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Related Episodes Design the car to fit the environment Turning the car into a card Relatability, credibility, honesty Redefining mobility in a dealership A few months ago, CNBC did a piece on Jaguar Land Rover stating how the automaker faces an uncertain future. Since August 2016, parent company Tata Motors has been experiencing a declining stock price. Yet, if there is a silver lining, it is to be found in the North American market. SUVs are the vehicle of choice for most Americans, which is why the re-launch of the Defender is pivotal to JLR’s success. Arguably, the Defender was made popular through the enthusiast culture and their affinity of offroading. Three enthusiasts share their history and perception of the brand; and we find out if Land Rover will be able to re-capture the hearts and minds of the enthusiast with the re-launch of the Defender. Tune in to episode #93. Featured Enthusiasts: Ryan Donnelly  |  LinkedIn David Dousay  |  Facebook Richard Marchant  |  Facebook Resources/References: Camel Trophy — The Land Rover Years CNBC — Why Jaguar and Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures Soundtrack: Edit Beats by Panth Lab Seven Seasons by The Days Eden Hazard by OK Otter Vultures by Vegan Friendly A Distant Shoare by Itay Kashti Take Me On Down by Jay Denton A Minor by Wake Up Lucid ***** Wisco Weekly ***** News, culture, and society of automobility and advanced transportation. Follow Dennis, Kelly, and Rudy as they navigate and discuss the key automotive and transportation issues, trends, and policies that will be factors in the November 2020 elections. (-‿-)
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