What would you do if you knew anything was possible and you simply could not fail? Explore the possibility of creating your dream life and be inspired to discover and realise your dreams with Kristina Karlsson, Founder of global Swedish design brand kikki.K, and author of the book Your Dream Life Starts Here. Each episode brings you simple, practical and useful insights to help you create a future you love – as Kristina delves deep into the power of dreaming with some of the world’s most inspiring thought-leaders. Take a front row seat on inspiring conversations. Explore the amazing impact dreaming has had on the lives of a diverse range of people. Listen, learn and be empowered to discover and chase your own dreams – with practical insights and lessons you can use to build a dream life of your own.
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since Sep, 2018


Kristina is joined by Shahroo Izadi in this wonderful episode – a Behavioural Change Specialist, author of the life-changing book, The Kindness Method and an all-round incredible woman. Her belief that treating yourself kindly is the only way to make positive and long-term changes in your life is a refreshing and practical approach we should all look to embrace as we work towards our dreams. After many years of working with people overcoming substance misuse and addiction, and battling through her own self-doubt, low self-esteem and an unhealthy relationship with food, Shahroo was able to turn her life around by putting simple, positive and sustainable habits in place – but more importantly, by treating herself with kindness and compassion every day – something many of us find difficult to do. Shahroo’s revolutionary approach to helping people make positive and long-lasting changes in their life is something that is very dear to Kristina’s heart – and something that is also aligned with our brand philosophy at kikki.K. In this wonderful episode you’ll discover…. Simple tools and kind ways to change habits and behaviours in your life for the long-term How to stop focusing on what might be wrong in any situation and start identifying the joy in every moment How to overcome self-doubt, and learn to celebrate your life and all of your achievements The importance of finding what makes you happy, not what you ‘think’ should make you happy, and creating time for that in your life How to steer yourself away from negative self-talk and build yourself up by focusing on the positive The power of journaling, manifestation and setting your intentions each day to help you live a life you love How to make little pieces of your day kinder and more enjoyable, and a whole lot more! If you love this episode, don’t forget to subscribe for plenty more inspiration! And please tell us what you thought by leaving us a review! Don’t forget to help up spread this inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag #101milliondreamers “So much incredible wisdom on treating ourselves with the kindness we deserve in order to make positive long-lasting changes in our lives.” Kristina Karlsson “I just love Shahroo’s belief that only way to sustain any difficult change in your life is to like yourself more, believe that you’re worthy and believe that you’re capable.” Kristina Karlsson RESOURCES Shahroo Izadi: https://shahrooizadi.co.uk/ https://www.instagram.com/shahroo_izadi/ The Kindness Method, Shahroo Izadi: https://shahrooizadi.co.uk/the-book/ In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, Gabor Matae: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/in-the-realm-of-hungry-ghosts-9781785042201 Your Dream Life Starts Here, Kristina Karlsson: https://www.kikki-k.com/au/shop-by/collection/dream-life/ Dream Life Journal: https://www.kikki-k.com/au/shop-by/collection/dream-life/ 101 Dreams Audio Guide: https://www.kikki-k.com/au/dreamlife.html Our dream is to inspire and empower 101 million people around the world, just like you, to write down three dreams, and go chase them! Don’t forget to help up spread this inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag #101milliondreamers https://www.instagram.com/kikki.k/ https://www.instagram.com/kristinakikkik https://www.facebook.com/kikki.K.Swedish.Stationery https://twitter.com/kikkik https://www.pinterest.com.au/kikkik/
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