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00:00:09Rite Aid real company your own life money for another week very shortly what are the strategies based full cast and also Economist and he said bring it because he looks at the future of the future but not taking a modeling business she's been this way as Australian cricketer of the Holy Spirit who said I still playing for the matildas the soccer team at the same time
00:01:09show me free super I knew I should have more money in your pocket of the text system as well as Kohl's money let's get started. He's a very old friend of mine is the fan and the continuing director of August World which is one of the four most economic models and full cast not been around the world so if you want to know any industry in the United States
00:02:09individual companies in southern industry as well as Global business the fastest growing companies in Australia Australia story of is a fact that he has adapted to change through the day as much as a star has a lot of money so it's about those three things the fact of the matter is during the past 3:40 guys as you must be nice but I should probably be in your heart when you provide information inside
00:03:09all the UK
00:03:13that's cool I mean I'd always hope we wouldn't do that but it took a long time to get there really rough because I thought in 1971 and I had wanted it to be an online database companies in doing what you just said but the market was ready for an Australia and for that matter what you've caused didn't have the technology for online distribution like we take for granted today in the Saints for something like about 20 years old so we had to go into strategic Consulting to the major corporations paying the future but that was probably feeling helpful when we did finally go online and not in a T8 and then of course that's bedroom though I'm in these that's what it's made of viable of course we're in the back to you mm so we have to buy that time
00:04:02do you have a good idea crossed but you can be ahead of your time and that that can present a problem as well and so we have to wait I didn't use it will most before we can do what we wanted to do and the Gang I would see something. Which is never easy for striping companies in many ways prove little easier than getting side of in this area and we were very fortunate we went the United States and it's now a biggest operation and way but I thought the biggest by the intake with another world's biggest Supply. Intended to finish the Immokalee information but I took some very good people I just wanted to do something to be creative and Innovative and I suppose that's me and then you need a ring. Builder and of course I that's been my second son actually Justin and it's saying that he got it around 11.30 we just keep typing up countries when I ask another and we'll cuz it's raining at least in right B&H Tommy at the country thought I was moving it takes about 6 or 7 years to break even but we got to go long
00:05:02Pockets long patience Ross someday that's one of the reasons a business to build a pretty substantial one by the price of technology technology comes along the gentrification in some ways of Aries in a previously how to make your decision to strategically in this world around the world right now
00:05:51I think there's a couple of Clues they just say I just finished all the future for a kid's Richard does take a lot of those questions for younger people in their parents as well but that's another story it's called a future for a kids but please reason created Quinn Stefani at where the future is is twice three questions probably so what is it that has holes are not doing today by absolute seen that they used to do and what are they going to give up in the future because very few was trying to understand rossed at least wanting for the jobs in the sky that I was never got 30 million jobs one in for didn't exist in are in 65 until family started at sorting things like cooking or eating out or eating fast food like in the loans mountain bike any children mind mind and Vicodin
00:06:51and we've been I've got something in any case of the training and jobs but just didn't exist until we begin to ask Dad about a million of those for businesses on cleaning with drain cleaning stop stop running around Canton stop doing the Run Trucking when I used to be manufacturers white back so I want to things when you look at the Futures what is it that a family or I was walking to give up an app source which will create a new industry for you and I think that a question the third one is what is technology going to do it move it take Lee what's the technology do you think mine come true that I should be really well aware of and obviously the one at the bottom just won't be cool the digital era which is faster broadband that's the combination of artificial intelligence software which is coming 335i coolant leak switch when you get out of Big Daddy so I'd like to see today's yet and that is transforming of course it's dry it's destroying some of these days video stores officially gone department stores on the way out
00:07:51something like online to popsicles come in they have a Bible amazon.com worry by Set It Off I think the other things I need to straighten the holidays that's not a bad spot and I think everything always lie to people
00:08:13when we should never feel this way to be enough jobs for the people that may not make it to get a degree or two at the University because in my experience can go back to the hundreds of years and go for another hundred years and you'll still find it very hard to push the jobs don't require a very high IQ and don't require you to go and get when it went into to University degrees and then it's because somehow or other we always got enough Jones today's date intelligent and in the base fortunate intensive I like you as well but somebody else and businesses is it that the generation has become lazy or is it smoke please have fan wise to have souls and day for you so I provided employment
00:09:13what are the coin of course and that awesome and he's been signing the sloth is a very underrated food to really because by resulting to sloth and getting some to do it for you you really are creating job that's a very very interesting to do remember when you had your lawn thing mode by side 25 30 years ago United Site look at that light and sound sorry can't even I was on loan now if you saw was only getting one that's how I lost it before off Katie's something's of change but it's time I tried Sunday jobs it does more than that because friends multiki with your new family that you off any of that people can't even scratch themselves people in a cup of teenage K2 or even younger
