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00:00:18and welcome to the wizard in the Bruiser I'm the wizard Jake young and on the but but but but but loser holding nearly all wearing a Cape today watch here he's got things hidden in their tiny night Lou I've got a bag that's got it in for infinity
00:00:32storage space now the big fun acts number one out of my ex girlfriends why'd you have to be like that do we like that Martha sounds like the only thing you're holding in that bag is regret %HESITATION we're doing an episode that is going to be not just
00:00:49educational but entertaining Intel edutainment centre treatment edutainment all right let's just imagine that like it's a it's kind of like a snowy day at school having class didn't show up your teacher doesn't give a **** and rolling in on that combination TV VCR card comes your good old
00:01:09friend head at this and your half the class is like lighting up joints already and the other half friends in the front row and I are just going well it might rigidity did this song when I was twenty seven years old we are going to be talking about
00:01:43the influential science guy bill Sanford night bill Sanford night born on this November twenty seventh nineteen fifty five in Washington DC to some smart mother **** to some small and really weird mother **** Jacquelyn with a code breaker during World War two that was bill Nye's mother died
00:02:08in college she was a very talented mathematician and %HESITATION was yet taps you on as part of this kind of like secretive girls club of high achieving female mathematician who what yeah cryptography like this was highly highly taxed highly advanced work that needs to be done and dad
00:02:27they just kind of like had a gals club that's highly confidential we will **** murder you if you tell anyone what you do code breaking like you know we need a code that kind of level of %HESITATION of advanced code breaking meanwhile Edwin Darby Ned at night say
00:02:45that eighty times faster story about Edwin night that bill Nye likes to talk about how he was going to law school when he was a young man and didn't really care for he was kind of a free wheeling guy and so he had joined a naval contractor that
00:03:00sent him to wake islands and in nineteen forty one of the Japanese attacked him that is right he he was a Japanese prisoner of war and %HESITATION he had no electricity and that led him to become a sundial enthusiasts which I feel like it's very bizarre I think
00:03:17I would become a a play Russian roulette enthusiasm or something like that no markets I know you're not a big fan of %HESITATION bill Nye I know this is the you know you're gonna be learning a lot but I just fun fact about bill my stead he was
00:03:29a Japanese prisoner of war held in the imperial occupied China for mark is the imperial occupied China in World War two was a fun place to be I was he near a little town called none came yes our one of the worst towns in the entire world World
00:03:51War two and that saves them so well he return Edwin returned to his love Jacquelyn and the two got married and had a baby had sacks they had thirty marital sacks and %HESITATION when talking about his parents %HESITATION bill Nye will talk about his dad's and to see
00:04:08almost mono maniacal enthusiasm for sundials he will talk about how much he admires his mother is a hard working and %HESITATION math skills and the lessons that she taught him as a young man and to also how atrociously angry their marriage was yelling and fighting and fighting and
00:04:28yelling I actually didn't know that Jake they were super pissy at each other all the time he does not speak highly of his parents marriage although he speaks highly of his parents and for that reason he was kind of a single guy I'd to this day let me
00:04:41guess it went something like this I wanna break some codes I want to work I don't sundials mac cancer similar so they just make a code out of a sundial that's my but anyways Jacob sorry to make a cold out of a sundial is only one thing that
00:05:02is other symbols on it I don't know you could do that with a secret is opening inside of it do you have to turn the sundial in a certain way or something but the only thing the sundial can do is it like when it's four o'clock it opens
00:05:14up I think I could do a few more things in the back if you put wheels on it or something like that so will not young bill discovered a love of tinkering model building much like why it peaceful solitary model bill has lily kind of like me my
00:05:33parents were a bit too more truth to times and I love to put together Puzz three D. so I do understand what that was like that's what those are for for there in the real and they're the children's section on a relationship help all the time I mean
00:05:49like these darn I did the Eiffel Tower I did the White House I did the London Bridge all my god my father I'm sorry just memories to stop so he I had a love of building and %HESITATION and tinkering he would play with model airplanes to I see
00:06:05if you can get them to improve their aerodynamic I'd I'd rates he would I designed his own bicycles and build them from scratch sounds like an engineer in the making to me Jake so that's what he ended up doing he believes in in making things and so he
00:06:21was an engineering student well studied at Cornell and before that he was accepted to the Sidwell friends school do you know about the Sidwell friends school it sounds like something they would cover in last broadcast on the left exactly it's a high school haunted school full of for
00:06:39cold people now it's a highly sought while kind of its highly selective Quaker school located in Bethesda Maryland it's described as the Harvard of Washington's private schools arm both of Barack Obama's daughters attend said well it's just the kind of place I go to said well you know
00:06:55what I'm saying %HESITATION Roosevelt's son went to sit bell said well Richard Nixon's daughter went to Sidwell bill Clinton's daughter also went to Sidwell not Chelsea Chelsea indeed arm but then he went to Cornell after that yeah you're totally right and got up to get his B. S.
