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00:02:06see you
00:02:16hello people I think yeah
00:02:20I'm not going to bother playing the stupid Calypso Fox sucks
00:02:25episode 5 I think maybe I'm not recording that's not cool
00:02:32can you hear me
00:02:40it does not feel like this
00:02:43I did get a day I do with the other one now
00:02:49and usually do now got on record
00:02:58test test one two test test
00:03:02and let me pull up on ya thing again
00:03:11let's work let's try recording again
00:03:23I mean I can I can walk up to the microphone I can talk to it so I can so I know if you don't you don't want things to go up there telling you
00:03:43why won't it stop recording
00:04:03the stream still even live cuz wirecast is like flashing on my screen I see you with weird Minecraft big eyes there you go I was wondering if it's the flesh I don't know it's Gotta See you there so
00:04:23in fact I got nevermind
00:04:32Marcus so silly
00:04:36you will stop recording
00:04:42will be right back I have to
00:04:46cancel don't stop broadcasting just stop recording
00:04:54copyright start stop recording
00:05:00Captain panda
00:05:04I did that one episode of cancel the story might have sat there for like the last 10 minutes and just read the red the Stream
00:05:18interested but I did it I did it over everyone else so you know cracker and and Patty were talking and I'm just sitting there reading the stream in the most I'm using voice as I could think of over them
00:05:32give me the music I like. I'm actually okay I think it's working now it is
00:05:39so yeah I would use xsplit but I don't like explicit even though I paid for the Fire audio at some point but it just never ran well on my computer after one of the updates like a year ago and so I just switched the wire cast that's what we use at the Radio City on it seems to work for me most the time I'm hungry and then I guess it's you know it's like one thing over another just personal I just feel like it's way too like half done as far as switching scenes in it and goes it's just got a mess of clunky interface Sonata like it a lot more
00:06:19I had much more easy time doing the DYI cast and expected suck
00:06:30sorry if I like it I love it I'm on stream
00:06:43no you knew how much you meant for a man I just been living off Monster for like the last 2 weeks
00:06:49sunglasses because up bro
00:06:52it's just there's not enough caffeine in that what is the one that does X I don't think he has a warning that Rockstar does which is actually means they're kind of limited unit limit 3 cans per day
00:07:09multiply that by two or three and that's pretty much my limit
00:07:16just like my 5th one
00:07:20so everyone probably actually hasn't heard of you this is Cobra wolf will not meet but that's the voice medical voice in the Skybox disappearing for long periods of time with unexcused absences. It's a bit videos then where I was it's it's Florida which Cuba basically well if you go to Florida East none of you live in Florida okay
00:08:15but yes moved moved I moved up to the north back home and moved back home with back to the cold weather and moved in January cuz I need more on last January so now this will be the second winter back here which is good I'm hoping for snow gear
00:08:37Tomo Sounds by January January 2nd because I had to start work January 3rd alright damn You've Been Gone
00:08:47I know you've been gone I've been gone I've been here in the background that's cool I think that should be rendering that right now actually make you then oh God
00:09:11how's it going to say I've been in the background doing things obviously I start doing the content manager part for yeah she just couldn't do it didn't have the time politics one of the kill people to like things whatever kind of the same the background and you know look to see when things were when when did time was advised to do things and I found them I found the time right so you still like him at all or anything or you just like completely out I am lazy that is not lazy I'm not a graphic as you may have seen on but I also don't have
00:09:58you know I don't have anybody work before when I was a content manager and people were just kissing my ass
00:10:07do just put me in the description of my fault and I hope he on I was going to watch my shit anyway but hey all right go right ahead but yeah I can't get anymore and it's one of those things that I don't really care you know for your YouTube page fantastic her Twitter page great you know but I'm not worried about it
00:10:41just curious
00:10:42yes I am technically still partnered and
00:10:47I think half of it is just
00:10:49you know I still obviously I'm still really good friends with Nando so I know what kind of money they're pulling in so I know that they're pull within the YouTube world is getting bigger so that means they're you know the revenue stream will be little better but no I don't know it's just but now I'm going to start
00:11:17not calling him to start demanding a lot of my favors to be called in all those times that I was working for free when I was working for them
00:11:31I will be like a here's my videos here's what you're going to do your part of it but it's it's more because now that I have some ideas and what not I'm going to be putting more things on the on the channel and anybody that goes over there now just know that that one video I just posted but you could
00:12:06and watch the show the intro at least semi
00:12:11pictures like you do that's when they called it Dragon Warrior
00:12:16the good old days
00:12:21it just it's so stupid that they had to change the damn name but go from the not defunct but somebody to function era when it was actually the company Sierra
00:12:45which after the first
00:12:47the first game first two games it had to go back to edit change the title complete the quest for Glory because of the board game which I can Holland
00:13:01which you know pound about ways was actually done by James Fortune
00:13:11which of the time I wouldn't do it like Games Workshop stuff so I didn't really find out till later blah blah blah blah
00:13:24you know it's just funny I just don't know why I always think it's cool but there was a game years ago called sanitarium that was amazing weird
00:13:36repeated Venture like psychological horror game where basically you start off in his guy gets put into an employee you think she had a coma
00:13:47and if you didn't that's a bird amishi attic, really good
00:14:01so we definitely yes
00:14:14I'm glad it was good I was really good it was just trippy like you randomly would switch to these different characters that went through history and one of them was he became quizzical
00:14:27who is it I mean not to mention the fact that there was a
00:14:33weather for century
00:14:39Mesoamerican deity other than that no big deal Aztec people
00:14:50open Instagram food for everyone
00:14:53what are you doing on your show three times but
00:14:59yeah I've been extremely busy with school work and shit that's basically keeping me busy full-time I would like to announce though which it's not in the top topical is full of Cobra wolf but that you and I will be having a livestream on Halloween evening called out All Hallows Eve hello it's not entirely going to be Halo related but
00:15:24will be giving away the Halo 4 FPS freeks Infinity's we got two of them to get away from control freak I'll be giving away Dumb In The Stream that really contest or anything but just kind of giving him out to the beavers and when no idea who's actually going to turn up on Halloween since we don't know how many people stay in how many people actually go out and do shit but hopefully they'll be enough for every loan people that saying that
00:15:50come check it out we're going to try and hopefully do like some creepy scary games like Slender Dead Space Fear 3
00:16:00Slender the Slender in the woods game whatever
00:16:06I'm supposed to be tender man apparently
00:16:09she's going to be like a kitten in a box
00:16:14apparently I think today the new control freak
00:16:21Ajay also have over here the FPS hello phone FPS Havoc just came out that's the Black Ops II version I assume I'll be doing a giveaway for those as well but everybody and their mother apparently wants to give me shit to give away and so when I'm going to find time to do that I do not know
00:16:39but I'll figure it out I'll go ahead and I'll take some that camera crew if shipping was free I would send it to you cuz I'm probably not going to eat most of it so
00:16:52cuz the only place really around that I know that sells it is Best Buy I want to buy online
00:17:08s'mores one was bad I will say not as a random girl freak direct could cool you know when nobody knew about them changed complaint I had was when I take them on and off my controllers
00:17:41out of the top of my control
00:17:45at this point I pretty much just
