The Sports Shop with Reese & K-Mac, heard weekday mornings from 6-9 on Buzz Sports Radio. It's "Terrific Tuesday" as Reese, K-Mac, Candace Cooper and Yesse Rodriguez discuss the latest injury to affect the Carolina Panthers as well as LeBron James opening up his new "I Promise" school in his hometown of Akron, OH. The crew also continues conversations from yesterday's "Sports Salon" including sliding into a woman's DM's as well as women having a "starting roster." Rodriguez also mentions a study in which a woman's health can be related to the size of her posterior.


00:00:01Welcome to the best of the sports shop podcast with recent came back Welcome to the best of the sports shop podcast with recent came back Can is cooper rock and roll is going how you doing good tell you about teo i see let's go let's go come have
00:00:42a libertarian that's what i listen yesterday and i was just like really i want to get some more insight to what you're talking about i had a player inside yesterday but i wasn't here to give my inside there is a party yesterday and nobody invited oh my invitations
00:00:59set for tuesday yeah the party was on monday you know like any time there's a man matching situation i was like come on this is true he was going to go to you giving a show by yourself just a alone you need any help at all and that
00:01:16we got that it was a great show yesterday was a line but i feel like i would need to be in the sports hall really maybe yes i will do it maybe it should be right wait people we also happen to have way change it up a little
00:01:37bit as well in a couple of months you seen her on the mystery how about that you seen her here on the sports having heard of yet write readers in the house jesse was going hey good morning when was the head there hap what's going on you know
00:01:55while you were where you been i don't know what you been holed up i tried to visit you you have been all over the the country no no it's good it's good but truth be told last time using the word so you don't really know what's going on
00:02:09i guess from hot to cold hot cold Then we take nyquil last night Well just knocks you It was not i you know i forgot how effective it was that's what i seek today cool mix up wei have just a crew of people that rose in here and
00:02:32it makes the sports shop we're gonna have a little list the last can of stupid game is a hard time well all that all that couple together i love that so oh no well i was just gonna say that song where you should've been there yesterday do you
00:02:44yesterday they had like a whole sport shop salon like e o there get down first of all we have no mike cell as it was yeah but they were having some hot topics i think you would have enjoyed okay well hey if we can continue with that way
00:03:01i can i can take another day no came back like he was already on his priceless face by the way take so many these we talked about social media and how many pictures should like of another girl's what else they think is you know i learned a lot
00:03:18about relationships you think reese do you have an allotment of pictures that you're allowed to like a guy you're dating and i gotta i don't know i think it is a double sided coin though because if the man could do what the woman could do it too so
00:03:38the man should be feeling some type of way if there's a muscular guy and i'm sitting here like a picture of what got me must commit that's trying to figure out you know that yesterday it's always good to get the most god there were going to be playing
00:03:48out a suit just like a nice well tailored suit you well no the way you have a baby this is general waking to a woman can do you know i'm saying like i'm enjoying fitness models like i said what is that to be a baby suit right i
00:04:14think they could be in your opinion but once they did finally spirit well i know that i did not know maybe you guys number aboutthe great sweat pants you know anything about this yeah a man wranglers e just about four for that's your sweat pants they're all great
00:04:40and i don't know thank you for something very telling you i didn't know this i'm being very honest with you i'm being here i think that i went on a date with a guy and he wore great soap hands and i was distracted the whole day i was
00:04:57just like adam realize so they have to be great it can be another color okay graze the best s o b g because if i want if i'm going to go in today i want you to look nice and i want a great it was like it was
00:05:09a movie date so it was like we were chill way not not not the normal way always tonto i'm pretty sure the girls all the greats right pen to sell down the raleigh right there okay wait t i don't know e was the go to date outfit nice
00:05:29dress slacks and a nice shirt if i'm a woman i want to be presentable with way together this is that we're newly introducing you give me your best now you know you introduced i need your best way what should go too i mean it depends like this like
00:05:47season yeah summertime you maxi dress you know wintertime you might have a little nice little dress with a cardigan just depends always feels that no sweat no soap but even with that though like with me even if you're two five ten years into the relationship still keep keep
00:06:04yourself up nice and pretty because you want your men and wake up like damn that's my woman you don't say i like i like a man to be like you know babe good dress like nice dress we're going somewhere because he's getting dressed too he's on a race
00:06:19that's right theo wake the right way quiet that never happened when i'm with you e i loathe yeah so i love that so you're saying you like the great pants you know i mean i'd like to just night yes and i like kind of like the lady and
00:06:41we have to dress nice as well We should complement each other that way Way like that not not just about every spring sweatpants yesterday but your enlightened every day i know i mean i feel like my life is so shelter that i haven't learned can live in life
00:06:56mean i'm talking on the show is it's amazing how that happens by the way wait it's a bit too richard tuesday i could tell already man if we're getting a look at sports at richard came at rocket with janice cooper yes you rodriguez michael shells behind a glass
