Meshel Laurie is a comedian, radio and television host and author.

Meshel started out as a stand-up comedian in the 90s, treading the boards with a lot of the comedy stars of today including Dave Hughes, Rove McManus and Wil Anderson.

Meshel’s first comedy show was Daisy Belles with Corinne Grant but her career really started to take off after she debuted her solo show The Whore Whisperer: Confessions of a Madam all about her time working as a receptionist in brothels.
Since then Meshel has been a regular on television and radio hosting breakfast and drive shows for some of the biggest radio stations in the country. She’s also been on just about every TV show there is including The Project, The Glass House, Spicks and Specks, Studio 10 and Hughesy, We Have A Problem.

Meshel has written a number of books including three books on Buddhism, a religion she’s embraced and that she credits with changing her attitude to the media business and life in general.

In this episode, Meshel Laurie talks about how Julia Morris helped her make the big move to Sydney to get into comedy, why staying on TV is harder than getting on TV, how being a mum changed her and what it’s like to see all your friends rise through the showbiz ranks while you’re still waiting for your big break.

About the host...

My name is Rachel Corbett and I've spent almost two decades working in media professionally, creating and hosting radio shows and podcasts for Australia’s largest media organisations. I’m also a regular on Channel 10’s The Project and have worked as a TV host and panelist on shows including Q&A, The Roast, The Today Show, Studio 10, Hughesy We Have A Problem and Have You Been Paying Attention.

I'm currently Head of Podcasts at Mamamia and I host a number of other shows including Lady Startup, Before The Bump, Paul & Rach, PodSchool and Sealed Section.

I also founded the online podcasting course, Podschool.com.au, to help budding podcasters create a kick-arse show.


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00:00:00and now ladies and check it out you've got to start somewhere deployed because that takes you behind the scenes of show business to prove there is no such thing as an overnight success with your host right to hold welcome to the show today I am chatting with comedian
00:00:17he and radio presenter and a lady I've been wanting to cross paths with it for a long long time it's Michelle Laurie why is now just a bit of behind the scenes bill to cut back on the wizard kind of gear we have spent the last ten minutes
00:00:30in quite the flustered in the forty degree may open hate as I've been trying to work out why the audio isn't coming through on the same tens that I hadn't in the microphone on the outside are you can still have worked in this business sixteen years and not
00:00:44realize that you actually have to press on on the marker finer relate that's what it was great I thought this is it would finally gotten together it is going to have to can it before it even began so hopefully we can cross pods in Gosford bizarre yeah yeah
00:00:58but when I both Aug I kind of started my ready agree there was that we started feelings beforehand but some paces yeah I had one of one job before that but that was the sort of stuff out of the longer term Yankee gigs yes yes yes yes and
00:01:13%HESITATION you at two G. I wasn't which obviously I am and I was sorry for him and we saw the thing around the same time yeah but I don't know but you also tie it I just never went anywhere or do anything I was so miserable and even
00:01:26begin to tell you I ended up having to give up that job because I just said unless you dot com hanging together I was working with petty derided a lot for a guy who is just a gem of a human and lovely to sit across town so it
00:01:36was one of those situations where you know doing this job if you sitting across from somebody out care about you love you like man this is **** but we've got each other the trial I had talked with him yeah I'm so it's totally fine but at the same
00:01:48time I was realizing in the hours outside of the studio I was like it just wasn't good for the old man to held not one side down only to run back to the beginning and this whole media thing comedy TV radio we see something as a little squirt
00:02:06that you dreamt about doing or was it something you kind of failing to not always wanted to do was or what I ate for as long as I can remember %HESITATION wants to be a performer not asserted the about radio necessarily but yeah I wanted to be a
00:02:19performer I want to be a creative person so %HESITATION was there any particular reason for that do you know who not when I'm one of those people from a family with is no one else like me I know you and sisters in show business or in like that
00:02:32so now I don't know why I just don that was my reaction to watching TV and taking enough media was thinking I don't want to do that would be one of those people when did you first sort of realize did you realize when you were little I think
00:02:45I'm a bit of a before we kill while you were performing dive really are known to be teenage definitely before you even started to do anything on stage or even think about it yet was there any particular catalyst for that no I think I just learned it was
00:03:00his high school was just learning how to navigate high school in learning that being funny and being fond and being friendly was a great way to get through high school made lots of friends and you know just it just made life easier for myself I would I would
00:03:14post it was my parents divorce that really pushed I'd like to just go to that time and I just wanted the dizzying heights of something and it felt very dangerous to get on stage and do those kind of things so that sort of way it stems from all
00:03:30right reaction to that they react and methamphetamine he could have done it could've been automated together did you ever think about anything else when you finish school and thought I'll go to you need to do that or was it just like I am single minded in my focus
00:03:46yes always have been single minded in the focus and so what were you doing to get they did were you doing drama and stuff that you need and then when you say I'm sorry at school and then when you stepped out of school you literally leapt straight into
00:03:57us we didn't have drama at my school I went to a Catholic girls school we had to opt that was get so mad right out teaching a beautiful out room so I would spend a lot of my time in there would skip classes and guy there when it
00:04:10was empty on you the time table of the room saw you in the room was empty hud slide in and then yes after that I went to you need to do drama just because I really didn't know where else to stop I was in to win but I