00:17:49you know keep keep them on my Xbox controller original like I've dug close-quarter CQC ones or whatever but they're basically the same as you know whatever the standard is there all the same pretty much but I literally have 3 pairs sitting here that they sent me that I'm just like not even opening I don't even know what to do with him I mean I want to keep it looks like there special fancy ones so I don't want to use them and rub the emblems off but it just kind of sit here
00:18:22I don't know I have other ones
00:18:29by the way
00:18:35with I was trying to get him to do you sit on the links and they commented on I remember they said something about your pictures
00:18:43now yeah cuz he went over to the website but nothing about actual sponsorship
00:18:49funny that they had they had something with Nando a while back and then they just never
00:18:55you never want to let you know that it'll help but
00:19:10call the worst comes to worst what's going to happen it's going to do my channel and just say look now that I'm at now the time in the in this
00:19:22you won't give me stuff for the podcast or stab you in the eye you suck
00:19:29I mean just hammering them on Twitter Works worked worked with Elgato so
00:19:35who got oh cuz I actually sent them
00:19:41actually sent them a YouTube message when they told me to like months ago and I'm sent that to them how pause AVerMedia asking you know for sponsorship for review product and they said no that they didn't have enough resources to allocate and then after I saw that day as the rush craft dude at 1 and you know he's a bit smaller and stuff and I realize the other community manager position but overall it doesn't necessarily do a lot for Android I sent them a few tweets and then just kind of kept sending them and they like okay shut up here's a review copy
00:20:13red face
00:20:15I only wanted it because I couldn't get my freaking black magic intensity shuttle to work on my new motherboard but ironically enough right as I got the Elgato in the mail we got a new motherboard and CPU for virtues computer and it works fine on that are so now I didn't really need it but I'll take it
00:20:36I need a game captures that's Captain pants 23
00:20:42maybe I can have some money to go out and do a giveaway at the moment I have like
00:20:47have at least one or two control freaks giveaways I'm supposed to do Kingston wants to sponsor one and I'm not I want that to be something a bit more epic but I don't know what to do with that cuz I want to give like a solid state drive in a couple flash drive so that one
00:21:01squid grips I think wants to participate in one and I'm just like okay at I don't know how to it took us like a month to get the original control free giveaway I did with the Halo 4 copy and stuff together but that was a huge tournament and now that other people are like here do a giveaway I'm just like what what do
00:21:19you know that there's the other one I was trying to get in was
00:21:28I want to screw up the name of their stupid is Twitter conversation today with whatever Big Shot Modz that they post stuff to the day of One controllers they did whatever there you know custom Xbox controllers PS3 controllers it doesn't really make a difference but they post pictures of some of the custom graphics in the controllers and it was actually something with they almost like an old school flash art tattoo kind of thing and you know I kept and a half to Old School flash art tattoos
00:22:20you know where that comes to Martinsburg I don't really give a shit more about the you nowhere. I've got 9,000 buttons that are all rapid fire
00:22:32it just helps you know I'm a visual a couple controller people but they just kind of like their give me deals and since I have like 50 bucks to my name I don't exactly want to spend that a controller right now
00:22:45well I'm going to let you cuz they're based out of Fort Lauderdale so I'm just going to give their address to Nando and be like Nando Nando
00:22:54to do these guys building and say you will now sponsor all of us
00:23:05I'm sorry you think like is the I realize you're only have done like two episodes but is the Tech podcast doing well yet I haven't looked at it much
00:23:31it's the presidential debate so that's what happened we owe the presidential debate yeah and every time I set up the stream on YouTube it just ain't right
00:23:46it sucked pretty bad but now the first one that 247 the second one is 120 I think it does better when it's actually off as the podcast on podbean they were number one when they're actually doing consistent videos of the that guy show they were actually over that other one that's really big so I didn't get so good on podbean trip but they did not deliver somebody needs to show me actually how to freaking get this setup on podbean cuz I've tried like 4 different times or the setup fee. But I don't have anything that'll directly linked to the audio file and I tried just doing it through podbean but
00:24:37the audio files are too big and I'm not paying for subscription service right now but
00:24:45it won't let me upload it so how the hell do I get to stream out to get it tight
00:24:50really weird you know it's I've done it I've played with it. But mostly sub handle that crap cuz he just have the account anyway so I make him do it of course so we should you message
00:25:06haven't talked to you in almost a year
00:25:09around your choice
00:25:13something good guys been doing really good there for a while then you know
00:25:29but the first couple days not so bad I mean obviously we really put it out there as much you don't really pimp out the first couple episodes were you still kind of in your Embassy and going once you get the Dreamliner we actually cut it to you know it's almost an exact hour which is better idea isn't or about 45 and then maybe another couple minutes of going through the
00:26:04you know the comments and everything and answering questions that's the idea about you
00:26:10once I get there they will start really pushing as hard as we can
00:26:15and see I'm waiting till RPM supposed to be giving me live streaming on YouTube and so I'm kind of waiting to figure out whether or not I want to switch to that for this before I even worry about getting it tonight put out their whole lot if I even keep up with this but because right now I'm doing it on Twitch and I have that embedded you know through the website which I'm working on fixing right now but if I switch over YouTube then I don't want to keep mentioning like doing it on Twitch and then move it back over and
00:26:45now we do it on on on YouTube and it's funny we do whatever I know uses actually it so I didn't have much of a choice cuz that was the way he sent me up just doing it so they have it set to do with your wirecast which is supposed to be a lot easier for you to open up whatever your streaming application to say is go well is that is a really more you have to do for
00:27:27YouTube yeah yeah yeah yeah and the application make sure everything is you don't talk to each other makes you two links are correct with in your application it really stupid
00:27:44so it's it's
00:27:46I'm sure at some point they will start adding compatibility into the applications but I'm in the first big stream just kind of Chris YouTube all together so
00:27:56LOL I feel like there were more on that than on the League of Legends stream which quack crashed which so we can't really say much I guess but
00:28:06it's nice crashing everywhere
00:28:11yeah I've been hearing again Alex can't handle or whatever going to imagine the same up to 720 or 1080 P video to millions and millions of people at once can't be easy so
00:28:31no no it's it's not but again if I don't I don't know their back-end is I don't know what they're using for all their servers now I could I can tell you what I would do but you know I don't know how they're going by all this crap and I don't know how what's the weather doing so I don't know what your service status for jump so someone that whatever
00:29:01in other news Vegas Pro 12 just came out recently Havana like the other day
00:29:08I've already played around with it a bit honestly I don't see anything different other than you know they always change how everything looks and so it becomes confusing looking at first
00:29:19they a claim that there's you know new Innovative editing tools but frankly I don't see any point to it they do have some more menu options that are kind of cool that are just kind of shortcuts the things you already did it claims you can import After Effects files if you save them as Premiere projects but I tried doing that with just like a simple intro and without having every single like frame saved as a separate file a didn't want to import it anyway so I don't see the point they got some new title or Pro thing better graphics rendering 3D blah blah audiocontrol
00:29:59new cancer support
00:30:04I'm just thankful it's saved my render settings from Vegas a lot of butt
00:30:09nice. You know
00:30:12I remember Vegas when was first released
00:30:17and it wasn't made by area on your audio program
00:30:21that was like wait Sony what's my next flight out of it when we bought Sonic fan reason right
