You’ll have to listen to this episode to know what we mean, or just listen to episode 100 to hear the extract.
Our top 3 bloomers

You wont know what we’re talking about here if you’ve never listened right to the end of our shows – but listen to episode 100 to hear 3 of them for your entertainment – and why they’re called Kathryn’s bloomers!

3 lessons we’ve learned  from creating 100 episodes of the Changeability Podcast

Here’s just 3 of the many things we’ve learned from creating 100 episodes of this podcast over the past two years, and they’re all relevant to you.

  1. You can’t always measure your impact

Sometimes it’s hard to measure your impact – this goes for measuring the success of a podcast or many things.  How do you measure your success or the impact you have?

On the whole people don’t tell you and it’s not always possible to make a connection e.g. between who’s listened to the podcast and who’s visited the website or bought an Affirmation or audio mind management tool or a course like our ‘Beginner’s guide to mindfulness meditation’

That’s not to say there aren’t any clues. Ways of gauging if we’re having a positive impact include comments in our FB group or page and reviews on Stitcher or iTunes. Plus nomination for national / international podcast awards – being a finalist for the New Media Europe Audience Appreciation Award and winner of the UK Podcaster’s Best Self Help Podcast Award.  But the truth of it is that for the thousands of our podcast listeners each month, for the most part it’s hard know the difference, if any, it makes to them. 

Does that matter? Yes and no.  Yes because from a resource and business perspective it’s helpful to have a handle on the impact but also no because sometimes it’s not just possible to know but that doesn’t make it any less valuable.

This is an important lesson for us all because you don’t always know the impact of what you do in your work, relationships and everyday life – but that in itself doesn’t mean you should stop what you do.

  1. Stickability and focus

Creating 100 episodes of a podcast, especially one like this, is an achievement. This is an important lesson for us and maybe also you as well.  When we do something consistently and with focus it creates results. 

We may not know the full impact of those results but there are some clear results for us.

  • 100 episodes of a podcast are out there in the world being listened to in 167 countries.
  • 100 blog posts which are the show notes on this website.
  • Winners of a national podcast award and finalists for another.

All of which is the result of focus and stickability – week by week.  And now we have this body of work that is out there in the world whatever happens in the future – no-one can take that away from us.

This goes for you as well – what is it you want to achieve? A new skill, producing something, writing a book, starting your own podcast, setting up a business.  Whatever it is clarity, consistency, stickability and focus is the key.

  1. Review evaluate and change

The third lesson for us has been learning the importance of reviewing and evaluating what you’re doing.  We’ve been doing just that with our podcast as 100 seems a good point to do so.

We’ve been looking back on the experience of the past two years, learning from it and making changes.  This is something we advocate for you too. It’s about being deliberate about what you do rather than just carrying on doing the same thing because that’s what you do or what people expect of you.  It might be a matter of fine-tuning and pivot or of big changes.

For us it’s meant reviewing our experience, going right back to why we started Brilliant Living HQ in the first place. In fact going back further than that to why we wanted to make the big change in leaving our previous careers.  Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

One of the things we always said was that we wanted more control over our time and to spend time doing what we want to do, and more time for ourselves. We know that time is a resource, even our most precious resource.

So to put these two things together we’ve been looking at how we spend our time and efforts, in effect the resources we put into the podcast – that’s the review bit.

Next came the evaluation. Is the balance right? This is a challenging one for us because we love doing the podcast, which means it’s always high on our list of priorities, together with the schedule we set ourselves and the way we create our show.

Review, evaluate and make changes in the light of your experience to make sure you’re always taking control of your own path.

That’s what we’ve done – and to see what changing we come to the future.

The future

The result of our thinking about what we’ve done and what we want to do is that we love the podcast and you the listeners, so we’re going to continue with it but take a break over the summer for a few weeks.

We’re taking this short break for an exciting reason, because when we return at the beginning of September we’ll have the Changeability Success Club.