00:04:21didn't know anybody who was a Performa there many one side you have to know where to start so I started the day when you did it did you think oh yeah I'm right yeah barely remember the first I think we all these my painful while I've never met
00:04:35you before and and the tapes of you and here we are it was wonderful and so at that stage do you have an idea about I want to be an actor I wanted to do you have any idea of where you want to go we wanted to be
00:04:47an actor if you just want to live an interesting life I never thought I'd be sitting up or pop star anything like that but I think I wanted to be an actor and writer a Bon vivant travel the world just wanted to have an interesting life at solos
00:05:00after so where did the comedy thing spring from because it's a kind of scary things to add into I was a big comedy fan and I know a lot of us were a lot of comedians will say that that would addicted to watching comedy sorry in that why
00:05:13you pick up a lot of the new once I think sub consciously you pick up a lot of the the rhythms them acquire agents yeah the anatomy of the jet thing yeah saw while I thought we'd be Hama wall is just the most powerful woman I could think
00:05:29off and and again that was that was not a conscious but those are the words out of use of the time but I just remember seeing her being ring master on the big gig obeyed clearly the boss of that situation and are so powerful so then there was
00:05:43a competition in Brisbane I was working community radio actually said I'm not shift with my friends and you just choose rap music yeah community radio is great for people who want to get into the yeah it really is triple said in a really fun time mom how to
00:05:58finger was starting out Regurgitator and %HESITATION so there was hanging around and it was bright and this guy approached me about advertising the competition that he was running and then said to me you should have a guy and I did just I thought just to say I have
00:06:13because I love stand up we'll have a god how did you go with that first gig line eight really again a common story among Israelis I don't know what he's thinking gig should ask yeah but first some reason gripes and some money since the relief of it is
00:06:30such a great feeling yeah and then you beaten and then you live through the second and the third don't have many gigs of ties to have a great weekend yeah you probably need that first one today really killer too bad like you keep chasing that high because if
00:06:43it's rubbish there is nothing worse than going out and doing a bad you go on stage and you just would never want to go back and saw that feeling again but if you felt it the first time you like I know it's there yes I know I can
00:06:54do it again find that again this this is all in Brisbane by the way and the first gig there was a heckler and I dealt with him that was how I got the law office and got the excitement going in the right side that was a good feeling
00:07:05to it did you ever have nerves with it or you did you just get out there and feel confident in my comfortable this is where I am today Dietz I felt confident but I still when there was a reason to be nervous I was nervous my first gigs
00:07:18in Melbourne I was nervous it took me a couple of weeks to get my rhythm back when I moved to Melbourne because that was a very big deal to me sorry mom them I've seen a lot of interviews with you and things were Melvin was a big thing
00:07:30for you yeah a young guy what was it about Melvin that was so huge I think it was a couple of things my uncle Frank who lived with us by that stage when I was a kid he was sick he had he had like heart transplants and dialysis
00:07:44and all sorts of stuff but he had lived a really exciting youth and he had moved away from queens I moved to Melbourne as I had lots of great stories about Melvin in like the thirties and the forties really cool stories and then I became obsessed with the
00:07:57movie dogs in spice girl she's you know that movie I've ever seen all I heard of it but I've never said I know it's not like thirteen or fourteen and I watched it at least twice a day at least while at least twice a day for about two
00:08:11years and even now just recently I went back to the sound track just so it it's like the biggest influence in my life I love those things yeah lives when is like a level of obsession it's like bordering on nots but you just there's nothing better than seeing
00:08:26somebody no matter how ridiculous the obsession is just really flippin into some I think also into a love it sorrow because Michael Hutchence fan those living in to win but in Queensland very regional my parents very %HESITATION just you know just not as good peaceful papal and I've
00:08:45become obsessed with his junkie culture in velvet to be part of that yeah right to bleach my hair title to drugs have a boyfriend took lots of drugs and whirled around in Melvin and %HESITATION be part of a crowd like that so what at what age were you
00:09:04when you did that first gig in the competition when he went to a twenty and then what was the process of getting down to Melbourne I moved to open ten months light up wow so you just packed up the bag and thought I'm yeah crack and find my
00:09:17way kids that is awesome yet and scary yet but it's also like you I guess it's a good lesson because part of the sort of shy starting this out was I was taking a lot of people about radio and I wanted I keep getting asked like how do
00:09:29you do it and the answer is that people kept wanting I saw what would they wanted five minute responses by to how do you get on television that site up the end is a common thread through everybody I've spoken to and that is a tenacity and luck a
00:09:42risk taking and also all I was doing community radio at the ripe old age of whatever because I just wanted to do it just actually working and trying to make destiny happen by you know putting in the work to get there so when I want it all I
00:09:57and a lot of other performers don't like and don't respect those tele chose because I've created this idea that you don't do any of that you don't need any of that that's a mugs guy and you just need that one moment you need to get thrown one TV
00:10:12show and then you'll get a career and the thing about that is that people can then end up very much out of the depth it's like pregnancy it's like there is a reason it takes nine months you need that time to get your head around at the end
00:10:25dot it you know I yeah so TV and radio itself there's a reason it takes a long time because you gaining the skills and the confidence in the understanding to be ready when it happens there's also no it's not like once you get on television well god knows