00:07:14in mechanical engineering but he also at that time attending Cornell he took an astronomy class taught by Carl Sagan how **** cool is that minds blown listeners thinking of course was the host the cosmos and is just beyond the pale blue dot is that where bill Nye learn
00:07:30how to be an arrogant son of a **** will mark as I'm as I'm you know what I'm sensing a little bit for this corner this tension is real but that is a real thing that like we will get into battles like I've been doing a lot of
00:07:46research and all night I made something for I made like a dumb little listicle for darkly about bill Nye and like there's two sides of the bill my phenomenon there's like the **** wheezing ads as Maddie kids that actually like body into like this science is cool who
00:08:00well wants to help me change little world young ins owned and then there were the kids in the back room like **** shut up you we're headed **** I honestly do not care about the nervous system I want to get **** no that planetary motion is different than
00:08:23molecular motion in many key way I shot though for the mother father the slender man **** I want to get my Dick sucked by age thirteen I wish I was one of those kids outside I do I wish I was but like I feel I could be real
00:08:41bad at through the smoke a joint backwards and stuff like that after touring around for a a oil company he ended up in Seattle working for Boeing bell weighing which was %HESITATION yet back to airplanes his love of flight in aeronautics is outside is profound and last to
00:08:58this day and you know it actually was his first kind of intro to doing some of that edutainment sort of work he has starred in training films and develop the %HESITATION and kinda she did did that kind of host the stuff on on sort of %HESITATION starting at
00:09:12Boeing and he also developed a hydraulic pressure resonance oppressor for the seven forty seven and if I knew that what that was I would be even more impressed I went to look it up and I was like many words bad what mad word goes I need you there
00:09:29to tell you that I needed someone like you there I think it actually suppresses both suppresses the it makes the go and but in in if you are flying in a seven forty seven to this day that specific part is still in production still in the that's cool
00:09:48arm but he was so here's the here's the thing though he's the young kind of a goofy guy said just above a pleasant nerd in Seattle in the eye of leading eighties early nineties and Seattle in the late eighties early nineties was a very happening cool place to
00:10:04be yes %HESITATION everything from Microsoft alt rock was happening out of the Pacific Northwest mud honey you you've got nerve nirvana the presidency United States of America who I have to these armed and like bring out the presidency as is with the weapons remote honey I'm not only
00:10:27yet which is you've got a long they get in famous even if the songs that are better than long come by weird al Yankovic no one is claiming don't doesn't but he's got better than I came as I kind I might be are agreeing with mark is your
00:11:01anyway back to the classic podcast thirty somethings screaming is this the Snorks of of of the night I wanted to strangle you on on my car right now your neck is just begging for choked so he started out he did his first foray into entertainment was that he
00:11:21won a local Steve Martin impersonation contest right now he viewed look at bill Nye he doesn't exactly look like %HESITATION I'd like Steve Martin he just is kind of goofy and wants to be working yeah but people who wear their claim that he embodied the Steve Martin experience
00:11:38I mean if you listen to his voice I could hear how he could definitely emulate the stylings of Steve Martin and like many and timber you know and %HESITATION I I honestly feel for the guy like I was a nerdy kid that loves comedy I would start imitating
00:11:53my favorite comedians and that made me think that maybe I had a future in entertainments and %HESITATION I talk too much in the classroom and the teacher got mad at me so I was forced to kind of curb it only do it in theater class and that's how
00:12:08I got into doing comedy well now we're gonna get to this part of bill nice career where bad stand up comedy and bad sketch comedy collide now use all bill Nye is stand up and I am I you told me about this route moments before the show and
00:12:23so I did have time to watch it I have a I have a photo right here arm man and he was already wearing the bow tie and %HESITATION he looks like professor Frink are you can find it it's %HESITATION it's just bill my eyes like first public appearance
00:12:40it's like a long comedy set but it is ramblings the jokes fall flat he does prop comedy where he pulls a wrench out of his sock I mean okay but I will say all of what you just described is like straight up the eighties comedy boom in a
00:12:56nutshell right but like it's it's bad eighties comedy it is it is it is Offaly's come in you can tell that the host only brought to mind because they're just like people if she is committed this guy this guy bill we know from the comedy scene because also