We’re taking the next few weeks to get this exciting club ready for you.  We’re ordering the carpets and curtains, mowing the lawn, changing the beds, only joking, it’s an online club to take the things we talk about on the Changeability podcast and make them a reality in your life. 

With everything you could want and need to help you make changes in your life alongside a great community of people like you to support each other.   More on that very soon, but for now we wanted to let you know it’s coming. 

We’re putting a lot of love and time into creating what we believe will be the best online club for you to become a member of. 

We’ve been working on it behind the scenes for a while now and now we want to put a special effort into the final push to get it ready for opening the doors.  We’ve been making videos and templates and downloadable tools including special audio tools to help you not only get clear about what you want but also give you the tools and support to make it happen – all within our special membership club for those of you who join us.

So we’re taking the next few weeks to get it ready for you and when we come back it will be here.  We’ll have one hundred places ready – it’s going to be really special and we can’t wait to share it with you.

So exciting!

What to do next
  • Subscribe to the podcast so you’re notified when the next episode goes live and you wont miss it. 
  • Get on our email list if you’re not on it already. That way you’ll be amongst the first to know when the Changeability Success Club goes live and get a chance to grab one of the first 100 places as soon as they are available.
  • And if by any chance you think you might miss us over the next few weeks:
  • There’s plenty of podcast episodes to catch up on - 99 of them to be precise. Why not start with the ones mentioned in the show today?
  • There’s lots to read on this site.
  • Follow us on Twitter, like our Brilliant Living HQ FB page and ask to be notified of updates, and join the Changeability FB group.

Thanks for being here and listening to the show and we look forward to talking again soon.

