You ever really stop and think about that? Just do it with me for a sec, see what comes to mind. You might envision a list of personality traits, achievements, a mental resume, your book deal, the day you came out, your instagram following—there’s no wrong answer. I think the interesting part is whenever we’re asked about defining moments it’s always the “big ones.” (You can’t see me right now, but I’m doing air quotes.) I think about this a lot because whenever I have a guest on the show, I’m trying to figure out how to help them tell their stories.
And it makes sense, by the way. I love big moments, personal growth, celebrations, and what not. But the stories that are most fascinating to me are the ones that preceded the big day. When did you know you’d quit your job one day and start your own company? What shift happened internally or who inspired you to create an imprint on your soul that you’d actually act on? When you look at these mini memories, they are without a shadow of a doubt, moments that had your undivided attention.
And if you thread them together, it might look like a timeline of minutiae! But they’re not. To make that mental shift is sometimes so much bigger, scarier, and more vulnerable than unlocking the actual achievement, or the final product or big goal. Even if the moment was fleeting, you had to be an open channel: totally receptive and truly present. When you take a moment to reflect and notice the commonalities of the moments behind what defines you, you’ll see that they’re not so trivial. You’ll see how how being present shapes the future.
Staying present isn’t easy. If it were, we’d all be walking around enlightened and awake. If you’re afraid, or if being totally present is hard, know that hardship is fertile ground for growth. Being somewhere else, anywhere but the present, is robbing yourself of the full experience, of what life has to offer.
It’s a practice though! It’s not about being perfect and present all the time. I’m certainly not. It’s about coming back to. About reminding yourself what it is you’re here for, and what defines you.
That’s it! Next week I have a special guest who is a hormone expert… I’ll give you one hint: she wrote the book Womancode. If you suspect you have any issues balancing your hormones, you’re thinking about going off birth control, or want to rid yourself of PMS symptoms, it’s jam-packed with valuable info.
Thank you all so much for listening. If you like the show, I’d love for you to leave a review on iTunes. Shoot me an email, [email protected], and find me on Instagram @wellaware_, and until next time. Be well!
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00:00:00you're listening to the wild west Show episode 35
00:00:12and you're listening to the well aware Show podcast.
00:00:25Welcome to the show I'm Lindsay and a show where we talked about all is wellness and well-being today as promised I'm talking about change and that means and how change defines who you are it's something that I think about a lot as a human being on the Curiosity but also for the show and it's also just something that I think about it everyday life what defines you
00:01:07what defines you as a person
00:01:12just do it with me for a sec and see what comes to mind it might be a list of personality traits or really big achievements maybe it's your resume or your book deal the day that you came out or the day you got married. Your Big Break there's no wrong answer if it's interesting whenever were asked about ourselves or to tell our story it's always these big moments that we share and again it you know I think about this because it's whatever I have a guest on the show I'm trying to figure out how to best facilitate their story story important personal and whatnot
00:02:12dear when did you know that you would put your job one day and start your own company or what shift happened internally or who inspired you who had an impact on you that they left an imprint on your soul that you would actually act on when you look at these many memories the ones that are sort of Behind These larger moment in your life they are without moments that had your undivided attention you are fully present
00:02:51and if you thread those moments together you think about the moments behind the bigger moment it might look like a timeline of minutiae it's not sometimes to make that mental shift before a big change is so much bigger or scarier or more vulnerable actual unlocking achievements or the final product or the Big Goal or meeting your deadline even if you had to be an open channel to be completely one-hundred-percent receptive and a hundred percent present and we're in take a moment to reflect notice what these moments had in common
00:03:39and you'll start to see what really defines you you'll see that they're not so trivial and how really being present begins to shape your future and your talk about my phone is this podcast and a lot of my everyday life and who has effort in to be mindful present is so not easy if it were we'd all be walking around in light and woke or if being present is hard right now for Anytime the future one thing I've learned is that hard shift is fertile ground for growth somewhere else anywhere else but the present is really throbbing yourself of the full experience of what this life is
00:04:39it's certainly not about being perfect and present all the time I will be the first to admit that you come back to it's about coming back to it again and again what it is you're here for and went to find to you if you do I would love to hear from you shoot me a note well aware Co at gmail.com comment on my blog post as well. To wear. Find me on Instagram well aware underscore next Thursday I will have a special guest on the show she wrote the book woman code which completely changed my life this is going to be a great episode if you suspect you have any issues balancing your hormones if you're thinking about going off birth control or if you
00:05:39how to rid yourself of PMS symptoms all together whether that's loaded debilitating. Cramps xcetera this episode is jam packed with information about hormones how you can control that how you can be disrupting your life so I won't give it away but if you do your research I'm sure you can guess pretty accurately if you enjoy the show if you have any feedback I would so appreciate if you would leave me a review on iTunes I think that podcasting has changed since my 6 month Hiatus and I'm looking for a couple people to help me out with the podcast know someone who is interested in
00:06:39and let me know definitely shoot me an e-mail again it's well aware Co at gmail.com you all so much for listening

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