00:13:10happening at this time was a boom in local local television yes I'd you know stuff like a mystery science theater like %HESITATION stuff but local talk shows I'd you know there was kind of a boom for this counter culture comedy programming and in Seattle that was almost life
00:13:27yes almost live a sketch comedy show that was based in Seattle as we said and they sort of did find that little like it was it was broadcast on Saturday nights eleven thirty %HESITATION and the host of the show Ross Schaffer suggested that bill Nye because they were
00:13:45bodies that bill might do some scientific demonstrations %HESITATION as as and he claims and I don't think bill Nye did disagrees with this he claims he gave him the nickname the science guy it's our bill will talk about this in interviews and people they knew at the time
00:14:00to talk about this bill was not funny he was no okay in sketches but if you watch this baby to walk her that was his hilarious superhero character with his speed Walker when I watched it it was a very long three minutes of what I was like did
00:14:16I literally was like damn I can look at the time to see who's got the time is somehow getting longer like my you tube was broken on the also at this time while he was trying to break into stand up and working at Boeing %HESITATION and hanging out
00:14:30at with the I. almost live crew because he was also doing life science demonstrations at the local science museum out my guest did you grow up with like a local science museum where kids science is yeah the grace the grace museum it was about an hour away in
00:14:43Abilene it was actually pretty awesome Tesla coils and like all these weird white yeah and I look at Charlotte we had discovery place and I love to going to discovery place as the liberty Science Center in New York %HESITATION the the Boston science museum I remember visiting as
00:14:58a kid and they have the world's largest van de Graaff generator which are these huge like Bo based teddy looking metal spears that discharge millions of portable actors the and in this big demonstration this toward B. teenager raised himself in a in a brass cage and Mike held
00:15:17his hands to the cage and let the lightning strike the cage and he came out fine because of a specific effect where electricity flows around now metal object not inside of it and the blue my my I love this **** yet you touch the ball and your hair
00:15:33sticks straight out yeah arm and that's like better than magic shows better than clowns like I like this well Klaus unless there is a mess I am learning that juggler is books bill had and you know he was good at the science presentations and there was a gap
00:15:53in the almost live programming and even though bill wasn't the funniest guy around they were like Hey DO one of your demonstrations on the show and he did it and people liked it yeah people demonstrate absolutely especially when they're put done in an entertaining way because it's like
00:16:08if you can do it even slightly comically you know I I mean I would almost argue %HESITATION it's almost like a comedy songs like it only has to be kind of funny if the song sounds good and it's it's it's like EE entertaining for for a lot of
00:16:25audiences you know you've just got multiple layers at once owe you got to be careful in liquid nitrogen you have my attention yeah exactly exactly and %HESITATION this segment was a head and arm from there the segment kept appearing and %HESITATION from that notoriety he got cast in
00:16:42this is like the weirdest part of his resume back to the future the animated series back to the future enemy I watched and you can watch some clips on YouTube it was some little live action segments that he did with doc brown played by Christopher Lloyd they they
00:16:59would work together in these little segments where %HESITATION they would do to science demonstrations together it's it's clear that Christopher Lloyd like recorded all of his parts in a separate like sad yeah all at once and then they got bill my to do at a separate much shitty
00:17:14or set just silently do the demonstrations and they were incredibly popular this ran from nineteen ninety one to nineteen ninety three and this is what spurned the thing that we all know and love the show that will now stand the test of time for the children who don't
00:17:31have to get top by the teacher that day Beakman's world why **** I'm sorry I meant this yeah yeah when twenty I don't know what else to my age during that very point I am a twenty seven year old I Hey Babe I know it's only been two
00:18:08dates but I just I feel a connection and I just I yeah it where why is let I have two years old if you think that sixty nine and that is not so absolutely die nineteen ninety Hey bill Nye the science guy aired on PBS is a half
00:18:45an hour long program I'm of course he had his classic blue lab coat and bow tie that's the bill Nye way man this show ran for one hundred episodes all US centered around each one a different topic relating to science and %HESITATION in addition to hosting he was
00:19:05the head writer and producer for the show it was all filmed in the Seattle area %HESITATION that's true in fact arm one of things the show did differently is because that before that it was Mister wizard is he spoke directly to a kid's audience but instead of just
