The Ringer's David Shoemaker, Jason Concepcion, and Danny Heifetz discuss Bernard's and Jim Delos's timeline jumps (7:50), the reveal of William's daughter and what her role may be going forward (27:19), and this week's awards (46:49).

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00:00:12I am pretty sure I guess studio in Hollywood California but if I can't tell does it matter regardless this is west world three castles part of the record high gas network I am your host David shoemaker today were talking season two episode for the return this we're doing
00:00:29this before airing without the benefit of subtitles a reading group think or a safety net in this episode we get a lot of Jim Dallas or is we got the man in black becoming a hero maybe and we got Bernard trying to remember where he left his car
00:00:43keys I am joined from my laboratory he briefing this week mine the host adventure mode the host of NBC desktop and a writer for the ring the one and only gazing Concepcion yes I did make it to and as always the living and made of cognitive he's free
00:01:04from his chains in all of ours is Anne hi how you doing Danny don't worry terminate all functions %HESITATION this is a crazy crazy episode crazy my first note to Jason before he saw it after I had seen it was I don't know if you're gonna like this
00:01:21episode but you're gonna like talking about this episode so let's just get right to it Jason what is your tweet length review of the riddle of the sphinx LC back alright I'll take that %HESITATION this was enough deficit very very nuts yes we got them going to either
00:01:39way if you like to make every open cold open or no feel very different from everything we've seen before we got we started off in episode one sort of safe with the Delores and maybe Bernard whoever that is debriefing episode two we got at the hotel room in
00:01:55whatever city we were and that was a three way what even L. lives rise yet land and then this week we got a weird department was don't tell us yet again the sound cues are a %HESITATION the music cues are a big part of everything that's going on
00:02:13should also mention the riddle of they love to play with the titles real the sphinx of course is the famous story of the sphinx where many get the exact quote it's who crawls on all fours as a baby then walks on two feet and then walks using a
00:02:28walking stick and the answer was ma'am the hunger and there's a lot to get into with the title and we'll be sure to get into that later but before we break it down here is everything that happened in west world season two episode four we open in a
00:02:45minute I hear show room apartment with the rolling stones play with fire on the turntable and other than James Dallas getting ready for the day he has a visitor William comes in and gives them some Scotch and Jim takes about they have an interview to establish a baseline
00:02:58for fidelity because he's dying of a disease and he's clearly got the shakes and wait host William hands in a letter in gym is stunned and take to further on the show were back at it again except this time it's do this strand by Roxy Music playing comes
00:03:13in he's looking a little bit and we find and they've just had Jim Mattis conscious but to a host body shaking and tripping over words that damn cognitive plateau **** said though I'm on fire with Jim and Sarah takes three music this time instead of Jimmy Sims William
00:03:33we get freaking hair is so obviously they he goes to the but eventually just starts antagonizing Jim because maybe the whole idea was a mistake and people aren't meant to live forever Jim starts flipping out and William says don't set up fire just let him go nuts which
00:03:47somehow seems more cruel she right back meantime drags Bernard to a cave where he finds the chain to a rock with some granola bars and she flips out because if you'll recall Bernard attacked her and left her there the freezer she grabbed a gun he collapsed because he's
00:04:06on the Fritz and she realize for the first time if you put them in safe mode to save his life she tried to pull and are convinced her to stay find a secret lab there's lots of these things and by the way for an artist floating timelines healthy
00:04:22but it's sort of convenience it's full of dead tax in a control unit printer one drawn we're building hosts in this lab they were billed wait for it clones I guess they open and room within a lapse in a K. within a big old west town we're working
00:04:37on Jim Dallas everything's in shambles and he lost it Foley's carving up his own phase of broken glass it's grossi attacks LC Bernard saves the day and then as he set the room on fire he then tries to leave again by Bernard remembers just enough to get a
00:04:53it tells her he's got a Tommy now she's like cool robots are the real then Bernard flashes back one last time and remembers he came to this land before to kill everybody grace which I'm saying with air quotes is captured by the ghost nation and she talks to
00:05:10stop this is also can they obviously know each other to try to take the the nighttime ceremony in a case just as although this grace is like okay and runs off meanwhile back in Lawrence right up on some host soldering which is gross and they had the last
00:05:33motors or wherever Lawrence's from have a drink outside the canteen and the bartenders freaked out not because of them but because consideradas by Jack the town catcher man black and Lawrence and put them in the church with the other townsfolk Lawrence tells men in black today didn't other
00:05:48weapons in a grave in Maine and like just goes and does Craddick any says he can help them get to glory credit torture the market with these new nitro and the man black is so not into it later on credit messes with Lawrence and his wife how he
00:06:01and death rolled Amigos and the man in black remembers why committing suicide and is best off and he's like a brother did you see my I I am death and he kills all considerados except for credit can really is real at the end of the black is a
00:06:15deep conversation with Lawrence is whip smart capable daughter insists he's not a hero at all it is cousins right off in the you should it's great tied at which means she was Emily all here we are guys here we are well first of All I Want to say
00:06:34off the top congratulations and thank you to know and enjoy error whoever was reading this episode for not letting that is grace actually Emily mystery be the organizing mystery of the series I think if they learn any they learned a lot of lessons from season one I really
00:06:47did this one is a great example of like you know everyone's going to figure this out let's just give it to you an episode later I liked all the little clues just the fact that she knows like sh which you know in the previous episodes where she they
00:06:59encounter all the dead people and then far off campus as well as something's wrong isn't right and then all this and she can speak Navajo or whatever land yes that the ghost nation is speaking and it's like well how does she know so much about this place yeah
00:07:13and it's obvious because her dad's a man in black and they are all have been warped by this experience there is a really cool moment where she's with Stubbs who I wanna get back to just briefly but I'm when it turns out she can speak their language or
00:07:28she understands our language I guess at first he's like a lot of people don't pay attention to their stared is right but I don't I don't like those people or whatever he said and the and that it's clear that like she's all in on west world or the
00:07:39various worlds the bellows occupies but she is kind of taking a totally different tack from her father we'll get in their relationship a little bit later on the big idea for this episode is a quote from Bernard is now there is nothing I mean we've done a lot
00:07:59of time jumping throughout a season in the city four episodes of west world this episode was fully built around where are we in time yes the two big moments are the two big the beats were obviously Jim Dallas is that the three different versions of him waking up
00:08:15and starting his day in as little weird hospital apartment and then Bernard who can't stay moored in one point point in time let's talk about Jim a little bit is there anything further than backstory that we got from that Jim dello segment the segments well I think beyond
