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00:01:13hello and welcome to the wgm a podcast all about creativity with the main the Irish Pence
00:01:22as any way I can describe that not to cut you some slack line but it'll do for the moment I'm Shane Langan and O'Neill, today he's away on derenne toes business that aren't as the band that he's in and they have business that she has to participate in which means that it's just me this week which is fine that's fine I don't feel any sort of resentment or anything towards him about the house now I'll be here I have to say I'm sitting alone small room talk to myself I kind of I kind of can't even turn on the lights because when I do this is an electric current electric current Crystal Bulls on the audio track so I'm in the dark too quick buttercream picture... I'm glad you're being spared of Lesnar by the Bell the very nature of a podcast
00:02:07anyway this is Series 3 no no real fun fair or anything like that proceeding thing just like a surprise Series 3 surprise
00:02:17are some new shows on indeed we got lots of wonderful interviews lined up and fascinating was fascinating Artie folk as well as plenty of Britney live performances instead of poetry spoken word music everything you expect from the wheat the wgm for pivoting away for saying we kgm so we're not buying into it we're not buying to be on every week in the future maybe we could go for a 90% stay believing that wide-open for pivoting towards wgm I said I said the guys don't worry the listeners won't even notice unless I pointed is what you've just done anyway also also the series we're going to be experimenting a little bit with the format we're going to be trying one or two new little things and I wish we hope you enjoy and I ain't what you can expect from us every week for the moment is 30 to 40 minutes of a GRC phone as let's guarantee but that's coming up
00:03:14what are this week's Shane well chain dad podcasting on my own for 3 minutes I'm already co-hosting with myself and not alone wolf natural not Lone Wolf by any stretch a 12 Shane at this week we have a chat with two of Our Lives Bryce's open coming this restarts tell me yes Sarah Maria Griffin and Dave rhoten Sarah is the author of the new sci-fi novels parent fan parts while Dave is the creator of the hugely successful and you know it's over borrow dark series and they stopped by one of our Lives shows several weeks ago that we chat with Niall on stage and here it is enjoy
00:03:53and yeah and we're going to have a child
00:04:00we were talking it's a little bit had a nervous we were a bit doing the section to show so strapped in
00:04:07and yeah so I wanted to ask you it at Lowe's the obvious questions that happened in Q&A things like this with then I was thinking that I just be second-guessing what I think the audience want to hear some more specifically if you don't mind I want to ask you questions that I want to hear answers to
00:04:29why why become a writer what made you think that that was it that thing that you could do with your life
00:04:35that's real I totally didn't until I met her if I was obsessed with books to the cage but I thought to be your eyes are you had to be either English or dad but at the same time I was there I was just Katie like I was like tap the day at your old used to come in just to confirm I like in this room and I was like
00:05:00no no okay cool I'm so I never thought you would like to know how you went from 13 year old drawing monsters in your pocket book to achieving a riser and then I might go if she told me to give me advice and stuff so yeah I thought that we got that the way the real story about his more mean they're getting up some Bahama Breeze on the way to Pullman, Streisand being like let's make things look for a living that's fine either way to do it but I wrote those the kids while it's in really I am but I'm from Frozen and I was still weird as all hell as a child and red constantly race sleep played a lot of video games was obsessed with storytelling and ropes by compulsively but in school I had a really disapproving English teacher who just thought that I have Notions and in college I also I'd like to hear if you thought I had Notions and I pretty much based at every turn when people who are like it is absolutely hilarious that you want to do this that's very funny you need to get over yourself and what happens to me when people do that to me as I got was located
00:06:00I'm going to do it anyway so I'm look Saturday at like safety pins in my nose kind of Babylon more of us I'm going to quietly screw away and work until something happens so it's what I always wanted to be when I grow up and I'm fortunate enough to admit people on the way who want to talk about it and want to
00:06:22but I don't want to do it alone you know given her what were the years leading up to that like I mean I mean terrible mood San Francisco eat the week that you were leaving because the way you put it at the time you're like those drugs people from your class it's cool just leaving me a flight after fight after flight and and that was in a difficult situation being a broad and trying to make it work in San Francisco de Vier Inn Dublin trying to do the same thing are there any similarities in your experiences over the years I mean I wasn't mean I feel like the beat it was
00:07:16if she dies in 10 so whatever is why I'm no money moustache
00:07:24what I think
00:07:26Masters and that was like like I don't know I don't know you you wrote the first draft of the borrow side borrow dark for for that didn't you have no idea how to become a writer and I would fanfiction Warhammer 40K if I'm fixing to those of you who are interested I looked on the site for very long time I said like the first time at a reliable internet connection wasn't able to open this website for ages and I put up a piece that was at inspired by Alkaline Trio song. I was not at my own self on one person not to comment saying that's pretty great when's the next one then I like the next one
