In the future of automobility, cars will still play a major role. While the technology and engineering of cars will fit the modern needs of society, the process of buying a car and adhering to all state, federal, and private business compliance will still exist. Cars will need to be registered with the DMV. If financing is in place, then appropriate institutions will run credit and extend loans. If the buyer purchased a warranty or an insurance product, then the dealer will service. Long-time and self-retired General Manager, Derek Manis, gives Wisco Weekly an insider look into the process of finance and insurance, or better known as F&I, of the car buying process. During F&I, customers sign contracts and have the ability to purchase additional warranties and insurance products, like GAP or key replacement, tire and wheel replacement, ding and dent removal, and a host of other products. As Derek eludes, this is a process that needs some cleaning up in order to optimize the customer experience. Tune in to hear an insider’s perspective of the finance and insurance process, and the next time you are buying a car, take heed of Derek’s advice. Featured Guest:
Derek Manis  |  Youtube
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