00:10:41where it is the highs and lows continue right through and always say this business it's like the only business where you can go from CEO to toilet cleaner in twenty four hours you know and particularly you see that a lot in light breakfast radio I've had some jobs
00:10:55where I've but you you know you treated brilliantly when you're in the breakfast tame and then the show has ended and you can't even get the boss to return your calls the next day you like I'm still the same person yeah all that sort of whole relationship we
00:11:08had was okay when I was at the top of the tree but now we can't have that same realize yet and all that belief you had in may and you kept telling me how talented I and I've always rooted for you yeah but now you yeah absolutely how
00:11:23did you feel when you you got down to Melbourne were you just going on the gig circuit and giving stuff a crack so did you literally just look at where the comedy clubs where and go and put your name down and lay that go and do that yet
00:11:34got the straight press the first two weeks I was in Melbourne a stable Julie MRS this is what a generous person she is and how did you know her she can watch Brisbane today gigs I supported her in Brisbane we got along and she's such a generous person
00:11:47she said to me you got to get out of here either are not really come to Melbourne she said I'm about to move to Melbourne to do full frontal shows in Sydney come stay with me while you're getting **** together so this was before there was Julia mark
00:11:59yeah well she was just going into full frontal sorrow at the time she was and still is I think the best stand up in Australia suckers she's amazing she was mind blowing and %HESITATION I can so powerful which was a famous yet but a my god Hamas stuff
00:12:14of the art form so yeah I stayed with her for two weeks and she and we lied on all my application forms for rentals and she pretended to be everyone from my employer to my mother out to everybody I could get a flat and C. gilder on Aidid's
00:12:28yeah and then I just sat down with the straight Manx found the gigs of land lines in those dice on the farne ringing up getting answering machines hello I'm a comedian from Brisbane can I come and have a good place and then I would go to Saint Kilda
00:12:41libros saw a poll and I would fight a copy or if I was really poor Tara out age from the mill wise at the library because I couldn't afford to buy one and and I would use those pasted together to get two gigs on public transport why now
00:12:57yeah when I was so it's it's it's almost walking through the snow in our shoes is yeah yeah I love those stories two of the early friendships with people who are you and now big names yeah but that is when before that'll have is I think this business
00:13:12can be a bit tough sometimes to especially later on in your career if you haven't started out with people to build those friendships because it's kind of a it's kind of a mishmash of interesting people and it takes you awhile I feel to find people we are like
00:13:25a cafe I connect with you your real person we gonna be friends with a in those early days it can be very difficult to navigate who wants to what's the are we in a real relationship I you just out to push me under the bus was yeah so
00:13:39having those early friendships that actually lost across the years that when you get to a point where you're quite successful in your career at least from the outside the people that you're working with the people that you've been through all of the sort of yeah ups and downs
00:13:53and and the grind of because when you started out that was sort of which talking will Edison Kareem grand rose Julie are obviously like I'm only using Eric and Ross of Katie Flanagan are remember the first time so I went to Sydney before I moved to Melbourne to
00:14:08Sydney to visit Julia she's a compass in into a weekend of gigs she took me backstage at the comedy store where she was resident am saying she introduced me to this beautiful girl called Kitty Flanagan I was just like my god you're so pretty just just so pretty
00:14:23she's really nervous you know I can he still is always kind of talking a self down a bit but she was brilliant and then behind her was his little funny looking man pacing back and forth pacing back and forth and I went all that's just call was called
00:14:35barren and he'd done a handful of gigs and he was really nervous and I will buy the kind of talking themselves doubt that both got on stage in our brilliant but stand up has a very much Tita the friend making process I think we just you end up
00:14:51when you coming up in the beginning you end up doing gigs with the same people every night Saddam is also a lot of hanging around tons of hanging around any now die world on the dole as well so I wouldn't have jobs we treated stand up like a
00:15:03job so you'd be you'd get hang around all afternoon sleep all morning obviously yet hang around all afternoon talk about comedy yeah any going to gigs and hang out all night and yes it's very bonding process and then you get to watch people do go ahead of you
00:15:17like army would arrive got on TV and then it occurred to me hole but now you can a stye on TV up until then also getting on TV was the point and then suddenly realized a whole not you know who I but yeah I mean obviously it's lovely
00:15:34to have that supportive friendship great but I guess I don't know whether that's a weird situation that pretty much everybody during that period has gone on to bait the styles that we know it today but they they must also be a bit of difficulty in that relationship because
00:15:50yes you're all supportive but you also watching these friends of yours go yeah I can go and do things you like but I wonder that too totally that's different it's a difficult patch it did look tough itself Pat and %HESITATION our website to muddy she gold one die
00:16:08all god you know I am just in such a great place like I am just beyond feeling threatened by anyone anymore I'm just genuinely happy for everybody and he said might it's really easy to have that perspective when you're successful in what you all are doing well yes
00:16:24it was like you know what if we weren't in the situation I'm sure we'd still be jealous terrified threatens yes yes so when you're at that beginning stage two and you're not a hundred and fifty percent comfort I mean yeah ending if anybody anybody ever gets to the
00:16:39point where like I have got this down but in those really early days you constantly trying to previous LPS and of course other people get jobs and you think I should have that job yeah they're not right for that job %HESITATION yeah all of that horrible stuff but
00:16:53then we're all in our forties now mid forties so I think we've grown out of it I hope so everyone now seems to and also everyone now sort of moved off into much more personal tangents when all doing the same things anymore we don't want to do the