00:08:21it's over three I scraped my degree in college I like my for 3 years I just wrote like fanfiction and then I got used to like I'm about to Sarah on to other people like I'm involved in the spoken word scene went to milk and cookies on Rockaway and got used to like reading eyes in front of people I'm learning what works and what didn't I have I doing what where to Martins and eventually it got to the point where I am I live in Egypt for your speaker over there and I've been doing like I had submitted a couple of things on some of them at the Y then something happens and I got and I don't like Emoji. Co on this was before I'd even like to unlock the MGM and I just okay I'm going to do this I have to go big or go home after disciplined I only write when it's easy and fun I'm going to do the Masters if I could and that's probably a good sign some stuff so I was 25 if I do the Masters new CD on our first assignment
00:09:21write the first chapter of a novel which I thought I was too young to do Clinton have an idea I could sustain over 70 thousand words and then I just kept writing us yeah I think I eat ice also started in the stock market performance Community I was I started I think I was as an intern at a magazine that run every day and doubled Fringe Festival in 2009 so Fringe which is a spin-off of all Francis which is a magazine not unlike Mongrel the phone you guys remember that was like its sister and it came out in the broadsheet and Emma dryer who put his the same birthday as me publish me when I was 19 and I owe her a message that still because she was the first person to look at something I wrote and it didn't say you have no options
00:10:09then I became their intern and visit Brenda across the road from the offices that we were in having was the exchange which is just was a no-go Italian restaurants but for several years was a performance base and then there are people who are starting a storytelling nice and I like stories I like I like story that I got a story and from getting involved there and telling stories and Performing poems on stage I like I guess I just kept writing and didn't stop I don't like that if I did have a terrible he go and turn in for her and when I was living in America I started writing about my experience which wasn't 200% positive just called, and we are X pics of a couple of pieces from the stuff I was writing and that turned into a book of nonfiction essays called not lost which couple of his 21 price in 2013 so I came to fiction by nonfiction and this then all that I ride mumbled Under head to you from and
00:11:09this is something I've been working on for much longer than all of us have been working on it since I was mean I wrote not lost
00:11:17and hear all the while cheating on it with a novel that I read to you guys from and this feels different this feels feels like I have your hammer and yes and it's in a very very long way and living abroad I never would have had the first book and certainly by no means would have ever have a second book the second book is retaliation and feeling displaced and not being able to connect people and there's no better way to figure that out then we going to live in America for a while so yeah I think that's going to be on this poking word circuit and I'm tearing particular like we would have seen you at poetry nights at performing lives or have you went to bed Rising absolutely 100% the first story ever told him milk and cookies was I shouldn't have
00:12:17for me and I'm not so I've been writing like like science fiction for years and then I decided to write like an original piece on it was a piece about a guy whose daughter is right and every night he goes up to her and she liked everything has to be perfect to dinner is perfect I look so dead in the eye and he lies to her and tell her about the amazing future she's going to have him yesterday she was going to be a pirate nice and be a princess and they both know she's lying or he's lying but the important thing is his performance of the and she says thanks. And H was I was really proud of the story and I thought okay I'll go and I'll tell. So I turned it off I went to milk and cookies on the two things I didn't know about milk and cookies while I was Presley I didn't know what you did at the end did you buy oh did you did you like whatever else did you like not I don't know and the second thing I didn't know was at the nights are steamed so this nice I close late so I didn't know
00:13:17Truth or Fiction nice where you got up and you told your story and afterwards the audience clapped thought it was true and then clap to the thought it was false all I got up and I was so nervous if I stuttered and I stammered and I looked at my face and I didn't know what to do with the end so just ran off stage
00:13:37Dead Silence of the audience
00:13:42I'm the MC group instead of Jesus to ask if that was true or false or nosh
00:13:51I made it up
00:14:00I walked out and under the car hope no one oh my God and people think I was playing the sick child card
00:14:12so then I just told police stories by stupid things I've done for girls 8 Olean for me the way that I realized I used to teach as well and Keith give you 10 seconds if you don't walk in front of a bunch of kids and you are amazingly funny or terrifying they just stop caring so it that's all I read I was everything that I rice what I'm writing it to make sure that it like blondes well and that you're not like serious for Toulon or like the elected to the Rhythm to the sentences and that really really informed like what I do Chihuahua's have to think of your responsibilities is you there's your work and if you audien I need to those things have to be in Balance you have to do the same honor to your work as you do to the audience and then hopefully the last line will connect on your work will that will will like on your organs whatever
