Tracy fell in love with Max Tavita, a man who won her over with tales of a life in the investment world and how he was working in the World Trade Center in New York when the first plane hit in 2001. Then Hamish crashed into their lives.

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00:00:19who is this home from Australia
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00:00:36because I don't trust anything going on in this matter damn near bankruptcy and she wants her entire life savings and interested in getting dragged into that mess again I got involved in the beginning talk the prosecutors thank you
00:01:30how do you spell maestro in this man's life is he still in recovery suffering a form of post heimish distress syndrome the width and depth of her and she's to say to destruction is vast spending decades in comments and so will come in at the end the Love Story between Tracy and Max on break barrel this podcast who the hell has heimie's he's grouchy
00:02:08I was working full-time I was living in freshwater I had been separated from my husband for over a year I have been dating a little bit but not a lot and I I met him through a dating app online big blue eyes gorgeous on the inside and out she's a single mom Haitian early forties in March 2016 on the front of a man called Max 2 Beta he would turn out to be the man of my dreams it would be the great love affair for a lot that was until I was crashed into them times would destroy everything try to build
00:02:57that's what I'm staying here at people's Lodge. And I was happy at times before I mean
00:03:05well I think when your daddy online it took you pick a lot of people and you start conversations with a number of people and he see whether you have a connection through text messaging or whether you want to meet up or whatever my face sorry we started texting and he's quite busy and we had a peeling
00:03:32how can I digitally dalliance the pair exchanged phone numbers evening in April 2016 Tracy have a cab for a long ride down from the northern beaches and get the CD she decided to give him a call they hit it off straight away he was trying in a great conversationalist interested in what she had to say this but for good 40 minutes as a cab ran down the Harbor Bridge Sydney Opera house and I didn't know what that was but he's a lot about hedge funds and I'd work for headphones in about 2001 and so I knew a little bit about that industry of that sort of wine if we're can he told me it was a group that managed money from wealthy families I was working for a pay at the time and he was crying just sitting in the park
00:04:32show contact by sorry he was quite interested in that he was generally just very interested in what I had to say and he was attentive us I guess you could say conversationalist new you a lot about things you know about everything I guess you could say it was something about much she liked the sensitivity these are from this I remember clearly on that conversation very first conversation I think I must have asked about his parents and he said I will my parents home life that did I said I'm sorry and he said that's okay you know what happened a long time ago and I said oh what happened and he said I don't they they died in it I'm in Airplane accident I was in the airplane they what they say they break start in Longport up an old friend from the age of six sorry I was putting to Stewart house in cocoa and then after that I was shuffled around
00:05:32a series of different foster homes sorry I never really had a real family plane crashed and by his parents. He works both of them die from a lot of money I told Tracy he was glad to be back on leaving a simple off the shooting the things that really matter she's great joy was to walk down from his father phoned you said what I mean is I'm bi catching wives this is something that gets head up above the Horizon he made it to slow down after eating a peach off heater study mathematics it in my heart I broke the Bible Aerospace company located
00:06:24she was punch my Wall Street try algorithms Trading Card the guy than competitive advantage and said that they cost quite interesting dinner was very detailed and yes I was interested that you know it's hard to keep up sometimes in a way that you could continue to ask questions but really big stories and I went on for a long time and you might face to guess it seemed it was interesting to me but completely unfamiliar the truck wasn't there something about him that she kind of feeling there was a spark between them that ranch to make for dinner yeah and then lots of texting in between and then not long after we eat we met up again are we working this project way to release these project to wind down at Circle K and he
00:07:24you decide to come in here or he said he was having a meeting in the city I said I will I'm in the city why can't this event why don't we grab a cup of tea she had told me that he had worked in the World Trade Center and him in a friend we're going down there to meet somebody that they had worked without me. With a woman and that it was walking down there and they were underneath the Trade Center when it got hit and then I have to get out of there and the woman that was in the building probably she dodged and he had to get out of where he what he wants when it happens supported it sound like and hate you. He actually did the sound when he's with his voice and he's method
00:08:17did the whole thing and he said it was like the most incredible send you didn't know what was happening and he went in two days house around what people would doing what he heard the screams it sorry much days how is talking in detail about all the people that he had worked with he worked on different levels what levels they worked on Departments of businesses they worked for United so much detail and yeah that was him that was decapitated I remember at the end he said but he and it seems really authentic and such a huge thing like that's an incredible story and what do you do to size that afterwards