00:10:13for someone to go to incoming many families which is pretty normal these days I'm dead by for working at least you ain't got the money to free up the rest of the time the devil to become communicate to use human thing you making the pressure is actually grown ups and you wish to happen to bring the kids up in the actual prices on the society that have come outside I'm trying to keep up with the rest of society will a bad thing or a bad grade registration but you think of women these days it will kept out of it to suggest that a woman would not have the challenge of being out of the woodwork and get the Conrad cheap and quick and interesting mental challenges guide
00:11:13what would be just and fair so many ways I think we are making the right decisions by having to income in and families and surprising her with you can attack the children to that sort of the formula is the thing for the formula that we had the between industrialized way Dad went to work Mom stated I'm bored out of my mind for thing and they're too much more of this drive and it's Craigslist in the extra work that extra production is waiting along the lines I mean if you went back to her daddy is the life expectancy for men was I need 3830 I eat world
00:12:13Bible signs and then the gadgets and Facebook will I'm not going to go back to the days when they was not made it back to when you couldn't even communicate communicate better than today and I'm not to miss no I think the best is yet to come by country mall and we adapt very very quickly as human being and I need as many more episodes and downside to it and even if we can be careful it better than so I know I could tell you a famous I'm 58. Do I add 20 years that if you wanted to
00:13:13tell you she's ten years younger than me now and future some business social and economic methods and continuing director of this world and one of the places will as well please thank you Ross is right across Australia Australia when you go to people through the koreas and you go to moments because it's going well
00:14:13because things are going so well will imagine you'll pretty much at the Pinnacle of you think about the fact that you just play 9 Cypress example the best cricketer in Australia now that's the case for always. Because ellyse Perry Justice wake has been 9 Belinda Clark Middle School in other words the best cricketer in Australia remember all the lights. 27 years old and she averages 6761 point 7 with the bat in women's test the third highest average full-time she averaged 50 points to 7 with the vet Monday I got the six highest average of all time it goes It's amazing she was the youngest of trying able to play international cricket she died before his 17th birthday
00:15:13remember to the matildas with Cricket that's what I like. Thank you but still call me I didn't really going to like little bit of a surprise so I think because you could have said all those things and just in time about stopping the matches you playing and what they came up to so you don't really think about I guess the 12 months that's gone by so yeah that's not true it's really cold reflect on that and the success of the team Chad and yeah just how enjoyable a year it wasn't really not substance
00:16:22yeah I think there's been quite a large group investing in the car in the strange thing that is really experience that that change and dynamic between what was probably you know I said it professionally plasma clip-hot time and then you know you had study or work commitment that thought of this boat so now they now fully professional pool time came that travels the world and then play a game for leaving it is quite incredible and I think a lot of that really appreciate it and enjoying this stuff pretty incredible when you're in your career you got me was you concentrating on that butthead you remind playing with the Matilda playing football for Australia National Football
00:17:10yeah that's right cuz we know the ins-and-outs of international football and cons of flying Club football somewhere else around the world and they not playing but yeah I do know that I'm in Australia is currently he's trying to scrape paint color is the best tide times for in the country for same out the easy part I want a pretty good he's in a situation where you going to sit there and see what I can get myself up or is it still at work to see what the next thing is Administration something altogether different
00:18:10as wonderful as sport can buy in Ankeny flying along sometimes it's really sick as well and it can I bring you back crushing down pretty quickly so yeah I think pictures of where the game is out of the name of the background for little girls is but me and try to bring for a professional experience you done of the things. Yeah I think it's really important to have that in the back your mind just financially I think we took a little while ago and I was saying how about 4 or 5 gallons in a tank just this year and out to afford to buy that first time because there's being crazy now payment which is a fantastic seeing how it starts think that that is a brilliant understanding of just how well as a commercial sport
00:19:10trackmania and sky from Horizon is cyber x what is that little thing in the back of a couple of cafes and some other people and really enjoyed that was lit by set of coffee smells and really enjoy that industry and then I started playing you know around hot performance in your running organizations and then getting the best out of Team sorry I bothered by the fact that you staying so enjoyable playing at the moment
00:20:10I'm still learning a lot I think you're my husband and I also enjoyed learning about it and it's been nice if you had to go into the cafe and just order coffee and I'll have to try out for it. Think of yourself this week wherever did you have a look at these and going to have a look at the double century the lights Perry scored at North Sydney on 203rd in the women's I should stay stay I am I going to tell you it was just wonderful to watch it the believe that clock made a list amongst other things this year at least.