00:15:12prices on I-10 to him giving readings even if fiction to do some poetry voice which is an Impulse that I have not gotten rid of from a it is like this and it's just every cereal box and it would come out kind of like this because that's just my default performance voice so I could get you to come home voice for whatever reason so as you know I think I hear the things that you're saying in their own internal space so by reading it aloud you proof is for bum notes and for good Cadence and for Harmony and you can hear something that's not right way quicker that way rather than having to kind of studious and then look for
00:16:12and I am you you really know the right position so like I would go and then the jacket and then The Ghost and also the smile is a ghost and also the cup of tea with a ghost everything under the next six pages
00:16:31getting to be like I don't know about you but I get into these things ready to see you I find a word in my call that's gorgeous I'm going to put that everywhere. Talk to me is like they're you've literally use the word tender 500 times this will be two full can chill so before you get like to know I wanted to know how do you fan since these books and you have to develop a new skill set tardy which is like doing more professional and Dennis selling your work you know I'm selling yourself cuz people don't necessarily know who you are and that's a problem that a lot of authors facing some people jerk away from and their happiness have you send that changed over the last year that's real like that is very it's it's funny how I feel at a certain point in history it was enough for an author just be like I lived in the garage for 8 years and I produce this
00:17:31recipes from my blood and hair and everyone's like where is now you have to like have a boyfriend and a presence and all this other stuff by which publishing houses can sell your work because that is how the market works this is bizarre compromise between spending a bunch of time in complete silence by yours except for your own making it a piece of work and then which is like extracting fibers of yourself and trying to turn them into something that people can relate to and then you also have to be
00:18:15like how is a bowl and invisible and and and like attractive to people and then you try to contact her that was supposed to face is like Twitter or you can just go and be like I drank a pot people will think that's what Steven Universe Steven Universe in the corner yeah it's a it's a weird one I ate something that I thought about a loss and the book so what's the deal sounds like I guess it's 13 2014 and I think because I'm a teacher teacher I like you never really stop being a teacher like I see kids giving to the piggy box and I'll stop at your fault I didn't realize I'm shy to the two strangers
00:19:10but I had to but I I write for trying right good things because I got you something like people who write for a ride for kids like a lot of people going alright for kids cuz I don't know I'd love to write for kids cuz I think it be easier that's like you sign up for the forward to kiss and say that you won't get back till Eat You Alive. Not exactly censor yourself because none of the horror from the book or the language are sensors I was really pleased with us. They're like that the pros not the actual real cousin loves the light bulbs no cussing but one of the things I think about is. Like I have muscle from depression and I have had a rough times over the years was like how much you got to you share because like I was really worried going into cuz it's so he's 4 years ago on the Peoria and all that kind of stuff only restarted 6 months ago so I was like what do I do
00:20:10tell them do I have to lie do I have to like are they going to realize it because of like things are gone through her who I am or whatever I might I'm not a good Prospect orbit brand an ugly and wonderful by Puffin app brought me into a room on the top news items or like everything you have such good teeth oh my God
00:20:34everyone in publishing and nuns and is a beautiful person called anthia an amazing accomplishment on an expert in shaved orangutan
00:20:54so I'm saying what is it going to be like I said I would 2 minutes ago why are you so I never liked everything on so I did so I told him about you so I told him I'd like to eat some small add time and I and I told her about things like gone through I'm like like my teacher South cherry on top of these things because there are great writers and talk about it with teenagers but like also 12 and 12 and 11 year olds irons may be teenagers all sorts of things to think I want to talk about work I buy CDs at the protects you when I was like cool so do you have to like be you have to be phone you're always be thinking you might hire
00:21:54audience are picking up what you're saying but they can also be yourself a little bit as well
00:21:59is there is there going to be like this value-for-money send at the same time you can use that too hot like to be helpful or to be good or to be sound in some way like the first conversation I had in the phone my editor one of the things you said to me was
00:22:15the book I was like
00:22:19any disgusting your voice pisses this is something good and with the mod insane privilege it is to get to make work like this since you got to make work to get to make books for a job the first shots at me and they were never hides and Flannery and the bazaar job and I definitely hold on to every single week of getting to do with it like I may never get a week again but with that comes with all my kind of griping about being possible the same time you do got to have a tattoo readers
