In this new podcast, former child star Ashley Tisdale chronicles her sartorial journey beginning with the outfit she wore on a career-altering audition for The Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Tisdale, who calls Christina Aguilera an early style mentor, also shares how she developed some of her most celebrated roles—including that of Sharpay in High School Musical—through costume. 

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00:00:00this is what I wore when a series from glamour women talk about what they wore for some of the biggest events in their lives by I'm Ashley Tisdale and today I'm going to be telling you the story behind what I wore when I landed my first breakout role I've always been into fashion from an early age my mom had a clothing store when we were younger half the time I would redecorate the mannequin sometimes I would sit in the window and saying just try to get people to come into the store as a child I dressed up so much there's two dresses that stick out in my memory one of the dresses was a watermelon dress that I loved and I wore to school and then another one was a white dress with grapes all over it and I just loved it because I had Bloomers underneath it and I like the idea that you want to see my underwear if I fell over something as a child I always went to the Disney store and got the cool Disney costumes like for Belle there's a blue dress with an apron and have a teacup on it and
00:01:00tea kettle and I just always remember I would dress up and pretend I was at character and anytime that I audition cuz I have been in business since I was 3 if I want an audition and when the costumes in there like what's your name I'd be like Belle completely the character I was very committed when I was young I would go on a lot of auditions and I think I was around the age of 10 or 11 when I was pretty superstitious and I had a couple bracelets that I always wore and I always feel super good when I had them but if one of them was missing I was all bummed out before an audition but those were things that as I got older I was like I don't think this actually matters as much as I am sure I had to look in high school I probably thought I was like a young Christina Aguilera I remember I got in trouble for jeans that were fringed at the top my sister had fringed out the top of my jeans like Mariah Carey did in this one music video I thought they were the coolest jeans ever and I got stopped by a
00:02:00branding like you cannot wear those jeans in the school those are illegal on a Michael Watts and I got sent to the principal's office but they all in the office knew that they're the hottest new trend they were totally okay with this guy was really into the whole rhinestone face I guess you'd say and there was tank tops with a lot of rhinestones on them and something that I loved it was from this is really awesome store Fred Segal in LA and was the first thing I've ever gotten there or was allowed to get there at the time I was in high school and it was a peach kind of hang top and and rhinestones and said sexy I look back and I'm like why would I ever wear that the day that I auditioned for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody at that point I done a couple pilots and they hadn't gotten picked up and so it's kind of really bummed out about the business at that time I just graduated high school I'd Focus way too much on on wanting to be
00:02:59the TV series I think sometimes and you really focus so much on something it's sometimes doesn't happen at that moment and so I didn't even know if I was really supposed to be doing this to be honest I was like maybe I shouldn't do this anymore but I've always wanted to do something for Disney and so I ended up auditioning and actually went out for both roles London Tipton and Maddie and they liked me for both roles so I tested for both of them when I audition for characters I usually will wear something I think the character would wear cuz you kind of always want the producers to Envision you as a character and so mad he didn't really have a lot of money so I end up finding a plaid skirt that I had from Abercrombie & Fitch at the time but it was just stress cuz that was a look at the time but it was kind of a funny to stress skirt because it was plaid buttwhole and distressed so have strings hanging I thought it was so cool at the time but now looking back I'm just like why would they have
00:03:59distressed wool skirt it just looks like it wasn't finished the T-shirt was just kind of a navy blue typical kind of polo shirt from Abercrombie that I wore these cool boots I think they were Frye boots or something and it's kind of funny cuz now that I think about it the outfit on the show reminded me a lot of that outfit that that is actually like it was perfect for my character and once I audition in that outfit and I get a call back I always usually wear the same thing and so I work the call back then I got another call back and I wore to that call back and it was just too such a funny story just because the president vice president at Disney Channel came up to me and was just like I just want to know do you have any more clothes than this because I kept plaid skirt and I was like oh my gosh I just
00:04:59I like to wear the same outfit that you see me in first and stuff and that changed my life that was pretty much my big break I think once I find an outfit for a character for my audition once I settle on something I feel like it brings me confidence because it's kind of like you've taken the time to think about like okay so this is not Ashley going in as soon as you know me going in for this character Maddie and it kind of just gives you an extra room I definitely wouldn't have chosen anything else to where I mean I think that for me when I look back I'm like you know however I looked however I acted that got me the role so I think that's what matters what every character that I play I pretty much start to develop the character and the Wardrobe room I like to have fun and pick out things and I I think that's how can I find my characters and so for Sharpay the first wardrobe fitting for High School Musical 1 I just remember at the time I was very into different sayings
00:05:59funny things but I I I like the kind of set my own kind of Trend in a way or if you my own saying a lot of time especially at that age I was always doing crazy stuff I was very confident was doing I look back and I'm like what was I thinking but I do remember there was a skirt there and I made it into like a tube dress with jeans I pretty much just would have fun with the stylist and we would just come up with these crazy ideas in each movie I just got bigger and bigger it was so much fun creating my character just because every detail was thought about and I look back and I'm like wow that was that was so much fun to do my Styles transformed from being a Disney character when I was younger and I just started I really trusted my wardrobe stylist from the TV show is on to dress me for events and so I didn't realize that like oh maybe you shouldn't wear something your character would wear on a TV show versus you in real life so a lot of the stuff early
00:06:59I'm just like oh my gosh what was I thinking I just let someone just rest me like this and walk out the door but I think over the years it's just gotten more sophisticated and I guess more you know Chic I definitely am someone who just loves to play around with you know Styles and not someone who has one specific style because I just feel like clothes really Express who I am but I think it kind of went from Young bubbly is naked too I think you know now I'm 32 everyday Styles probably more casual I like to wear boots maybe just flats and jeans and a t-shirt or like an oversized cashmere sweater I'm definitely someone who's more casual my best piece of style advice would be if you're going to go with friends and say why The Miz to layer then to kind of keep it simple and other areas when I was younger I used to just layer on necklaces and lay around close and I was just like oh
00:07:59I want to pick one especially if you know you have a busy kind of dress or a busy skirt and top I would go and instead of putting like a busy she with it that stands out I think pick the thing that stands out the most and just kind of make everything work with that I try to have fun with fashion I just I love fashion I love clothes I love shoes I love bags I just I love all of that stuff and so I try to just have fun and it's totally fine to look back and be like oh why would I wear that everybody has those moments and we all get better and look better and I think you know age brings more knowledge I definitely think fashion how you look and what you wear it definitely brings you confidence that I think changes everything if you feel great going into a room to either say you're auditioning for a job or you're trying to do a speech in front of somebody and you're a little bit nervous I feel like if you take the time and really feel great and what
00:08:59wearing that does extreme things for your self-confidence for more glamour download the issue a climber.com app

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