Mary Sabo is a multi-talented Yoga Instructor, Coach, Wellness Advocate, Singer, and Writer.  Often, people who are so talented, are equally as complicated.  Battling an alcohol addiction and a dependency on anti-anxiety medication Mary was engaging in all sorts of self-sabotaging behaviors – bad diet, partying the night before an audition, zero self-care. Instead of leading the fulfilling life she had always dreamed of, up on the stage, Mary was living from day to day in unsatisfying jobs with no real sense of direction or purpose.  Mary hit rock-bottom and decided to change.  Through yoga and self-discovery, she now understands the true meaning of self-love, from the inside out.   It is because of her recovery, not in spite of it, that she now has the opportunity to live a life beyond her wildest dreams.  Mary's mission is to help her clients find that same love of self, through yoga and all it encompasses.





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