00:17:06same things anymore so it's interesting and fun to watch wheels Korea because I don't want his career I don't want riots career and you know I will you end up working at exactly that that everybody suited to what they're suited to so you couldn't do arrive does just
00:17:22arrive couldn't do what you do and the same with will in all of it you know it it sort of everybody is the best at what they're going to be the best at a little while to realize that it's not a zero sum game if there is enough
00:17:33pot for everybody and that everybody's individual skills again I laid them on the path to where they go but in those early years when you just want to get in the dole I absolutely and I was one of the lost in the door I reckon I'm sure there
00:17:45are the people it's I'll wasn't but I certainly thought aw I'm I've missed out how much the person who missed out that's crazy only the person who doesn't get a career along between thinking that and actually getting in the door was it up well I mean it was
00:18:01really slow for me because I you know I used to be really jealous that Hughes he got the radio gig in Melbourne straight away I went to Gosford Brisbane for many years and then open so I was pretty bitter about that for a long time I was up
00:18:16there thinking when winter white get to the big lakes you know I am so I think I don't know it's hard to say when I go in the door because I don't think that was it you didn't feel you in the doorway nodding cost fatal you didn't feel
00:18:29like you're in the door until you got to Melvin yeah I used to say I felt unsuccessful when I was number one breakfast radio in Brisbane for about eight years that fell on successful felt more successful when I was living in a flat in Saint Kilda doing good
00:18:45stand up gig the paper right CNR because in that came and then the real guy yeah how do you feel about I mean now you get to a point we look I got here I did it yeah so it's much easier to look back and go well everything
00:18:57happens for and that's fine but you know at the time obviously that was a source of frustration for you had how do you feel about that looking back on on you at that time I mean I thought it was boring but I do think everything happens not necessarily
00:19:12for a reason but I am I able to turn it into a positive that's why I'm cut deeply into Buddhism for one thing because my attitude was so bad and I was just being such a misery guts and I thought I don't obey this person sorry so I
00:19:28take Buddhism very seriously and then I kind of had that and and my attitude improved and suddenly I was like how about Brett being in Brisbane and everything was like highway and would you know it then I got to come to relevant so I'm not saying this to
00:19:42a connected not I'm glad that I had the opportunity to invest in Buddhism when I was there because that's given me tools now that I use all the time money the most one of the most important things that you can sort of realize is that these career like
00:19:56nothing is in your control I'm not from how you approach the gigs that are in front of you yet so it's like okay I can either see this is a great learning opportunity explore these be happy to work on the script because I mean the decisions of paper
00:20:10Mike in this business knows who logic cannot yeah I like all your number one that doesn't make you say for all you the audience loves you but that doesn't necessarily mean anything all you brilliant you job book that doesn't mean a thing yeah you know so it's like
00:20:26sometimes you just need to find whatever it is for you that you can hold on to because otherwise you just same bloody set adrift half the time and I think that's why I've always to have lots of things going on at once yes I learnt that young and
00:20:40stand up because they want one thing falls Arafat I just go to bed I cut out its focus on that thing then yeah I've always got something to feel good about yes have you had times because I I certainly had one specifically fairly bad moment where I was
00:20:53literally I mean I would have gone in and done the cleaning my contract ended and I was I was just begging them for anything because I'd save no money I had nothing else I was just site and I've never felt more fear teak in my life and I
00:21:06remember when I ended up getting a contract I thought to myself I will never feel that way again like I've managed to get out of the woods did you have any of those specifically big moments I better we just clever in knowing that you had to have a
00:21:18lot of files on from the beginning yeah I think I probably had that moment really early on by really early on and stand out because you go through that early period two way exciting things pop up a lot and then I fall over a lot as well sorry
00:21:31you know this week I'm thinking I am about to be signed up as an actor on that skit sharia so this is fine and then it died out that's on someone else SRO suddenly I'm nothing again yeah you know I've gone from up and coming up high on
00:21:47the ladder to back to nothing so yeah I think I learned that early just to have always have something else did you ever feel at my points like this is never going to happen for me yeah I gave up for awhile for about maybe a year and that's
00:22:01when I started working as a receptionist in brothels and how late night in I was like like me to like twenties was that a call because I hear a story like that my gosh I can't imagine doing that because I'm a bandit for a story you know anywhere
00:22:14where I think all my gosh this is a microcosm of life I'd never get access to this would be fascinating for me I'm sure I'll make fascinating people with interesting backstories and like why you hear and what can I yeah was that part of the reason it was
00:22:26just like you Sir and had the puck I'll do that tomorrow I I it was of a lady who lived in the flat upstairs from may and I saw it should you I was broke machines that I'm I'm researching a brothel Johnny come try and of course I
00:22:39thought that's amazing yes plays out of two and it was a transsexual brothel yeah it was just wonderful just the most wonderful experience in da yes sorrow I did take a break and then a comedy svengali who has since passed away dive her entire left a message on
00:22:55my machine one died said I am you know I try to come back and do a gig and that was a big deal in the industry for him to kind of invite you to do the gig and I thought yesterday that again just needed attitude adjustment it's all
00:23:06attitude it was never a never anything else but attitude it's also good thing sometimes to take your eye off the Bolton and just go and do something else so you're not waiting for the find your head because then the firings and you like gosh the funds rate I
