In the Watcha! finale, film critic Aniruddha Guha speaks to Mae Thomas about the TV show UnREAL, the magnificent Constance Zimmer, and how Suits has managed to stay afloat in Season 5.

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00:00:23you know what I am going to tell you about a guy that I know it's funny I hate it like between between episodes and and the recording is Jada's recording all our conversations and it's like something about what are you doing this! I just heard the voice of film critic and Rider on YouTube all the songs songs to sing
00:01:23baby blue building in anyways so I mean let's go for it. It's an open platform yet alright
00:01:33Ezekiel oh my God you know how to get away with your mother
00:01:54put on a binge Watcher I actually watch TV TV like actual TV on my phone that I never said so or may cups of tea and it got 50 in between grapes sounds like everybody else because it's a really interesting concept it's basically a behind-the-scenes a reality show
00:02:54who's the one who started at 9 season 9 season 3 years which essentially means that they're not shooting seasons on an answer I mean I've never seen The Bachelor I have seen Lord I've seen a lot of Bachelor like shoes you know maybe just just to get a sense of the car because they're all the same right everyone shows up and and I found it I mean yeah I mean I just wash out of curiosity what I saw and realized so I could see where they were coming from because it's a pretty set template it's not like I mean it's not like they're doing different shit in different seasons it's pretty much the same thing it's the kind of stuff that you seen on MTV with splitsvilla and stuff like that but you just I don't think I've ever seen that either but but but
00:03:54it's one of those it's pretty much an international concept flipping channels and unprocessed what you're watching on the news is Mulan a bad idea of sort of I was wondering if it would be a spool for example about Andrea the first time last year just the basic idea of It kind of treat me and then I saw trailer about a couple of months ago so I know which is how you're watching it on a weekly basis but but I have to watch out for a few months now damn I was such a low and I realize that Constance Zimmer is in it now I have been in love with Constance Zimmer 4 years like Constance Zimmer play this role of a studio executive call Dana Gordon Entourage
00:04:54extremely hot woman I mean she she drips sexy alright she's she is in sexy I love I love courses around Constance Zimmer had this thing with Ari Gold was mad if I was my absolutely favorite character on rice paper jets pictures when you walked in with that paint balling gun and in like when one of the episodes of authorizing that was one of the best episodes in TV show ever that scene is on YouTube and every time I'm having a bad day I keep going back to it it's essentially Jeremy Piven with a paintball entering the agency that he was thrown out of years ago and now owns and going around firing people by shooting them with the paintball gun it's the most amazing TV moment ever so she dated like he didn't date her you was having sex with her because he's married to another woman
00:05:54she's got their entire so he's an ass for me right and she's got their entire Alpha quality which comes off beautifully in a show like unreal sensory she's playing playing a woman who's got the balls of everybody on setting our hands and she's a sound system as she pleases no no no no no no we'd be ready to go that far. It's just what she does and she forgot does and then then she played the sky call Rosalind on Agents of Shield so she came on on Agents of Shield last year as a sort of a romantic interest for the delete type of Agent Coulson again over there she plays this she plays the head of an agency and she's constantly locked in a battle of wits with Colson Sushi Orbeez please display
00:06:54lemon and when I saw you spell eczema hasn't really and then she played the role of the journalist in House of Cards in season one and and and all these shows was Andres stop the bleeding after point on House of Cards look at it became kind of redundant I wonder what happened to her in ages but she's not around anymore oh my gosh she would have she posted this is really cool image of for in Agents of Shield on Twitter you just need to go check out constantly mustard account to know what I'm talking about. But when I saw the under your trailer hands and sing playing like the major major roles did Blake it's just the thought of constance Zimmer for like an entire season without a character being sent away or dying or like just just being you know just what
00:07:54on this level before but I know I also because it's got to do with the fact that you know what you really like an actor and actress and then if you want to see more of that person right and sometimes you deserve anything like the person is not getting his or her do you have any sciandra you see what Constance Zimmer can do with the really great role so I saw the trailer and then I said I know I'm so essentially and realize about her playing the role of the producer on a show called Everlasting which is essentially based on The Bachelor and Android that shows about the behind-the-scenes walking off the reality show and an Android