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00:00:04brilliant living HQ percents
00:00:07the changeability podcast
00:00:13I know you'll hosts Katherine Bryant and Julian Edelman
00:00:33gentlemen's club
00:00:48welcome to a celebration of you and the change ability to change and Future
00:01:10good thing for you to kid
00:01:16anyway I thought you might have guessed it is a hundred episode can you believe that we have made 100 episodes and we are still can't wait times 11 it works
00:01:48that was some clapping as well thank you very much so what are we going to talk about today 100 episodes and we thought we would do a little thing where we looked at lots of Threes or a favorite three different things about the change of a Tootsie Pop costume for that some interesting and son
00:02:15Max fish hook cost and who knows maybe even off so what should we start with G then I think we should stop
00:02:32deep. 3 yeah okay so is this yours
00:02:48Dennis is given to Golden sweet I think I need to get rid of them
00:02:57I talked to the end still there and these are the three favorite episodes of you I wrote how many money I should be yours but they are the top three shows when taking a cross everybody is listen to the show so these are the top three download episodes of the 99 episodes leading up to today show the show is being on iTunes by the show me longer the episodes being on I change or on I'll bring it to The Ronettes q.com website or on Stitcher orchilean or wherever it is you're listening along of people have had to listen to it so we would expect the oldest shows to have more damage than the newer ones but anyway given that these are the results
00:03:57most popular episode which is episode 6 which is on what is mind management manage your mind mind mind management feel best life from business and why is it becoming popular and what was in it for you that's really what we explore those things like I know what we had a nice time to die and it says in episode 6 you will find out about Katherine and Judy is acting skills you've been war and then we were thinking about these that have any thoughts you have in its why Sports people love mines management and really works underlying a lot of this about I thoughts and have
00:04:57thoughts have energy real sword about how you're not actually your fault that you can train yourself today you can train your mind so you can use my management to improve your personal and professional life episode 2 the brilliant you so have you ever stop to think about how amazing you are this was this is how we started this episode and we were thinking about how magnificent you all you Trudy off and even though it might not even feel like it always we hope by the end of this episode that you were going to agree with us that you are very very smart because in the show we talked about just how brilliant you and your marvelous mind and why you're so brilliant and what it means what you doing you listen to the episode that was what we were
00:05:57explore that I had a blind that's a good thing we are operates on an unconscious subconscious level time we were going to text you about this one time you there from the memory Will Champion can help us understand what stops US doing what we want to do and then do something about it or how we can get better at doing the things that we won't stick old is rabies next so what was the most popular episode number one is
00:06:55episode 1 changeability the start of first episode number one is a fast upset because I think will some people go to a first episode of a podcast to find out what show is about take me to the longest time to be the most popular MMO well I'm sure some do do that. No service medal in the first episode of the TV show little bit byte what you can expect from the show over the coming weeks we thought of that tree coming months
00:07:55the 20 episodes that was our first plan and then maybe 50 and now it's on top of that end with Qi is in pretty much all my start we're about 1 or 2 weeks off to yes if you are listen to The First Time Podcast is the people interested in changing reproving aspects of a life Opus weather that's big changes I want to make my life all small changes so it's the people are also interested in funny ways to make a large better bit by bit so that we can be more successful whatever that means to you a happy happier and more fulfilled Parts Cullman management and change techniques and tactics and tools I thought we were taking these from the world's petechiae personal development that also psychology Neuroscience business sport
00:08:55time in spirituality like Junior says really the whole idea is to help him and Power Inn and spa resort to be happy Aaron most successful in our lives in business yeah we are we are treated in the first episode of if you haven't listened to take it and we actually even did stop talkin about some of those things about what change ability means why why change is so hard and how we can self sabotager best intentions but yet it's not your fault when you find it hard to make changes yes I asked him what we planned and how we've got to be here cuz I fixed the books in the end I recently that that was a joke I was the stats to say which was the most popular
00:09:55the companies that place where is Picasa toasted was just liquid lips and they give us all these stats for every show and for sure way for role for the individual episodes we can see all sorts of things which actually brings us to an extra 3 which is all trees like you The Listener have listened from sitting to the country you listening to at the moment a hundred and sixty seven countries that last couple weeks and 64 for ages why don't we and that we going up to a hundred
00:10:55so you know what Have you listened to your Rich so welcome it's just fantastic to think of you all over the world but this just tell me which of the three countries with the most listeners to the change for the cops are coming in 1/3 is a rather unusual and we have mentioned this before but number 3 is the United Arab Emirates at 6% of Melissa's to know if you are listening to us in the United Arab Emirates I wonder if it's supposed to be expats could be a big expect the next two numbers or a lot larger but there are always say lots of other countries that you know this was two European countries and lots of other places in the world but that goes moo