00:23:20don't know why why the fiery yeah and then I wrote a show about that so I guess yes in that classic why yeah I did write a show about that no went to the opera house and it went on it in Roswell yet and so was that the
00:23:33turning point after that showed the people start to go over this yes kosher but Kobe something of a signing point yeah it's interesting how that stuff happens you go how it was supposed to roll out the way that it did yeah it that's it it D. it when
00:23:47you look back you guys all yeah you know attended into a positive I might something out of it but the key is just keep working I mean this is not what the secret is there and not just no one can stop you working like that consecutive could stop
00:23:59pining year but no one can actually stop you creating yes sorry that's what podcasting's Crichton made ridings great for me all of these things that I dont need a boss to allow me to do and everybody stays the sort of you know an hour on the project on
00:24:15a Friday or the big show here all this opportunity there on the radio show but they don't say the ad was chip chip chipping away you know it's it's really easy to think that things just come out of nowhere yeah but it's that constant momentum that allows you
00:24:31to have those opportunities and I think we stuff like podcasting and do you know riding for yourself like anything in this business that you can have what you like this is may showing that I can do some light you know I don't need somebody to sit down and
00:24:44go yes we think you're worth it yes we think we want to take a chance on you it's like I'm using the skills of a mass and I'm creating something and I've done it on my own to and it's a good feeling as well to be very clear
00:24:55about the fact that it's on my terms and it's my judgment calls and it's my taste and it's my idea because you know it so often in righty are no matter how many runs you get on the boards still someone will kind of you know I've second guess
00:25:11your judgment and %HESITATION all you make huge good judgment calls and you know that no one will ever know you were the person who made that decision and you believe the networking to doing that thing that is now hugely successful because they never gonna turn around and say
00:25:25actually sellers I do because I wanted to sack those two guys and she was the one who said tell you what if you don't give us national drive on going to a stereo and then it turns into a big success story that everyone's like all while the guys
00:25:41he's a genius and I can so yeah sure there's a lot of there's a lot of geniuses all yeah incivility for decisions that weren't there which I kept some yeah feel like the the industry's changed and say those early days when you guys started out nearing comedy and
00:26:00do you do you think it's changed for the better or do you think it's what would you be a bit scared to try to be getting into it now I would be scared so I'm not really well laid has this great joke about how on the project I
00:26:13did notice that it often times I got up to speed skate about something or other anyways as mean as you know invading what he keeps saying I gotta know it's just a way of keeping the conversation going on it I guess I'm not really fearful person I would
00:26:26be scared of it bought it there are different rules and I've been talking to a lot of young comedians lightly for another part cost and I mean I'm like whoo you guys worried about a lot of stuff that I have any worried about and I throw the like
00:26:39the expression pay I say into conversations passive people of color for people of color yeah and so that's great but I mean for them that's a real you know like it's the very analytical and they're saying things to me like you know obviously you know I went pay
00:26:55I say get on stage they I am not %HESITATION feel that they need to establish the so that and I'm thinking wow I because of a thinking about a lot more than you guys did yeah and they woke so that brings with it a whole lot of rules
00:27:10and regulations and yeah it's great but I do see them worried about a lot of ways you can wipe out anything now you and I and that's fine I get that but there's just so much more analysis and conversation about everything I think now and is no privacy
00:27:28in the room at the comedy club yeah you know it's not what goes on in he stays in here that like all that bit of audio of that distasteful joke that I was saying in the my **** sometime sure those things can be like oh you should have
00:27:40said that a dole but sometimes in these outrage culture actually that wasn't that bad but we're all stacks owning and this guy's career all the skills career is ruined for however many months this is going to go on and they it should have been left in the so
00:27:54I feel like they're being very careful to be able to defend everything before I side on stage you know we had we we didn't feel the need to do wait we were very free artistically %HESITATION my generation came in just off to Greg slate Judith Lucy Anthony Morgan
00:28:11sue and polished these people were talking about drugs sex rock and roll leaving it and so they were our role models so we came along wanting to be as hard core as them if anything but now it runs very cold for it it was kind of talking about
00:28:25marriage and everyone's preparing their argument for their comedy yeah you know did you guys feel like when you were back there that there was a sort of a K. I get on stage then I work out my brand then I get on tape because it off yet because
00:28:40I think that's the way that it goes now yeah beagle thought about the business of it because I feel like we not invented that but you were the start of it yeah interaction with the site of that so no one was on TV or the radio talent not
00:28:53medians when I'm writing I like there was the odd one Richard stops was on radio all posts and people did spot some TV shows yes but yes we arrive became the stand up who became the tonight show host will be kind to stand up to be kind of
00:29:07breakfast ready I side with use eaten so yeah we didn't have that to aspire to we didn't know that was possible now it's like I'm doing real comedy so I can highs the breakfast show yeah yeah yeah well which is a bit of a shock I mean I
00:29:22get it but you know you do have to still work on the cross and I hope they have time to enjoy it because my god my twenties as a comedian would just awesome just such a great loss offer young person unless he just floating around in your and
00:29:35also you with creative funny away having funny conversations with your role in the business of making people laugh yeah that sort of a really cool environment to bay is on it was a really good time in life you what what about when you were doing stuff arrive that