00:08:34just getting out of further read on Jim's character we we are further introduced to the idea that real people can be stored in some way and hosts what does that mean for a future yes for the future of the story and how long has this been going on
00:08:50and why why are we still doing why a over the course of what seemingly was decades are we still seeing how long Jimmy dis personality can hold up in a Hoekstra I love one LC they come out of the room after they like fight him off for whatever
00:09:05area and yet else it's like **** that they're gonna get us all killed so some **** can live forever and I I like there is a kind of distilled that kind of angst of like wait like what's been going on all this time yeah but it's definitely the
00:09:17biggest shift in the series since Bernard was revealed to be a host oh yeah for sure I mean I eight it's a after what we've seen so far this season I guess it wasn't like it didn't feel like some super mega climax I guess that they would be
00:09:30doing this right it was pretty shocking yet to be revealed right now again and in episode four I guess I'm interested in like the subtle differences the date the date you know put on display between the three times it was you know he was holding up a little
00:09:45bit longer he he they said that you know he lasted longer any age you know subsequent replay of his life between each like burning down of what had come before that do member like highlights magazine that used to have with us two pictures and was like spot the
00:10:01difference in though yeah those are like those three scenes are like all these little ones like it kind of puts like a different amount of like ice in the glass in any slightly alters the way says William he curses in different places and it was really interesting to
00:10:13see like how they just kind of like just nibbled at like she edges of it yeah he was in his hand was shaky pouring in the milk in the first I guess the for the first two and the third time it was stable but you know that that
00:10:23there was other stuff wrong with them I can't wait of all the things that we have all the episodes we recorded this is the one I'm most excited to see what the internet has to say on that today absolutely because there is that like navy blue old book
00:10:37lying on his bad that like I tried five million times a screen grab and fail to see what it was you know there are a lot of you know there is some some quotes we were just talking before went on the air about Jim does this sort of
00:10:50like last words at the very end of the episode the god above in the guide below the father you know above and below and and that was the devil looking at his reflection laughing you know when people figure out what all this stuff is directly related to or
00:11:06are a reference to it it'll probably at a lot more depth to the show my favorite part of that was his little holding a shard of mirror as he's giving that speech right and just something about that just the little fractured self image of this guys try to
00:11:20do this like a hundred and forty nine times which by the way a hundred and forty nine times the most ominous like there's going to be a hundred and fiftieth time yeah going back this it was one of those great this everything about the show is loaded yes
00:11:33extremely low we made a lot of kind of lost jokes and references over the course of the season you know one of the things that loss was famous for was just like putting books in scenes and making everybody rushed to Amazon to figure out you know like to
00:11:46to breed and it didn't add up to a whole lot or didn't amount to a whole lot but it was a nice it's always a nice window into like whether the show runners were the creators reading as the writing you know what are there and what are they
00:11:56being influenced by well there's a ton of those little plays from the various like extremely theorized about shows taking little tidbits of lost as you said and then it's you know that the %HESITATION little warms where they store the the personalities of the person it's like very horcrux
00:12:16lake and then like you said the hundred and forty nine times things being reincarnated or whatever you want to call the process is very much like Jon snow being the nine hundred ninety eighth lord commander and active night's watch like there's all these little things in their attitude
00:12:30to make you theorize I even harder than you would have otherwise absolutely true but so we have that we have the the the the triple play of of %HESITATION of Jim dello scenes and then those are those are Serbs suited not really parallel but those are are are
00:12:47put a long set alongside Bernard being unable to stay in his own reality I don't know I know you talked about the someone binge mode chase and yeah but when you but when you have Bernard who's like floating in and out of reality right there's obviously the get
00:13:02the question of free will when it comes to a host in general yeah but you know when we look at Jim Dallas we look at Bernard all over the place in this timeline it really raises this question in a bigger way right like what is our like how
00:13:16much free will does any host have been particularly if like time is a flat circle the you know I think like Adam had a weed that would require reasons to take from all the of the of any theories I used I think Danny Heifetz is that the three
00:13:31men in this case but I think that %HESITATION I think you know as the show zooms out I think we're gonna get a a referendum on free will not just for the host but for the human beings you know like that the further out we go you have
00:13:47to wonder what the motivations are in all of this in season one there is that moment where where Maeve realizes that she's been programmed to escape plan how much of this has happened before and how much of this is happening because of some kind of code that Ford
00:14:05and tell inserted into the various hosts of consciousness we talk about that some last episode it certainly feels like Delores is caught somewhere between right experiencing free will and then also following a script is necessary for this just anarchy to go on you know it's a it's going
00:14:24to continue to be a question this host season I think but we seen that like the narrative that though the Ford's new narrative is this is Westworld anarchy yeah but it does seem like through this anarchy some hosts are being able or are able to find their their
00:14:43consciousness yes and I I think that they actually laid the groundwork for defining what free will is to the hosts at least and between humans as well in that scene when after LC fixes Bernard and then basically it's like I'm done with you do like this right in
00:14:59a free to ride and then he begged her to stay explains that he's never had control over anything is done now and she says okay but promise me no more lying and you will not hurt me and he says absolutely just give us one chance yes and I
00:15:16think that that I mean that's first will begging to be kind of bring up later he's probably gonna have the opportunity to do those things to be conflicted but I think that when Bernard made that promise that that was kind of setting his own cornerstones that his new
00:15:28cornerstones now going forward or he will not lie and you will not hurt LC in that almost are like his new motivations in a way or at least things that he won't do and I think that that is access the ability to set those things to make a
00:15:40profit **** and decide what your promises will be is is the new freeway choke me once yeah I think I think that that's definitely true there's also this concept add that I think really applies to the Dallas sequences that you remember in season one I think it was
00:15:56in the finale or Ford is kind of coming clean with what he's been trying to do right a any any base lease it mean he's making the case who knows how you know reliable he is but he's making the case that like he's been trying to bring consciousness