00:21:10it's always a great friend to come on and I really appreciate a ride across Australia cost money young run around the country version but also the age pension in the person who's done really well and you lost most of strident will end up on at least some age pension from the government and the why would you do that we offer yard of them is you go to if you like and by step drawing a bit of advice from the bed with your assets as you go into the engine size
00:22:10and as a result he wants to create some form of equity through the system and what that means is that the budget and collection will David Clifton is superannuation so as a result that means that they was potentially more money for those as well off but it was another aspect of this rut in the middle but not necessarily be in the sweetest of spots they don't fully on an HP engine they living off their own income is a difficult place when smoke comes out of the association of funds is a stat that all I really think it's fascinating and that is if you go back from January 2007 when the ice age pension changes will not hide the number of people on age pensions fail from 2.57 million that was in the
00:23:10number 2016 2.9 full moon in March 2017 it's continue to fall from there to 2.489 million in September last year so we give or take a full of the bass part of well I D 1000 people 81000 people I no longer getting an education that they were previously received right now the pre budget submissions are going in from a variety of organizations giving advice and information to government as I sit up this year's federal budget during the week if one of those is the association of towns in Australia Its chief executive talk to Matt and fight is on the lawn right now that he's not that the government's wake the pool such that rides in the community when they were trying to do it has seen the best part of i d 1000 people suddenly not be pinching recipient anymore
00:24:09April 3rd really big change after time the government was looking to do two things one it was looking to ensure the sustainability officer graduation system so it was trying to take people out of the age pension and the second that you was trying to do was reduced amount to text him fishing but people getting and you remember who the cap put on superannuation of 1.6 million for an individual to the overall effect as you said it's 81 Payson Picture People are now on the age pension and we're like you to see if people superannuation balances grow as we drive to 2054 like you to see about 50% of people relying on the age pension Fuller in part and 60% of people fully funded in retirement by themselves that was the intention of the superannuation system but in the meantime we are going to see this transition which was a large numbers of people with no longer qualify encourage patient and having to be cell phone that retirees
00:25:09all we know is that they touch you know a couple of stores that they've got all these be there superannuation savings they might have acid outside Superstar some of them may have rental income from investment property so they may have other types of saving others may be downsizing but we do know is that the problems were saying Ross and retirement is is as follows people are generally under consuming they've got a family home or Capital that's in liquid and their Overby questing that they're leaving too much money to their kids and see what we need to do is drive down to the quest darling some liquid into their asses and allow them to have a better quality of life and consume more all the time being wary of the fact that increasing on Jeopardy means that they have got some rest but ultimately if they do fall down below a certain level they still can qualify for an age pension but you give me some parents and grandparents with kids who were working and particularly that rule of essays if you're any less than $450 a month which is
00:26:09whatever then your employer does not need to pay you should pie compulsory superannuation and we can do it more and more people going to needs more money in retirement has h-care Costco up healthcare costs and more people working in the gig economy and have him if you're a woman and you're working as a Locum in the pharmacy and you're working across two or three different pharmacies you may not actually get above 450 in many of them until the situation that you're losing I was on your superannuation guarantee that's what we like to see if we like to see a situation where people were working in those type of situations aren't making for 50 lb take away the 450 limits that we start to get people introduce the superannuation early as possible and then get people to make sure they consolidate their account account and that they start to get the benefits of time and compounding towards the retirement saving
00:27:09extended coverage of superannuation to the self-employed or you will be responsible for your employees have got to come visit 1.2 million people according to the Australian Bureau statistics that are independent contractors but we are worried about that he said the Sham Contracting Australian how did you see you can't really get up in the morning and getting to your zero emissions car and drive to the farmer's market and buy Ithaca raise goats milk and then come back and exploit somebody in the cash economy to change
00:28:09Kohler cut the grass responsibility to make sure that the people that come and do work in our houses the people that we engaged in the economy are getting the protection of superannuation guarantee only suggested that there should be a cost of a contractor called independent contractor in between being an employee and being an independent contractor independent contractor who would qualify for sgm what they do more people move on to platforms like Eric after an Uber ecetera we should be able to use these platforms to put the technology in place to allow people to get itchy as part of their effort in the economy long wondered why the government even allowed this to come into flies and that was allowing self-managed superannuation funds to Bar Melbourne and Sydney particularly have reason I'm a put a Sleep Inn in the property markets with the circle that I'm limited recalls borrowing Arrangements by superannuation funds and the
00:29:09wyses well with money that he supposed to be risk-averse and money today for retirement purposes are the chances that somebody down the track is going to blow up the numbers are quite dark in Philly 2009 the borrowing them to lender for sparring the superannuation worth 400 500 million billion thousand percent increase and a huge so what we have is large numbers of people relying on what is primarily a Libras residential property houses in their superannuation and yes it's limited course dovid blows up and you have to sell her and you in Korea lost it wiped out your super feel like he has always get you probably have the only other ask that you also have these another residential property at your living there and so what we see is people nice