00:19:18doing little demonstrations and little like single topic vignettes every episode is very repetitive it would hammer home very specific fundamental science lessons whether it's how light behaves in the spectrum or how I watch an episode on YouTube about invertebrates and how they differ from spinal cord animals but
00:19:39I each demonstration in each of us get would build on each other yes and %HESITATION you'll love this list of this is the nineties %HESITATION the many guest appearances included Siskel and Ebert Bob Ross Sindbad Mudhoney and Samuel L. Jackson you forgot the present the United States of
00:20:02America that also appeared on the show yeah but I'm not anti Islam see Islam should not be the money goes I'm actually they did a cover of the bill my theme song is very catchy yeah arm so how many times I can see that the show what many
00:20:28tax does have a sound board it for you if yeah exactly amazing influence in numbers are like be case slowly became a bad mornings the and indeed we do always there in the breeze or on the wizard in the bridges transformation from an informational show about nerd culture
00:20:44to a morning show now this is the nineties so tell me what you think about like really like weird quick cut aways and like black and white distorted footage how do you feel about really shitty pop culture parodies are how do you feel about rap segments I mean
00:21:02all those sound like my childhood and and they all sound you know they all sound like make in science groovy in coal for a younger generation this is part of the bill Nye divide because what we were watching that and going like a cool they're rapping about water
00:21:20vapor the actual cool kids are like I swear to god if you shut the nail gun up my day call I would think you I think it like now that I think about it because I I do remember in and and let's mention it to I mean Mister
00:21:33wizard right I think that was probably the first sort of science information old show that was dedicated to it that was like a thing that I actually was into watching it all and I do remember like when I was in a Beakman's world which %HESITATION one of the
00:21:48writers of bill might also refer because they're all very similar in like that fast cut style in that kind of %HESITATION like for some reason being was was a little too late goofy for me a little too cartoony for me but bill Nye was I actually was like
00:22:03it would come on everyone it first started coming on I was like I'll **** this I don't know much about science or watch ninja turtles Duke it out with a brain and then the more I was sort of watching it you know I gave it a little bit
00:22:14of a shot and I actually did find myself enjoying it and would actually look forward to it coming on that is another thing is outside bill Nye was usually big bridge in syndication from cartoons to just boring grown up stuff off golf reminds so yeah of to the
00:22:32hallway leading to the next sand castle building championship ads right I remember preview I remember being kind of a bummer because that it was a mark of Saturday morning cartoons like almost being over here now and and that kind of stuff on and %HESITATION every almost every episode
00:22:53with a few exceptions would ends on a hope Larry is science based song parity America's Holden I prepared a little a little game segments %HESITATION I'm going to tell you the %HESITATION parity song and parity artist and you're gonna tell me what lesson they were going to be
00:23:09teaching you in the song okay %HESITATION smells like air pressure by nine Banda losing your virginity at age I'm sorry the answer is aerodynamics what about bill's got boat from a sure floats a lot poignancy it was physically the word buoyancy man I'm gonna suck at this game
00:23:34go on let's talk about stress by stress and tension arm breaking points filthy massages I'm sorry the answer was structural engineering %HESITATION what about it's the food web by food web the web through triangle yeah it I would hear made food pyramid I'm gonna say it can ecosystem
00:23:58food web yes it's all the same and that this one is a %HESITATION is a nice a Morrissey parity this one is that this one's a little physics lesson if you could if this was an audio puzzle yeah being a closet teenager the medic energy this is actually
00:24:28the it's pretty good the role of thermodynamics you have you had it on kinetic energy moments of inertia the faster you push me the farther out yeah I really like this I think it is really like Morris I'm just going to go home and listen to some more
00:24:50so yeah I mean I don't like the person but I like the music music is one he actually taught you that bill night getting his murder actually I'm pretty sure bill nice also there is a crash test dummy that's in the video it's very clever clever use of
00:25:13crash test dummies the whole episode on the we do have to wonder what to do like a two parter like them in like a super drag for a one partner that is two different subjects because that would be our ball up that night so you're not gonna by
00:25:30bill Nye the science guy action figures maybe you can get like a teacher with his again just terrifyingly abnormal had yes are just so X. just just just not the normal shape not the standard shape it is both flat yet jagged the yes big it's just weird it's