00:11:55percentages so 6 is the third largest percentage so in second place but I just lost a few let me know surprisingly UK on 48% and I'm not are you going to do an Australian accent 5th and then after that place is like Sweden and Germany and also some places
00:12:54but I said that is the countries which top three countries listening country for you the list
00:13:02I'm next top three. Talk to you maybe this is just favorite is our favorite episodes so tricky so hard to choose and we all just breathe every single episode if you haven't listened to me we are a big in the cell phone this is the same such a good idea where they went. She sat down to that she think about what is my toe. I just couldn't do it really anyway cuz there's so much you don't even remember some of what you said is probably why we keep saying a lot of the same stuff over there when was the LIE episode was Ashley episode 3 Emmet was the library in your brain and the reason I chose this one is because I left the concept to this library in your brain with everything store
00:14:01ulcer because I can remember us creating this episode and everything was new it was the first it was we put out three episodes Tom Waits give it to a gambling so it was our first time we tried one about it so drama scripts and it was also the first time you went crazy with the sound effects joint creating it was fun to do it I think it turned out okay cuz a lot of people have liked it and yeah it was just one of my favorites from that I'm in another favorite when I've had these are not ready at the favorites they just want so very light is episode 19 which was about affirmation so why use affirmations to manage your mind and I like this simply because I love affirmations you have much left I love affirmations and I think that's such a simple way to
00:15:01help us manage our mind and so I just like this episode because we talked about I was one of the first ones when we were talking about this is a really useful tool and then another one I really like this episode 31 which was cold five my management techniques for changing your life and I like this because it's so to summarize some of the key techniques that we used to help people change things that they want to change in that lives like I just like to kiss it was quite good I thought it was quite a good summary of condensed a lot of information into into one episode and I just say if you'll think you know I'll never remember which episodes these are cuz we're hoping that might Inspire even Sky back and listen to some of these if you haven't had some people on relisting if you have we are going to put all the links to beat show show episodes in the blog post on the show nights that company this
00:16:01which you can find at Bring It live in hq.com episode 100 so what about you do like a little bit of mindfulness I was enjoying the present moment as well so you need it and then there was episode 46 why we gave 21 credible value Locust to stay awake finding time to meditate to find out if meditation is for you and more in that show was go through a lot of the things that get in the way of people starting on keeping going with it with a very simple mindfulness meditation practice
00:17:0156 actually that wasn't what is happiness in the new residents behind it the first one isn't it I mean
00:17:27coming up with 6 I have a hundred was the other thing I think we should say is that we did make a decision not to include any of a marvelous guess any of them sure it's not because we didn't think that they would do that besides all that they went among staff favourites it's just like he's no that's not a choice how do we choose which which is your favorite child right isn't it if you wanted to let you know there's episodes another time I didn't know I did find it hard to choose I mean that was one of the ones that I may need to put in just because I liked it
00:18:27you put a lot of work into this one actually and it had a really good reception which was episode 85 on how to recognize toxic people in relationships Facebook group members about the phone and episode 86 at it so I like that I didn't know this whole idea what success means. It was really important to think about anyway I think we've ever done after three steps for the next 3 is three favorite reviews on the iTunes to pick 3
00:19:27different countries in the UK in the rest of from the states and other countries love them all it was nice it wasn't a comment you say that was a thing so I think someone because it is easy as wish you could turn on your app you could come in that's why I'm sorry I meant on your smartphone and I think it is quite easy to do but that's what we telling us as maybe they just thought it was rubbish okay so the first one don't read it to us if you like to unsend a theory and evidence
00:20:27it's scientifical a tactical behind advice on how to change your life this material is presented in an engaging way in this podcast recommendations for best to go back taking action a few episodes in and you will feel like you've made two new friends who are supporting you on your journey of changed well done Katherine and Julian listening to you makes me proud to be from the same set to the aisle and that's from i r i m m m i i from the United Kingdom me I'll thank you so much Amy we love being from this scepter'd isle we do but we love Europe as well you said it be said advice and wisdom
00:21:27I'm from Ola be from the United Kingdom's thank you so much all of this lovely review which was where has this amazing couple being on my life after love Julian and let's not forget to the topics that delivery of it all day simply unique uplifting and inspiring alliteration there. Thank you guys well thank you I love that is fantastic we love that the cargo hold on the title is Catherine in June is chemistry Rock lyrics changes as such joy to listen to thank you for all the useful tips you provide to your lessons on how to plan a cheap that goes I'm sure many everything so many benefits from this show
