Silicon Valley job perks are mythic. Self-replenishing snacks. Unlimited vacation. A pile of stock options. But as much as these professional entrapments might seem like dotcom-era phenomena, the practice of sweetening the deal for tech employees dates back to the ’70s as a way to ward off labor unions. Happy workers, explains Stanford historian Leslie Berlin, are less likely to agitate for better conditions.
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00:00:00welcome to this edition of why fighting a wildfire in Texas building a network to connect forty million people to the internet cutting pollution with chain saws here Chuck customers tell their stories Chubb dot com slash podcast and stay tuned after the show to hear how a burst pipe
00:00:18in a family's house led to an adventure archivists Leslie Berlin tackle silicon valley's passed in trouble makers one attache TQ Silicon Valley John perks are mythic sell for punishing snacks unlimited vacation a pile of stock options but is much of these professional instruments might seem like dot com
00:00:40era phenomena the practice of sweetening the deal for tech employees dates back to the seventies as a way to ward off labor unions happy workers explain Stanford historian Lesley Berlin are less likely to agitate for better conditions that ensign is just one of many in Berlin's new book
00:00:56troublemakers well piecing together a timeline of the valleys early history picture and and sheets of paper covered in black dots Berlin was amazed to discover a period of rapid fire innovation between nineteen sixty nine and nineteen seventy six that included the first arpanet transmission the birth of video
00:01:14games and the launch of apple Atari gene tech and major venture firms such as Kleiner Perkins and sequoia capital I just thought what the heck was going on in those years she says another surprising reveal the relative lack of sexism country two assumptions that Silicon Valley has always
00:01:32been hostile to women Berlin points to a highly publicized push in the late sixties to make tech more inclusive if even the tiniest fraction of the terrible stories we're hearing about today are true she says then the industry's moving backward sexism is not inherent in the valleys DNA
00:01:48maybe not but it's now as synonymous with modern day company culture as free snacks from the valleys vault lunch goals eating off campus once promoted cross industry pollination Berlin says today's in house kitchens have their benefits but I do wonder what is lost mixed feelings now tech is
00:02:08a big critic of big government but after facing competition from Japanese manufacturers in the eighties the semiconductor industry was saved only by tariffs and legislation the start up math the valley has always had huge companies not just crappy start ups they bring in all the engineers and then
00:02:26they all leave that's where startups come from this podcast was made possible by Chubb here how a burst pipe in a family's house led to an adventure right now for walk inside and it's raining home is where our first concern was the kids this was going to be
00:02:51hard on them Chuck got us a place to stay in the same school district otherwise it could have been a nightmare chum turned at this faster into an adventure for kids and no one missed a day of school you're more stories of Chubb dot com slash podcast

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