00:08:54well that's what it might be when I first heard of the show bad when you watch it you realize that it's already I wish he realistic but it's so it's not it's a drama it's a very serious drama about about the bookings of the the behind-the-scenes workings of a show of that kind and and answer Constance Zimmer plays this highly demanding boss and and she doesn't play the central character did all this she's probably one of the two most important characters on the show the protagonist of the show is this sort of producer who who reports to The Smurfs character played by an actress called City Appleby Appleby Andrea she's like she's from Roswell and I'm like okay I haven't seen and then she gave me that smoked smoked with said that I was a TV show you have any
00:09:51yeah so since I saw her for the first time and I think she's a great actor though she's called like a sheep to hook that is extremely fascinating the one played by Shiri Appleby she's a sociopath of the worst kind and and the show is essentially her, so she's the underdog she's coming back from from bad times and she's put on the show and oh and it's interesting Shapiro does the Creator we spoke about earlier who walked on nine Seasons I believe I mean the character of this character is sort of based on her to a great deal because she was essentially disillusioned about the entire sort of process of being a reality show where essentially women are used like sort of are nothing more than props in in a minute and catchers and & casual and also to put out on display for this for the approval of this one man who is who is the guy that you know sort of
00:10:51besides weekly on a weekly basis which girl stays on the show and who lives real is not studded whatever it is you see like how she functions you see how the the other guy the the production people and how did the girls their politics and what happens between them and how they like to show what makes good TV
00:11:51every time I mean reality TV is huge not just into space but the Fear Factor season of Fear Factor surgery while
00:12:14Dad episode with you speak in Hindi you know I haven't even even something like big brother which essentially so don't got the entire windshield pascetti went on Big Brother and she went on to win Big Brother and it brought into you know that entire sort of instant of Jade goody who sort of sort of harassed her on the show and their entire racist racism debate that it sort of God got going to reality TV also gives you know it's it's called voyeuristic kind of an appeal which is why does so well as compared to fiction television reality TV is really really really there seems to be even when you watch Bigg Boss you feel like I'm a big was the show which I have watched you know my wallet
00:13:14TV shows that come on I mean abstract the last two seasons of shit but but at least one and a season of Big Boss It's just something I don't know why I mean it just kind of you know it's almost like every night at midnight you just wanted to see what's up what the hell is happening on the show I'm talking about this happening to 3 years ago because it's it's it's it's so you can see that all those people are being given rules to perform and that comes out beautifully and Andrea because in the first episode you know there's this character of a woman who's introduced and and and and constantly mosquitoes like she's the villain of my show and and and so and so damn the producer start having decided that a specific candidate was the Willing would then start creating situations where the person came across as the Willing which is good because because that's just her in real life it's not like she's really the villain of the PSP
00:14:14good and bad things in real life and reality television message to the creators of reality television their job is to bring out those good and bad you know facets of the people on the show depending on how they want the narrative they want to take some of the characters on the show there was there was one moment and one of the episodes where they're like I haven't read a newspaper and weeks yeah I'm like I'm not the person that I would normally be like a time like this sort of space to explore about the fact that a lot of these candidates on the show are also probably willingly
00:15:14Southern I used to see if David Ortiz years ago when when when I just started and you know it was because of themselves. See you are laughing at people who are making up your asses of themselves you realize that obviously the creators of the show or somewhere sort of adding them on but the people themselves agreed to come across as asses in some way and unreal season 1 through the various women female characters who are participating in the fictional Everlasting through them all these questions because some of them are very willingly sort of doing question that if you are signing up for something like this should you be taken seriously at all you deserve to Dent not be treated in the way the Creator Street them in the show where where where you know you're signing up
00:16:14W man up later than a certain certain way
00:16:24character actually tells or something like oh you know what the bachelor likes it we did yeah I know but it seems so unreal because because because it's interesting that it said about it so it's unreal at at one level it's it's essentially about the things that happened behind the scenes of a reality show and hens it's unreal in that sense but it's also and really bad what's happening inside the reality show and and and and yeah you know you spoke about it and she's essentially shown as this conflict in person you know she's gorgeous so she's kind of model launcherpro herself but then she does some really terrible things and she's essentially a sociopath
