Hey guys. Remember me? You know, Andrea Silenzi? It hasn't been that long. I popped back in the studio for a little update, and because Why Oh Why's producer, Lindsey, had some news to tell me.

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00:00:04the following podcast contains explicit language podcast called which thankfully you are still subscribed to your waiting for me to come back and check in and I'm here for you I want to catch up sure you start your new year mine was good episode of Black Mirror about online dating it's called hang the DJ recommend a Redcat person in the New Yorker must read very good and I updated my Tinder profile with my new job title I have no longer hosting a dating podcast I now host a show about kids and family called longest shortest time which means I can finally clear out all the weirdest dating apps have been clogging up my phone you don't like the one that's just for guys with beards that one gone I also have this one that was just for stuffy
00:01:04doesn't work just because we both just like vanilla pudding does not mean we will love each other until the day we die come on and no it I even quit the super exclusive dating app it is only for other podcasters it's super weird I just set you up on a date and Marc maron's garage hasn't gone well not doing it ever again and back to the basics and
00:01:30I'm here because our producer Lindsey told me that she has some big news I have myself but I think she said something about engagement or wedding plans and I know things have been going really well with her boyfriend and I just I can't wait to hear what's going on with her so let's welcome her back to the show Welcome Lindsay hello Andrea news about important let me see that ring Andrea I would not invite you in a studio to tell you I was engaged let's change that now please promise me if you ever get engaged we will fight each other whenever we are living whatever podcast for making up the time and you will tell me on a microphone okay before your family may be at the same time okay cool
00:02:18good I'm glad you've done this but who's getting engaged Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tell me everything so I'm now producing a podcast called when Megan met Harry a Royal Wedding cast and it's all about this futuro a couple and weather like they might be like I was only following the news but then she hasn't the hose have for it is contagious I think it's worth checking out to see you have like a primer before wedding day happens yes so every week the host Kristen and James they make a prediction about the wedding and we're going to compile all of those into a bingo card drinking game type thing so on the wedding day if any of the predictions come true you can get really drunk while you watch the wedding
00:03:05so now it's your time to check out the show here is from panoply and if you love the show you sure to subscribe and your favorite podcast at around Lindsay by Andrea don't call me again until you're engaged okay
00:03:23hey Kristen my god did you hear what Megan gave the queen for Christmas oh God you have to tell him I mean this is just apparently it was a singing hamster toy God I love it I love it so many kids in America I don't know if you do this over there James but so many kids in America the first pet that they receive is a hamster and who doesn't love a singing hamster oh my God I know what it's saying Kristen and Save the Queen yeah yeah do you think Megan was nervous hiding that he was like nah she's going to love it
00:04:07Grandma's Wellington that giving her some crazy gifts in the past so I'm sure that the queen was totally fine with it like did you hear about that one year where he gave her a shower cap that said 8 life up bitch ain't life updates for the queen saddle Heffron I will have so much to talk about today before we get too deep should introduce ourselves oh absolutely I'm Kristen meinzer a lifelong Royal Enthusiast joining you from the state of fabulous British Ginger he was also just in love with the Royals and this is what Megan that Harry a Royal Wedding cast
00:04:52can each episode be examine the latest news about the wedding do a deep dive into a very pressing issue about the royal couple and finally we give our predictions for what we think will happen at the wedding itself shall we got into this week's headlines absolutely love to do it with the most controversial news last week the guardian in the UK reported that the leader of the world power of Windsor and maidenhead I am to Windsor Castle where the wedding is taking place has demanded Police use legal powers to clear the area of homeless people before The Royal Wedding obviously this is not okay especially considering that the leader that's the conservative Simon Dudley that he made it clear that part of this was because the whole most people would be unlikely for visitors that is just such a disgusting thing to say and I think we all know as far as the Royals and this is all safe space so get outside and Megan would not support this
