Marty Wolff discusses his journey, post show, to help people of size find a safe place to move and think well!


Marty Wolff


A lifetime of weight-related struggles combined with his experiences on a television reality show gave Marty special insight into the social issues surrounding obesity.  He has found a solution for seeing beyond the weight and wants to share it with your audience. In 2006, Marty Wolff was selected to participate in the weight loss reality show on NBC, The Biggest Loser.  Marty has taken his experiences from The Biggest Loser and created a new health club concept called Square One for people who, like him, live every day with weight-related struggles.

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00:00:01hi everybody this is episode 112 of women seeking Wellness in my name is dr. Stephanie Mage and I'm your host and we're on the second part of an episode with the Marty Wolf The Biggest Loser person wonderful man that is now going to talk a little bit about his journey after the biggest loser I just want to also say that in the end of this episode we're going to have at our first-ever doctor ask doctor stuff segments and you can ask me any question you'd like you can call 708-808-6250 and I'll put you on the show thanks everybody
00:00:42hi everybody here we are again Marty wolf is still here episode number to still hang it on here this is fine this is a different energy I like it that's good I'm hoping I wouldn't ruin you know all men from the show like I was my biggest fear is that it's one and done and then Marty we tried with him but but he just wants more we're looking for hopefully that's not the case we're going into our second episode we're going to talk a little bit about life after so talk to me a little bit you know what I'd like to know is what's your life been like after it how how has the maintenance of this weight loss gone but what do you recommend for other people and just you know just some philosophy on this
00:01:42this whole obesity kind of thing so you know in a nutshell what is all of that I knew part way through the biggest loser that that I wanted to move on and give back to other people I felt like I've been given such an incredible gift on the show of losing weight but finding myself and I tell people The Biggest Loser was like 3 months if there before me and I really found who I was on the show and I saw things from my past that were really ugly and and I had to search to find some of the really good things you know and The Biggest Loser brought a lot of that out for me so I knew that I wanted to help other people I was a teacher to begin with so I've always had a passion to make a difference in other people's lives that you seem like like a complete no-brainer to move on and that's exactly what that's exactly what I did
00:02:41I better mention this before I move on but I'm at my wife on the show too so I brought her home with me and we are we started training right right off the bat we got our personal training certificates and we started training we did a lot of Biggest Loser competitions and stuff like that just kind of testing the waters in the fitness industry in the health industry what are we what are we really like here and you know I didn't I did not enjoy what I did for the first couple of years and this is why does Iran like boot camps and stuff like that and I got a lot of people who were Hoover Spin and people who when you promote your doing a boot camp outside at Lecom boost tend to be the fan people okay they want to do if they wanted to hold you in this role of just work me out harder and I wanted
00:03:41to talk more about the emotions in and to dig deep with the relationship with food and how you see yourself and really changing your mindset about who you are and conversations seem to feel hollow to me so the Biggest Loser actually came through Omaha they were auditioning and they let me stand in line and I promoted a new beginner boot camp for overweight people and I got 30 people and I never look back after that I found my FIT I found my right people they were people that really of course the exercising was important to them but it was super hard for them of course but they found more freedom in talking about some of the emotional aspect of the journey and that's the part that really started taking off a community started forming and then and now Flash Forward to today I have a help
00:04:41club called Square One and and it's honestly something that I feel like a lot of people absolutely need in their lives and like what you're saying is it's really not about the food it's about what what's dry like the food is actually the symptom the way it is the symptom of something else and and that you know whatever the emotional thing is that's in there it's driving you to feed it and numb yourself with food rather them face it square square on right exactly right in fat at my health what makes my health club quite a bit different is the nucleus of my club is actually a sit-down class called train your brain and it's a behavior modification course that essentially is the answer to this question why can't I just make myself do what I know I need to do
00:05:41and so that's what's really unique about the club is it we really do take a strong emphasis on people's relationship with food their own emotional health I am somebody that I like almost daily and my train your brain class I am encouraging people to go see a therapist I believe a diet is about changing your mindset it's not leaving you can go and work out you can count calories you can do Weight Watchers you can do Paleo you can do Lord knows what else is out there you can take pills you can do all those other things those things and I think those are tools that attempt to solve a problem but individually if you're only focusing on those and you're not focusing on your own emotional Journey then you're you're just trying to put out the small fires the symptoms rather than actually be on a meaningful Journey that is changing your mindset your relationship with food
00:06:41relationship with other people and how you see yourself in the world I tell people that lots of times people of size the illness of being a person of size is that we devalue ourselves we devalue ourselves so much that we just see ourselves as a 72 Tempo that's bit just in a junk pile and that's how we treat ourselves just as junk and we give ourselves junk and we eat it and we just we literally at times I feel like I treat myself like a trash can that I just pull it myself and I don't care I convinced myself I don't care and until we can start to see more value in ourselves and really build and start to like and love ourselves once we get there then we start actually sticking up ourselves and doing those things that are a little bit of hard work but they're they're worth it in the long term so it's
00:07:41I feel like everybody is on a journey of self value and lifting themselves up