00:17:25and these characters that played buy Zima who plays Quinn and and Rachel Ward Basin she do is the exploit the the sort of mental instabilities and Anna insecurities of these of these candidates coming across as as insecure as much of it as Twisted as damaged as the character said they are manipulating on the show and I think that's a great guy Pilots you know it it's called it's almost Oculus writing also because because the show that said behind the scenes always reminds me of a studio 60 on the Sunset Strip what is sports night what are you going to 30 Rock which was again about this you know Saturday Night Live kind of a show and I'm sorry it's not like as a phone
00:18:25I'm done before the behind-the-scenes working off of sort of genre of Television is something that's that's been done several times before but the element is that it becomes a fiction show about a nonfiction program so I mean those are very interesting sort of teams to find out which is what makes it interesting so I thought the pilot sort of gets that beautiful in your it's good that phonetic please watch 40 minutes of the pirate and I felt like I'd watch the movie because there's so much that is packed into those 40 minutes in a major major character you need this several women you get to know what the temperature of the show is you understand what the back and dealings are so it's it's it's kind of its Masala in a lot of ways do you know that is a show that can be taken too seriously much much like much like the reality show that it's
00:19:24it's based on Angela and fat and really for me is a bit like Empire you know it's it's a show that I watch purely for fun although although and has the scope to go beyond that because you need to quit Empire in spite of there being that promise in spite of there being scoped to sort of become a real study of human behavior and be something slight with slightly more depth than then Justin then an Empire but I'm doing never really gets there so foamy under it becomes an Empire kind of fish overtime but then really funny episodes also I thought that in the same. Around the 5th 6th and 7th episode at at one point of time you know the show started of Grill
00:20:24okay and I made will never really go beyond the great idea where it is but I'm really go to the show together towards the end which is why I'm I'm recommending it on this episode today I don't know how I mean watch under your with don't watch it with great expectations and I'm sort of give it their entire season to get a sense of I think it was the end right back after I stopped watching on real and after what's the final episode I started thinking back and started sort of appreciating it more than when I was watching it cuz it's not like constantly riveting it's not it's not a you know if there are going to be moments I going to be like what the fuck is happening and I seem a little weird and strange but it all comes together nicely and mainly maybe the show looks for these two characters of Quinn and Rachel your day hold the show together. It's essentially that characters are better than than the plot of the show itself
00:21:24Case tractors Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby I mean babe take the material and the make the characters interesting and the meet the show more interesting than it really is and all of constance Zimmer to go to watch anything that's garbage bar in it and I thought she was as far to fit show you know that that's going to be
00:22:08yeah there's a psychologist on the show there's a there's a terapist cartoon villains that hired by Damian Lewis's character in the corporate structure of who is she's a interesting device in the shower I'll talk about it more when we talk about Billingsley. Species therapist was part of the corporation does multibillion-dollar sort of a corporation that studies it's the stock market and I'm so she's constantly dealing with employees were on the brink because they are constantly have high stressful jobs I'm in the car very stressful jobs and they are sort of constantly organ insecure episode of losing out on the job as a her character and essentially you get to realize it would appear time the kind of power she reveals
00:23:08bibi's Destiny's because you know she and then you know she can she can manipulate them and get them to do what what's a the bus ones without them even realizing it so now under the character off the The Tempest is really supposed to be that of somebody who who is there for the benefit of the candidates to of the contenders on the show so that should have to have them but what she's doing is that she's you know this is moment at it's great that in every episode when it's being short and you know there's this control room but other producers are getting together sitting with them that's no place for her to be at but she's there she's going down into that she's going into that fires and she's bringing out element so for example, so when Quinn wants to make a certain woman do something she look at the therapist and say something on her that I can use another therapist was done massive background checks on Monday
00:24:08stability and other glitch to Rachel's like here because she's just like she should get her if she doesn't get through to the next round or whatever it is and like the therapist I call you know what she found it she was adopted I got a man's fate of the Ya-Ya birthday Cassie wants to be the next dr. Phil so she she wants to have like a TV show of her own where she's essentially show North she wants segment on the reality TV show where she is essentially the the face of the segment where she's actually shown to the audiences interacting with these people if it is sort of candidates in imparting therapy instead of helping them out for their problems but but this is all it's essentially of an extremely Cutthroat world 1 where ratings matter one where