00:16:10to the host ever since Arnold died right but but he knew that he could just flip a switch it was right I think it was some ineffective through like repetition and tragedy right you know this consciousness will emerge and that's sort of where we left Jim Dallas right
00:16:25I might add at the very end the man in black is sort of figured out either deliberately or accidentally the same the same formula which is like it's repetition is getting its getting he's getting more and getting closer and closer with it with each time but at some
00:16:39point the man in black just like I'm gonna torture this guy I'm just gonna give him the worst news ever I'm gonna break his heart and maybe something will come of that and there's and at the end he was just like just leave them in their letter might
00:16:50break **** and see what happens it does certainly feel as if damage to the host consciousness is what makes this new consciousness arise it's the constant over writing of the previous memories some kind of obviously an emotional break those are the things that create this this this new
00:17:13person this new consciousness I think you see that with with divorces dad so maybe some of it is just like let these guys break down and see what happens after that yeah nice I don't think there's definitely a lot to that so let's get that let's move into
00:17:28the big questions of the episode we are already talking about Jimmy jam Dallas so here's my first question is Jim Dallas are we to believe that he is the only human who is at his consciousness but to us now clearly that the implication from Bernard at the end
00:17:45of that there was someone else no yeah I think he's the only one I don't think this is ever gonna come up again never gonna do this yeah but I mean what what we what are what are we to take it away whose it what what what is
00:17:57your guy I know you're writing about this day Heifetz yes over or when people are listening to this you will have I wouldn't have written mind right now yeah so Bernard pilfered one of those things you kind of picked up one of the like the top off the
00:18:11red velvet cupcakes that are those like Rachel units and he put it in his pocket and that was when Ford was controlling and so the question is well is their mind on their yes and whose mind is it is the real question so the obvious candidate is Ford
00:18:27and is Ford you know his last words before he died were shop on Beethoven and Mozart never die they just became music and telling I'm not good at forty nine out of one can do the Robert Raphaelite Chasin but for his last words were that he's gay eluding
00:18:46to him living on and I thought that was gonna be and being the ghost in the machine but maybe not maybe he actually just gonna actually have a host body the more interesting option though is I think it is Arnold's mind and that Arnold is actually the person
00:19:00that was preserved somehow on that now Arnold will actually be able to be resurrected in a physical form the implication being that Bernard is not fully Arnold he's just like the program version of Arnold he lay Arnold and a lot of ways they probably made burn are now
00:19:16that we know that the used or we can basically assume that use James tells his DNA to make that copy of him that's probably how Bernard was made we can probably make that leap and then when you go down that path there's a lot of interesting questions there
00:19:29but it's certainly opens up at least the possibility of making another Bernardin having Arnold actually be there but maybe merging that would be I think when you really when you kind of zoom back and try to figure out what's going on there is the de Los strategy and
00:19:46then there is whatever Ford was doing yeah Ford figured out how to put a person into a host in a way that was stable obviously we think because of our the Arnold Bernard thing now the man in black slash William was doing something else probably that's in line
00:20:05with whatever the board is doing with the the hijack code etcetera to try and figure out to do what Ford already figured out but with much less success so I think yes there's gonna be more people that are hosts of and I think we have to we have
00:20:24to separate what for did his successes in his the things he was able to accomplish from what dell's was trying to do with much less success sure I mean it's clear before this episode that hordes of understands how this whole thing works on a much deeper level and
00:20:39that does is like let's put you know the hard drives into Peter Abernathy like they're they're working on a kind of a sort of dumb down level of the version of the whole thing which I think was part of the part of why they're stealing the code because
00:20:53it's like obviously for no stuff that we don't know we need to figure out what that is we need to make sure he can't shut this whole thing off let's get let's get that cold out and see if we can recreate some of his work so I guess
00:21:05what I wonder is this is this is just part of the show just asking stupid questions it's crazy to think that with all of the secret labs Ellis has set up a a set up all over the place that four didn't know about that right I mean to
00:21:20he's not only does he have to in some sense that he's guy but he's like actively terra forming and stuff you know he's he's dealing with every inch of this world all the time so I mean it and in the at the very end I mean it Bernard's
00:21:32last flash back with him remembering himself walking into this lab and with the help of the drone hosts a murdering everyone right and then the drone hosts commit suicide and there's I guess one last but do we I mean they they are we to take it that like
00:21:49that's when Ford found out this lab was there letting them work and it on their own feet away I took it was that Ford wanted to shut that down now maybe he knew what was going on and when they he thought they were getting too close he then
00:22:04decided to shut it down or maybe that's when he found out about it but certainly I I Bernard doesn't do anything that Ford doesn't want to do so I I believe that at some point in time Ford found out about that lab found out what was going on
00:22:17there that they were trying to backwards engineer his work in some in some form or fashion I was like okay let's shut this down budget to shut it down that aspect of it is actually really reminiscent of memento in a way for Bernard's plot because Jonathan Nolan's created
00:22:30the show wrote memento on a long drive with his brother Christopher Nolan spoiler if you haven't seen the mental but he's basically investigating a crime that he's been doing right and in a way that's kind of what's really intriguing about this Bernard plot line is it's almost kind
00:22:44of the same thing yeah I I'm a little bit a little bit uncertain about Bernard's relied reliability but we'll talk more about that we'll talk more about that and a little bit and I think it mean it is so is over do you think that the that the
00:22:58cloning of country you know that making Jim telos into a host or whatever do you think this is part of the overall della's business strategy going like is this an idea the thing that they thought they could do repeatedly if they figured it out or is this just
00:23:11were saving Jim bellows and maybe you know a couple of the people who we like this is or is more of an isolated incident I think I think it's I think it is part of the Dells model or at least that's what they're trying to sell as some
00:23:23form of immortality and I also think that much like Ford with Arnold the other thought here is we can take control of companies of various things when you take a person right clone take them out of their situation put the clone in and now we can kind of
00:23:46push levers behind the scenes you know secretly you have things work out and I would write ins in scary that's they already can do that they couldn't they could make a clone version of the you know it whoever right of mark Zuckerberg right and rolling out there and
00:24:01then they can control them if they could but they don't his need to be fully conscious for that the consciousness is the weird thing and how well what if someone said you know something it's like let's say isn't over yet you make as a cupboard you put into