00:07:13of juice from this show man and a lot of things jumped off unfortunate news particularly if you're duke football for him back in the day ross cock cock a hoop playing a playful pissed very play for the giants nice friend for the panthers but yesterday doing practice he
00:07:29suffered a tibia is left he broke his left tibia and fibula if you will yesterday in practice after getting caught beneath robert c look towards me and we'll be out for a terrorist season his guy that is strong shot by the way um was a marginal player but
00:07:48this was upturned him come back home and really show up it's your album nice offer the single that's unfortunate but basically paid i know somebody yeah but i'm sure you want to pay i know but in nfl that z abler than last year that's important to get paige
00:08:05out sometime that cut you dogen paper he don't get paid and this this comes out the defensive tackle darryl williams who also plays for the panthers He's suffering patella and ceo injury on ceremony So a lot of their players there was counting on to play this year for
00:08:21the panthers on a different side of the ball they're out mrs into hey coach on norma rivera on a carrot on a pant is talking about the injury to ross cockerel or yesterday unfortunate set of circumstances You know ross you know a little bit of i guess a
00:08:35collision Um unfortunately truck bag another important nature of this game Hopefully he'll be all right You know to do break something but i'm not gonna comment on that I'ma let the doctors and trainers go through all that they need to go through before way Issue a statement on
00:08:54charlotte again I don't know what the doctors and the trainers gonna do but we'll let them come in on that that's The brink's truck with ross ross's money way say wasn't good face like the wrong one You get paid out through the south it's kind of cool i
00:09:14think it was down media day one question they can't make a lot of the players and coaches by washing your play this or what music who controls music do in practice custer very was talking about when it comes to music being played in practice he's kind of hip
00:09:32no he's due it's a certain times in practice when it gets into a little bit of a law and you know having having a music guy up here if we could get a song or two at the right time just kind of get everybody loosened up again and
00:09:44refocus once we get back on the field i'm all for it seems to be working right now so we'll continue to push out a little bit but you know the big thing more than anything else is that getting worked out and i've been pleased with that your taste
00:09:56in music same camps my tent my taste in music is all over the place you know because again i've got a daughter these guys agent the music she plays is right along this line so i'm kind of hip about it so whenever i call of the song and
00:10:09they hear you know that i know what the song is right they changed their their their like on another song really quick it's funny because i'm not supposed to like what they want like when your dad likes your song You like it's not it's not a great cardi
00:10:26b I like it Yeah that's Like if you listen to that new car you know feeling that we have their life was a song my dad's a big music guy So i'm over that Yeah i got to say that i know you know what what do you know
00:10:41i mean i like a lot of music too so i wanted my daughter to say hip stuff yeah latest name and later a new recent rapper that you're into unwrap chrissy i'm not me i'm all over place with a lot of rappers like you don't know in your
00:10:58heart beat only rabbi no yeah now there's restaurants we talking about nothing to be honest it's just repeating the same words sometimes let me ask you the same question what no uh what kind of god you know i mean that was all residing breast and bring that one
00:11:15to say that she's looking yes cardia latino thing way me googling her looking at her e i can't go looking like a picture that that means something like a pitcher going you guys and like it's like e t with that rocket because i'm not big on i don't
00:11:38care about the leg part it's when we get into the d m part that's like okay oh out you're having issues so i don't care about like like a hundred girls think you really seriously your first words ever saying so what about this so so like you to
00:11:52first one like gary pritchard a post you mean like susan post it in his mind's eye to tommy right Yeah your guys posted they like as soon as a girl posted he might just been on the feet like right then i'm not really that it's like oh not
00:12:09really so you had to be the first like if he's the first like it he's the first night every fall on the page he likes every photo on page very i don't know that that's going to happen no way you could be notified tryingto say he's she he's
00:12:24notifications that's a whole different thing now you're adding elements story are you still the first one there waits yesterday you got a lot of people told this route you wait with that statement thinking something up with that wouldn't happen i would have become a jesus like baby you
00:12:39have too much time your hands like you need to get a job because it looks like you ain't got no job okay we'll give you some cover your job is to stay connected to the social i just don't believe like buddha's pictures they like no not my mere
00:12:52okay so so this is this is a public service announcement we have standards so what no man no way he's gonna be with us is gonna be doing that way also the thing i'm not i'm not sitting there like oh i saw you like that picture first i
00:13:05saw you like that but that next one first like i'm not i don't worry about that no i'm pretty sure about that Listen i have a lot of room to shoot a roll call people that i'd probably like the first way i mean come on preach yes obama
00:13:19pose like are you but that's the thing who cares like you don't like me champagne poppy great like it's no big deal honey there's too much level their travels there's levels it may have been a big deal when i was in high school but maybe when i was