00:29:49was a that was such a huge show was that a game changer for you in terms of profiling thing yeah yeah yeah different wasn't all still living in Brisbane so it was a guy tried to from a psychologically by be feel like I was back in the real
00:30:02guy is a very big deal for me psychologically and I was very grateful for it and cried Campbell who is the executive producer of the project yes I mean he's he was exactly produce on that show and he's been employment since I was twenty on in Melbourne tonight
00:30:17so again it was the same crew some traveling circus I'm vices so it was really great to be included in that process yet was Grice what about the radio thing you've been doing radio for a lot he is and obviously the central crisis was the first commercial radio
00:30:33yep gig all filling in for Caitlyn broke really because she was pregnant this one golden year from may she got pregnant with their first baby and then being tight she went to Vegas with girlfriends and came home on the saas flaunts the alcoholics this up so she had
00:30:49to be quarantined wakes then she got married and went on a honeymoon so I was just there all the time it was wonderful so was that with you see Devon K. yes I Huseyin type just taught me how to do it right the other day and this is
00:31:02so interesting because they were the first people I ever got in the studio we had to do a trial with but this was like five seconds before they went from triple am to all okay so this was a triple it will you was an argument knives yeah right
00:31:16yeah because they we literally went into the studio I think I don't know where the cat was gonna labor she was away or maybe should they thought she was going to die size of but yeah we did like something and then I think a week later the boss
00:31:27rang and said all they just told us that they're actually going and I was so let's just forget about that hold prices sting because that it went anywhere with me but that set an interest I told me how do I know it's on you there from stand up
00:31:38obviously yet I just yet three me about and I would do a lot full BYOD to lie a landmine delightful and I think actually think there was a bit of a vibe at that time that you know what the show deserves a break me comedy is very much
00:31:52can be very much about that about the justice they they you know people as much as people can be **** about people they dont think deserve a break they can be very supportive when I think you know you deserve a bright kid I you've been around the block
00:32:06you worked hard you do good gigs why aren't you on the show saw it Huseyin diver Neil and Mary can Ross side where instrumental in my being employed by now I thought the four of them really pushed management to to get me employees is that right yeah absolutely
00:32:24and was so is that just getting you as a guest on their shows yeah and they actually and then the cost for job was with the sign at work so that was the first job I got with and I've been at work right and then I was obviously
00:32:35like Brisbane came out of she's got on radio in cost for that and it's it's it's actually really nice that sort of helping each other out thing yet I think you're right there everybody's very generous absolutely but they generous when they can see all your somebody who does
00:32:52the work yet he's committed to the Croft and who actually wants to put in the time room and get bad out you're not just somebody who sitting in hearing it I just want to be on telly I just want to be on the radio and there's a lot
00:33:03of people that come through like that yeah and it's sort of an attitude I don't know where they're from the outside looking in it up he is like you have to have that kind of attitude but when you get in the door those people that you say you
00:33:15will say them for five minutes yeah Annette gone because nobody has really stood the test of time can bear to put up with that kind of behavior five minutes but if they say new grinding it out and they're like okay he's somebody is committed to it and is
00:33:30like let's help a brother out yeah yeah yeah yeah and that's that in as far as I know it enough it still is but that was always begin comedy justice the injustice of that person not having an opportunity I'm gonna do something about it yeah because while there
00:33:43is enough pipe for everybody and particularly now I think because there are different ways for people to create a content like you can go do podcasting or you can do you write a book or whatever there are still a finite amount of jobs yep at least big high
00:33:56profile jobs where you could go okay this is may paying the mortgage for the next two months out to use at least getting all ready to sign you know exactly all the weird things I remember that was my first goal when I met Dave you can an who
00:34:08was great programmer of neither is like what do you want to achieve Michelle and I said odd like to buy a house yes you know I like possible a young comedian I I'm I'm behind in my range how would I ever be able to do that and also
00:34:22the idea that a lot of people say you on TV or radio and that it's true when you're in those could you know gigs that can be quite lucrative but you're just because you see faces on the telly all your voices on the radio doesn't main you'll pack
00:34:34in a million dollars out here into the back not at the end and he's he's made it so much more difficult for the rest of us I mean when he's fighting for about three hundred thousand more than its bloody worth yeah everyone thinks we're all I'm not here
00:34:50to see my yeah yeah yeah yeah owned but I think that's also why and use is a great example of a thought only noise how he managed to do the project and the Iraqi and that you know piling on seven hundred jobs jobs and just get well a
00:35:03lot on the ground a lot duties to lie on the ground during songs I remember that period of time yet yeah comedy festival project to breakfast radio yeah because there is some time done in about you but have you ever felt like you could say no to a
00:35:18gig this business feet like makes you feel like I don't know where it to it at a yeah I feel like you get to it at a certain point where I can now I can say no but certainly in those grinding it out you see like I need
00:35:29to work twenty four hours a day seven days a week okay because who knows when I'll ever get a job again yeah and then so suddenly think all right I've got two hours off today and suddenly that just feels like a heart a holiday fade J. it feels
00:35:41like this are my god this is raising up is going to sit on the chair look at the wall for two hours yeah I've been through those such as comedy festivals big one because you know I we we tend to think I should do that and so that