00:30:54it's me I still use it like for basically any unless I'm doing unless I'm doing a fix I just kind of I use it for all my audio stuff so like when I do the regions for the radio show I internet I use Vegas when I am just putting audio together and stuff like it's Vegas now for like effects of use Adobe Audition but for the Streamline like straight-up editing I saw use Vegas cuz it's easier with the timeline stuff
00:31:21that's funny because a lot of times people would just use this what you use Vegas for and when Vegas came out it was one of the first applications that did video and audio so lot of them and with multi-tracks was lighting before you had to do the audio and the video separate then you had to
00:31:40any kind of wine them up later when I was bringing the ass so then I said look we have cydaea you know we're going to put on this application that's awesome it's going to be a video and audio and it's going to be a pro audio application and now a lot of people really loved it it was a hit when it came out really was they made some some crazy good software
00:32:03just for another history lesson
00:32:06Cobra wolf and take his story
00:32:14indeed boobies
00:32:19super weed strain I'm also working on redoing the website because of the century an issue because I'm a lazy fuck who just kind of made it in Photoshop and imported into Dreamweaver and you have to like scroll sideways the center it so I remade the Bare Bones of it in Dreamweaver again which is like a blurred out background of the same plaid stuff I don't necessarily know if I like how it looks yet
00:32:49black for the life of us we had like three of us working on a single
00:32:55the single website trying to get it to just Auto Center or crop itself no because of the way I did photo and did it with
00:33:03Photoshop that would not do it at all so that's fun
00:33:09I just assumed it would work because I basically took the YouTube background template I made or used and already had set up for my YouTube background and then just like deleted the YouTube formatting and adjusted it for having the screen footage on it
00:33:24but you know they apparently have some fancy signal I guess also cuz you save it as one solid JPEG that they crop or whatever but they get to Center and crap and I just kind of get a 2000 wide pixel website
00:33:40I'm not a web person I can cut stuff up I can make the website work like I can build it at the server work but
00:33:50and I can give you permission to do that
00:33:56that's where my Equity starts if I had to go any deeper than that then me and Google are going to be spend some real long night together
00:34:03we've got no idea
00:34:08all I have to say is never let the sysadmin be the web admin doesn't work very well we don't know what we're doing for sysadmins for a reason
00:34:19yeah I got to do it
00:34:23Rosary cousin and it was fantastic
00:34:29Montana's how do you get to do it today I'm like no one else
00:34:40that was fun it was with the babies remember y'all talked about working together and stuff Bad Company 2 and shit
00:34:52yes we he still works there at the same place he's taking his classes again so
00:35:03which is good I'm happy that he is that's awesome weird cuz that's also
00:35:11yes yes yeah he decided to start up again he took a break for a while I mean it's hard because they they demand so much they pay you absolutely nothing there's naturally no compensation for what got you that you like. And he was just going to mess around as right now offline I haven't talked to likes AJ Chuck Nando anybody since and then I ended up going to leaving your house and stuff without you there
00:36:01well again I was there okay I was there I would prefer earlier I wasn't present I was kind of in the shadows at that point but now it's it's true I mean I still talk to them just to you know kind of go through I have had a lot of time with the kids and the job has been insane so I've been doing a lot of overtime a lot of reading a lot of learning I've been hell I've been off you know I'm off this week and I was off last week and I still been working I've been you know going back and forth with emails and answering the phone you know still sending out doing a bunch of workplace a bunch of paperwork out busy it's been keeping me
00:36:51but yeah it's been busy guys are still there they're still keep up with them too cuz it's like
00:37:00Dell by they'll be playing something I'll be playing Battlefield 3 and playing playing playing playing all the sudden band
00:37:08airplane lost a lot of my gaming groups from Lake High School that way because as soon as I get the game that they're playing they're already in game and playing something else
00:37:21yeah I need to get all this money cuz it's just sit there and they'll give me crap where it's like you're still playing like I you dude I stopped playing because every time I jumped in you weren't there you were playing somewhere else now we're playing Borderlands 2 I have it on the on the 60 so I didn't bother to get it on the on the PC to PC when I do know what team has won their sales
00:37:54should I still have like
00:37:5720 + games on here then I need to play through for like storylines take before new games come out then I haven't even touched
00:38:04like BioShock Infinite sets come out I haven't played the first 2 Darksiders 2 came out nice I got to finish the first one that since Creed 3 got to finish the previous three of them was I finished those were all on to and I have the Brotherhood and Revelations at some points to play through
00:38:28you're right I only didn't want to I didn't do any other
00:38:39the last one would have been cool when it came out to play or was that the was brother who was a
00:38:46when was the last time they came out they would have been fun to play only when I was out cuz it was next part 2
00:38:58where is the Xbox 360 Box 360 engine room is under my desk. I don't even know if I can show that probably not probably not since you're not wearing pants it's over there on top of my on top of choose computer actually in the PS3 is on top of my computer
00:39:26she just set up a letter
00:39:33oh man yeah Mine mine's gotten worse I haven't done anything or said it was supposed to be amazing
00:39:42yeah I know by now we supposed to be but you know I've got
00:39:46oh my my Warhammer gear still out can I can't find that one box hard drives all over the place I've got all my Cisco stuff all over the place camping backpacks crap crap four times I responded to have gone through puberty for x
00:40:07okay. I can't keep track
00:40:13I should but I actually found some boxes in my closet the other day of all my like D&D Miniatures also mode of action figures and shit like that I'm kind of like yeah I could set that out I'll wait where am I going to
00:40:28yeah even be able to put mine actually a stripper back in the box and see if my green stuff so good cuz I want to start doing this
00:40:37my sister loves painting I'm starting to look like a model
00:40:43then I'll find someone to play the Whip and solo
00:40:49what is hard with those it's not like you can jump into a human touch Megan 08
00:40:54oh I'm just going to sit in my basement by myself into his own the server browser
00:41:04I'm going to put a wall up and says matchmaking
00:41:06I hit the button but it does not work I've considered you know perhaps you could find a way with some of the tabletop stuff to do it like online with other like a streamer video Skype or something but you really can't keep track everything with that that's easy
00:41:22it's it's
00:41:26somebody you know and trust because obviously just I roll the six I wrote the other snakes look at Cisco then it was only $3,000 in this Army free you bring all your troops and everything and it's fun but there's a couple local hobby stores around here and I just got to really hit him up but it's actually a couple of guys that used to watch your videos so my bad reports and go take them take them out
00:42:18why is your blood
00:42:25I can't help for the blood of my victims goes and I'm too lazy to clean it off so I just because you know in Florida you just go up to the Glades
00:42:39how do you disappear here it's like he has blood spatter but in the basement in the basement for me
00:42:49does no cleaning Downey
00:42:53biggest spiders
00:43:00yeah he's better no team killer I believe Sunkist there is a very distinct difference a very important distinct difference between Phantom of the caffeine and the flavor I believe them
00:43:14still not enough caffeine
00:43:19advertisement electric hours Berlin
00:43:29let someone breaking in my network
00:43:36that release imagine you're not working like something out of freaking like Haggard's with just having the like machine like animated things going after each other
00:43:45yeah yeah more or less but it's it's getting it's getting tighter again it's because I'm going for all the security certification so
00:43:55got to tighten it up for the one Chinese WOW gold formal that's going to go after you when you wait for a response to you.