00:22:27khilona thank you Lord thank you to you for taking the effort and making all day by the way everyone and we love more views if you too and we want to provide you with a good listen experience but the reason podcast is due actually asked you for reviews is that we think they are important as to the way in which iTunes makes all show visible two people coming to look for post costs you know the power of reviews on site that you an Amazon so if you feel like helping side that's one of the ways in which you can actually do it okay so then we are those what three three of our favorite reviews let's go on to the next wall right okay well I want to see if you can guess
00:23:27suspenders for second because there's someone that's been with us all through every single episode I'm not only has he been with us through every episode he's been with us through every bit of every element of the park casting process in fact he's always with us dude the dog faithful dog sounds like he's even open his eyes when I keep saying his name will still have a contractual obligation to Benjamin every show yeah not quite done that but he has had more than his fair share of mentions even made it onto the show in a few occasions so here three favorite change ability plug cost mobile
00:24:27as chosen by him in no particular order Hero 3 of disfavor episodes which was on self-love rituals dude like this one because of the temp of the South love rituals that we had and that was perched on the walk time to walk or play with or groom your dog or cat or even talk to the budgerigar loyal hamster people don't get this if you don't have a pet but if you do have one you'll know what we mean it coming over all day which was how to start and finish anything with Tom Booth
00:25:27and everything and then Tom starts talking about dude and how they met because we actually had told him here in a studio and yes this is this is what I meant to say thank you very much thank you very much and even even looking at Tom loving me for his next rewards visa to go to Jelly Babies it's funny cuz the first time that I've ever met Tom Tom without running Let Me Down by the River somewhere and he's very unusually I think they took exception to your shorts or something because he started barking at you
00:26:26so you're running up to us. It's great quote from Tommy not upset as much as it was what it was I remember you were really taken with other time about what he's learned from his ultrarunning become the thing complete the challenge great item I really amazing run which he's coming back on the shower in a few months time to talk about so look out for that one of them about dudes the choice that was in the episode 98 where we were talking all about habits and this was really a significant moment because dude gets his own Moon
00:27:26in the spotlight as you'll see from this clip things like he's very specific time sometimes I think he can he just knows what time of day is all he knows like in the morning gets up goes out and then comes in and has his breakfast okay then he comes back upstairs while we're getting ready I'm not sure doesn't know that because he knows nothing's going to happen if an hour now and then we get dressed and then I'll come downstairs and know that she's going to go out for walks there and then when he comes in he knows he's going to catch rate he's absolutely Relentless if you don't give him a choice until when he has we have a podcast
00:28:26in this room that you can sleep as well cuz I still haven't won a super easily but we have you impress considering that we never actually I think he's coming up to we've got two more of these categories for you and the first one is top 3 if you never listen to the end of all shows the occasionally there is something at the end cold Catherines Bloomers wondering why they are cool
00:29:26lumos it's sort of explains it in this first quote here with your hair not grits countries boobies
00:29:38the first thing to say is for those of you wondering what is changeable
00:29:46change abilities all about The Silence
00:29:57bless you gazuntite
00:30:00that could be one of the bloom is safe for bloopers not to play music
00:30:11yeah that's receiving all this stuff through the senses and then I have some random trunking send a lamp Shades EQ lighting lighting
00:30:33how to connect a spinal cord two parts Viper
00:30:44hello Luke to situations as well
00:30:52and of course I should mention this at Braintree Massachusetts know and of course
00:31:01and of course I should mention there's a Braintree Massachusetts
00:31:10and of course I should mention there's a Braintree Massachusetts know I stepped outside
00:31:19explanation of my little guy to what smart goals goals goals
00:31:43set smart goals I think that's a good thing is going to have this discussion before I wake at least what became Catherines Bloomers because I meant to say bloopers and then I started saying blumas and said I'm and I think it's a little bit of a solution to the sicario movies
00:32:35looking at your Bloom is a cheeky Bush thing I think that was it as well I think that's why we decided on it
00:32:43download it shows we've done three of our favorites to choose favorite favorite I lost top tray which is this is why we are serious and three of the lessons that we've important lessons that we think we've learned from creating a hundred episodes of this podcast over the past two years I mean we've got lots and lots but but history of the most important things that we've learned through the experience that we've had two doing for the last couple years and some about the process about what that process is actually do mention I think we're going to mention this anyway hopefully we can a drawer at like why two lessons cuz it's not just about podcasting it's stuff that I think we will let can take 3