00:07:47that I mean that's that is amazing and that is so much of what I do on the show is exactly that is talking to people about the Y of the Y of the why you know and Chiropractic the we have a thing where we say we don't treat symptoms you know that we are removing the interference of the body can heal itself and it in medicine they're looking at the disease and what makes you sick and in Chiropractic we're looking at health and what makes you live and what makes you well and and so if we can get to the root of the Rue and and he'll that then the other things melt away now that doesn't mean you can do that sitting in the Lotus position you got to
00:08:30better and you got you have to move your body but I don't know anybody that doesn't know what they need to eat and how they need to move their body there's no new diets out there it is about exactly what you're saying and as I've gotten older that's been my aha moment as well so thank you so much for doing this work for people I am so excited to have my listeners listen and they can listen to you tell him again how they can get ahold of you I have a podcast so they can listen to me it's called Shelby talk and they can find me on iTunes and subscribe or if they're in the Omaha area they can also reach out to my to my health club it's called Square One Health Club will thank you for doing this work and I hope that you you all listen to Marty's podcast because my guess is there's a lot more of this that you need
00:09:30do here and I'm going to hopefully put the right people in front of you and in your earbuds so that you can make some changes this year so thank you so much Marty thanks for having me I appreciate it and I hope I did well as the first man you represented as a chiropractor whether or not you're just somebody or where to adjust them thanks thank you so much Pam for calling in to the ass doctor stuff segments and thank you so much for your question you know this is a question that I get a lot in my practice because
00:10:14quite frankly people are like how do you know and you know that's why you go to school I mean I went to school for four years at my bachelor's and then I went back to medical school and it's a 5-year program so you know chiropractic school teaches you lots of things but I am not a Gasser I don't like to guess and so I have ways to assess when a new patient comes in the one thing they tell you in med school as they say 80% of your diagnosis should be on what the patient says so when a patient tells me something just recently had a patient that was telling me a whole host who are the questions I ask when I sit down need any with patients in like just talk is what other things are bothering you even if you don't think Chiropractic can help because a lot of people don't understand that when you're nervous system which runs your whole body isn't working right is interfering with it can interfere with other things most people still believe Chiropractic is about neck and back pain
00:11:13so when people come in you know I asked them about that and when you look at the picture I I use the analogy of like a Monet like if you're looking in a Monet painting or a van Gogh painting and you're looking at it an inch from the canvas it looks like a mask but when you stand back 10 ft you see the whole Gestalt the whole thing you can get a bit of a bigger picture you get to see what it's all about and that's a lot of times what chiropractors do they look at the whole picture of the whole health and they put things together in this one woman situation she had all kinds of her medical team you know doctors treating her for all these different conditions but when we linked it back it was all coming from her spine and an interference in her nervous system and when we remove that then all of a sudden her bowels got better and her bladder got better and her immune system got better and so you know I use you know not every chiropractor uses x-rays
00:12:13I from my technique demands that I x-ray people other people have techniques that don't other chiropractors and you know for me I'm a very strong believer in that you know and then I have a way to adjust people each time they lay down I have a way to assess what needs to be adjusted in what does it need to be adjusted so there's the saying and Chiropractic that you want to find it you want to fix it then you want to leave it alone and so for me I know that when people come in I don't want to create another habit and do the same adjustment every time I want to actually ask their body either by palpation or by observation or by having the patient move in different ways what needs to be adjusted in what does it some people like very traditional old-school Chiropractic adjusting techniques some like more of a light touch in in a lot of
00:13:13tractors you know decide one or the other to do and some have a little hole host in the most chiropractors have a whole host of things that you can do to to really figure out what is needed and also you a lot of times people will come in and they're like well you didn't need to adjust the right side you only adjusted the left and I'm like well it didn't need it you know if I keep doing the same adjustment your body is going to develop you know we want to make your body learn how to hold the alignment itself you know they always say like once you go to a chiropractor you always got to go and you know really what we're trying to do first off just to answer that question is like most people that continue to come to Chiropractic my patient they come not because we're creating some kind of dependence what happens is there still having to do their life and they never want to be the way they were when they came in and they know that when they
00:14:13much less frequently than when they first came in and like a crisis phase when they're in that Wellness phase it takes much less to stay healthy than to get healthy and that's one of my life taglines you know it's easier to stay healthy than to get healthy so initially they getting healthy part takes a lot of energy but once that that person is Achieve that level out there looking for them we're just there to maintain and help them so hopefully that's helpful for you you know that the big thing that I say is a no it's not me fixing you I'm removing any interference as a chiropractor and your body is healing itself until we want to make sure we do that in the best way possible for you and that could be like I said a whole host of different techniques and a whole host of different adjustments each time you come in so hopefully that's helpful everybody if you'd like to have a question answered by me dr. staff on the show called
00:15:13708-808-6250 leave a voicemail with your question and I will put you on the show again that number 708-808-6250 thanks would you like to receive a free copy of my book you can be well it's simple go to doctor Mage. Com bundle in my book along with all the resources that my gas stove given out over the years will be delivered right to your inbox is Doctor Mage DRM aj.com bundle thanks
00:15:52thank you for listening to women seeking Wellness with dr. Stephanie Mage for more information about doctor made please go to her website Dr maged calm and follow women seeking well as on iTunes and Stitcher

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