00:44:13no wait I couldn't pay now Buy
00:44:17High School 8 like since I found their dr. pepper Sunkist sponsorship form and send them a letter like last summer
00:44:27I might have better luck now but I doubt it
00:44:31you never know
00:44:35what's the what's the what's the worst thing going to say no
00:44:40I'm just going to want to do the same thing you know I'm just going to basically sit there and I'm going to hammer everybody on Twitter until someone was I did to get anything I mean I have I don't really have much as far as like formal sponsorship goes but to get review products or anything like that I just so you know send emails out just a copy paste an email out to like everyone and I only got you know a few bites but those have worked out pretty well I mean the guys are Kingston let me tons of crap and working with me for self control freaks working with me I got that game capture HD
00:45:13I don't think I run the Kingston looking back to what the hell are you at
00:45:18it was really interesting cuz you know I'm expecting when I'm getting ripped mall and AMD I mean I was really surprised that you know what 2,000 follower or less you know custom controller company won't talk to me personally company won't talk to me for stuff he had freaking AMD is just like here you go
00:45:36that's why I would like you to do thermaltake would be one abuser stuff for you I was looking for
00:45:46CPU Cooler and I think they do power supplies they were maybe one of the back cuz I need a new power supply so I was trying to get one
00:45:57is this a couple companies I'd love to
00:46:00I'd love to
00:46:03be able to not even just get it just be able to give their stuff away just so people will write about the word Lisa but if it's a game and Company or controller company Hardware whatever else but let me see that's what I was expecting but I ain't got a response from anyone you know you must post pictures and links everywhere you must do this and that cuz that's kind of what the people who do my Minecraft server rack Flex that's what they're kind of like you know you just you must for us out and I'm like okay whatever but would like Kingston is just like well what do you want to do we can just give you some stuff to say you use in your system and I was like oh okay
00:46:40and I was like Nana give away I like yeah that sounds great I just put in your computer for the hell of it
00:46:51people understand that when you get sponsor from someone that's not a Fright Night yeah they do expect something as much as you know I am gu Iraq Flex where is for someone like us it's like oh my God they just gave me you know 12 gigs of RAM for free and it's like 20 bucks it is wasted I don't really care it's nothing but if you ask for a brand-new you know six core that's what I'm going to have her give away or to review then they'll probably start looking gone
00:47:31we shall then for like $7,000 plus one I guess you know obviously yeah for you it's good because you pretty much established this point which is really good people have seen that you've established where is I have to actually get back by that point if I had kept me after I was doing the content manager free stuff I probably being a good situation you're not even like you're not a recoverable from where you're at and which is really good and I felt like I got to that point with my old Channel where it's just basically dead
00:48:12I think you still have forward progress and you still have you know you still have back in pool that will help you out a lot so
00:48:18not so much I didn't even when I was doing the part that people understand it was like you know how you get a sponsor from Avengers you sit there and you have the crap out of them that's how I got responses from you know Jimmy or Rick when somebody had a question I sat there and I'd send them 10 email in the span of ten minutes ago it's like I never understood that that was my I mean I try not to rant about them or talk anything about them too much but I couldn't get a single answered a single question my channel my old channel has literally like I can probably pull it up it's like close to 20 inappropriate video flags and Strikes on the channel because they went help me out and now it's completely fix the unfixable and I just
00:49:02and everyone else bends over backwards. RBM II I need them they're just like
00:49:09and they don't know who I am I'm brand new but yet and then I'll I like sit there and Skype and usually it's just chaos but anytime I try to get out a big snacks that's impossible but we're going to get ahold of Jimmy he's just you'll send me like three words no grammar no punctuation and I'm just like oh that's cool thanks
00:49:30it's true you know same thing for me because technically I'm still part of it as far as being partnered with the misses mostly cuz I'm too lazy shop out for somebody else cuz I've been there for 2011 Sochi 10-12 you're so whatever so I'm pretty much over I can probably drop the contract I don't want to just
00:49:48I would want to go with another Network and not go in my mostly but it's very frustrating because first of all we all have full-time jobs except for one person they'll be Jimmy and getting a hold of that man is you invite will try to get ahold of God
00:50:11because you could sit there and that was his job he know a lot of people may not know this that he poured his heart and soul into it so he told us when he started yeah I wish with Rick he quit his job he left his day job and that's all he did
00:50:27so that was a very big leap for him on the flip side though I'm pretty sure I heard you know I'll definitely give them a lot of Slack
00:50:44mostly because with a new network you have a lot of problems and really at that point it was funny to people kept saying hey you know they're just adding directors adding directors like well that's how you do it I mean and I mean you have to add directors and then later you can trim the fat say look we never choir mints and really you're not even posting anything anyway so who cares but we're still going to take money it doesn't make a difference at the end of the day tell you like defend against a bunch was everybody jumped on them before that they like I saw a lot of hate going towards the office for just basically opening the floodgates and stuff before 1 they're brand new network they can I got to take anyone that can get and it was literally like 3 months or 4 months before that then and the entire you know Modern Warfare 2 era that Machinima did the same thing like all Modern Warfare 2 was just every kid in their brother with a squeaky voice in a capture cards and their opposing Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay all day everyday like
00:51:45the only thing that that bothered me was
00:51:51Machinima yeah we got some some fairly large name directors and these guys were immediately contacted by Machinima where is before they couldn't even get Michelle my to respond to it all and then all of a sudden they were partying with y'all she said hey we're with the oh come on over you know we've got your application through and I'm not talking about guys with you know 2 million subscribers and you know your average 1 million view on each video these four guys with maybe a couple hundred thousand which is still extremely respectable on here and their views were up there in the you know thousands each hundred thousand but