00:33:43lots of aspects of our lives change ability stuff to the first one first of the three lessons we've learned is about measuring your impact of what you're doing like a podcast with you and I think the thing about this sometimes really hard to measure air impact and I mean let me say this goes for measuring the success of a podcast but it could be lots of other things that you're doing in your life but not necessarily over days in hours in weeks it's such as makes it more took it off and don't tell you and it's not always possible to make a connection for example of what we're doing between who's listen to the podcast and he's visited Britain given hq.com
00:34:43I may be who's full of downloadable affirmation or maybe one of us a beginner's guide to mindfulness meditation cost just to take those as an example you know sometimes it's very difficult to see the actual linkage and the impact between them but she still wanted to do something about this cuz we think this is really really important if off to nobody cares about all podcast why do we have stuff to do some other ways of gauging whether you having a positive impact will not look at comments on Facebook group we know that from the reviews we've had that we have the right people to appreciate that and I'm so there are some ways in which we can do it like Jamie and said you know people who come in and out and I'll change ability Facebook group
00:35:43Facebook page and then we got to the finalists for the new me to use ordinance appreciation award and we've also won the UK put cusses best self-help book on some older which is absolutely fantastic every month for the most part we done that she know what difference it makes if any listening for a reason but you know sometimes it's just hard to measure that measure that impact sockets does this matter
00:36:34I said no you see that I met this really interesting article is interesting to me because you know where Interpol cussing but it was an article on podcast in my rent a swag and this person so it didn't matter so so what he said is that too many podcast is measure the performance rather than the outcome it has she won't make me laugh and why I think I noticed it is he was actually saying you know people celebrate reaching a hundred episodes as if it was something in itself done for you and I was joking probably might be from a business point of view but also from just looking at the time and effort that you put into another business sense yeah that's true
00:37:34didn't so we so need to talk about celebration that we said that's a very very important I think in terms of measuring the impact this there is more to it than that and Anna is an important lesson for life in a way because we often don't know the importance of what we do or what you do it do you know all the impact of what you doing your work and your relationships and the things that you do in your everyday life but this is the last time I think that's West net cheese it doesn't mean that you should stop doing it necessary necessarily because you know sometimes you might not know the impact your having for a long time and you may never know the impact tool have anything but that doesn't mean that you'll not having one of some sort
00:38:33Ashley quantify is probably one of the lessons that we've learned over this last couple years was secularism. I think I would probably talk about stickability what's up with you and focus of especially for such does deserve celebration if I don't need from us because it's yeah I know this is a lesson not just for us but but for you as well because when we do something consistent me I'm with focus it creates results important thing as results are is a whole other conversation which we needed to just now but but having said that don't you know they're awesome clear results for a little bit
00:39:33I'm a hundred episodes of a podcast that live in the world being listen to 167 countries we mentioned that by about 9 to 10,000 people a month for the sniper yet I'm also please share it with one person that would be great we could never ever talk to that many people want to watch Sons of telling people about change ability and about what we do imagine that message or conference which of the show notes effective lay on hq.com website as a result of doing this another way will you mentioned already we were winners of the national broadcast of world and find this for now that was mentioned that already
00:40:34stickability Toma mentioned when he said just keep taking that one step 1 Step 1 Step when you're running that he meant manage to run into huge huge number of miles just by doing that week by week away from me it's going to be the same for you whatever is your you know you are producing all you're wanting to do step-by-step that you want to achieve music producing something maybe you want to write a book start your own podcast so the focus is the key to get there so that was the second one and the third one review evaluate and change
00:41:34the third one is basically we sneak three things in that together but he still part of a process is net sleeping doing this without podcast especially is a hundred things like a watershed moment over the good point to do what we going to do some experience S2 review we've been learning from it and making changes why we think we can always share it and once again it's a lesson for everybody because this is about being too liberal about what you do rather than just carry on doing the same thing because that's what you do or what people expect of you you know and it might be I might find Channing something or this wonderful word pivot lots of entrepreneurs love to you as well but it is a pretty damn good
00:42:34moving the marijuana dollar something I liked it or it could be big changes I need to make and and I think that something that we only to think about when we talkin about what we doing it was this meant for us but weeping reviewing our experience or if you like why we started Living in the first place if I'm going back to the map to why we wanted to make the big changes we made in leaving our previous careers and it's important to review all those still relevant to you today so it's good to remind yourself while you're doing what you're doing one of the things that we always said when we were thinking about this is that we won't take more control over at time as one of the reasons why he wants to change out your day we wanted to be able to spend time on doing what we want to do and space we have more time for ourselves is a result of his property I'll most precious resource is no I think so
