Just Stop! We’re breaking bad tech habits (which we all have) in this age of 24/7 connectivity. This is your guide to the proper use of social media, cell phones, e-mail, messaging and more!
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00:00:00hi I'm Scott Steiner the author of netiquette Essentials and if you want to be my BFF you're going to tune in and listen to Vicki and Jen what really matters
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00:00:29this is Vicki and Jen making life simple see you can enjoy what really matters is changed all of our lives and our behaviors but have bad high-tech habits already or I guess Scott Steinberg author of netiquette essential says we just might but that's okay cuz he has some tips for us to just stop it welcome sky sky liking it have to start like what's the worst habit that you seen lately like maybe it's one of your pet peeves everything on social network
00:01:29Continuum depends if I stay out there a little perky little crazy comes to be reality of what you perceive and honestly if I didn't sometimes maybe that was best left unsaid and Sheridan pattern sharing stuff that really your like is that for real you know mine it's locked it really does influence my perception of that person. I think the negativity the big thing maybe we should touch on
00:02:29but realistically when you post something negative online account reflect poorly it is there's not really any graceful way to be like by the way over here and I'm thinking it sounds like we have two choices we can control our own post we can be more man early and have netiquette or the other option seems to just to unfriend them I what else can you do about that how do you avoid following say you're you stay away from it what do you do. Hopefully you're not having too many people think that people don't notice it the more they kind of rant and Rave it's almost two more people will tune and out move on to other things because most people are upbeat and positive by nature and if you go through the feeds
00:03:29find somebody different option to click on I think it's the only thing is it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy we really do kind of click on the material and see the things that we want to see all the stuff if you want to definitely bad-mouthing other people I am so shocked at the monstore bad-mouthing the teachers at the school zone like seriously everybody's friends with everybody that could easily get back to me within a small to know how you're talking about watch yourself yeah so that's something that people do on social media and it goes along with being negative and oversharing Okay so
00:04:15go ahead and I'm sorry I can't really put the genie back in the bottle when Vicky and I were talking about doing this show the first thing that popped into my head and I don't know if this is a high-tech bad habit or whatever and it's probably because I have a 12 year old and 14 year old them around kids all the time it bothers me that people just carry their phones around like it's an appendage like they can't live without it if it bothers me it bothers me and I don't know is that just it is he or is it wrong like put it in your purse or in a I don't know miss anything sister. I know
00:05:15put away and you shouldn't be checking it off and if you do check it it should be done surreptitious like and in fact from the best things you could do would be get a wearable device like an Apple Watch or Fitbit charge your wrist so if you're addicted you can be discreet about it I love my Apple watch for that reason I do think that that is an addiction I swear and it's all these kids they literally just carry it around in their hand like acceptable
00:05:53alright so there's going to be another one that just hurts you what would that be Scott the other day and they're just having full conversations while you're sitting there trying to work so I think we need to keep in mind that when it comes to mobile devices smartphones like if you're in a meeting if you're in a presentation you're on an airplane if you're in a movie theater turn that stuff off he secretly hope you want secretly hope they'll drop their phone in the toilet cuz they did it's like I mean how did we used to live without these it's like people think that things need to be taken care of right away in the mobile devices are amazing and fabulous in there
00:06:53bring us in touch but it's a little ridiculous netiquette Essentials great book and I thought are we like two people know that there's a time and a place and that elevator that church that this quiet place is small quarters don't we know that by now that we shouldn't be talking about our conversation and you know what restaurants are what I thought but darn it if it didn't make it to the articles in the book cuz I think that it's getting worse but it is attached to us are you know if we had these devices for well over a decade now and computers for over 30 years and we get the devices we get things like keyboarding classes we get some basic instructions on where to go on the web and what to do but nobody tells us what appropriate rules are digital citizenship and responsible behavior
00:07:53that's okay I've got to jump in our producer I would never talk with a woman about her age that's proper etiquette
00:08:14I have no idea but I think that maybe some of us got any many years ago that we're more deeply reinforce it actually kind of Corky and I think a lot of the skills that we need building relationships empathy unication a lot of these are not as common anymore because we have switched so much interaction to these prices I had another the young versus old think too much as just being cognisant aware of the fact that our benefits we had when you make meaningful connections with other people as opposed to Simply going online to ask for more big bad Tech habit up cuz it sure is fun
00:09:14favorite number one you must maintain situational awareness when you were in motion so you can't be so transfixed ice cream while you're walking down the street they're going to start bumping into people always see it happening all the time anything about bicyclist nearly fly off bike when they had to bring to the last minute because some idiot couldn't look up from their cell phone. It is funny but it's so not funny I mean that is what you said number ones that makes me think you might have the number to that goes along with that when you're driving as well as now to talk about this kind of trouble that you can get into stuff sometimes you need to understand when
00:10:14yeah just talking about texting when I'm just talking about when you're in public and not see it again accepted when you are ready to take a look
00:10:38Scott for sharing your netiquette Essentials with us so we can continue to be warm an early thanks very sorry thank you his phone didn't ring at our phones didn't ring we were in the moment we were only seems appropriate to maybe Tim Powers Social Media stuff right so so yeah please connect with us on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest today and look for us under what really matters and Vicky and Jen. Com and maybe we'll break some rules together not doing this again as we learn laugh and grow together and make everyday matter
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