00:52:33you know these were these were guys that were trying to at one point get into these networks in that is honestly that's why y'all started in the beginning was basically Rick couldn't get into it so they said screw it let's just start her own so I respect that but like another company I work for there's a lot of decisions made at the top I didn't like an effective you no bending over backwards and I just didn't have time anymore to do it cuz I was doing it all for free so you know
00:53:08to say that I had issues with it would be yes I did and to say that I'd go with another Network I'd like to say yes but
00:53:19I like being staff because at least I knew what was going on for the most
00:53:24so you know I don't think I'd ever want to start my own network but
00:53:33I'd like to not be at the bottom mostly about that really it's like a lot that popped up and I can't imagine that either yet a either they're not fully legit or be that takes away too much to start up to get you know like a few of them that contacted me had maybe two thousand subscribers on their main Channel what are you getting from and how is that ever going
00:53:56yeah I exactly in that happened around the same time that that you have popped up which is funny cuz everybody's like oh whatever they're going to go away and I knew they were not just because oh hey there going to die and you're just you're working for them it was more like no I I know the difference between these guys and everyone else is they're not going to let it dry you know they've got a very large company with full screen behind them so you know they can pretty much keep it going and worst case scenario is if you should self crapped out then they would all get to get sucked into sucked into full-screen show me the worst thing to happen but
00:54:39so it was just it was just one of those weird things I'd like to do this on my own it just if I start doing it and start going really hardcore into a lot of the podcast streaming which is really what I'd like to get out at 2 then and obviously the different you know I'm more original series I like to make a couple dollars or at least have
00:55:04it seems I mean no matter what podcasting just kind of remains at the top of this kind of format and so and I I don't know the specifics cuz I've never been involved with it much until trying to get into a recently but from what I've seen my actual advertising and broadcasting is pretty big so
00:55:24I don't know it is and it's funny cuz we talked about that and the last episode of The Tech Guy show where about a year ago when I was doing this I wish you'd made the prediction that video commentary is about right now would be dead it would be nothing because it was so sad cuz that's when I started doing it too and we just so saturated and I'm like you know what it's not going to last no one is really still sit down and watch these freaking people talk about you know their lives are there Beast blood what play video game how many times can you see someone you know if anybody has ever seen any of my videos or listening Mike random rants before
00:56:20I don't pick beads with anybody on YouTuber in the Twitter Community I'm really just not into it if you want to debate and argue with me that's fine Liars go right ahead cuz I know I'm annoying but obviously Elpresador and when I started thinking about doing videos with Nando is obviously I'll press the door it was woodysgamertag it was you know bet it was actual eyes white boy all these guys I started watching the beginning but then you just start watching the same damn thing over and over again
00:57:03you're like okay
00:57:05there's absolutely no I'm not going to say no creativity because you know I still do the the commentaries but you know I try to do them with something that's my creative in the background so we do I pretty much only when they have left is out of there you know and I mow or Minecraft talking to COBRA will look at the Pig and her see it better thank you so
00:57:36that's pretty much predicted to be dead by now that the big would be live streaming and podcast you know would be more more more original content I think it was going to unfortunately drive out people like me completely really have the graphics abilities ability to do really cool you know 3D editing in this really cool 3D like a Minecraft movies and stuff
00:58:07whereas it hasn't I don't know how I don't know how and I see pride I see everybody now is a podcast which sucks because I knew we should have started this earlier and I thought about that I never got to jump again at now when this Market is saturated so we just have to do whatever else you doing
00:58:29I always saw it going more towards you know
00:58:34the way I see it it's all it's slowly been kind of replacing television for people it's only done it for me and so the more you know shows the actual like you mentioned fantagraphics the actual legit effort shows I thought that would be what being on the ride let me know that's also but I've been putting work into and stuff like that
00:58:56but then the bigger people try that as well like SeaNanners spent a few months working really hard on these formal shows and stuff and they just don't get the response people still just want to watch schitt and so he just said nevermind it's not worth it and throw up some more Call of Duty
00:59:17but you know it's different for him and I'm honestly I say that it's different for him and a guy who is established where is
00:59:25you know if you don't Hammer Woody or even wings or any of these guys out there that can pretty much post up shit at this point they can put a post up a picture of a turd with them humming The Star Spangled Banner in the background and it'll be the next big thing it'll be all over the Oliver Twitter it'll be all over the forums or different websites and that's pretty much how it's going to be you can do whatever you want so I still hold to the fact that podcast will be good but unfortunately it's back to a
01:00:02how much time are you willing to spend into putting out your product which I kind of like that you know that's old school mentality it's not that's not why I want to go out alone is I almost want to say at the end of the day I grew my channel 2 x because I put in x amount of time you know I just I grew this podcast as big as it's going to be because I work my ass off to get it they're not and it just be happy with it the end of the day and say look this is what I did I we did this we didn't have this huge Network sponsor now if someone you like a couch Tweeter speaker sounds like a Yahoo account for Twitter account or someone that has huge huge following were people are blindly loyal like an Apple customer that they tweeted out the stuff and I'll send people went to your channel and you got a lot of Subs out of it fantastic but then you've got to deliver that
01:01:02constant content and no I remember I saw my channel bro once when we get out of my channel you did this random videos where you pick someone and he pretty much shout out there Channel during his