00:24:12Facebook's office right but then people start to talk to in their work wise mark being like really weird like even we know how we are to weird alright we're gonna circle back around all this stuff let me into the second big question we we had no Delores and
00:24:27know Maeve in this episode but we got a lot of the men in black we saw the man in black basically inching towards hero ism throughout the course of the episode but he was very clear in the second to last scene but he's not a hero actually called
00:24:43himself death obviously %HESITATION we'll as as mentioned earlier in the show and insist that he's not doing good deeds but who is he I just want to give a quick shout out and say he can be really corny a lot of the time that was a sick line
00:24:57yeah well I think I think you know listen west world we can we can argue about how much of of what's going on means what but I think if there's one thing that Wes world does really well in billions it actually is another show that is as real
00:25:10as they have great bottom lines yeah the bottom lines and cried not sure what the conversations as a whole means but the bottom lines are incredible yeah it was a great episode for that man but it was a great episode for aids I I'm frustrated that run a
00:25:24point now where I can't just say the man in black and William this to two separate characters this episode just sort of shattered all that yeah but it is a great episode for ed Harris all say with even without the last scene in the lab apartment but that
00:25:39last scene just watching him walk in naturally with like you know a couple of days stubble on his face and just being William was a really really cool moment I think that we can all agree that we would all agree on that and it was it's sort of
00:25:53funny because we have a season of Jimmy Simpson acting like the sort of unwittingly at first but eventually like acting like ed Harris like a you know and the big and the first three episodes of this season serve morphing into ed Harris and then in this episode we
00:26:07kind of got ed Harris acting like Jimmy Simpson you know it's a more of a B. E. he's gonna play that regular person outside of Westworld role even though he's fully in west world what do you think about the rest the season is minimal act I'm a is
00:26:21he going to be the hero of this season doesn't even matter I mean it does that term even have any meaning in the show I think that all has to do with I don't think it actually has any meaning that I did I did I yeah hero is
00:26:34is a loaded term in the context of the show where a lot of the morality of the things you see have to do with your own personal relationship with your views on consciousness and life and whether these the hosts were alive and at what point they became a
00:26:52line and what it doesn't matter what you do to them except or Exeter and so on we talked a little bit about unreliable narrators in terms of Bernard I said this before on the show that the that the show writers runners themselves are the biggest I'm able narrators
00:27:06and the way that that that manifests itself in a lot of different ways but one of the small pointed ways is when they call it character grace and that's clearly not who it is write me there might be a little bit of a metaphor in there but we
00:27:20now finally know that grace is Emily who is Williams daughter who we saw as a small child when %HESITATION Diller's playing piano earlier in the season and now we realize that it's the same person who is you know Chillin and rods world and now she's you know that
00:27:38the show ends with her writing up you know we did it in silhouette against the sunset and saying hi dad and we know that they don't have a great relationship or at least according to William they don't have a great relationship he seems sort of perplexed by your
00:27:54presence but she seems you know kind of happy to see him yeah sort of or like a look at this isn't this isn't this interesting to meet you here so also how the hell did they end up there she just runs away from ghost nation and I'm like
00:28:09do they call each other on the hundred day text each other was added how did she get into west's world from Raj world I mean like I guess she was just right by the edge maybe Roger world as well as women I missed in the last episode it
00:28:21was established in right when they were on their of tiger hunt that they were at the very edge of the park I guess on the yeah but it's not like the very edge of the park it's still no place that he should be going there the very edge
00:28:34for guests should still be like three miles away from the actual ADSR yeah I was confused as she being near the edge as she met you could reach the edge I still don't understand how she went from just galloping on this course just Chillin to exactly where they
00:28:47met in the middle this field I mean I guess there's a lot we missed in the middle or something but it did seem like that yet for I mean with all the time jumping and Jason you pointed this out we're watching the episode to date they do use
00:28:58markers to lie and to differentiate time lines and all in one of the big wins this season is Jimmy Simpson's facial hair it's that yeah there's that there's a two day stubble there's the week stubble and then there's the full like I'm grizzled yes double and they go
00:29:13they go really hard with like lining the beard like they were really precise shape because they have to make the stubble look thicker you know what's more defined do you think there's a separate do you think that they just projected what facial hair and grooming patterns look like
00:29:28in the U. twenty fifty yeah I don't know because if if we take that and at the very end with the wind wind at Harris walked and it was just like he just let it go for awhile there is no training that went on there at all but
00:29:40the better for all of their markers the tie it does kind of with all the jumping around they do the time line at the very end even if it's or even if it's really linear right we all left wondering how she got from ghost nation to on that
00:29:53horse with the hat on yes I mean which is close I guess you could have gone anywhere I mean I a we we were Janeane at a I mean that the goes nation thing was at night when she escaped this nation that was night time so presumably this
00:30:06is you know twenty hours later or something like that that's plenty of time for running away for like find some clothes and find a horse and figure out where she wants to go clearly she knows enough about west world and its internal mythology to kind of be headed
00:30:21in the same direction as her father I'm but I guess they are out are we gonna do you think that the rest of the season or is this going to be the man in black and daughter just like on a journey through west world to find that to
00:30:35find his greatest mistake here or where we had it yes I in so to tie in what just to tie in Williams journey going forward so to speak and actually the theme of time lines and not knowing where we are as much as William keeps walking to James
00:30:52tells us fish bowl and you know it's like a the same conversation happening William actually had his own version of deja vu in this episode because that whole scene with outside the cantina and like you know shooting the bartender that was a in some ways a frame for
00:31:07frame reissue of a scene that happened in episode two right chest not where William sees nine episode season one episode yeah where instead of Craddick it's Williams terrorizing the town he kills all Lawrence's cousins and then terror and shoots and actually dances with Lawrence's wife answer and then
00:31:25the daughter looks and when you say we need more men in black yes Sir us season one of the so ed Harris is the one terrorizing her so we see in his mind in this episode that he's flashing back to thinking about his wife and and her suicide
00:31:39and how he contributed to that yeah also almost certainly thinking of how he's also terrorize Lawrence doing this exact same stuff with him coming face to face with someone who is dead the villain on the scale that he himself was right I mean seeing seeing karadic and we'll
00:31:58talk a little bit more about him in a second missing him they seem credit be just such a black cat no one intended that he he was forced to sort of rethink his place in the world I guess yes so it's not just whether you see hear or
