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Let’s face it, from top to bottom, your WooCommerce store, any kind of online store run on WordPress, needs to be maintained. But whatever you do in all this, don’t forget about your content. Thanks to our sponsor: Get 50% off the first three months of any plan of GoWP WordPress Maintenance and Support. Just use the code: BOBWP A couple of things had me thinking about content and how to maintain it.  The Challenges of Store Owners When Creating Content In a presentation recently at a local WordPress meetup, “How to Create a Content Strategy for Your WooCommerce Online Store,” I opened with the fact that store owners struggle with creating content.  Their focus is on the store.  Is everything running smoothly?. Are orders being fulfilled efficiently? How are my conversions doing? For sure, these are things you need to be on top of. But the session was lightly attended because creating content is scary to contemplate and often, hard to keep up on, especially for small shops. If I mention blogging, podcasting, v-logging, whatever, I see concerned looks on their faces. So creating the content, let alone maintaining it, is a challenge. Site Maintenance is Critical Of course, as with your car, your house, everything around you, maintenance (and our sponsor for this episode, GoWP, does a great job of keeping your site running smoothly.) You need to have someone there to support you when things go sideways. You cannot afford to have your site down. Plugins breaking. This translates into money lost. So the focus on site maintenance is a natural.  But What Does Content Maintenance Mean? Let’s say you churn out the content, whether it’s via written posts, videos, audio or a mix of all three. You occasionally update your content as your store and products grow, to reflect those changes. These are likely your product pages and some static content that needs to be changed. But as you add more and more content, things tend to build up. Then it’s time to plan maintenance for your whole site. Six Ways to Maintain Your Content 1. Repurpose Your Exisiting Content When you create a mix of content, there are creative ways to extract additional content from your existing posts, videos, etc. Or the opposite. Maybe a short video or post will inspire something more in-depth. There are a lot of ways of doing this. Check out our post on repurposing your content to get more ideas. 2. Get Rid of the Dead Wood There may be posts wallowing on your blog that are pretty much worthless. If you were to go through your older stuff, you would probably agree. But with an online store there might be much more dated content that is crying to be removed. Maybe it’s something you can’t update. Maybe the product you were writing about has been discontinued. In any case, make sure you have your redirects in place and if you can redirect to another post or product, do it. 3. Keep Tabs on Broken Links and Streamed Content When it comes to broken links, save yourself some time and
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