00:13:40in high school smells of this male's of all you know the word by getting me anything i was too because i have all money i could just go up to stream by monster that's true to a lie that's a lot of the women you get what you have
00:13:55all the means in the world but empty and don't work but see mommy has my my man is not crazy nuts no and he knows better so he's going to give me something i don't know how you have to do that i don't have my man good god
00:14:09wait grabs a damn laces aboutthe that something had time way fall over anything because you're weak you're weak you're not no it's it's with with age comes wisdom bright and maturity you would hope and so at a certain point in a woman's life you know what you want
00:14:33and what you don't like what you're an intolerant which you're not going to tolerate because like she said if she went with her man she has a whole roster of all the men that want me with him on the roster rasta russia that's more than one person right
00:14:45thank you thank you thank you ever go on the roster every girl and every girl has a go breaking news your grace theo like jasmine is the biggest lie so let's not even go if we're gonna do that well well if we're going to do that wait there's
00:15:13always someone you could know whether you use those raster pigs as a whole don't know rubio every year as a rough there's always someone you could call it what you got it will be on the roster you had to have that you have been in practice at least
00:15:27once in twenty no that doesn't mean that at all there's plenty of minutes shoot the shot that you know that ok you he shot his shot yet so i know if i really wanted teo write him in the game okay okay okay okay okay okay i mean yeah
00:15:43death cases a year but wait just like it men have rosters teo really about it i don't remember my father this's news e i e i sure used to have people this is this is my monday bay tuesday bay friday i'm gonna go on a date with this
00:16:05it's a sunday mago church with this one back in day yeah come on now roster you didn't have one on sunday you knew you had to go to service with because you know that's the only one mama like no that's funny it's different being that you did have
00:16:21a run okay see what i mean that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in the game not at all okay but obviously once you're in a committed relationship roster goes into fire so okay so you you told discarded or you keep it just in case he's on
00:16:43the practice squad they're on the practice they could be they could be elevated and thank your man never gets confused comes up you can be promoted into the way that any time way ok gotta run ok do what you do we don't don't do that i don't like
00:17:06it do what you do your thing do you know i hate that he didn't know you i hate the term is wack you give you you okay what do you mean hit j thank you's and maybe a lot of people do but you know how about that roster
00:17:26says you're trying to do you know that you'd never do never tempted especially if you don't want to get burned but some people take that literal really badly i could do okay let me call betty room quick let me call paula let me call susan is that shallow
00:17:40you think people shelling like that Oh please We have seven point five billion people in the world there is plenty of shadow people work come on kiddie pool shallow no way but they're not theo angle angle okay he's here he doesn't think that i just like loving trying
00:18:10to take it all then and this way it's the sports shop with recent came back well i really want to talk about it's lebron james the bronze jay's i you know i still give him a hard time on the court but he's a little bit but he spared
00:18:25for my lakers now something like give me such a hard time but this way can we say and i thought about this all the way in at some point we were no with lebron james but no more so for what he's doing out core adversaries do it on
00:18:40the court and that's significant because he's one of the best players to ever play the game treacher but it's got here man take it to a whole nother level he's taking don't know that what i'm talking about is that yes so you open up a new school in
00:18:52akron ohio call i promise school school would operate with a longer than normal school year with a focus on accelerated learning to bring kiss up to speed who otherwise might be lagging in addition does it focus on combat in fact this outside of classroom that calls our children
00:19:10to struggle the school also provide services to families which includes job placement assistance for parents in their own sight food but they were allowed pairs to pick up food they can prepare home was just unbelievable things to think about that i mean you live that's incredible just looking
00:19:27very fast but he's literally captured things that need for kids that don't necessarily have you know the things that you know they need to be successful so i'm all for this much of hate on lebron i'm every other player take notice but put on notice you know i
00:19:44mean step your game up he's outside he's obviously spent his own money into a swell a sweaters are some other partners i just think it's weird now let's hear from the broad james talks about it's talking to rachel nichols about the open in school oven akron you're a
00:20:00guy who has one three nba titles for m v p s and yet you will tell anyone who listens that opening this today is one of the greatest moments greater than any of those and i got tape of you in game seven of the nba finals sorry are
00:20:12you mean it i do i do mean it it is i can sit here and be a loss of words which i am now just you know it's my first time here when walking these hallways and seeing you know when i was driving her just the streets that
00:20:27i walked you know the stores and some of the stores are still up when i was growing up you know to be sitting here you know with my foundation it was unbelievable and first shot out and great credit to michelle campbell she's the right hand's all of this
00:20:46and instead actor public school system who allowed us to even do something like this it's a moment and i'll never forget it and hopefully you know the kids starting with the two hundred forty kids that we have going on here right now starting today we'll never forget it