00:05:52no absolutely not she's a human rights activist she's somebody who's working very hard on behalf of people who are disenfranchised and these are human beings they're not tourism sites they're not items that you can just throw away cuz you don't like them they're not trash their human right and this is not the dog cages and if anyone needs to leave the streets I think it's time in Dudley yes goodbye should basically get out of his own constituency they say so disgusting and it was all over the news here as well that Dudley thought this I think he said that homeless and begging by choice because they refused help that's a bunch of malarkey that's not true at all I mean
00:06:31I don't think anyone chooses homelessness and I don't think anyone chooses deliberately to be a hostile homeless person all of this is just ridiculous it's completely ridiculous and all of the people who spoke out publicly since this letter was released have sided with us they're on the same page is Us games that W doesn't know what he's talking about because they came out saying that the government hear Donnie counted 8 homeless people in the area in question Reuters report that The Royal Wedding is predicted to boost the local economy by 500 million pound and we have some novel ideas for how that money could be used maybe they can use that boost to help its homeless it isn't those eight people yes Kristin yes that were apparently an extra 350,000 visit to the UK during the Lost Boy wedding of William and Kate's and they think that it could match
00:07:31this year as well 500 million pounds at 680 million dollars oh my gosh that's so much money is 200 million pounds is how many coming from about 150 million pounds is coming from the partying and 50 million pounds is going to come from people buying memorabilia basically Hagan much like hats and t-shirts and I will be spending a 10lb on my very own Megan 20/20 Tisha I'm going to do all of it not just t-shirts I'm going to get the tea towels I'm getting I'm getting all the things I'm getting getting them off yes are they going to be dolls because if not we should make them make them yes I would love each other so much was so gosh I was so grouchy I love you should be this is the greatest
00:08:31and finance also says that the wedding is worth 100 million pounds of free advertising for Britain so this is just like a Heyday for the UK they should be giving Megan and Harry you know of some sort of bonus this year just for everything they're doing to help the country financially what do you think we should spend that 500 million pounds on Preston what is Britain made to helping those eight homeless people who we already mentioned I think that maybe some of the money can go to I'm trying to put this in a nice way of getting a crew together of people getting a special Consulting crew together who can talk Charles out of ever trying to be king pay him off and we can just like payoff Charles and Camilla just go out somewhere else
00:09:31what show Isles I mean he he gave us hurry but it's too I think it's I think it's safe to say no one really wants Charles nobody want to be with nobody wants to know I said it to get some more details about Harriet Megan's New Year's facts of the Telegraph and the Daily Mail apparently they took a plane to nice in the south of frogs and they boarded first what I say fussing at me first cause I mean they boarded the plane size and sat at the back near the toilet so romantic and reportedly it was just the two of them plus three very nervous looking bodyguards all sitting back by the toilet in economy love it love it they didn't just say that they had a little bit of that I had like that in VIP stand out at the back of the place their own private toilet
00:10:31RuPaul start to go to the toilet cuz he's playing that have that many toilets today so I'm pretty sure they have to share that one sweet love it love it and yes and also meeting some friends and neice they apparently then jumped on a helicopter and took a short flight to Monaco and partied it up and Monte Carlo oh my gosh Monica which totally makes sense when you think about the last great American actress to marienville Royal Family the lovely Grace Kelly Megan you know it could be argued many have said that Megan is it away following and Grace Kelly's footsteps I think that she might be doing it even better than Grace Kelly personally but it just makes sense that she would be in Monaco Grace Kelly's you know adopted Homeland popped it from nice to Monte Carlo because during the film festival that she have it setup to do that to have an ooVoo call te so I'm wondering with that they had that in the helicopter Austin to call Stephanie brulee
00:11:31sporty in the train but they went for a helicopter know you got to take the chopper if you're going to be in Monte Carlo and yeah yeah if you're going to do today January 8th which is the day that Megan and Harry are making that first big official Royal appearance of the year today at represent radio in Brixton it's amazing that they visited brakes and because that's where I currently reside are you going to run into you know when you go back home today after this evening when I'm getting fish and chips at the codfather restaurant in Brixton I will be hopefully just I'll just be the tree during pause in the car and I'll give them away it's actually I think I made that there's a McDonald's McDonald's you need to make that happen like that happened and you know who was going to cut the ribbon when you open that restaurant you know who is good