00:22:58and if they're going and if you if you got to be a person who is visible to readers and maybe you can give him something else as well as the art do you know so many great artistic Heroes of Might have turned out over the years and been to be monstrous in and reveal themselves to be terrible so many powerful man who make incredible work also turn it to exploit that power and then do terrible things with them and they would I take from situations like that like whatever is well maybe going to be better than those means maybe go and do make good art but also be sound and that's something I take hoping and terms of being a doll on the internet for a person as well as the book and that's a yeah I think that's it that's the same as well be useful to interact with people that have seen you perform or have written I have read what you written
00:23:51you didn't want me by now at this point is for sure you got to do the libraries I've been looking up to do like a few of her I'd like a r u k h or which was hilarious cuz I'm so used to like showing up as like I've been doing events for a long time and I am used to showing up like maybe in like an hour before I'm doing all my own photocopying for workshops like how's it going I'm doing the thing like all rice cheese over there. I just showed up here is a projector everything Since I checked care of the children hear the posts on the pope to tell you their names sign like I know
00:24:40to shave your sideburns
00:24:46and ice
00:24:49I just walked up as I also wrote a book on Soma kids like I really want to write a book can I write a book If I make 8 of 100% you like just getting like Vicodin customer to call the righteous rhymes on getting to tell kids they can because it's the best part of the job as much as
00:25:25yeah not knowing that I was over here Festival on this kid showed up to get his book signed and it was red to shit it was falling apart and it looks like 2 months I haven't seen who he said he was like really true Poconos like I could see you to be upset about My My by only got like 10 Advanced reader copies of the book which I kind of have carefully to send to people no one has read it yet and I am in that weird terrible phase of being like Oh God what if it is like not even rubbish but the water at the bottom of the band you know what it is one of the worst thing that ever happened so there's there's concern because it is not coming out in Arlington till up to be determined days it's coming out in America first I have this desire Detachment from it but this whole continent is going to get that
00:26:25anymore so I'm experiencing it's in a really deep the abstract way but I'm also writing my second novel which is a wonderful start to clean out his locker and it's a great distraction to be able to write a second book right date they gave me to the first one was vampire from the second was Untitled Griffin novel and no rush no pressure at all going to be fine so I'm I'm still living in a liminal space and before people know what was not lost and I get an email regularly regularly at once or twice a month from someone I brought it which is a wonderful thing who has managed to come upon a copy of not lost and
00:27:09which is the payor or anti-gun Instagram of someone's copy of it on a beach somewhere in that feels warm. Feels like something I was on in this year at drop everything a couple weeks ago and there's my buddy Jason completely dehydrated haven't traveled across the country from 6 a.m. and was like nursing a kind of Heineken then like crisping up
00:27:41and I'm trying to this couple beside me the back of the rock tool and the girl leans over and just go sorry
00:27:51yeah and she been living in San Francisco but yeah so she could read the book of me we talked about it for a minute and that's what came up 3 years ago in person it just I don't know how many people in person who brought it and it was a really pretty powerful thing that you was in a similar situation to mine and it come up on the book and it felt even compelled to lean over and taught me that I can go see you in something like ways of people that have started to come back to Orlando to Hilton changed
00:28:32yeah I lost hell to it feels like there's something at the heat gun down I know that there isn't going to wait for everybody and to say that it's kind of like Bruce Lee like it's a very stupid and blinker thing to say because the housing crisis is obscene and things are still not right
00:28:54but there is there's a warm people are looking up or something inside so hard to tell because I I live in a bubble and I know that not all of the Oakland is recovering in the way that sort of post-grads are The Dubliners recovering one thing I've noticed is it feels like California has come in on the wind that there are tiny coffee shops opening we're really into Donuts right now
00:29:18like there are these choppings ends of the things I would have despaired people line up for brunch
00:29:26I went I went to San Francisco and I was just to visit Sarah and I was just goes to the breakfast
00:29:38not wait for the fabulous brunch and now wouldn't be caught dead but like
00:29:44I feel I feel like the tiger I was a teenager I had three jobs I was obsessed with the idea of working and then unlike you know saving and then being a good good good memory but a lot of the teenager because they were job's a job to be taking you take the job and that is where that's where my work at the guys and in America I wasn't able to work for a long time because my visa restrictions were so chick is so stupid and I are not even my Visa came through a lot and coming home and I'm writing full-time and third I feel like a bit of a fly on the wall because I'm not getting dressed every day to go to an office I'm not applying for work I'm self-employed and very strange fortunate football