00:09:17traumatic stress of it and being that he's he took 3 days off working and he went to in Saline and rice Price Rite on and that was his time off and he just didn't want to work for that. Of time and he said a lot of the guys in the industry did the same that I don't think we got through that in the capitate was I need one cup of tea and and the World Trade Center cuz she was coming next ride hard we probably had between 10 and 12 dates before anything serious happened to go to the point with like-minded friends Sorrentino what they see is because we get along great and we have a great time together and it seems like he's interested so there's no kissing or no not really
00:10:13the relationship of 2016 and now that I drive with gas and headed up the coast tomorrow and buy gold playlist simple the music we love to and and it's Christmas Day so we stopped halfway and have uniforms impatient and then we had to wake up there together and yeah it was on the page he went surfing every time we were helping me to practice as well so we would we would literally just go to the bait Till die wietecha less stuff I have a couple of books are good for Ronald are stuffing with to Avalon check get in the water and he push me on some waves and we pretty much spent the whole summer holiday doing that
00:11:13on the phone makes Ematic decoration she wanted to keep him to his word and something to say or refused to say anything. Points on Maxey said he's officially of sugar with face how long to condition a big deal in the US he said
00:11:53knowledge of something that's happening in America
00:12:01it's between two families and
00:12:06something big is going to happen and there's an opportunity to invest and my sister and her husband and I seen it and it wasn't until she said to me why don't you talk to Tracy about these small peanut but you need to trace and that he's so excited to think that he would talk to me about it and he said things like you know I don't normally mix business with personal relationships and what did you think about this
00:12:37I guess I felt that he knew what he was talking about he suddenly seemed extremely knowledgeable on the situation I'd listen to countless conversations over the months between him he's boss he's back office team I had sent me emails that he apparently a Grecian he he was probably responsible for writing a report that went out to all of his investors every week and it was a very very long Report with graphs and tables and the state of the market and shares than what people are investing in and where he thinks you're Chinese are in Salida pet Independence I feel like I can do so much better for you with that money than what place they used to doing and you don't
00:13:34she sounded more than 300,000 thing to invest she trusted him there is a relationship built on mutual respect
00:13:43about the deepest darkest Secrets he told her everything therapy dealing with the trauma of his childhood and his demons from 9/11 he would tell me exactly what was sparking about a heart related to me what the outcomes were what he was working on personally what he's fuse what you guys like it was a very nice in those conversations to us that I guess people grow insane therapists for United the challenge that he had we switching his mind off because he's mine was so brilliant lots of things like that he said sometimes you just went to sign just play chess I'm at school Victory nothing really was off-limits he was very are pending that God and and therefore I felt like I could be really are can we just simple things the simple things that we loved
00:14:43ring with a spot going down the beach and helping his paddle board and peddling from Bronte round to Ten Ramen together and just sitting out in the ocean and we'll camp at the houses and talk about stuff. So kind for round on Sunday or walking down the beach and taking a couple of beers from the fridge and getting some hot chips and just watching the woke I buy like we went getting dressed up in designer clothing and going to fancy restaurants it's just not what we did and it's not what I wanted to do and it seemed that it wasn't what he really wanted to do either inside out for we found out a happy place we felt relaxed doing that and start felt like we were aligned in July 2017
00:15:30Tracy had to give a presentation on the Gold Coast he helped a propeller by the walking on the beach holding hands talking about a future together a future plans with promised the court different fonts back to see Tracy said she never felt happy now
00:15:49this is when things turned we'd really weird the best Camp Tracy Gallagher this discombobulating experience was recorded on my phone the first time I met her Everything Burns the weekends are fully back Sunday night if we back in the month I I spoke to him on the Monday night at about 8 and he goes to bed early and went to bed early so I could become off the bed in the morning I think I went off and I text him and he didn't respond respond he's fine with jollof you know I started to get worried
00:16:27giggling like his brother-in-law on LinkedIn trying to find a number or an email address with somebody to contact I was just checking my phone throughout the night who haven't heard from him too cold and went straight to voicemail looking for people that he said he went surfing weed it's very unlike him I was really worried so cool Pandora play and I told them you know you need to go and check this out for me I'm really worried it's asked me if he have a history of mental health has been doing that and then I had gotten cold from A girlfriend of mine calf and she hit the bed should I be worried about Max I haven't heard from him in twenty-four hours and she said tricep just saying something online and I think it's him and I just amazingly thoughts that he had. And I was like he's dead he said he's dead what's happened he said he's dead so she sent me a link and it was the footage of him being arrested the day before with his head
00:17:25blow it out then I called back up once I place instead he hasn't. He's interested but yes we know that but will the name of the person that you gave us that lives at that address he's not the person that leaves their IDs because I'm please call me urgently on this number Chris and you Rockets he write hangs his brother-in-law and I stopped and I called him and I said fuck is Jaime
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