01:01:19during one of his videos are live streams or something like that I need $20 and I saw a huge surge of Subs been a huge huge for me at the time it was like maybe a couple Subs but I got out of it but these are people blindly following him and they say okay well he plays now the only thing that was no he did Minecraft I didn't Minecraft and then I did a couple FPS game so there's a little bit of similarity but I feel bad for everybody that was shot it out by big name right that you don't none of the same contest it's just like oh wow my sub count is 930 is perfect right that was a big deal on my old channel was I had ended up quite a few big people did Lenin like my first major break was that deal, I did with I'm Vikkstar123 before he got apparently anywhere near the fan base he has now but he was at about a hundred K and we just threw up a Modern Warfare 2 commentary and the gameplay was vice
01:02:19tell Steven insulated him on Xbox which killed him or PS3 or whatever but I mean I got partnered with him or I sign the contract like 200 Subs nobody realize that because it took 3 months to process but in that three months I got you know that shout out and do a column was shot me up pass like 2K all of them want Call of Duty
01:02:40I don't really post Scout Duty anymore and I posted a lot still posted it back then but a lot less and that's why I pretty much just kind of didn't I I like I'll tell people not to if somebody wants to I'm the bigger than me shout me out because you know that Alex subscribe to my channel and then be like okay what the fuck is this Pokemon shit what is Minecraft why it why are you posting this
01:03:03I don't want to watch guilty of Duty and I'm like okay here's one Flawless Call of Duty gameplay for the entire year deal with it
01:03:12that's that's the funny part is I could never put up a game like that I would only play a couple Battlefield videos I have I was I was trying to knife a tank
01:03:23you know I was like I can't I can't do this. Shooter videos I can put up videos from Borderlands because the game itself rural areas and it just ended self to any kind of humor you can throw in two or even just doing your own little like y'all going to the town of sanctuary and he's doing you're a little Machinima thing it's like you can do that because they blend itself to it but playing something like Call of Duty
01:03:47look we're back on the same map guy hasn't done with my dog and my rapid fire and shot tricks to open mods on my controllers and we're going to do a one-v-one against AI phase HD XXX come at me bro it's just something I still can't believe that does really well but I don't understand it maybe it's me you know anybody watching you guys watching his videos I know you're watching your post here and he doesn't post it but see people watching I'm just really curious about how many people sit there and still watch those cuz I stopped I stopped almost a year ago I stopped watching also post you know my occasional thing here and there but it's not. But I'm game
01:04:41I know I got it I got to start posting back in the channel to a new nose piercing means absolutely the website in the podcast everything so find out in that Tech Guy show episode wanted to thank you very much for the wind before
01:05:18put your dad where he's basically gone going everywhere I'm just don't care who it is anymore I will I will tweet at people until I am blocked by the entire Twitter Community because this is how I did it when I was a content manager and the sound of do it now with with everybody else and it's funny he's like Hobart back and cute am right I am cuz now it's time for me to start putting the put in the effort back in and getting me to watch my stuff I got some guy was making ridiculous comments on Reddit the other day when I posted a bookie a memo to the Pokey MMO subreddit because it has you know it's brand new and has no content I was like I might as well fill it with something even though everyone's going to download it and I were just kind of like if you're doing it just for fun you don't need to be you know pushing it out to people and I'm like no every
01:06:18artist wants their stuff to be seen by someone even if it's just a few people it's not because you know I'm going to head out to everyone but you know people make things to share for the most part
01:06:29there are exceptions when it's that kind of so
01:06:36that's why I put it on you right we put it on YouTube because we get me wrong people like you and me we still enjoy we do which is why we do it where is unlike Wings is basically just a piece of crap that's all he does it's just you whenever two jobs living whatever you want to call it I hope he does something else I haven't followed him I don't know I don't follow him for Trainwreck purposes and it whatever it is what it is he does what he doesn't like white boy white boy you know what it is about him I haven't followed him haven't watched videos in over a year at least
01:07:06respect the man from a business standpoint
01:07:10right off the bat the kids knew what he had was gold in he found his Niche he found was going to make him money and he stuck with it you know you're talking about you're talking about guys are taken home on a monthly basis like 20 to 40 to $50,000 a month a bunch of YouTube videos they put a video of themselves just blabbing in the background about
01:07:43but they still make tons and tons of money which is why I'm not looking for tons and tons of money in fact if I don't make money I don't make money but what I'm looking for is at least not on the YouTube site I'm looking for you know turning this into something else so if I start doing the podcast if I start doing my writing again and people start seeing that which is ultimately what you want you do this for your but you do it so other you hope that someone else looks at in one person get something out of it says I didn't know that all right you know something I see that you've been through something similar to me thank you very much or whatever it is and you know I got a great laugh out of your buddy hey let's go play Borderlands together or something like that something you get out of it like that is awesome
01:08:35but if you don't want to donate that's awesome too
01:08:39Celtic take money to take bacon actually you just don't eat bacon I'm going to the bacon button to see a little money but if you donate extra money in and I buy bacon or to donate bacon bacon bacon the month club he can of the month club that's it donate your back in the month but anything up to me you know I've been writing in 31 so I've been writing stories since I was about 5
01:09:06oh I have a lot of different notebooks going back all the way you know here and there I've got you know stories that are maybe a hundred two hundred pages long and I've got stories that are maybe 30-40 pages to Pages story starters I've got a lot of things out there that I can pretty much
01:09:29you know do when I just need to find a way to put them all together and put them out there and it whether it's from monetary purpose or or not it's more like hey that's really good hey you know you have done this little differently and it's really just so that other people can see it and if you ask any musician you ask any any illustration is to ask a painter you ask a singer that's what they want at the end of the day that's what they want they want to see what they're doing and to enjoy it or not enjoy but they wanted feedback so that's kind of my goal is to get so yes at the end of the day if your partnered if you're with another network with a channel whatever on your own views are money but again with people might understand his views are that much money it's per thousand I think it's still pretty thousand-dollar to like legit.
