In our latest podcast, Peter Jankovsky (WG'20) is joined by Chris Britt, the Co-Founder and CEO of Chime. Chime is a challenger bank that was founded with the mission of helping its members achieve financial peace of mind. Since launching in 2013, it has become one of the fastest-growing challenger banks with over 4 M accounts and recently raised $200 M in funding at a $1.5 B valuation.
In this extensive interview, Chris dives into:
* His motivation for founding Chime and the distinct value prop it offers in the market today
* How Chime's customer-centric approach is fueling its rapid growth with a revenue model that is aligned with the happiness of its members
* What's next for Chime, including how Chris thinks about partnerships and his thinking on whether or not to pursue a bank charter
* The future of the US retail banking market and how it will evolve to the benefit of consumers
* Advice for entrepreneurs in the FinTech space

Chris Britt is the co-founder & CEO of Chime. Before founding Chime, Chris was the Chief Product Officer and SVP, Corporate Development at Green Dot. Prior to that, Chris held roles as a senior product leader at Visa and as one of the first executives at ComScore. In addition, Chris is a Board Member of coachart.org, a non-profit that connects chronically ill kids with free lessons in the arts and athletics.
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