00:30:29and I think I think we got to be careful it's what I feel like I mean support local businesses that support local businesses I do think
00:30:43I do think there is something to be taking stuff out here in. The recovery is affecting some people a lot more than it's affecting others and I mean that both ways so different I'm I'm I'm still figuring I had a place together the the components of how but it's feeling an awful lot like San Francisco and I'm not talking about your hair here and I'm on top of you babe I better like last shift or a a divided growing between the wealthy and the poor I think there's something to be listen to that's happening and I I wish I could tell you exactly what that is but I think conscience is important here and kindness and empathy is always so that's the roundabout way of saying yes it is different
00:31:33real talk I think that's interesting because you've witnessed firsthand in many ways you know who changed sometimes it's harder to perceive things like that when you're on the ground twice but I love you fans... Of time where you were beginning to be a writer you were teaching but that was one of the worst. Ever to become a writer or try and become a riser yeah I'll toss in my old school Aiden from 2008 until 2009 which was an interesting experience because I don't even like 3 years out of school I really need you in years I did theater and we were beard never going back on this kid was in second year when I left I was at 1:50 or the first thing he said to me was Sarah I know your first name
00:32:33I just want to know how to do with me if you use this voice there's nobody there is nobody between the ages of 18 and 20 20 20 9:30 like I have like I would imagine all the 40 people who are in my leaving cert year item I'd say at least 25 of them are in Australia like they're just isn't like like as much as I like you really notices in Dublin that a lot of people of a certain age are gone like go to the country but if you if you like there's just just as nobody at the house I'm like if in the local night clubs you are there are the 14 or you're like 35 but that's just how it is there there isn't anything at home I'm like I'm
00:33:22yeah but you always see these Like These Foo Fighters you always see these like like in Dublin like your status in like an ant spoken word nights per night of a week in Dublin is always no matter how broke I should people wear no matter how much we were told you couldn't do know how much fun things can people still went on made so even though we're just sticking things to walls it was just it was it was great but like
00:33:47yeah I mean my job. Cuz I'm out of the school and then I went to Egypt for a year and then come back on was was unemployed I was on the Dole I'm like trying to work in different things Bush I was either like to call it like that lyrics to Colfax and I saw people like holding time jobs in like he wanted to do things but couldn't because
00:34:22you fight to get a job where you could work 15 hours a week I make less than being on the doubt if you got toll unlike it just it was so disheartening I like only the fact that like what I was on social welfare they actually people I was dealing with the office were so nice and where is I just a system was just like stopping on you every time every time you try to show initiative based on how to do anything. No no like to hear that was nothing to do with that time is to make things you know when you can't get a job in the Spire or you can't go on Pokemon go and make things on your own and so many people we know when your sounds like he's being sued in this world like well if you're not going to give me something to do I'm going to make something to do and I think that is something that I watched happen from a distance and it really hurting me you know it was like fucking yeah makes me sad what are you wearing
00:35:22daddy where are you going to be like very bad at interviews I have in general but like having that I have going to like the money Geico and I'm doing if I attended sauce was it said it was like it was really nice unlike things about another battery I'm like I was lucky that like I'm honestly like so unless you guys would be my job parents that is a ridiculous response but like doing those little bits and pieces to keep me going for a long time
00:35:55and before we finish I wasn't going and I said he asked if anybody want to ask questions and Bush change my mind so I didn't told you guys I wouldn't ask people to ask questions for going to do it anyway and does anybody have any questions for either Dave or Sarah and in particular like a note for me like the one question that I wanted to ask I'm just asking a question screw Jacks your journey
00:36:33what's the one piece of advice for any creative person being a musician or writer or publisher or filmmaker do you feel holds true taking into account your own experiences
00:36:46beds are probably both going to give like the same piece of advice so it's something my daughter said to me when I told him I was hanging out with a bunch of artists instead of him being like please don't please don't do this you would like look out for them I think the thing that's held the strongest for me is my community on the people my friends people I know who have
00:37:15kind of listened to me when I've had writing oriented nurse play Diamonds and read the things I sent them when I'm worried
00:37:21I think people that you meet him make things like the things you make regardless of what the things that you make RV theater or humor or Internet still or poetry or rising or film there will always be other people who make the things you make it who wants to make things like the things you makes it why don't you just tie it with the probably send you already have one thing in common and I think finding a community
