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By David W. Schropfer

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Albert Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it to a six-year old, you don't understand it yourself.”
Sometimes, technology makes us all feel like six-year olds, particularly when we see headline after headline announcing a terrible new computer hack, which threatens to do something awful to each of our computers. But not all hacks are the same. Most hacks target some computer users, and not others. Some are indeed severe, some are just annoying at worst.
The fact is, when a cyber hack occurs, you just want to know two things: does it effect you, and exactly what should you do about it? That’s it. No drama, no superlatives, and no scary headlines. Just advice about how to keep your connected computers safe and running normally without falling in to a hacker trap, or losing your property.
That’s what this program is all about. DIY Cyber Guy airs live Thursdays at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business. (Not intended for anyone under age six.)
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By Dog and Thimble
By Stephen "The Roast" Rosenberg, Phil "The Kill" Collins, Cheats "The Streets" McGee, DeHart, 76th Street Network,
By Chris Kennett and Bec Petraitis
March 15, 2018
- The largest internet DDoS attack in history briefly shut down several popular sites, I’ll tell you what happened and why you need a little patience this week. Bottom line: News of the death of Internet is premature! - Update on Intel, and why I am still recommending that you avoid buying computers with certain Intel chips inside. But that could change soon. - Microsoft will facilitate Intel Code Update! Great news – easier for Windows users – BUT BACKUP your systems!! - Flash is declining faster than we expected! Great news! ===OTHER LINKS: ==== ** My Guest Charles’ Blog ** My Guest Charles’ Twitter Feed: ** FREE CHAPTER via ebook: ** For show notes and more, go to
Feb. 22, 2018
There are several manufacturers, and HUNDREDS of products, that you need to avoid, including some big names like Intel, Adobe, Kaspersky and maybe Huawei. We don’t make these recommendations lightly because we know that if all of our listeners stop buying these products, it will hurt the business of legitimate companies. However, the nature and the scale of the vulnerabilities in these particular products leave no room for doubt – for now. Hopefully, more information comes to light in the future that can resurrect some of these products (except Adobe Flash, which should be removed from every computer everywhere, ASAP). Also, we have a fantastic guest – Mr. Raffael Marty from Sophos who will be here to talk about some great tools (free and paid) that you can use to keep yourself safe. Be aware, stay informed, and avoid the traps on the internet - listen to DIY Cyber Guy every week.
Feb. 15, 2018
The Equifax hack was historically bad, with the data of over 145 Million people exposed, which is now for sale on the Dark Web. Now, that data is being used to file fraudulent tax returns, which lets the bad guy get your tax refund. So, when you go to file your taxes this year, you may find that Uncle Sam thinks they already sent you a refund. We will tell you what to do. Also, we take a deep dive into how Google Voice Search, Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and even Apple’s Siri – all record and store your voice every time you use it! We will tell you how to get rid of those recordings, and block them from happening again.
Feb. 1, 2018
A new Tinder hack! Tinder is potentially leaking lots of information about you; listen to find out more. The biggest cryptocurrency hack ever (no, it’s not Bitcoin). YouTube gets an ad “bug.” And Spectre won’t go away. We have a guest, Ben Rothke, with lots of great tips, and we answer a few listener questions, too.
Jan. 25, 2018
We have another great show for you show today, including: A sobering report from the World Economic forum. We talk about the IoT Christmas, and new ways the hackers user these devices, We have a great interview with David Redekop of DNS Thingy who discusses the Internet of things, Botnets, and more. And we wrap up by answering a few listener questions. This show not about telling you at you want to hear – its about telling you what you need to know to be aware of damaging things on the internet. It’s is about putting tools in your hands so you don’t have lie awake at night worrying, but you don’t put your head in the sand either. You can keep yourself and your data safe – and this show helps you do that. Be aware, and protect yourself online.
Jan. 18, 2018
We have another great show today that starts with two large tech companies which set all of up a line of products with a default username of "admin" and a default password that is also "admin." Amazing, but true. And, you may be surprised to learn that you own one of these items - don't worry; we will tell you how to fix it! - Huawei (pronounced "Wah-Way") EcoLife Router (Password = admin) – Must fix - Intel computers have a Bios password of 'admin.' No, really. - If you start your car with a touch of a button, and you like your car – play close attention. - Bitcoin -If you use BITCOIN, or think you have some Bitcoin in an old digital wallet somewhere, or you know anyone who uses Bitcoin in any way, you need to listen to this show – we have a “hack” that is a little more unnerving than traditional hacks. Our guest is Philip Andreae who will help us understand why we can’t swipe our credit cards like the old days, and he fills in some blanks on Bitcoin as well. Enjoy!