00:25:48a weird it's like an HP Lovecraft when they go to places where %HESITATION like the physics don't make sense you know that's like going to his head like you see it in every different possible way it never it never quite makes earthly sense but a you could buy
00:26:03the CD rom adventure game for windows still nice stop the rock stop the rock which was a show what you're on a spaceship right or you of Russia a known asteroid headed towards you asteroid is headed towards you but for %HESITATION you again because this is a fun
00:26:19kids games via at eighty I responsible for the asteroid did you know deflection system has gone rogue and you need to answer a bunch of riddles and bill Nye's creepily empty lab it's kind of like missed it's basically just messed with bill Nye the science guy there you
00:26:35help out trying to stop %HESITATION global genocide on an unprecedented level or that a CD rom that came with the Wu Tang forever remember that you walked around their weird Wu Tang mansion very empty and you had to solve clues to get a bonus video data rolling stones
00:26:51that that too is called up with the voodoo lounge on all in primus did that good guys the nineties were great if you don't look at it too hard and %HESITATION is next big thing after that it was he was the technical expert for a little known beloved
00:27:08show on Comedy Central called battle box god I don't watch battlebots battle bots might be the worst show I spent the most time right it was always like this big build up like this crazy thing was going to happen and then it was just to really lame robots
00:27:26to sort of trying to run into each other and failing it even doing that like within episode to the game was broken because like no matter how many cool buzz saws and flame throwers you add it all you need to do is just flip it on its bad
00:27:39debt so wait just a triangle would always win yes trial would always win and it was really boring coming up next al Davis start toward with Gatling gun first is I saw the lease geo I was %HESITATION yeah it was it was really weird it was like the
00:28:00MMA but with %HESITATION robots but but I watched the **** out of it %HESITATION battlebots calendars for the current season are now available for twenty seven days now now to into a testament to bill Nye also being a actual scientist during this time he also helped develop a
00:28:16small sundial used in the Mars exploration rover missions was called Mars dial and it's pretty cool I mean now there's a Mars dial on every rover that we've sent on to Mars is probably like two or three of them at this point in just what hangar he decided
00:28:32with like artists and other people mom he eyed with his connection to %HESITATION Carl Sagan %HESITATION he there's this legend you know this fabled conversation that happened when he was about to start down by the science guy and went back to Cornell for his ten year reunion and
00:28:50he got to corner Sagan and say Hey you know I'm starting a and a kid side show and Sagan said stick to just basic science like fundamental science don't slay get too heady like just get they get the basics and and the rest will take care of itself
00:29:06which kind of kind if it's a story yeah %HESITATION he ends also they get after it after the show stopped in like he had a follow up series the eyes of nine even before that he was the host of a hundred great discoveries for think film for the
00:29:19science channel %HESITATION he a great inventions with bill Nye on the Discovery Channel just all those like little theories on that that came out and then yes the eyes of night aired on public television in two thousand five at thirteen episodes and to be honest with you this
00:29:36was the one thing when I was kind of doing this research for this show that I was like this is kind of good ma'am in kind of really overlooked and totally under rated on it had a hard time getting out there it was it aired on public television
00:29:53but it it but you know if they I think they were going for a PBS show and PBS wanted more kind of Sirius science shows this was another comedy science show but for adults yeah they did a lot of of being of the sort of modern journalistic incorporation
00:30:12of science I think that that was really cool like they really ripped apart different elements of the way science is represented in journalism that a parody of the Larry King show with the deep voice senator that flip flops between each question answered about science they had an opinions
00:30:27now with Chris David was straight about hardball with Chris Matthews parity with an overbearing host today needed yes or no answers on everything related to science they had what I I wanted watch this the hippie couple words just like these two stoner hippie people talking about new age
00:30:43bullshit science stuff and they really kind of ripped apart all this stuff and you know did different things they they had a subject each week's addiction cloning nuclear energy population on the one I watched earlier was pseudo science and it was great it was fantastic and of course
00:31:03he was a part of %HESITATION what was what's the name of the organization where they they try to debunk different sign the rain the foundation now the submarine and the James Randi something or other he's great though I love that guy he has a really good documentary the