00:12:31koala sound like an amazing trip for both of them then basically meet you at the volunteers stop presented Jesus from the program and it says that the help I'm trained at risk youth and provide them with a safe environment to socialize and develop I don't see them into the meteor as well presented by young people purely I love that I love that so much we need to bring that to the states we need a radio station like that here and I mean so far it's been hugely successful in the UK 4,000 people have gone through the program there's a waiting list three thousand more and I'm sure that the list will be even longer after today's visit from Megan from Becky Locker is that just passed Harry Meghan in Brixton Market they went in a police flank call waiting to the crowds I was napping to M&S to attend a dressing-down hashtag parallel lives
00:13:31alright finally my favorite headline of the week and this makes me regret some things I've done in my life Megan and Harry mailed out thank-you notes to people who mailed them well wishes on their engagement and I am so regretting that I just tweeted that my well wishes why didn't I mail them a card if I mail them a card I mean we did a pug cost we go to hell podcast that again they should have mailed us they should have mailed us thank you cards I mean he's thank you cards were like the real deal let me read the notes red they said Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle were incredibly touched that you took the trouble to write as you did in connection with their forthcoming wedding it really was most thoughtful of you and greatly appreciated his Royal Highness and Miss Markle send you the warmest thanks and best wishes and with each thank you note they included a photo of themselves from that first photo op
00:14:31that was an Engaged couple that first photo op when she was wearing the cream-colored coat he was wearing the blue suit with a black tie and I just I would have loved to have gotten one of those cards in the mail from them in original print I guess it's amazing because this is the first time the Palace of broken from tradition by writing on Megan's behalf before she's officially a member of the royal family like so many times during this engagement and vote up to The Wedding Date kind of break with tradition and done something new and I think that is the Megan of fact I love it I love it just more proof that this is the greatest wedding ever to happen in the royal family and all of our Lives I just I just love it alright well that's today's headlines and will be back in just a moment with this week's Deep dive but first a little break
00:15:25and we're back this week we are diving so deep into a very pressing subject
00:15:36don't come for me don't come for me alright so obviously Megan and Harry are never ever ever going to get divorced we know that that's not going to happen there love is too strong and come on they're not even married yet but once they are we know these two are never going to break up cuz they are perfect for each other however there has been a lot of conversation about divorce with this particular marriage partly because Megan herself is divorced she was married to Trevor engelson for two years before splitting up in 2013 divorced nowadays is really not that big of a deal a lot of people are divorced but it's not such a small thing when you're marrying into the royal family that Love is Real by is interesting that Megan will die she's not my first of all States Marines the family she is the first one to marry into the family without a load of scrutiny on the situation
00:16:36patient because we all remember Edward the 8th so Queens Uncle who actually abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson was also an American and also a divorcee though she was twice divorced not once like Megan but this is basically what led to Queen Elizabeth inheriting the throne faster after her father became king I need to die prematurely of cancer which then led to Elizabeth being on the frame because I would rather abdicate the throne which is a terrifying Prospect for someone that's actually King to marry his wife like that's how big a deal divorce was yeah and you know what I used to think that was kind of a true love story he'd rather have the woman he loves then have the crown but then of course they ended up being not Caesar Nazi sympathizer so in the crowd true love doesn't actually work for me as soon as the Nazi think it's involve they're not into it not into it off right now and then of course
00:17:36say Peter Townsend and of course the queen did not permit that she was not okay with it but then Princess Margaret herself became a divorced person when she married Antony armstrong-jones and those two got divorced so Margaret Margaret and I got is the queen of doesn't let her marry the guy she loved Peter Townsend who was divorced but you know what that's not the only time the Queen's done that looks like Charles so we brought up earlier who should never be king let's talk about Charles for a second yeah Camilla if he was allowed to be with Camilla of course Camilla would have been a divorce and the queen never would have been okay with that and that's how he ended up eventually with Lady died later princess I mean if he had if the queen had that happen we wouldn't have Megan and Harry so it's a real tough one that you know if you're getting at a time machine you're going back what do you do there because the world needs Harry the world needs Harry and Meghan