00:21:00either come bloom that's awesome you guys gotta cut some lebron some slightly season or some slack you know how you guys give him kind of a hard time taking place off okay i just i was just wondering when i'm just you know what we're talking about okay I
00:21:19mean he even gave kudos to his teammates you know the lakers and how he felt like he'd go to other teams he got a gun in the six years he said that yeah okay i thought about it about playing in houston but said he decided to stay go
00:21:33lakers got kind like the challenge so you know they go avid lakers fans how do you guys feel about that I mean he's wonderful i got a zeiss safe from the beginning you know he said i've got to play basketball but it's not going to take away this
00:21:49this is great stuff embassy where he's over here alter court and put his money where the market said kids a card is for the one kids to college and then he's doing this stuff here i believe so but you still gotta make a jump shot last two minutes
00:22:04he still got it he has to take this for true so what do you think the hope for other athletes should be in terms of how he step his game up we're all tore off the court yeah that's really clear jane it rolls out of school too okay
00:22:17but you know it was he didn't get the and that was probably a handful of people he didn't get that didn't arrive to that because he's not the bride right so i just let it be clear by that but i applaud what i like about where the bronze
00:22:30doing his three things right this and if you've been around the space a little bit you understand community schools a big organization that we're even having robin dorm one issues that have that is what it will try to bring the kids and teach him and the same things
00:22:45that the brunt of doing the parents not even engaged because there's a case in that way she'll be they don't have jobs so he's fixed that he saw that as well then the kids when they go home not a reason doing away they eat they get food because
00:22:58they were free with the free reduce lines about the weekends they have nothing so they had a bad press they'll put food in the back passing and they bring it back past some on monday and we were feeling about friday he saw lebron assault to his wealth has
00:23:12got the food shall i mean bank there as well he's doing the right way right But jane in don't and jada rose up like the other guys well they've done something to himself but this unbelievable hey saw all the problems he's he's evil all the barriers that kid
00:23:27would have growing up and trying to learn each other good job doing that is he talked about you as you say he mentioned about why you joined the lakers and i say we have say about that record i like the challenge of being able to help the team
00:23:43get to some places that they haven't been quite a while you know quite a while so don't make the playoffs and a few years ago ok the lakers organization in the historical franchise matches up there with all the greats you know you can look at you know the
00:23:58cowboys and you could look at the patriots you could look at a man a manchester united boston celtics these are like historical franchises and for me to be a part of it just you know i think it's a great move for now and maybe from my family and
00:24:13for that you know the history of basketball general in the history of basketball yeah history of basketball okay e i just touched him so he's oh my god i know people in the history of basketball definitely because we've given this night i mean they are the history of
00:24:36basketball with dale but you put wolfe that's all next savoring way i mean come on now that you put me in their respective fields they're both a great way so you knew yeah why is another saying no i would even argue that nick no it's not actually physically
00:25:13playing he is not right and lebron is actually physically playing and winning the championship he has a more difficult days ok is to recreate himself out a team in the organization that he's built year after year after year and to continue the level of success that he's achieved
00:25:32at the university of alabama in tuscaloosa the capstone of higher education and the reigning and defending national college football champ who wrote down time yeah that is way in the women's college football program in the last dickie thank you and somebody and now we will take the office
00:25:51but i'm sticking their offering to take the missionary offering way hold my church in birmingham like it off like it was going good god you don't get going tc no first you put like a with it out like now you know modern day church has gotten bad you
00:26:17gotta get something before you go you gotta get some sleep Teo Going on between you two you gotta walk around with a money belt Hey but after you giving you everything that they were a rock god Wait you got your missionary offering the past way in the door
00:26:57What as he does say increase in this room and a little paint a nickel wait don't need a brother to come in or santa right What the building work for the other money that's always with kitchen mens come on come on somebody you know you have a great
00:27:19meeting you mount him green she said is that really you okay ms animated picking a potato salad yeah right teddy's going up you think about all that chicken love is just a nervous bird this we no longer eat chicken way need a file that's more about it ticket
00:27:49saying about it what Some i pulled every chick fillet right now what you do only on this boy shop can you go from car to be waiting on the same same hour i got my main man with the green look and the reason i like that you send
00:28:14the weak because everybody everybody listen it's like i get that get that they understand making eight offerings in the sun way listen to card to be on the way to church that's right you crave got injured and then the sooner you get out in the parking lot i
00:28:29like it that's good i mean that's that's a good way have your past talking about what you listening to you know say thank yu were there like you don't know right i'm married you pushing your being with zachary you building thank you it is to have not teo