00:31:19humanist society he does a lot of his if that's okay so that let's get into this part of bill my name is he is a member of all these like very highfalutin the planetary society no the planters that that is a different yeah that's Sagan's old %HESITATION coming
00:31:35they are currently %HESITATION building up funding and plans to launch the first like functioning solar sail which is you know the idea of like %HESITATION of %HESITATION proposed spacer proportion we just have a giant mirrored foyer all that the light particles will without expending any fuel just push
00:31:54to eventually the speed of light I found it the committee for skeptical inquiry yeah there is a non profit to promote scientific inquiry and critical investigation so he does a lot of work at these like conferences ad by the humanist foundation whatever like Ted talks and he hangs
00:32:14out with a lot of rich people and like he keeps showing up on CNN telling people just recycle more for **** sake I saw and garbage on I saw one of these hearings he did about educating for children on its really cool too he did a guest appearance
00:32:29on the TV show numbers which is an American crime drama and according to the creators of numbers yes he he influence the actual creation of the show because they attended a lecture that he gave in nineteen ninety about getting children excited about math so this is a TV
00:32:44show where you've got an FBI investigator that is brothers with this a math prodigy slash professor at a college in a team up to solve crimes using math and mathematics %HESITATION it aired on CBS from two thousand five to twenty ten it at a really successful run and
00:33:01it's a really noble really cool effort and it's really awesome that that that that was one another one of those things I learned about bill Nye that I really appreciated the at super super **** cool so the next time you get a weird gay panic **** from David
00:33:13Boreanaz is impossibly handsome face thank yourself thanks bill yeah I know what one one of the lessons I want to mention is you know we had he had a debate with creationist canned ham at the creation museum Ken Hammon big creationist %HESITATION that happened in February twenty fourteen
00:33:29to a lot of people and a lot of mixed reviews about that debate they felt like he was going just for kind of a a look at me grab and and some people said he he made was made to look foolish by the person who should have been
00:33:41made to look foolish the creationists from that though came a book called undeniable evolution and the science of creation that is quite appreciated arm that's a bill Nye written book where he really does his best to debunk all of these %HESITATION creationist theories and %HESITATION provide an overview
00:33:58of evolutionary theories and and it's it's did quite well %HESITATION weird side fact arm do you know though that Amazon show %HESITATION Mozart in the jungle but you don't watch and then your friends watch no you see that's what's on airplanes so all the time that's where it's
00:34:13so %HESITATION yeah a relative I I don't know well told me I should watch it so that's so based on an article about the secret kind of skis the party wife of a concert musicians like the harmonic orchestral musicians and that that article was written by a musician
00:34:31named Blair Tindall and on February two thousand six she had a wedding ceremony with bill Nye well %HESITATION you know then popular and not quite cool Christian guy Rick Warren oversaw the ceremony and %HESITATION the music was provided by yo yo ma yeah your mom and dad the
00:34:52wedding with the marriage was annulled very quickly because %HESITATION bill caught her trying to poison his plans outside his home yeah that's a bummer that'll cause a big messy divorce so yeah that was a big big crazy kind of part of his %HESITATION his back again adding to
00:35:07his %HESITATION when you book corner minded in interviews not a fan of the web marriage yes not a big fan of marriage also %HESITATION his that he has a good friend and a fellow executive at the planetary society Robert Picardo who played the hologram doctor on Star Trek
00:35:22Voyager Carter's wife %HESITATION would entered into a messy divorce with him and claims that the two were engaged in a gay truest I'd like to claim that the they're just good friends and that %HESITATION they're both their axes are crazy **** that owe them both a lot of
00:35:38money probably isn't doing much cocaine together gave each other missiles please happens %HESITATION eighty also help hold several patents he's got one for a an educational magnifying glass and the one that I had to really look into because I was so confused by his a patent for a
00:35:54new kind of ballet issue called the Toshio they at it adds a toe box to it I found out why he did an episode on bones and muscles I believe for bill Nye the science guy which took him to the Seattle ballet where he saw how **** up
00:36:08at all the women's feet were and realize that those issues have been the same for centuries and so we just jumped in on it got the patent forties probably making crazy money though so this is way before he busted his **** all over the dance floor dancing with
