The Wytching Hour

By Elle Shepard

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Modern Paganism isn't easy, but it is a wonderful way of life. Join Elle Shepard and a bevy of guests as they discuss the ups and downs of today's modern Pagan life.
April 21, 2018
Elle and Bill are joined by Velora and David to discuss how they got into Paganism.  Also, what is Beltane and where did it come from? Tarot card of the month: The Hermit!
March 2, 2018
Everything You Wanted To Know About Paganism But Were Too Confused To Ask - Part 1Based on Carl McColman writings - this week's subject is: Beginnings - How to become Pagan. Stay Pagan. Or leave Paganism. Tarot Table - Part 2The Hierophant or The Pope - What does the card mean?
Jan. 20, 2018
In this podcast:What about Tarot as a tool for defining the coming months?New Faith: - The legacy of Paganism as seen through the eyes of our host Elle Shepard and Carl McColman Tarot card of the 'Cast: The Fool  
Oct. 25, 2017
In this episode: Pagans and Politics - a short lesson in the history of both -and - Looking deeper into SAMHAIN from a Druid point of view! An article by Susa Morgan Black (!
June 24, 2017
Elle's guest this month is David Harden - High Priest of the Ancient Path Covenstead.The subject: Betwixt and Between -or- How And When Magic Works And Strange Times When Magic ExistsThis is a truly magical episode so give it a listen!
May 12, 2017
Mother's Day Edition: A short story by Faye Wallace read by Dianne Steele.  May is the time for Mothers; we can't get more appropriate a show than this.  Please enjoy A Mother's Story.
Feb. 20, 2017
Politics:Pagan Religions and the 2016 Election Elle reads essays from Gus diZerega and Jason Mankey of
Jan. 11, 2017
Elle and Bill discus Patti Wigington's article on Samhain and the upcoming CSRA Samhain event! (from December)

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