00:32:13not I don't wanna get into that but to what he's gonna do I think he specifically going to like that scene start on doing some of the trauma he's because the characters I think that you're going to see him in some way be involved with Maeve saving her
00:32:24daughter instead of just brutally murdered murdering them and then I think his ultimate plot is going to end up with instead of killing to Lawrence's father than killing Delores he's going to play a role in helping to lower safer father because that's really the only way why would
00:32:37he do that he's where he all of season one was like why don't the host actually trying kill me that's what I want and I want to be in here I want to be torturing host where they can fight back all the way and now he's like actually
00:32:52want to save everybody if he if he does help save Pete Abernathy I think it'll be because he knows the codes in there I am unsure as to why he would now be like I'm here so because he's still in love with her Lawrence yes piece of foam
00:33:10so we okay so but but I think that maybe the answer is in the question you just asked him and he he all he wanted for so long was for things they have steaks and I have to to care about him to actually hate him yeah knowing that
00:33:23would be able to kill him yeah and actually see ally that's again another parallel to his interaction with that with Jim bellows said and that it would be in the ed Harris version of that sand where he's do ease he has to get the hatred out to try
00:33:34to like activated yeah but but I think that what we saw the very first scene with them is an all is it functionally unnecessary scene with him in Lawrence writing up on the weird train tracks yeah where the where the hosts are so driven mad by their own
00:33:51kind of pseudo freedom and and do you know chaos and whatever else that they are they are in nailing each other into the railroad tracks I mean what it what a weird thing but I think it's quite a metaphor for the but I think that if you know
00:34:07what we're seeing is is the man in black coming to grips with what he actually what he had wanted for so long ends in the sort of failure in that and when he when he sees Craddick go nuts and you know I mean just just be so evil
00:34:24I guess is that the possibly were meant to say meant to see that he's reconsidering what he wanted all along and that I don't know if that makes him a good guy but that certainly is some character advancement alright one more big question this is a really basic
00:34:40question is Bernard being honest with LC when he says I'm on your side now again I think we have to that all depends on what we believe Bernard's ability to be honest is yeah Hino can even tell the truth okay really basic question for is it else he
00:35:01knew too much according to Bernard so Ford's plan was to have her captured and chained to a rock like that what we see at the end of the show when we see what four does with people who know too much yeah he has he has Bernard go in
00:35:16and murder them all do we think that Elsie was spared because Bernard somehow had the consciousness to say I'm not I'm gonna pretend I killer but I'm really gonna Haidar right or did he or is that Ford's plan was just and lock her up because that seems like
00:35:30a weird move for someone is dies but sometimes diabolical is for I know I definitely think that it was for its plan to keep her alive in that she's so smart that she was starting to figure it out that he would need her in the wars to come
00:35:44so to speak all right but do you think Bernard it seems like every live there were two or three times in this episode where else he was like I got to get to the mace and contact the outside world I get it we we so we got to
00:35:55do it every time Bernard gave her just enough to get her to stay and then at the end he was like alien hominid I have I have free will now this is me making my own decisions any Lou he's whether or not he's being honest he's playing with
00:36:09her I think that's what is that like wasn't things we've seen it suggested that Ford is has been trying to stymie Dallas's ambition for awhile right so when Elsie discovers the plot to hijack the data you think Ford would want that expose but for some reason he doesn't
00:36:27not yet so he's keeping LC and play for a reason what that reason is we don't know I mean obviously she helped Bernard a great deal so T. V. D. but first I a does feel like Ford is keeping her in play on for some kind of there's
00:36:45some grand strategy at work that we don't know about yet I I think that's fair to say the only one one of the things if if you want to keep it once I like keeping our play leads from a narrative perspective every all the main characters in last
00:36:58season are now in like human and host partnerships yes I think this is it's I mean this is obviously a deliberate move but now Bernardin LC are like you know one of them one of the many squads we have maven size more yet Delores has our lab tech
00:37:16nine main character from last season but that guy's gonna produce in our plan what they're going to Sweetwater now right though her teddy I think will will find a lot more next episode that was her reincarnation agent yeah he was the guy who was bring everybody back and
00:37:28that is that is a sort that is heard the source of her power in the way that like Jesus doing miracles well geez didn't do miracles for the sake of of what getting people over onto his side that was sort of this thing but he did do some
00:37:41miracles every now and then and then you know every so everybody's repaired up I think that LC occupies a very interesting space Justin fandom yes we ARE in stubs where are they were like one of the biggest mysteries coming out of season one even at the time I
00:37:57was I I don't think it matters if they come back like I presume they're coming back right because they didn't die clearly on screen yes but what if this is all we have and we certainly may get more on stubs but I think we've known all we're really
00:38:12gonna know about what happened LC is this a let down from my wondering what happened they just sort of pop back up and I mean disturbs it **** we had a say in this this could be another fun Stubbs too he said ever since they captured me I've
00:38:25been watching them yeah he was captured by goes nation last season and if I mean that could be all the connective tissue we're gonna get that he's just been under their watch for you know however long it's been I think the LC what happened in the interval with
00:38:38LC is is kind of that's more interesting to me why Bernard didn't kill her perhaps on Ford's orders to keep her alive is interesting to me but I think you know just seeing I mean you guys were there we want when I watch the screen with you guys
00:38:55when Elsie reappear is I was like yes yes finally here because of of just like you said the conversation around her in the fandom in the fact that so much of the theorizing was like where she she did she alive what happened to her arena Syria and then
00:39:11when it kind of being it question semi confer backdoor confirm that she was going back and then just to see if it was pretty thrilling she's a fun character to have out there she came back Jason said quote what and although I don't have the funny answer right
00:39:28here that we discuss this after we watch David that part of me the devil's advocate thanks season one had a lot of rewrites yeah to rewrite a lot of the script and the during the occam's razor answer is that they just had to punt on her story lines
00:39:45and stops the end of season one and they were like we'll pick this up for next season yeah I think that there's probably some of that one thing that you definitely get when you have a show that's full of rewrites or I mean that that shows it's frankly
00:39:55full of robots is a lot of like robotic performances and some of those are I mean meant not many of those are or deliver it right but even even Ford was a very it's not robotic he was formal you know I mean it was all it was all
00:40:09sort of performing live and one thing you get with LC and Stubbs is just like wait a ten percent dose of smart **** and it's nice to have some like people who were humans acting like humans interspersed in the show now again because it is such a humorless