01:10:29and it's her actual at exposure cuz he will have had blocked people on mobile things like that but for the most part it's 4000
01:10:38yes that's what people need to understand you're not making $23,000 a month off of off a nothing's like you see a million views in there that's what they make they all mega million dollars and make you hate someone enjoys what I'm doing enough people enjoy what I'm doing with it pass it on the word and I can keep you inside I can continue to do those who find you know little things that get them ahead as far as making money from it
01:11:15people hate on that so much but frankly that's what people do with everything I mean like you mention white boy you know he had he figured out what he was doing from the beginning him and extra girls with those giveaway videos they found a perfectly good way to make themselves loads of money without ripping anybody off
01:11:36and so yeah it's a bit cheap that you know they were ruling the homepage essentially but I mean they were giving away thousands of dollars worth of worth of gaming shit and making hundreds of thousands back and
01:11:49just because you can pull it out so that mean it's that big of a deal
01:11:54it's I think literally it was just the you know one of the seven deadly sins thing was Angie that pretty much said you know why are they doing this I was more like why didn't I have this idea I mean they're doing videos and I'm honestly next song
01:12:14Derulo have ruled the home getting old like months in a row just constantly okay I'm at the grocery store give away millions of views
01:12:24a lot of why me think about it the you know your average musician band will typically sign a contract where they will make almost pennies-on-the-dollar but typically what they'll have is Del do contract Clauses they make revenue on
01:12:42yeah merchandise where is this guy getting merchandise to give away from the vendors there getting paid by some of these sponsors they're getting things for free that normally they had to pay for it in the case of you know you saw you know your your Minecraft server hosting or whatever and
01:13:03they're getting this crap for free so now it's like you know driving to work with a company car and then paid to stay home to you can pay for everything so Kudos though I never hated on that for that I thought was an amazing business perspective it was amazing for the fact that you know what extra was stop doing it because you was just getting too much hate showed the fact that he was 16 at the time yeah rough friggin rough kid making that much money doing videos of him shooting things in a virtual world and just blabbing over it rough should have done it and milk. Golden Goose until it exploded and then moved on to a real job or not because the kid probably had enough money to sit there and say you know what I'm just going to live off the interest of my bank accounts and frankly I mean
01:13:55answer your kind of his age kind of showed with that and I mean he bought like a brand new car with it or whatever he probably still had plenty after that but I mean if you play your cards right they either one of them probably could have been set for most of their lives with just that now again you can't just go out and buy everything and then expect to have money left but I mean he certainly wouldn't be working 40 to 50 hours a week for the entire life
01:14:23and these are guys that that's all we do that's awesome there's more and more people doing YouTube full time now so it would while yes I don't expect the destroyed forward you know
01:14:38FPS gameplay commentary seem to last forever I'd really like to see the whole I guess YouTube format or this kind of format stick around and evolve if nothing else but simply because this is some people's like only jobs and
01:14:52honestly that leads to better content I mean when when you have people you know live doing full-time jobs having families and try to make videos you're not going to get as much out of someone who can sit there and say they put their 40 hours a week into YouTube and it true unless of course your wings Redemption pretty much you just push it and everything he says that's his fault I had never seen anything from that man I enjoyed again the beginning it was like a novelty
01:15:22but then after awhile it just was something I didn't want to send the white boy you know it's a lot of people still watch him obviously but I don't I don't watch stuff I don't really talk about him but he found his Niche not a good thing about These Guys these guys got in early when
01:15:41it was not that it was Biggie was like it was like the housing market they got it right at the top of the housing market only difference is when the YouTube Market kind of crashed because it got so saturated they were already at the top and I'm like you know any other Market when you're at the top and everything crashes around you it's like you would already paid your subscription fee you know it was like
01:16:03you're there you have a choice and you might as well just keep watching him anyway because you know that you like this guy
01:16:10and you're not really going to go searching for new channels to watch a certain searching for new content Because unless one of them says hey go check this guy out you play the same games it's really funny you know because I trust you I like your content so I'm going to watch tell me watch so it's rough it's very rough because that's why and that's why you know honestly we sit there and pound the crap out of these guys because at one point other than a block you were going to give in
01:16:34you might catch that break and that break is no a huge huge thing that's like
01:16:44that's that's that's you there really is huge to get something from one of the bigger guys out there so it depends on
01:16:56bright and early. Isn't it also depends on you know you got to make sure it's within your area cuz again like with mine if you get a shout-out from some Call of Duty guy and you don't post Call of Duty and doesn't help you there will be a small percentage who you know do watch other content and will like your stuff but there's always you know the blind followers are generally the ones who only watch basically shit videos that you're not posting and they're going to subscribe to you but they're not going to click on anything that pops off
01:17:26no it's actually true it's it's hard to ask for something from some of these guys and no matter how much you wanted that again that's pretty much what happened so you know they might not might not be the same genre so you'll get this influx of subs and then it's just doesn't make a difference anyway so you've got to kind of make sure you're staying in your own realm which is why you know again doing the giveaways and doing the sponsorship from different companies you know you get put on their list somewhere with her aunt you're on a web page where they were on the Twitter and people see that that's kind of what I used to do for the companies I work for in the past so you know like I know the game I know it very well and
01:18:14portion of the company work one day pass for companies that wouldn't you know I'm not one of these companies I work with a lot of vendors retailer so there's a difference but it's it's interesting to see how you kind of start because now it's almost a big it's just a big cluster really is it's hard to see how you can jump in and there's no Surefire way that says I'm going to be successful or not doing this and that's the disappointing part about anybody is like YouTube tips like people who talk to
01:18:49no you actually get a chance to ask you no big people's opinions he don't have a clue what makes a good Channel they don't have a clue what gets you to success they happen to look upon it and they just want ride the wave
01:19:04you can say your next trip wasn't content make good content but then you look at the thousands of channels that you don't do that and don't get anywhere and that doesn't really seem like a good formula
01:19:16and you're going to look over all at your demographic you know your average person watching
01:19:27watching YouTube videos is what the hell was it was like but between the ages of like 13 and 21 or 22 I think I was I was looking at it and it was
01:19:38you have to have to get in the money so to speak that's pretty much how you been Taylor you got to tell your videos you got Taylor your wording you know the graphics use and it's a big psychology thing and sociology experiment I see what you can do once you have been there pretty much screwed and you can go in in trance them into watching all your stuff but hard to get someone there's no way that somebody come up say here's my book of how to get famous on YouTube because nobody know how most people are lucky and
01:20:16that's pretty much what it was man most people's got lucky they stuck with his Discord group of people and they just did their own thing and they were fun to watch in the beginning and then
01:20:26me they got stale because there was really no nothing extra you know you can relate it to ya like Call of Duty Call of Duty franchise that started off awesome and then turned a complete crap but people still buy it people and I don't get it because I'm really offered not you they haven't offered that big innovation of technology or gaming or whatever so but they're still going to sell that's kind of like all the big guys are out there I've never seen anything new from them their stilts out and see