00:35:55I don't I've got all I say no to things I think come but sometimes it free and easy with the night now I've got actually stopped it with that side of the aids yeah yeah but I've got a %HESITATION yeah and I'm not afraid of signed I'll just
00:36:08go to a point where I go what's in it for me and I don't mean that to be as mercenaries it sounds but it's just like you know what what's in it might just be that they they beautiful people and I want to say them what's in it
00:36:18might be that %HESITATION it's a great because I'm not getting paid but I really want to support them in some way what's in it might be lots of money even though it's a humiliating thing they want me to do like I have to be able to supply there's
00:36:29something there's a reason yes but it was amazing to me how often there was no reason I'd sit down and go oh yeah actually you know what there is no reason for me to do this and this is a nothing worse when you all on telly in a
00:36:42gig or on the radio in a game you lack the sea is destroying myself and I said yes to it just because I thought I couldn't sign and it's just the words you think this is just this is doing more harm than good yet and I yeah do
00:36:58you think that part of that came with being a mom yes kids in changing your party yeah but I mean that it didn't happen immediately it's on it's just really happening now is just take me a long time I'm you know I I've those children have been without
00:37:11me a lot yeah I've missed a lot of stuff first dies of school concerts I've missed a lot of stuff so I'm making the effort now to try and %HESITATION turned that around the beach but yeah that's really difficult because I'm working for them as well you know
00:37:26it's a yeah it's it's a really hard one tonight again what's the reason what's what's my priority what's more important do I need that money that badly might be a dot this month yeah yeah you're not you don't break the radio for a long time and now that
00:37:41you're not doing that show it does a you kind of excited for the idea that because Becky radio just takes over your whole life really does yeah I am so excited to not be doing it yeah and also to what you've been missing from certain things in the
00:37:54kids life like that's just par for the course when you're doing that because not only is it doesn't take up a lot of your time and your head space but you just sort of ism you not really you yeah I just said yet I'm wakes discussed so much
00:38:07longer now Jay Sarno IGN you know it's I'm really really happy I can never do those hours again I really content I just who knows what the future holds but I know I can never do that again and you're right just takes up your whole life before you
00:38:21know ten years has gone and sometimes you can feel like I have to do this I have to be I have to keep getting a contract of gotta keep doing that did and it's amazing when you actually step out you go I did blow up yeah it's amazing
00:38:38so wonderful because the business really does make you feel sometimes like not valid unless you have that contract in that yes self keep signing you and yes with and also when you've done a certain job for a long time you feel all gosh I think the only qualifications
00:38:51I have is that I can talk into a radio yeah I find everyday absolutely doesn't translate anywhere else in the truth is that it does but you just get kind of caught up into that mentality hope it does but also you get into a financial situation you know
00:39:02you I mean most of us haven't made any money in our whole lives until we get to rex Ryan some in the making a lot of money so you think I'm gonna catch job over the last two years I prepared myself financially I liquidated all you know just
00:39:17because I had investment Prof properties I had all that stuff because I thought you you shorten that's what you meant to do and I thought not who I thought that's so complicated I just want my house that I live in that's a line eight so I really and
00:39:28I got some savings make my life I am in that space right now and it's and I think the other like I had one when I got the contract out of the bad time where I thought on my gosh how clean the toilets if you just by me
00:39:40and I can stick around ought I spent that two years actively saving so that if this contract demand if continue which he didn't I was absolutely fine yeah and it was the first time in my life that I actually called me up and I love the show is
00:39:55doing I was devastated to not be working with the people I was working with anymore but I was like okay sign yes I mean yeah I know it's amazing isn't it what a feeling yeah I don't have to I don't have to panic yes this is a cat
00:40:10I realized that was the most important lesson that I and I wish I'd landed early as up until this point absolutely every contract I just kept thinking every two years I think all that sit on him yeah what I get whatever reason I change their minds alright we
00:40:25in a month yes way done with done with finish yeah and you need sometimes that time to actually go ahead and have to take the next thing immediately that might not be the right thing I can take some time to sit down and go what exactly do I
00:40:38want to do right yeah that's what I'm doing now it's really you're right it's just like could have done everything I don't so I can also but I had achieved all the goals I had done it and then I was like open so goal oriented since I was
00:40:50like four years old on these very specific goals I kind now what so the ridings really gripes going to I'm going to London tomorrow on a promotional trip for my books wow yeah that's a dream come true stuff you know what it's also doing come true because I
00:41:06remember watching of an interview with you a you were talking about how you want to get better at writing and you told dad getting into a relationship with big sparrow mainframe and getting warring in that kind of stuff and having that moment where you don't think your rights
00:41:19to and it's something you want to do when you like I don't have the skills I don't have the ability and then all of a sudden you're like I'm going on a book tour to London to that's the point you know what because that would be eight years
00:41:28ago when my children were babies and that just had died huge measurement that you can actually say that there was one point that I didn't even think I could have been doing this and now all of a sudden I'm going on a book tour but it's really they
00:41:43told me about that yeah so what do you think I know we're going to wrap up because you go to get into make up for the pro choice tonight what do you what do you think is the future looks is it is it that stuff that you can