00:37:46was it mean even Jesus getting getting to do the job like me just respect my God I was at their job but getting a dealer making like a living thing isn't really what matters like reading like it's getting the hang out with people that you care about yourself you understand you're not to the first place
00:38:08and what I would always say to people is find your people and watch those people
00:38:14because Val start going up when you'll start going up with them open the doors Yukon for people and don't pull the ladder up once you're there make sure that you make room for people come up I feel so strongly about the rising tide lifts all boats. Smite every time
00:38:31I'm 100% agree with us it's so true cuz I look like on a practical level no no Arts Community is not big people remember people really remember he was kind of he wasn't like I can only speak for like children section cuz that's that's where I am but oh yeah people like the kindest nicest people on the not doing it because it's good business but you know you remember who's nice to you you remember who like self it like success is not a finite resource like you can you can't help other people up and people remember that and then when it comes later they will probably do it as well and if they don't they're not being kind of my and the first thing is at if your if you are if your Rising if you're writing a novel or poetry is the website called lit rejection. Com which is a database terrible neighbor website of the database all of the 150 most record
00:39:31agents in the UK the US Canada Germany and Australia that's where I got my agent and it's really really good resource and you should adults with no letters from like Riders who have been rejected from things I was like it's very full of Hope and stuff I had Sox won the second piece of advice I would give his stash
00:39:55remove the mysticism from March it's not like it's not as much of the people always say in a wedding ideas come from as if you have to go to a Special K and take a look at it until I got sick and thank you. What you have to do
00:40:15hey brother you were the kitchen to get anything out of it it's not you you never have one big hug. So sorry you never have you never have one big idea that right writes the book for you I'm not to the bar Jack is up by the kind of cage it is getting the funds to go to his red fantasy books like no it's not a book if I live in Los Angeles. There's no like iBooks I just sizing the right he is all movie and use them to just small things don't say I would like an Oni rice when my room is Heidi I understand and Uncle gooner playing removes teach yourself how to write anywhere teach yourself that your work is going to be by at your first stop is going to be terrible on welfare but that's why you have to do the book 12 times over before it gets good like nights the bar Jack looks pretty shiny now that's 10 drops of work
00:41:15except that is garbage onus to that's it and then write it again. Is this you telling yourself the story allow yourself to be by the amount of people I mean who would like a written a really good first chapter second job is not as good as like I've never written the first chapter that didn't change based on the last chapter it is always going to be tired even if someone shows up with your suitcase full of money they're going to make you read Rafters like it was the 54th draft of my Savard Dr got picked up on my manager van was like I think it's very cute that you have called is Knights of the borrowed dark the final draft because here I thought we would really consider this the first draft
00:42:00remember the day you got that email and I was like what what are they going to be
00:42:05they cut the top to your ad was not even in the book is a 6 Strauss Edition cuz they're like a prick like the work at Stone if you want to Rice make yourself right don't wait for it to come to you to wait for it to be easy to wait for it to be good Hammer that shit down and try and fix it don't try and be touching Creator all at once just right just absolutely do it's like books in potential and like you know how to read a great idea for a book isn't it you know I'm a good things are so much prettier when they're potentially like your bank balance to know what like the work gets done yeah that was a terrible story
00:43:05sick and I hope you enjoy that chest and actually both Dave and Sarah are part of us another podcast that has recently launched which I would like to draw your attention to and scream took was the wonderful writer he is a former wgm guest if you go back into her as it was the WGN extra we did a crime stories fantastic brilliant David and
00:43:32disturbing Story by Grand and Bates volume he's got a new podcast for his writing all these stories I've called them below the reservoir and the Dave Dave and Sarah are part of the cast on it at The Darlings first scripted Fiction podcast I believe and so if you're into into American podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale or line 10 or anything like that you're going to really love this one and then absolutely right now and I'm sorry yes it's just radio on satellite in horrific amazing so check it at school or wherever you get your podcast. Dash and for this week show thanks to Alex Bracken for producing no thanks to Neil, for not turning up back to it yes thanks for Emmett 2 mi bowls for mixing and editing Today Show and also a big thanks to our sponsors they can promotions for sticking with us the spice everything
00:44:27I'm teylingen up in your house today I'll be back next week with nail talk to you then

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