00:25:08it also makes you uncomfortable somewhere because you are taking joy and you're taking enjoyment out of somebody else's mysteries in a way you know end and that's something we all feel very watch Bigg Boss on the days when there are fights happening in the house if there's nothing happening in the house if everybody is happy with each other and if if the if the entire mood is is extremely you know happy-go-lucky and Joyce you think it's a board episode thinking that you did not have enough fun but the episode where somebody has a breakdown or did you know gets into a spot with somebody has his win PRP showed up and that is it say something about the audience it says it says something about the Creator's say something about the participants but it also speaks volumes about the audience about us about the kind of entertainment about what we call a
00:26:08Edmonton about how we want to consume it and and so I think I'm really really in that sense it's a very relevant and pertinent show to be out at this point I had some issues with season 1 but overall it's it's a show what sort of definitely worth watching and and they coming out with a season 2 soon so so I think this is a good time to start watching unreal because then you can just kind of get ready for season 2 when it comes out later this year Miss Fortune there's a dump
00:26:46German word for German word for pleasure from somebody else's misery yeah yeah I mean I mean even even in in fiction you know you got all these kind of stories in Bloodlines and you know some people just enjoy horror more than say, these are some people take joy in crime procedurals orange stuff so I mean people have their preferences and it's fine but but what makes reality TV interesting is that design people doing fiction of things easier question I always wondered how it is
00:27:29what did you mean by drawing things that that I feel they can serve game Depot in due season 2 iodide think the show might get better with time because now that everything having set you know Dave Dave sort of interviews. Even those who never watched an episode of Bachelor or ever have not been reality TV junkies have now and I've seen and reel Resort have understood the entire setting Dave Dave Dave wants to destroy very fascinating characters and consamus coming back and I'm going to keep taking the conversation back to her concert so so so
00:28:11so so it's good it's I think I think season 2 is something I'm really looking forward to our first unreal going to be talking about the last I hate but I watch
00:28:35Sunny City website called the glass on the Indus Rock SoundCloud page in TuneIn
00:28:53musical introduced us to these two characters Harvey Specter in my micros who are who are essentially soap so Harvey Specter study done a few years ago about how all the major characters in the TV shows the measurement protagonist in all the best shows have these greenshades then none of them are playing good people in any of the shows so whether it was Walter White in Breaking Bad or don't go in Mad Men or soprano in The Sopranos all these characters all the major characters if you see even know it continues to happen Damian Lewis and billions Harvey Specter in suits at Century all of these are men who are extremely wishes
00:29:53and are you know are sort of self-serving a Euro sort of arrogant assholes and answer to that extent Harvey Specter seem like a clear sort of a good see Don Draper in in Harvey Specter but the first couple of seasons of Suits was interesting because you know it's sort of it was the first two seasons of suits and easily consumable entertainment shows and and of course the door on the show is so different from the lawyers in something like the good wife because it's completely and entirely sort of a focus on corporate law and what is interesting about the first two seasons of Suits was that the character of Mike Ross as opposed to Harvey Specter so these are the two main
00:30:53Agnes of the show Harvey specter's this big guy who is essentially a partner in a massive Law Firm has made it big in life and micros is just starting out you know and is completely clueless about what he wants to do in life and then have expected her to pick some up off the street and give them because you got the job and Mike Ross and him have clear ideological differences where Harvey Specter is essentially a capitalist music extreme be self-serving and only cares about making money Mike Ross is into the profession of law because he wants to do good to the world which should have been a very interesting which kind of the played beautifully in the first couple of seasons on it's almost to do I have constant he needed for my cross to one day walk out of the foam and then be squared up against Harvey Specter because that's the show that's what I want to watch on the very first episode of Suits
00:31:53I wanted to see them become friends because it's called that classical Cain and Abel kind of an ability of putting two men who have such different kind of but none of that you know and and third season was was all right but the fourth season was shit and I was I was and they just get just keep doing the same things over and over again and the characters of of Jessica Pearson and Lewis late they all have had the same conflicts that they hide in the first episode of season 1 Lewis latest constantly insecure of Harvey Specter Jessica Pearson is this kind of woman who's trying to survive in a man's world and and and Mike Ross you know is hiding the fact that he never really went to Harvard I mean these are all interesting yeah I'm in it's a show that seems entirely short of breath of fresh ideas and Concepts what I'm talking about on the show