00:41:52have more control over the podcast the riding the hot side yeah I really do hope so I'd love to work ABC radio that's a tray of mine you know I'd love to be on seven seven for Melbourne just talk about how the whole thing that night you know
00:42:06it's just very grown up and dignified that's what I listen to when I grew up forty four am to old for the kind of kiss FM's and good papal terrific no drama spot to augment come on get Riley so long that you can be excited about yeah insert
00:42:19new honesty and yeah yeah whatever and looking back every interview you're ever off if you don't know or care about this and you know and then I flick on today be saying I'm like I don't want to know what's happening in high the whole where you know I
00:42:33do want to know grown up stuff and I heard Claire Boteach to an interview with my new once in a Blue my mind because I've spoken to mandate yeah ten times I have along that show's been on some conversation every year for four minutes on commercial radio play
00:42:48talks in front Allah I find out he wanted to be a circus performer he went to circus school now wanted to be a chef but there were no circus jobs so we went with his uncle it was the most wonderful conversation and I thought that's what I want
00:43:02to do if I ever go back into radio yes some of the give you the space it's not like I'm going to get on and yeah daytime she yelled not morning yeah something like that but let's hope I just sell five million books and just bought a house
00:43:15it Beijing that see it that way I it say it like you guys what do you think is the best and the worst thing about the industry the best is the papal it's not people like show people of life that I love people in the industry and very
00:43:27few periods of spent out of the industry I really missed that missed out conversations I missed out gossip I miss knowing what's going on over there behind the scenes and honest you I'll worst gosh so many we begin with the king of all I kind I would not
00:43:46bet on the second really pick one I really love it I really love this business and I love it I love the people I love the ups and downs I love the possibility the potential no matter how low I get I note that something exciting is just around
00:44:01the corner there's a phone call just around the corner from my agent isn't a mile something will pop up something exciting that I never thought of Buddhism is down the water could I'm right with anything out with this is the final five questions first one your biggest regret
00:44:17don't have any could this great don height don finish your dream gig million selling Russia like writing because I can do it a line his interest in a lot of people are because I love being by myself and that's one of the things I find most surprising that
00:44:32most surprises people who Darnton out in the business is how many of those of us that work in it just don't want to go to a party and talk to people die what just like won sold achieved they like you so chatty is like the two job what
00:44:46we like on having those Friday not conversations in my work every single day I had a when it gets to Friday and I'm like all why yeah I know I don't know mo yes Lee my really is that noise yeah she's a lovely person yep yep yep yep
00:45:02rivalries yet I'm a big ID you've that you've yet to get up of you got you mean you don't have to give us the exact idea but is it podcast you is it now I mean I love kind of documentary television Louis through is my idol and I
00:45:17son after him so I I had this idea I'd still love to get up that it's about like the what you call them like tribes you know people just people ordinary people doing interesting things like I got really obsessed with military re enactors for awhile is are fascinating
00:45:33just just people with normal jobs normal people and on the weekends I dress up as like %HESITATION German soldiers and then you dress up as English soldiers and then we'll just go bush bashing around the Gold Coast hinterland the World War two on this is not fond it's
00:45:48fantastic so I've always wanted to a series following people's interesting lives that without my best line the hobbies yeah living your best life tanks you know they bring tanks from Europe on some other can I just come in all the boom I'll come along and if you weren't
00:46:06doing this as in working in the media what would you be doing nothing this is it this is it I mean ha ha maybe I'd like to think I'll be working with animals whenever I see animals like I've got a media outside the city Cape Cod and now
00:46:19it's too light maybe working with that however finally your advice to people wanting to get into the business just hate working in chipping away and I know believe me I was a kid to warm up on you know one in the business you just chip why you made
00:46:32a person another person another person you get you tried to get you crew and you just keep working pay the hardest working person that can never be a bad thing Michelle I'm so glad that I finally got down across from me thank you so much thanks for listening
00:46:48to you got to start somewhere thanks to subscribe to the podcast check it on the reserves and keep up to date had to go to somewhere dark thanks so much for joining me for my chat show Laurie line keeping my cross the multi million Phyllis killing all of
00:47:04the that she deserves to be a big shout out to you too if you have left a review for the show a good little one from shampoos cath either your last name is shampoos or that was a reference to the fact that you do like a bit of
00:47:17the bubbly also Boone Connelly who I think you've just but it's probably Kylie burn guessing and highly be five six five I don't know what the maids I really appreciate you taking the time to put your thoughts about the show down it really does help other people find
00:47:32it and when they do find it to realize that it's not **** surfaces always lovely so thank you so much and how it can be a bit of a punish doing that and it's an extra step in the process but it is very much appreciated next week on
00:47:44the show I'm chatting to Natasha bailing you have probably seen her on the telly because she's been on it for over two decades and we chat about cultivating her newsreader voice and how she manages to do it without sounding like she's gonna sticking up above well I think
00:48:00a lot of us put on the news for it to happen will you'll pretty good you know everybody that I've worked with news like you don't seem like you're doing newsradio Tosh you should hear how I speak to my son's I can only imagine over now details after
00:48:17the but I hope you'll join me for that Chetniks lake on you've got to start somewhere

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