00:43:34I really think so to put these two things together weeping the how we spend our time and efforts in affect the resources that we put into what we do including this poker and that's the review but if you like I think we didn't. About evaluating that as it comes the evaluation is balance right in what we've been doing is called a challenging one this for us isn't it really incredibly love doing the podcast times you know that's when you need to evaluate it as well, just think about why and what it is you doing it it's a preparation. She bringing together doesn't know because of the schedule that we so busy that's what we reviewed it and then comes
00:44:34change bit making changes in the light to buy experiences and that something for everybody for one of us to do to make sure that you're always taking control of your own pop because that's really at the heart of change ability in everything we do it brilliant living HQ is how about some you taking control of your own Parts but what does that mean in Practical terms for us I think that leads this to looking forward to the Future Part of this podcast later today sister looking for it
00:45:12the future
00:45:14so what's the result about thinking then I can't see the results I thinking about what we've done and what we want to do is that we love the podcast and we love you so we can continue with that
00:45:29we going to take a break over the summer away on holiday
00:45:44or anything like that but because nicer that would be taking a short break for a hugely exciting reason my other was a bit more musical videos because when we come back at the beginning of September we will have the change ability success Club we've just been talking about time and how we've been looking at how we use this important resource in Massapequa reason for why we doing what we doing from now on because we talkin about freeing up some extra time for us he is so that we can do more exciting things for you and ultimately Save You I Love Field inspector
00:46:44calling a full movie show so we can keep going and keep the quality high but also have more time for other projects we have on the go I'm going to put more into so we can have a a bigger and more immediate impact on you I think we probably means every two weeks every other week people might not know what fortnite me means the point of why we're taking this few weeks break and free up some more time which is the top yeah we're taking the next few weeks to get this exciting club that way creating for you ready for this this excessive have you changed
00:47:44my day one that be amazing the change ability success club that lovely Country Club out in the country so I think play die for you if you want to take the suit of things that were talking about on the change of a teapot cost and take them and make them a reality in your life with a bit of help is going to be loads of stuff to help you do that and a great community of other people like you to support each other more on that very soon but for now we just really wants to let you know that it's coming and that's why we could be putting our efforts over the love and time into creating what we had will be the best online club for you to become a member of Texas
00:48:44yeah and that we want to put a special effort into the final push to get it ready for opening the doors and downloadable tools tools to help you normally get clear about what you want but also give you the tools and support to make it happen within a special membership club for those of you who want to join us this if I said they were going to take the next few weeks to get it ready for you when we come back you'll be here or maybe even a bit before but more so we will spend have 100 places ready I've got it's going to be really special and we just can't wait to share it with you basically what we were looking at I won't be going to be doing but what can you do about this next while just a few important things for you to do now supposedly subscribe to the Pod cost
00:49:44except his life and you wouldn't miss it if we sneak in or if we put an extra ones if we resist just saying make sure you subscribe to the podcast which you can do by just going to Stitcher or iTunes and you'll see this will be pretty obvious how you subscribe to iTunes and then click on the left hand side and there's a button called subscribe to this supposed to make sure you subscribe to the pug cost and then get on our email list if you're not on it already because that way you'll be in March 1st and I went to change ability success Club as life and you get a chance to be an early adopter you'll be able to grab one of those first 100 places as soon as they become available and you can do that by going
00:50:44should pregnant women hq.com and there's a couple ways you can do it you can basically you know sign up to the change ability starts if you haven't done already in that little too much at me I G to my mailing list and you'll get an introductory videos all the results edges does a sign up place as well and if it wakes as if because you're probably going to be out there enjoying the summer if it's on the way you all the way to but if you if you want and of course you know lots of things you can do Chapel 99 of them to because I think I was looking through some of the comments which people the night at various ages even some of almost die hard and people of said it was about time someone in the show today and you'll find the links for everything we talked about on the blog post accompanying this episode which is a living hq.com
00:51:444 / episode 100 living HQ living is spelled l v n g cause H2 Facebook page and ask to be notified about tights and you can join the change of NC Facebook for being hit I'm listening to the show me to appreciate it we're not leaving you just taking a break break break yourself it's been where you are in the wild
00:52:44never ever forget that you are pretty

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