00:32:53this is a recommendation based shows I wouldn't bring it up if I wasn't at Connecticut Avenue
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00:33:05what was interesting is that season 5 God can ingesting so I go to the season 5 thinking that it's going to be complete shit and you don't have to be completely sure that it is as straight as you think it is but I sent I didn't watching it since I just got these are so scandalous and suits are like my guilty pleasure so dumb but it's better than the characters on Mortal to say
00:33:45special night she's a queen she knows how to make even a show as pathetic Lee t-shirt as candy and and repetitive she knows how to keep it interesting that she knows I mean even to even there all the characters in Scandal are dealing with the same problems that they were dealing with an analog clock because he's always on edge and in 5 in four seasons of Scandal nobody has gone now the character has a boy but I guess that's what version is all about and that's also a sort of science belongs coming back to it the first half of Suits season 5 is damn interesting because because of Dave done is I think they've they've sort of short any notion or any pretense
00:34:45what did you do anything good with the characters anymore and they've gone back to sort of squaring it's in his most fun when all the characters come together against the common enemy you know so it's it's when Lewis and Jessica and Harvey and Mike Lewis I love Lewis because he is and I've done nothing with that character you know he's scared you doing the same shit he was doing in season 1 of season 5 hide them and also that whole thing about I think I didn't want him to think about season 5 is that that that major plot point which is how the show started of Mike essentially not being a loyal but you know who's passed the bar exam or didn't go to Harvard but has taken a job who's found a job through sort of unfair means which makes it illegal but he's a good
00:35:45with a good heart and said it was doing the wrong thing for the right reasons a kind of rap 5 essentially trying to deal with that problem once and for all I will tell you how it ends but I'm just glad they've dealt with it which means yeah it's not easy at all the heck yeah but yeah but yeah but I'm so disappointed about the fact that they still haven't so squared up against each other and Andrew Lee Harvey Specter in micro sim to beat that you know that I do you Stampede homoerotic wipes because because because at the end of season 5 the boat are still as close and take with each other as they've ever been and you always feel like the pic each other over the women in their lives
00:36:45and I can talk about it because if you haven't watched the finale of season 5 you don't know what I'm talking about but there was an interesting story I was reading a review I think is what I did if you would spoke about how there needs to be some sort of a study done about the body into having Mike relationship that about how they always choose each other over everybody else in their life whether it's their boss with it's that good friend the love of their life they're more loyal to each other than than than anybody ever and I know that makes it boring that I want them to be now so so essentially what would be ours are ending this episode with is the hope that they get the connect together in season 6 because one of two things is going to happen I had given up on the show but I'm still going to watch it is the first episode of season 6 because V ends on a very interesting note so either it's going to come
00:37:45okay go down Strickland and it's going to become the worst show Arrow and and you never want to watch it again or or or season 6 might actually benefit from everything that's happened in season 5 what lovers do
00:38:11American nations is definitely lost I'm not sure if I'm recommending, or don't come back here and Shay light headed dude I lost hope in suits like I really enjoy the show and started I really genuinely did and if you did feel like you lost all hope for ever watching Suits again honey is rekindling the season five guys if you have somehow forgotten through four seasons of suits that doesn't want to FaceTime cuz it's not that bad and it's better than bought the 3rd and 4th Seasons but if if you'd like
00:39:11stick this awful thing a couple of seasons ago where they give out a massive Downton Abbey spoiler the internet because you're not really it's it was fun and you should be I know if I know Julie irritating it's about how Mike and Javier constantly referencing films which is very interesting earlier you know sort of Pop Culture references they talk about how their Batman and Robin or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and that was very interesting go you know where there was a Tinder takeover from the British show partner you know there's this British guy fell down and was paid by the guy who from Game of Thrones and Abby which and I wasn't but but I found out later that that one episode had really gotten Downton Abbey fans pissed off because they're not what word microcells referencing end of the show
00:40:11suggest for that if you haven't really watched more than two seasons of Suits season 5 of Suits season 5 this is me sending out honey to buy
00:40:35thank you so much for listening to watch and I want to thank you for working with us and it's been really awesome is our last episode and if you want to listen to anymore just being podcast.com

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