00:36:22this yes this is way before I did and relax his me on live television crawling in agony we're not even going to mention how he kinda hates children okay okay so close to the thing on directly that was just like ten things about bill Nye is just stuff
00:36:42that we talked about on the podcast and that justified my researching I got to eat that's my day job and %HESITATION I saw this massive backlash against bill Nye and it was kind of amazing because you know I would get on the front of the class kid I
00:36:56was alright about it I thought it was a beloved yeah and a lot of it was %HESITATION right wing people that were coming at him because he has been a staunch advocate for %HESITATION intervening for global warming at sea for environmentalists recordings algae he worked with Al Gore
00:37:10on stuff recorded suffers videos he's been very very outspoken about that on on he's done a lot of episodes of Larry King Live for he's talked a lot about that as well as debunking UFO theories which I'm sure makes markets just live it well he's just ease is
00:37:23not a fun man he is especially so but in also in interviews he talks about how much it's important from his work talking to kids that you have to engage people you have to put yourself out there you can't just take the high ground and let people be
00:37:37in ignorance which also makes you look like a know it all they want to be in the center of attention yet so I can see where people rejected but in in in cases of evolution in cases of %HESITATION government regulation of industry in cases of the environment he's
00:37:52always making himself known and present which caused a lot of people who didn't grow up with them as a beloved TV star or maybe just recognized him as the skinny **** during have snow days teacher don't give a **** days they don't like him but I today I
00:38:08I contacted I can't reveal any sources due to contracts but they're working on his upcoming Netflix series and we should we should plug his whatever it's Netflix we all subscribers can and it'll be out with our **** watch histories they were not gonna be able to mess it
00:38:25it's called build I save the world spring twenty seventeen it's about sciences relationship with politics pop culture and society film but I I'd I'd I'd laid it out I was like listen what's his deal is the just like a weird like grump is he just in it for
00:38:38the White House parties and like speaking fees and he's and my source said very like a hundred percent he's a cheesy sixty year old man that honestly believes what he says he believes that science is the best answer we have for all these unanswerable questions and that the
00:38:56humanity is better when we advance it and he that he does everything he can in his power to help that costs and %HESITATION he's you know just a goofy guy he knows he was a terrible stand comedian he can't believe his life is where he is he knows
00:39:12he's a mechanical engineer not technically a scientist and it's it was very reassuring to like what you just know that this goofy headed weirdo that Mike was a bad comedian like found his Mitch and just like pushed forward cool static electricity demo yeah it's pretty unbelievable that he
00:39:31stayed in the spotlight for this long it's the type of career were usually you would think you would never hear from after the edges edutainment show that he did back in the nineties and my my only last thing is just a definitely a goof just look up on
00:39:44you too %HESITATION bill Nye the nightly show with Larry Wilmore if you want to hate everything but you will enjoy the way that he won ops them at the very end of it but man if you just want to get real mad all know my favorite my favorite
00:39:58bill my clip is when it was like this big humanist lecture series where it was like Richard Dawkins the other grass types and bill Nye and like a few other like top level known nerd heroes and %HESITATION it nearly grass Tyson launches into this awful like wood what
00:40:14is consciousness is the man like do you perceive what is not like the universe and bill my just like says I like Neil me all all I can say that is wow man and I like them I like thinking on thinking it's really good which he's now he's
00:40:34a goofy guy and he represents this kind of like scientist I DO that like it didn't punch me for being a nerd for believing in it but I believe well thank you so much for listening guys please %HESITATION right review S. on iTunes doing good on this thing
00:40:53right now we're on the games and hobbies I tunes list and we're doing pretty good and that's thanks to you so thank you so much if you've already written reviewed if you have an IT help so so so much %HESITATION and besides your phone right now you're looking
00:41:06at it just do it in the podcast happened to it arm and arm at hold Nader's on Twitter and I am hold later so on twitch catch me every Monday night playing video games with my girlfriend it's the only two extreme that I even remotely understand %HESITATION follow
00:41:22me on Twitter at best Jake young and check out the stuff I do for dark with health yeah thank you so much everybody have going for more shows like the one you just listen to go to Cape comedy radio dot com

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