Alyssa Winans took the road less traveled. She wasn't born with a pencil in her hand. Sure, she always appreciated art, but (like many of us) didn't consider it as something that could be a profession. When it came time to pursue plan for life beyond high school, she learned that, well, art is a thing that you can actually earn a living with. That was the turning point for her and pursued it with her whole heart.
Not only did Alyssa get in to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), she thrived there and her hard work has earned her a spot at one of the most celebrated and visible illustration teams in the world - she's a Google Doodler.
During today's episode, Alyssa talks about her journey, her methodical approach to the discipline of illustration and what she enjoys doing in her off time.
Cover art courtesy of Alyssa Winans.
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Instagram: @alawinans
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