00:18:36and Diana all those things and then if you go back in time we don't get those things but then maybe Charles isn't so spineless and actually is a well-formed fully functioning human being then cuz he's allowed to marry we want I don't know I don't know I really I'm just like floored by the whole thing and the whole like an and how different the queen must now be about divorce like she's almost chill about it I think she has to be half for kids from cotton to force the whole family's been you know a little unstable and it was in the 93 of the Queen's children all got divorce is finalized a split from her first husband Mark said it's prince Andrew move to legally and his Union with the 90s with a pretty hard time between Liz but she got through it yeah she got through it and hopefully she's making better decisions now and she's letting the people in her world who are in love with who
00:19:36hey love be with those people they love frankly the only ones who seem to really do well marry for love look at her look at Queen Victoria both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria are models of people who married who they wanted to and if you're allowed to marry who you want to regardless of whether their divorce or German or what-have-you maybe the marriage is more likely to work out and maybe the queen finally realized I hope so I really hope you say and I hope that means that Megan and Harry are going to live happily ever after I don't think this is a question of hope I think it's a question of the inevitable of course they will of course of course they will also things are changing the Church of England is now officially revise this position I'm divorced and remarry after divorce if your previous spouse is still alive this happened in 2002 and the church say they don't encourage divorce but it does now sympathize with the fact that it sometimes necessary
00:20:37okay time for a quick break but we got to be back with this week's wedding prediction
00:20:51went back and it's time for this week's prediction don't forget we're going to release an amazing and fun Bingo board with all our predictions for the big day before it happens so that you can play along at home while she's drinking Pimm's and celebrating Meghan and Harry happy and celebrating this marriage will be doing it all right so this week's prediction you heard it here James and I are predicting that Megan's mother Doria is going to walk her down the aisle during the Royal nuptials and you know what we know this is getting a lot of debate but it is going to happen as she's walking down the aisle into a downward dog
00:21:47is such a queen and I called way I feel like she's going to upstage everyone this is going to be an amazing moment of course there's a few days ago that the bride-to-be is hoping that her mother walks her down the aisle however Meghan markle's bitch older half-sister Samantha of course has publicly stated on the record that no Thomas Markle is going to be walking Megan down the aisle and you know how I feel about Samantha we know how you feel about Samantha Megan's hold a bitch off sister said if you want me to read it it said by my new book out now we really do not for Samantha on this podcast we should release another podcast called the official we had Megan's out a bit pissed the fuck up
00:22:47unfortunately would get repetitive when there's so much they hate going to walk her down the aisle I think that will be so cute and feminist icon wait for that to happen I just love it I mean I have to stay here my own wedding my husband he was walk down the aisle by his mother and sister and I was walk down the aisle by my aunt and my sister my mother is no longer with us but if my mother were alive she would have walk me down the aisle and so many weddings that I've been to in recent years moms are walking their kids down the aisle and why not that's so wonderful I just think that whoever walks you down the aisle should be somebody who loves you and who you love and who you trust and who you feel as got your back and is really looking out for you as you take the next step in your life so whoever that person is for you whoever that person is do it for me my mom is the one that gave birth to me so really it should be
00:23:47I'm just giving me away I know my dad had something. My mom did that all right you know a little bit more but have you left literally yeah
00:23:56I'm really excited about this wedding is going to be so good it is going to be so good I can hardly wait thanks for listening guys go rush yourself some chicken
00:24:08make make like Megan and Harry that stuff they did when they when they got engaged they were like oh my God that's right thanks for the us we are at Royal Wedding part on Twitter you can also meet us at our personal Twitter handles at Kristen meinzer and at I'm James Bar
00:24:37when Megan that Harry is produced by the Regal Lindsay credit while special thanks also took his Royal Highness Ryan Deli are producer in London and thanks to Archduke and Eve hours at panoply I am Productions to share then please send us an email at when Megan met Harry at panoply. FM and don't forget to subscribe right and leave us a Regal review and tell all your hashtag Hagen watches and anglophiles that we exist we love you thanks everyone until next time I'm Kristen meinzer

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