00:28:52First lady got to dress right you know you're my first out here looking on you told that's right No great swath may raise the money Come on somebody it's the sports shop with recent came back We got to be what i want to join us Wade got mikey
00:29:15carry on the line he's been patient he's been waiting And of course he wants to call in a really Whenever you do it you pussy got his background I see what this is all about You was talking about lebron and his school but that might Michael Morning No
00:29:34good morning michael how are you know not good morning need harding the farting over lebron fun Well there's so many guys you know and i admire the fact that he's gone tio organization that with a history of losing failure well never got here you've got a hit on
00:29:54a challenging place you know basically basically with a lloyd kaufman tonight yeah your slave driving hard You know push without a history of women's place like alabama you know doing toe new york new york yanks No he liked that down he going someplace like that you know he's
00:30:21got a history of that clearly on their five bill but you look like a guy like david robinson You know i had a past one and i like to write a check put it to make it I didn't go out please right the lord demands from you your
00:30:42time your talent and you're eat you you know driving through that neighborhood right david fade in the community of help you know he not only gave of his money but he gave him his time which is the most precious thing we have Not everyone has money Everyone has
00:31:06This is true and they don't print up a new time So you know when people are talking about that i admire be the check writing because you know some people want to do that If you have been a lot came back you know that preach brother breeds I
00:31:27thought the alligator on a check coming can really get itself by you know yeah yeah you know war room was that you know I think to me it would have meant a little bit more If it was here The check I got to go You know he could
00:31:47build his empire You don't have to go to los angeles No man Come on See i knew this was gonna happen man but this place will be plenty of wind and help you know not exactly like that city champion I knew this was gonna happen I knew it
00:32:04commited lebron goes in los angeles and because he's going to a franchise with a pedigree a winning in the history of championships it was going you know people just weren't going to get you get you know given the credit for it see this role does that take away
00:32:18from what he's doing and does not take away from this talent Now that he's going to a winning team called michael ok going to michael listen to michael right now Yeah yeah why can't he do something like cady will go go to a bad situation Yeah There you
00:32:34go My good ugo that let me down baby it's Okay I like new rim shot Thinking that earlier if he don't he's super talented why not bring a negative situation to a positive go to a losing team and bring them up Because he's on his last his last
00:32:55physical leg you know you've got to get three one coming What james just for you guys we gotta go like you see emma's layup lines No i didn't know if you got a last life You should be icing and leg battle reversed because he got shot for the
00:33:13kids Come on come with me john John shows up for the kids This show gives her a hard time Oh that's right rest up jeffrey onboard that for her that's right because she never heard of him No lt d anything like that afraid she was going to say
00:33:35a car which way would have been a good asset What is the car You know maybe that full sized model anyway you know I mean i like doing it i think you know but this time i mean doing it in a community that you're even that just you
00:34:00know that me it does diminish it a little bit and i think they just wanted to know he didn't forget about michael that's all i just want to know him but you know i'm not one of the fact that he's out there you know he's using it is
00:34:13a narrative got i admired me guys like dave robinson who started the school didn't put a lot of us out there stayed in the community and continue to stay personally involved in the school personally Okay michael thank you very much for your for your company's my mic these
00:34:30cummings i'm not defending of this more shop and medicine d d oh yeah d basketball thing This white man i really don't think it makes it They have a good there buddy Using their it's the sports shop with recent came back you came back You get your roster
00:34:48can scoop around What is yes right riggins the whole family's here It's easy it's Easy behind a glass producer So intern jasmine over there Hold it down for social media Roster clears in the rocks The queen my friend She got to roth asi rotating meat No bi weekly
00:35:08shopping on the day that way But you got a way with a side of dave Wait You got to get that sign up here that i do I want to myself the first thing you gotta know This is very good They think there's a closed hearing But i
00:35:28got over you You step back I i only have two cards in my hand I hey right back She said that with a bunch of hats in front of you to think of the head with a go sign today two one hundred pushing on site way Do tigers
00:35:58really turn around Go back by saying what What like the technique Wait Tech nerds run the world you know She tossed that alabama has what you playing We'll tell a lie You know that that's a dazzle our government did not even on that table Okay it was already
00:36:21picked our okay Been picked That time again that that's like wait don't don't don't you get that you don't don't don't don't don't get other lithe last she needs is to get closer to the line wait guys one time should keep you far away from the line and
00:36:52told the lies watching so you think i like the way his his course i got for you you have a crystal from your parents by accident and try to make up for it no not back on purpose so like okay is a certain age i think at twenty
00:37:09five think it was more like that e my players are cutting to me i think i owe you man clutching my pearls like i didn't even know you do that way ok it's always going to do it for first time trying to cover it up real quick my