00:30:09exposed to a single after class and relying on Leverage and putting their superannuation savings and their retirement 25.4 in June 2697 significant the chief executive of the association we appreciate you was on Greenwood right across Australia live money is the age of 20 and the age of 60 if you could put aside problems
00:31:09that they sleep regulation system right now has got ultimately I'm moving towards 12 the same price as a result of those people full behind so the question is should putting more money into this gospel has been the best thing for people and the best thing for Strada well that's playing argued right now by the Gretna Institute economic ideas at the Gretna Institute
00:32:09because those gaps let's go take a look out for themselves and retirement you raise the prospect of this might not be the best use of people's money and maybe they should be given the future position where we want to ride for Tommy comes between Khalifa. It's at the bottom then the superannuation guarantees probably not the best way to do it and the reason is because you mentioned introduction we have a contributory system really fast in hours how many times it's them sorry Beyond the Edge pension you get out what you put in sorry you know if you have too much during your life so you can have those Curry breaks if you want
00:33:09call wage if you happen to be a woman to work part-time and you end up with lower time exciting and to use the super annuation guaranteed lifting that to 12% as good as what he's currently legislators to try to solve that problem then you going to make those people that are already pretty low income in his dream a working on they going to be worse off than I waking life in order to make them better off in retirement and what we know is that does at the bottom of the income distribution even though they're at much higher risk of of poverty I'm if you look at that retirement income sources that pre-retirement comes there actually doing relatively arcade in Raton it's literally having a replacement write off a prevert imma need it anyways that's close to him more than 100% so using the suit that guarantees the right to try to help low-income in his he's not necessarily the right way to God I didn't agenda. Space where women do tend to unless it's not going to really help either because the suit that guarantees paid as a fixed proportion of your earnings sign on .5 sitting out in the future
00:34:09Osaka close the relative gap between men and women oughta because you know I will save more too so they won't be any change in the relative got free superannuation guy and say you will make people worse off before full retirement I didn't world of them I'm away you know we don't have much then why why just alright that doesn't seem like the best deal the money to die better off the money tonight right about people being at risk is on poverty retirement soup is not the best way to deal with the problem it only looks it individual so I can use Supra top pops or something like that which is a lot of proposals really I used to say you know increase the loan comes to bring rice and tax offset which gives you an extra bit of money if you're allowing, device on your taxable income it only looks of the individual and I look them in the point in time
00:35:09it doesn't look at them at the end of the lost when you some see how well someone is done through that working a lot so you can get quite a lot of money to pay for 3 days so donations that actually end up helping people who had temporarily lost in Compton giving you but I don't require High lost Hunting come and you know actually capturing the fact that a lot of people every year and a half so sorry you might be allowing how many are in a household that works part-time as part of a household the text he got caught a high on your income and so you might be getting quite a lot of money through that message it's actually help people who actually well off as a household and so using the pain she's a much better way of ensuring that everyone has it I mean I'm leaving standing in retirement because you can't I get at the house all you see what people have got to by the time I retire this is that okay well how did you do in life well you know you had some sick for a long time maybe you did have quite a few children by DWI had a period of unemployment you couldn't get a job for a while you know that's really tough so you know we're going to make sure you have a minimum level of the pension that's going to get you
00:36:09and give you a recipient retirement income and we know that from from the stats that the group It's really hurting retirement I tend to be rentals that are that are on the pension guarantee or any of the SS measures to increase super tax breaks for that group that it didn't help that group is that help those it'll already retired to the page needs definitely a better wife solving that problem also identify is single women retard and decide to divorce women as well. The Lord is not changed in such a way that it's so when a couple splits I think it was in 2002 the family law right changed so that we only Tycoon 2 accounts superannuation when a couple splits up there before that it off and didn't happen but you clean when we were in the old world where people hide defined benefit pension switch willing to their employment site
00:37:09the number of using I get a pension guaranteed is a sudden proportion of their income when you split off at the age of 35 and someone's going to even going to retire from other 25 years now so you have a lot of women who are now at retirement he may be going to the house or do you know a lot of others that didn't even get a house out of out of that settlement didn't have very large that have very low earnings to the rest a lot today for Barre light sightings in retirement and the patient's definitely the best way to help ties I need the cheek of increasing rent assistance which is finally indexed to the Consumer Price Index winkflash night or hasn't grown as fast as housing cost in Bryant of the last few decades and that's really great that I definitely not struggling the mice also throws upside down about how you say
00:38:09very much is what like money with Ross Greenwood right across Australia use the podcast with a Motorola Street fun because I'm 75 and free
00:39:09I actually called you a few dollars extra missions which is important to the website anymore so I give him a call because I think Social Security because both of those cases that I can help you suggest probably depending on what you wanted to work last night. I wish you all the very best that you have a great one
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