00:40:25shows and I'll see what I mean does he just has so much life you know and it may be an even Stubbs has that like you know that little rice style in and I see it it contributes a lot I maintain the show would be twice as good
00:40:39if the little just had one sense of humor slider on all the hosts and anyone could become comedic relief you know like stubs all of season one stop people are like yeah you don't even need that the these those are totally in control he's like listen let me
00:40:51tell you something I have I have you have to go out here every day you have a gun too so this is in a lot of ways and I told you so season for Stubbs who like is constantly around like I told you guys this was gonna freak
00:41:03and this could happen now look at us also can I just ask who's writing the narratives for for rise world for samurai world and all the rest like it just seems like everybody's very very focused on west world the writing and the narratives and what's going to happen
00:41:20and then like I guess shogun world like we just let that I just want to know who the creative team behind those parts of the park where to that's all perhaps it's a comment on how are how when western obsessive myth mythology is influence to an America first
00:41:37foreign policy where we focus on domestic wow wow wow it all right let's move on to the big questions to our new favorite segment of the week and this can be again this debut last week this is called what's your damage now this can be a one sentence
00:41:54answer this is not the there's no need for deep discussion here but just for the people who are watching wondering why is that character so pissed off this week we're doing what's your damage major Craddock now why is credit such a bad guy I was gonna do the
00:42:12people nailing each other to death in a I mean nailing their fellow hosts into the railroad tracks tough luck but did I feel like it's the same answer Danny just give us the quick version white wise Craddick such above it on why why is he so pissed off
00:42:25he sold to that he lost to a girl alright quite frankly and he's also going nuts I mean all all the hosts are just rampaging rate actually do think that well I mean he's just back to the music Confederate soldier but I actually do think that everywhere Delores
00:42:42goes and Evan Rachel wood is just the action the actor has discussed this but everywhere Delores goes she is trying to very much play a part that people don't expect of her and no one ever thinks she's why it when she first goes in but then by the
00:42:54time they leave the like holy **** like again why it so delightfully called ally it the worst what now okay you can %HESITATION I actually think it's really interesting to see how some of the men react when the light gets the best of them because I actually do
00:43:09think that there's an interesting yeah that's a big shock to their system although for all the things are going through is not exactly the highest thing on the priority list but we shall see Jonathan Tucker he's been a huge a big plays Craddock he's a huge this season
00:43:20so far and it had this might be the last we see of him because he did get blown the **** up but like yet unambiguously blown the **** out when we watch these things the screeners is like that yeah there's that big warning at the beginning where it's
00:43:33like all special effects you know the special effects aren't final so I don let's not get too deep on those demanded the blowing up was it there is a lot of fire in this episode which we should discuss there is a lot of blowing up just in general
00:43:47at the end of the show we can talk about this but this might be a quote of the week category by the end of the show Jim Dallas is lying there it's not he's not dying necessarily isn't died so they you know told LC burns him but he
00:44:00says I believe I'm quoting correctly who knows if he says it they said there were two fathers one above one below they lied there was only ever the devil in manners look up from the bottom it was just his reflection laughing back down at you it seems like
00:44:15talking about how the only god was the devil is pretty poignant especially in a show where he is constantly consumed by flames and where this exploding nitro is the weapon of choice for all the bad guys I don't know what you're even the devil hot takes Jason honestly
00:44:37all of Jim Dallas's quotes are incredible I have no idea what they mean gas the MTG to check the data Hillman offering boil it that's the best one alright our first award for the week is best quote our monologue before we get to those awards though let's hear
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00:46:49for the best quote are monologue of the week there are a lot of good options out there we we do we base the show around the quote is this now from Bernard you just said Jim tell us is I mean that was the best one there's a great
00:47:06line by a cheta them who it is name I will always mispronounce until they start saying it repeatedly out loud in the show to Stubbs re says you only live as long as the last person who remembers you there is the death stuff like what what what what
00:47:19was Jason what is your award for quote best quote or monologue in this episode best quote is and we talk about it already is the is the insane Jim bellows quote about the two fathers above and below but really there was just the one in the whole thing
00:47:36where he's saying this as he's expiring with the face cut up by shards of mirror it was interesting I mean he talked about the the death I mean should we read this really literally read that line really literally because it's I mean if you want to look at
00:47:54the Dallas do you know is that the org chart the god below was clearly Ford who is underground building **** the whole time and even though Jim does might have thought he was the real good might have thought he was running the running things there is a different
00:48:12guy who clearly Jim would have looked at as the devil I think who is laughing up from underneath it made me think of of something that happened in the previous episode as well when Delores is at the fort with the Confederate does and they're fighting off the the
00:48:27the Dallas cards and one of the Confederate us says they're coming up from under the ground so father below yeah all all that all of these labs are neatly nearly hidden underground day have a quote of the week other than just the way Craddock was like a me
00:48:44go the the one that really stuck out to me was that when I catch other RTS don't you say his name but a catch it is safe to say it in the end the band episode two when he when he's in the club with that with Logan he
00:48:57says a name okay well they they whisper into stubs here you live only as long as the last person who remains you and task that's some that's some real **** yeah there are a couple of the ones I want to bring a mean you mention Craddick in his
00:49:09line that man that whole men in black sequence was just insane yet where he was like you didn't recognize that sitting across from you this whole time don't and then later on it's don't worry amigo I'm here now watching over you and then he's dead which is just
00:49:22fantastic stuff I think the rely the episode goes to Lawrence's daughter who inner kind of over the top that you know it hyper conscious conversation with the man in black says if you're looking forward to looking in the wrong direction in reference to the game that he's playing
00:49:40but that's what that's the whole episode right I mean at this point we're just digging back into the past to understand where we are right now because frankly everything we want to know about the show has already happened yes yeah right I mean whether sickly with any anime
00:49:55might get out of the real world you know we're gonna see some samurais were gonna it like we had there obviously there's the the sort of della's politics are the future of the company or what happens west world that's that's all in the future but all of the
00:50:07mystery that this central mystery of the show which you know they sort of have set aside for for it for three episodes is what happened between the host uprising and the the most present tense with Carl strand and all those folks everything's in the past yes very interestingly