00:37:30dad doesn't like it he thinks it's not ladylike okay well the thing is our situation hello somebody think things are best friends so we keep it one hundred each other oh yeah going i mean not towards each other but just we're passionate about certain situations we get you
00:37:50know get it how young were you were doing that teenager okay okay okay see if you like see like in my community you've got to be like forty five we do i'm going to go right now mostly one right Right So you know any white man you could
00:38:06be like seven years ago my mom and they like ten years old because i want that person you like you like whatthe show where you passing out seven he's laughing over there So let's look into that more like twelve Yeah wait todo you because of what you would
00:38:38you take your life away and you with that i mean you could You could end up missing the only milk guard for real but what does she was saying I mean where did you learn that from their work all over because you i could think of your mom
00:38:52was talking to She was for two moms like say a grown folks business like mom you say right e what she would have said i'm not going about the floor mom again Well you could oh really no it's grown folks i pay the bills too how about that
00:39:15we stopped you because everyone that i know i know this game is cool with sitting in front of the ueno prince yeah yeah you know you could get away with that we'll know yeah i'm not crazy i might be crazy towards the male population but i'm not crazy
00:39:31took my i respect mild okay i was raised by kids soon we was going to wear the people against the right about different people they don't know they put their hands on it but they don't know what i don't know them but they make a whole lot of
00:39:51this girl raised right what they hear everything what's everybody forgets them where they'll be playing we'll probably have to get my hands on you don't know family don't play way don't talk about each other but don't don't talk about homer don't talk about my god you know that
00:40:11you said that missile this was rover gets a medic crazy straight is great why should be popular car mccoy you but that's um right you straight arrow cop last time i was like you know we made it out right wait gotta go that's that's funny no we made
00:40:32now right wait i'll take the pearls off don't smooth that quick church looks like you know what that is what i do So so we all grew up right you go to church you all knew who which would lady in church was about that life oh yeah like
00:40:52she would just she would kick your shoes off you see Just test some say some out of pocket you want to oh yeah she's about their life and then right into it nobody said a thing to hear about just you know want you probably don't want to be
00:41:03oh no yes no problem yes i know she doesn't know she's caused that would leave alone just leave a long ways that's what they say wait you know just don't mess with julie was just leaving don't leave alone man yeah man problem is the world for for the
00:41:23carolina panthers as delays teo defensive back ross a cockerel he went down yesterday with a broken tibia he's out for the season unfortunate this comes on the heels of their williams defense tackle for the paths he suffered patella broken now patella and m ceo injury on sara as
00:41:42well we've been hydrating down there what's going on with that the turf at wofford in spartanburg who offered you don't put that out on two three mr richardson better still bad know they talk about moving from wife right now in the last nine panthers fans thinking that you
00:42:04know is bad they will be assad don't ever come back pick for so let him go back to your favorite mr richardson on three you know we've all made mistakes Well say something that just didn't seem like i probably i could take that back doing yeah yeah i
00:42:23got feeling Well there was that That was a choice It wasn't a mistake Well at the time it was it was emotional way all made This isn't that unpopular Yeah Late on popular still emotionally I mean when i thought you probably wanna mention yes there's a couple of
00:42:44major league baseball players probably right now on twitter his hindsight right around the time you and you're in the moment you throwing in the throes of it and and he just you just yeah comes out You hit that like and you two you tried teo lice again Leave
00:43:01Somebody really got mad at you about some land You own steady on that well And i have been asked why you keep writing this particular person pitcher so much I've gotta ask that become a time exactly because you're friends Yeah macaulay Exactly you have music friends and you
00:43:21really didn't mean it but you had to say no doubt lie i don't know i don't have the life that's why because you got a roster i mean with me i just say you know if you're welcome to meet this person if you fill it up way that
00:43:36way you know that there's nothing there now you want to do that wait here i'm very transparent keep it one hundred feet and i'm going to say yeah let's do that yeah i got no way golf talk so we all get in there right right so don't be
00:43:53mad when i want to meet her come on wait two minutes ago we oh let's go if you're going to be people you won't even get tickets right now so you care not but if we're talking about dmz i am going to pop it on how you're gonna
00:44:09do him don't you that's what they called right already called direct direct messages right we our direct messages i would hope that you love me enough to be like listen this girl's going crazy in my damns about okay let's look at it i will respond to her by
00:44:22about it through him bro it's called block did not that's true but i think i have a little fun with it first you know i don't got time for that i've been like black by i'd like taggart was goingto population you know what i was saying that i
00:44:38think one of your oh yeah you were great on that he regrets saying that and you know mr richardson mr richards want to carry on and you know he was here you could take it back you need to have a richardson and curse over them right now no
00:44:50no i think that i think it's gone it's going he's going now class that i think i think cam is doing this thing and you know the platelets has been run by around here yeah he's had a prank so he'll know that yes he opened he you know
00:45:02everybody's having fun yeah thank you until we get the fan and the fan that's right that's what just this weekend and zach arrives on friday night and maybe they're in there but you have to get ready because we got it we got some breaking news going am season
00:45:15we're breaking those button please rodriguez yes he's going to give up the update on something that we just found out this pretty significant i want people i really want people know this thiss contains i live a cz we know it great yes yeah okay well you know i
00:45:32was i was i'd like to learn and there's a study from the university of oxford that says woman who have big butts are healthy and they live longer Teo wait brick out on one load to help women i know Teo listen brother In your face you get sprung
00:46:06Yeah give his brother well there Warning That makes so this is professor constantinos mano a mano I need your help A little ab sounds great thing is the team of the university of oxford And he says women with more fat on the buttocks have lower levels of cholesterol
00:46:42and glucose science behind it in addition to their increasingly intelligent but also very resistant to chronic illness No way they got extra gland awesome Well according this's interesting i'm actually going to share it on my pages This's this's really insightful and working less dress well that's drama Yeah
00:47:10here yes way goes to it to too much of it goes all the way Sometimes it causes problems for your comeback versions of it Causes unwanted attention May cause unwanted attention maybe minding your own business and coming on one again You know what from So you have a
00:47:39better immune system You have ah lower cholesterol bucharest improved Great teo better memory healthy body everybody and decreases stress like you More flexibility let's read Healthy memory means we don't forget anything Don't forget that just just out of interest And i thought they just go along with women
00:48:06in was that they get in yesterday It's kind of like mlb in these tweets we don't forget anything all these players who decided to bring back that's all the racist we don't forget anything internet does not if you could not teach you kids one thing is that the
00:48:23internet does not go well that was your question you his age group yes so friend of yours that you find out you have been cool now you went to college and you found out they were wiling out when they was in the night green ten grand social meeting
00:48:41yeah but you ain't never seen that side of that person well i hope it's growth but i mean i want to ravens croft i want too caroline wait source i've seen certain people were you know there's hidden things there's hidden jokes that you're like you know i just
00:48:56feel like in the different setting around a different african american girl you might not say that but you know i just think you have this generation doesn't recognize how dangerous the internet can be because it follows you there's reasons why i feel like i want to put my
00:49:10kids on the internet because you know creeps they're creeps out there so there's reason why won't you know say certain things because it follows you and you want to advance in your career you want jobs people search you like there's plenty of interview is how i know that
00:49:22i go yeah we looked up your page and below but yeah yeah yeah no they want make sure you look crazy don't look but what i'm saying though is like but you haven't experienced any of that from that person you've been around for the last eight years so
00:49:33you can have a conversation about it you can have a conversation about it and you can you know but i can tell you can't judge could hopefully people have matured but how is so there's some hidden you know maybe it is i'm just curious like you should how
00:49:50did you take that like of you know if you know a person i don't think you should defend then i don't think you should go to war for them being like yeah this person's the greatest person boat unless he made him say i didn't experience that maybe maybe
00:50:01that when they were younger that you know maybe they've grown they learned and you know because a lot of problems when you toiled a lot of stuff you're talking fourteen you know what you were talking right not what you know right what i believe in it there's a
00:50:13difference absolutely using your parental guidance in terms of controlling what your children are doing control booth drove tomorrow it's the sports shop with recent came back we're going to the phone right now should hold for a while and talk to you later for a minute just brought it
00:50:31out on the a u circuit i'm sure you've got some balls she called and she wants to chime in on yes he's right rygel study that she gotta share with us the last segment uh welcome to sports chat but you do it hey wait a minute you guys
00:50:48i feel like a different situation before with you i got a little out there okay that they were not when i was in there with those lady definitely where is right yep okay and yes yeah you made a comment about women with big but you you know back
00:51:11in the day i did a little research study and that way we get a single male type at a positive female type way got the beauty but legs and belly hangs out you know and the female we look like a pair you but big great okay fry is
00:51:29less than one versus grace no way that those people that actually have the same cholesterol number the ones that had the male pipe at a posse so the big bellies okay e worth it it was stuck sort of war uh intensely then the other type of the cholesterol
00:51:53even that was a number so they can get more heart attack stroke you know the exact thanks so out with the big bucks for this hi pat posse so even that same cholesterol number that class was not harmful that's interesting teo so it all depends on where the
00:52:12fact is allocated to from right That's my man tend to have more heart attacks Then women can They pinto had more male type and a possible but you'll see those guys walk around town like pears Are you sure they're not having heart attacks because of the pear shaped