00:50:24hopefully we'll get back there soon I miss Carl also that I'd a Jonathan Nolan stable to have %HESITATION everything important have happened in the past they mention the mental earlier our second award this week for the this maze was not meant for you award for the dumbest human
00:50:41chasing her you got this hurts me but it's kind of LC who was recently seen being choked the **** out yes by a person that she now knows is a robot and she's basically like yeah that happened were good it's fine yeah Elsie had a lot of moments
00:51:02of I mean there's no reason for her to have known that Bernard was a host right but it is funny I guess as like as the the kind of rye smart **** human she is our avatar in a lot of ways but I love that like her learning
00:51:16stuff after we've learned stuff felt a little bit jarring you know or she's just like wait a second you went on vacation how could you be a host and then find out that for the dead later on you know he's just like two forts to head Jeez I
00:51:30whole **** me Eric that's the worst thing that could possibly happen I guess she doesn't know him as a villain or is whatever we saw mass last else's defense I I'm not here for this LC slander she's like the only smart person in this whole show is she
00:51:44she only smart person to come on there's people here that build robots that have human brains you can be smart smart stupid okay as my mother she's not street smart is what you're saying he's the only person who can like look I'm sure that there are many touch
00:51:59I'm sure it's very difficult to I don't know design of the king beating heart horse hurt eating whatever the point is that else's DeLuna looks around is like guys I don't know about this stuff I'm here we had very little of the de Los garland goer crowd this
00:52:16episode so like the cowardly lion from those previous episodes wasn't here to get this award there were some dom DeLuise folks who are like don't worry we'll be rescued from the soon it's there is going to wait it out that with those but I'm not for me this
00:52:31week the award for dummies human goes to any of the freaking lab techs who just took jobs in isolated underground labs working with it working with go withdrawing hosts fellas I love that your own house is one thing if you're working in Westworld does is this big company
00:52:49and it's sort of weird that you have to go live on an island and and live there and work there and and you're dealing with it I understand that but people at work at Disneyland like it's I'm sure they people have apartments next to do and these are
00:52:59things that happen but when they're like you have to work in this hole and you can't tell anyone where you are or what you're doing that that's a weird job to take give me one reason why you would not watch an office reboot at west world we're just
00:53:13all the Dallas tex that we arrange address and the the just mismanagement and and weird things afoot are just rife at that place there's so much like pilfering of materials of using hosts for your own sexual gratification while they should be being cleaned and otherwise yes maintenance secret
00:53:35facilities withdraw does that actually murder you there's a lot of don't work here you're right not work to listen it's dumb to take the job it's dumb to get moved into the private secret lab that nobody knows about because anything can happen but the worst part is the
00:53:50dumbest thing was when Bernard came and he's like now it's time to murder you in if you're taking this job because it pays really well or because this is only what it least don't be surprised when the does turn on you and I like that's that's going to
00:54:06happen the benefits are probably pretty good I'm sure they're fantastic in their family get nice at it again and I said trying to change after that last big award of the week for the biggest or most shocking reveal we should call this the full splendor award for his
00:54:22slender what it what wages and what was your what was your big moment of the of the episode you know I did scream when I found out that I'll see when I saw Elsie alive again but I'm gonna go with grace slash Emily that reveal her being the
00:54:36daughter of the man of blacks actually I mean that's the biggest thing right I mean it there be a law that this was a big episode a lot of stuff happened but like that regardless that was the moment right that's what that that was that was the big
00:54:50moment was the last of the episode and you know that we've we've got a really important character what do you think any I totally thought the moment when we were all like collectively realize that Dallas was a host and that they actually put his consciousness into a body
00:55:04is just it changed everything we know about the show and it just sets everything going forward in motion and I it's that blew my mind I was just like holy **** I heard rumors I heard like crackpot friends of mine talking about that like a year ago like
00:55:20old dude what if it's like this and I was like there's no way and now that that's like true I I just expands my imagination for where the show can go yeah hopefully doesn't go too far and I say this and I say this every episode hope we
00:55:31don't go too far down that direction because then what the hell's the show you know it could be did it's it's really it's really interesting I don't know what do you want anyway how much how much more how much more of like human consciousness in a robot body
00:55:45do you think the right to handle I can handle a lot more but to me it's the the it's less about the the fact of human consciousness and robot body but what you want why why are we doing it is it like the classic human urge to be
00:56:01immortal that makes sense that's interesting too but like are they trying to monetize it as we talk about like why are they doing this is to me the important question yeah my question was real was very basic which is like if they don't have the technology yet to
00:56:18fully turn the men too conscious the host then what are how do we know that they're like saving the right thing it's like it's like Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen had it right whenever people get their heads chopped off and put on ice it relies on the the assumption
00:56:34that someday we'll be able to turn heads back to back alive and not feel like we don't need the whole body we don't need an ounce of leasing DNA or we don't who knows what they have but I guess that's all really beside the point Danny I have
00:56:48one crackpot theory on how it actually one wife many I think that the reason they couldn't bridge that cognitive plateau so to speak yeah I think what's going to happen is he's going this dormant %HESITATION this dormant tell us that's lying in Peter Abernathy well that that's that's
00:57:09a serious at all and it's in there so we can just go into this now I guess but basically that we've assume this whole time that the data inside of Peter Abernathy is this Cambridge analytica we have all the data on all of our guests thing yeah but
00:57:25now you like well this is clear what's more valuable if your marketing project or like we might be able to make people immortal that seems like a better business property yeah no I think I think that's true and if that is what's in him though then you have
00:57:35a dormant out Delly's in Peter Abernathy but I mean there's no reason why they couldn't have both right we don't know how much ram like a personal again personality takes up so I mean and that's what we'll figure we'll figure that stuff out but it's definitely true if
00:57:51whatever they were doing in that lab seems to be the thing that's most important to the Dallas front office correct so that I don't think that's a good one all right that was a a wonderful segue Danny good really good where by you for our theories in reality
00:58:07check portion of the show now now that we are doing this Tuesday show we have ten well Tuesday's it pops up every Tuesday morning we get to like really deep dive into what right it's talking about the rest of the internet and everybody else we don't want to