00:52:28booty women Oh wait the women I have a hard time because of the men having heart attacks because the pair shaved women i guess You're getting better that's it and i wanted to come in on you know bambi thio going hurt that okay First it's so comical how
00:52:53the media is making it like well lebron didn't want kawai naoko i didn't want lebron like lebron didn't want paul doors that he didn't want him and now they're talking about kobe coming back did you hear that rumor Because we're gonna play that lebron grandfather can't come back
00:53:12that that that's not happening and then they're talking about now that next year deal going to trade for kawai from toronto give up england for a bit but laurent didn't want to do that this year He didn't want to sacrifice all the young pup Oh my god you
00:53:27guys are they go in the tank is obviously they want a role in his future movies So i mean is so disingenuous It's like brown nosing to the degree to get a doctor in that so you feel like people on and then i want to chime in and
00:53:47nothing james woods Mmm Jamis okay okay Exact okay i don't know that guy i'm sorry but the things he does against women if you could if you chain that you know you guys all biggles some anti discrimination stuff i've been listening and i'm with you on it whatever
00:54:09he does to a woman i want you to take that word out and put your favorite word in that makes you upset the most intimate how you feel good good people all that you get upset when people discriminated against or talk bad towards or do some bad towards
00:54:25so you're saying people aren't outraged enough about james's misfortunes i'm you know he's ah he's going now if he did any of those things to another certain group of people and he didn't look the way he looked he would not be in the league i'm just telling you
00:54:44all that women are allowed to be discriminated to get freely and it's no big deal i agree when there's another group this discriminate against awards said on the twitter when somebody was saying something about somebody's sexual orientation all weekend together and he was the minute i found out
00:55:01he also says something about somebody else another floor off then well he just upset that he got caught on his mistake of saying it but we know that's who he really is okay i i agree that women are looked at are not viewed issues that they have people
00:55:19have against women are not viewed as heavily as they should be and are not there no as many repercussions as it could be so you're saying the league should do more so at least be harsher teo outcry outcry people tio he has the mature the guy is basically
00:55:39a alleged rapist and he always assault in ah women i mean who jumps in front of the front seat of others over and start grabbing people i mean the same thing but the same thing with being roethlisberger too i mean ankle meaning wainwright this burger you name him
00:55:55he's done it twice well even been accused yes he's still around because of who he did it to if he instead said something or did something to another group of people his butt would been at the league long time ago that's a good point because the locker room
00:56:13wouldn't handle it but a lot of rooms okay if you abuse a woman you just need to go get training is really i'm just i'm trying put thiss arc on my facebook ah the one anchors from w faa in dallas was talking about jerry jones and the cowboys
00:56:30and talked about how yeah you know the factory matters that it's okay to be their women or even of whatever and you still built that was cowboy but somebody coming kneel for the national anthem days he's not ok with that i don't and on that same line how
00:56:48hard it was for riley cooper to get back into the locker room what did he do exactly well you say how was it for him to get back and i think it's going well don't say i don't think you have a difficult time it all so against him
00:57:02he was not welcome back and i'll name thinking film a leak and you think because you're using words that was waiting and my question to you is do you think there really were no one would have cared somebody okay so wait so another when he may need so
00:57:18them getting arrested you comparing how people react to the leads racism has been his present vs maybe some attacks against females you and kellerman ok oh yeah gender discrimination well okay okay and and we act like we're so above the third world countries were not right oh i
00:57:37just want you all to stay and keep in mind now i don't wanna make it to eddie but when you look at some type of discrimination when it happens it gets a woman just take that woman worn out and put your other word in there and see how
00:57:49you will react and do it vice versa and then that tales may parsley whether i should be offended or not i think discrimination guards who it is and whether there's still discrimination does way should do a better job but she's okay eyes from blamed because society doesn't view
00:58:11is equals but we'll be alone That's the whole time we get into that right you know treat their about equal and and pm aka for action and getting punished when we should and then move on but certain things you do no one wants you to move on this
00:58:27there another things you do no one even wants you to get you know they think what hat that's how he you know he would grow up you know i'm sorry but you are ah standing up and and ah ah lunch room yelling at the stuff that jamie's winston
00:58:44yelled out there's no way i'd have that man anywhere on my payroll can i know if he yells something else out and you guys were offended by that there's no way you would even be accepting him anywhere you know in your circles great awesome way say you give
00:59:06us what that was no exact how you feel and that's what i would love your charming on show research is about you know the most important part is that i love you guys and i listened to everyone even when i'm on the road on a circuit through suit
00:59:19always miss new york right tell him eh you people any start listen they made me know that he learns and red lines that i said i have a great way good i take here you've been listening to the best of the sports shop podcast with recent came back
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