00:58:20get to spoiler in this episode we don't want to go to do too deep are on our main review show into crackpot theories but if they're your crackpot theories will let him slide what do you got this week is it what would we see what we miss may
00:58:33be in the show that we should be talking about it so my fair is that in the first scene in the whole show between Ford and Bernard in the pilot they're talking about how humanities speaks and he says one day perhaps Ford says one day perhaps we will
00:58:47be able to call forth right Lazarus from his cave and then in this episode we James tell us is in a lab hidden in a cave where they're trying to resurrect the dead so that was a really cool full sort and there's island the cave in the fish
00:59:01bowl I guess the whole thing is exit yeah there's a lot of really fun Easter eggs like in his little room where he has like a fish bowl where I mean it's quite literally in a fishbowl but that and also of a metaphor for fish goldfish of like
00:59:13three second memories which isn't true but the metaphor works then he actually actually has like this of our glass that is a literal our learning in his room over and over and if that wasn't on the nose enough when William tells and like nope you're like I'm gonna
00:59:26leave you here forever and actually likes James smashes the hourglass ranks and it'll pours out us those fun the other really in imagery that really came up was the scene where the drone house just mark all the lab techs the the host white fluid the host batter mixes
00:59:46with like the blood content image of the blood mixing with the white stuff we seen that before they will finally come out album that is a Metallica album but the we saw in the pilot to with Milken blood mixing it really is a metaphor for hosting humans merging
01:00:02into something else and then it's this imagery of hosting human and now we know that that's the mixing of code in DNA and then some of pointed out the that the alternate bellows local actually looks like a vote van diagram all right yeah so that's an interesting parallel
01:00:20I just want to point out it chastened add to open up the show by talking about the real of the sphinx one of the one one it like the metaphorical implications of the religious sayings was that wait who who who saw the rental so in light of his
01:00:33records in order to enter the most famous version so but but that but they you know if you if you can just look on anywhere on the internet but there but but that the deeper reading is that Oedipus is the sort of liminal figures the freight is a
01:00:44phrase that used to separate the old guys from the new gods rate so that the it's it's sort of like chiming in the what that point is bring in the Greek gods which are supposed to be like the more modern wonderful guys but regardless whether you want to
01:00:58look at this is like the fords one of the gods and that whatever but I or if it's just the old gods are humans and the new gods are the hosts you know we're we're forging their own destiny this is this is definitely a line that this episode
01:01:13is just a line in the middle of the show showing us are leading us on our new future whether its glory or whatever else the one hundred forty nine thing also sorry several over your internal job and jump on it and was was really interesting there's a lot
01:01:29of different I mean I think you're right it's one forty nine were on the verge of one fifty I'm sure a lot of people be dating in the one forty nine being a prime number and everything else that means of that Shakespeare's hundred forty nine th's on it
01:01:42I can't wait for a really deep reading of that because you know that as he stipulated for all with all of these references and so intrigued about poetry is always the first place to look it feels like on the show and its telos is in tells the guy
01:01:57isn't Abernathy's mind that Abernathy was a shake or an English professor quote Shakespeare all the time his previous bills which is why he was quoting King Lear and Romeo and Juliet stuff now not bad many other details we haven't picked up on yeah I have one massive plot
01:02:13hole of discovered and I was reminded of it in this up so but it's really for I cannot wait we are how far into the future in these people speak still smoke physical cigarettes none of them vape that's ridiculous could be they could be cigarette fake leg vape
01:02:29cigarettes size or not I was like I can also be a two thousand eighteen alternate and we just don't know when this is we have no idea when this there is some feeling it posits in twenty fifty three and like there's there's some screen shots of certain if
01:02:41you have the technology to make fake humans then could you not make a healthy fake cigarette yeah it would be the safe for now it would I don't I see here is the I do know that that's a bad just here's where here's where here's where that's a
01:02:56bad take a thing that happens in culture and life is people look back at the past and signifiers of things that signifier of a good life and good living in the past such as whiskey ranks right we would assume that they're still aging these whiskey is like in
01:03:12barrels and **** like that so why wouldn't they look back and say I want to I want to show people that I have the finer tastes in things I like old movies I like the way people lived in the past get me a real rolled cigarette not this
01:03:28**** new vape **** that's what people will do that people a hundred percent do that he's right do you enjoy most about you is that we do with the rolling stones play with fire I think has some pretty %HESITATION ads pretty self explanatory be you can read that
01:03:42as deep as you want album is out of our heads sets on yeah do the strand by the by the %HESITATION you like then I know that specifically across trained reference are just like a D. N. A. joke but that but that that was a good one and
01:03:58then it was notable there was in the music the third time it came up also that they were searching for fidelity and that that yes and that yeah they they talk about fidelity right after a hard cut from the record like so there's there's a lot of sound
01:04:10stuff going on there too also the play with fire was originally the B. side to the rolling stones song last time guys yes I think that's really going to get to today's fantastic what he will what do you hope for in the next episode I hope for more
01:04:24of this and less of what this is maybe like a bad take that people will disagree with but I find the robot revolution to be extremely boring yeah yet like let me just I want to know like about what is what is occurred here what are the plots
01:04:38within the plots the actual shoot em up struggle for consciousness and freedom is it's not my favorite part of the show totally agree our coworker shockers one take on the show was let let let the humans cook in my according incorrectly that is exactly what the quote unquote
01:04:55humans we don't know yeah we don't know we don't know if this turns into bass are black it's gonna be a whole different thing but yeah I mean I think that the the actors I mean they they carried the human characters are definitely are definitely more interesting right
01:05:07now but I think that I think I agree more with Jay send them a shocker just in the sense that like I want I want to get back on the beach with Carl stranded and and figure out what's happening in a sort of present tense of the show
01:05:17I want the show like I know what Lawrence's daughter said they were not so sweet looking forward but like I want to be more in the present tense looking backwards and not stuck in this flashback sequence for the rest of the season it will that sucks for you
01:05:33guys because you know I'm gonna get exactly what I want to show you know the episode five title is someone that you will come to shogun world %HESITATION that's just what it's going to happen is this a little is totally absurd welcome to show the world slowly with
01:05:45when waiting for that for a for an episode and plus so I'm gonna get exactly what what well guys welcome to show them thanks for listening to what's wrong it does not work we'll see you back here next time I see some of our theme song was made
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