01:21:07but that's the biggest part is that nobody like there's a big and there's always a big enough resistance to any sort of change any sort of thing they offer new that it literally becomes from a business perspective completely not worth it to do and that's so disappointing and that's why I honestly like if there's ever a big YouTube tip a big YouTube helper to give someone is to find that Niche that people like watching you up and just for that out because that's the only way you're really going to get like a straightforward path anywhere which is extremely disappointing but I mean and again I keep referencing him because he's the only YouTuber I've actually like studied in depth but SeaNanners going back and watching his old videos he was a huge Halo player he played all kinds of other games for YouTube took it away he was a film student in college did lots of Graphics design Graphics film
01:22:04experimentation things like that but he never posted any of that because you don't even when he first started posting blogs everybody rejected it every time you try to post in a different game it was rejected so you stick with your Niche and you get successful whether or not you like it and everybody complains about you know why I posted this video on my channel if you all don't like it it's my channel I post what I want yeah you can post what you want but people aren't going to watch it it's like you know a soda company putting up video games and expecting them to sell as well as their soda or something like that like once you start making a specific product you can't just put something else out there and expect the same success to keep going
01:22:45and so yeah you can take the right approach like I have and things like that but then you're going to have a much slower start you have to adapt that you can't just expect everything will be over to watch every single video you
01:22:56takes a lot more
01:22:59it does it doesn't and that's the same same kind of issue that I had nighty night nasty gaming goodbye goodbye
01:23:12that's kind of same problems I had where's I'm I know it's funny I used to be so focused on games for three four days straight beat it and then move on to the next game 3 4 5 days straight would ever be now my total gaming add I can't stick with one friend game to be no I've got a shelf boy games that I've gotten 5 minutes in half an hour or 3 hours in oh my God this is great and then I just started watching Sons of Anarchy or something I don't want to just put up videos of Minecraft it's like I don't sit in front of my computer and play just Minecraft I've got a little list of games in my little my little Raptor thing it says play no I'm okay I'm going to stick with an inch let's just post Halo videos I'm good at Halo I like playing Halo it gets boring even if you know stock up a bunch of footage and keep putting it out you don't want to keep talking over it you don't
01:24:12want to keep using it and you said you wanted you get the creative urge to put out things of the games are playing and
01:24:21I don't understand how people stick with one game like that like especially something like Call of Duty it gets stale
01:24:29yeah just ruined and well at least to you and I does right but again that's my number one gripe
01:24:42on Twitter
01:24:44because you know unfortunately knowing social networking as well as I do now that is pretty much the way to go
01:24:55it's all Call of Duty and that's the part that kills me the most because the people that talk about it the most are the ones that much about it the most all I do is sit there playing I know it's like if I complain that much I did something I'm not using anymore
01:25:12but these are guys are like all complain complain complain like the first seven post for the day complain about Call of Duty complain about Call of Duty
01:25:20and I know my new video Call of Duty's up and hey I'm looking for a match
01:25:26people doing to make plenty of people every year around this time because it's the same cycle of EX previous Call of Duty is the worst game in the world this one next one is going to be the best and then it comes out this is the best game in the world 3 weeks later this is the worst game in the world I'm going back to the previous one which was the best game in the world
01:25:52and you know the thing about
01:25:56you know I won't go too deep into a thing about Call of Duty I love the story what kind of like Halo the fact that I can beat the single player experience in like 5 hours and when I especially like in color into the Call of Duty campaigns past like 4 but especially in something like Call of Duty where you know you in particular don't like the multiplayer all that much or don't have the time to put into it to get skillful at it then they 6 hour campaign just makes you feel like you wasted money and it's of gameplay
01:26:35yeah yeah the yeah I just I can't I love the multiplayer mode players fun the part to cottekill me is just their business model is amazing you know what's really sad game and then it's 3 months back for 15 bucks and we're basically going to charge you at the end of the day a hundred dollars or $127 for a game that
01:26:57she's just don't realize it you don't realize bought an app I brought them at text you you spent like $200 in the game did you realize that you did that and it will know the worst part is they'll release all the map packs and you'll spend whatever hundred fifty there's a hundred twenty hundred fifty bucks last time I looked and then in another 5 or 6 months there's a new title and you're not going to play the new one comes out then they're going to do the whole thing over again and it's just like I can't do that now since beta
01:27:35yes I bought the experience I've put a couple hours in the night game
01:27:42you know I don't feel bad about buying expansions for that is like any any blizzard typewriter Lee any of the you know work guy that the Warcraft 2 Warcraft 3 it's like I could see buying expansion because you're not going to come out with new title and see what three friggin Maps man if I had the PC version I get the match for free only
01:28:16look up in Counter-Strike was look at the business model for Counter-Strike
01:28:21you know that's been out forever
01:28:25yeah exactly do I feel bad from Irish Prodigy about the 50s Point man I am so deep in the blizzard nope can't it'll do literally says beta you know before that I played a kind of bounced around I played EverQuest one for a couple years that was a lot of fun I was in a mazing Gilpin the X huge played Star Wars Galaxies briefly I played a couple the other ones but 15 bucks a month man and you know my wife plays it I play it and I'm good I'm going to calculate does number but at that point like you just you can't get out of it that you know whether I play it for and
01:29:13don't get me wrong I don't play it everyday and the way I used to you know obviously when I started playing it we were you know doing the eight nine our raids in the beginning and I don't do that anymore so it's definitely not a time-waster I have kids now but
01:29:33yes now I'm good 50 bucks a month I'm happy on that Tech Guy show with the Call of Duty Elite package something I've kind of wondered about is I'm pretty sure GameStop was selling you know Elite pre-orders of Black Ops 2 you know where your prepaying for the elite service and everything and having worked for that you know corporate asshattery that's not something that usually just kind of like hand your money back for like oh are bad they generally find a way to keep it I would be pretty is the find out like you know sure I'd be pissed if I somehow pre-order that to begin with but you know I'm free order an extra 60 bucks of expansions that they're just going to stay are free and then GameStop be bought out and be like okay what are you get DLC code of something here's a little bubble head.
01:30:27bandanas yes having also also having work for them for management perspective they just don't tell you right that's the lovely they just give you your game when you come in and then I'll just give you in store credit good luck you have to remember that you actually paid that money right it's not lying and see and not only do they keep it despite like you're not getting anything or whatever but you don't even get like they're crappy little reward system for like if it's a transaction more like a pre-order or something that you don't fully ring up you don't even get there a little bonus points for spending the money there and so anybody who thinks they've ever pre-order something at GameStop that they haven't gotten like trying to choke hold the cashier until I show you like your full list because I work there as you know
01:31:27and I went in there today to pay off Halo 4 which I apparently owed a lot more than I did when I stopped working there but whatever they were like 30 seconds away from not telling me about the 2 pre-orders that I missed that I knew I missed until I leaned over the counter when I was trying to figure out how I owe them much on Halo 4 and you know saw them and he's like oh yeah by the way you forgot Dead or Alive 5 in Tekken Tag 2 would you like to move them I'm like well yeah cuz otherwise they don't freaking tell you and so
01:31:57no Nelly. If there was a lot of things do we live or cash any and that's just retail that's just the nature of the business team pillar don't feel bad about it's not just GameStop Mitch it's you know before was GameStop I work for babbage's Woodson became then became GameStop and then you know EB Games at work for them before they all merging into the same company work for other companies to you when it just the nature of the business those pre-orders for them and what store the manager of the funniness for for all of you let's say you don't come in
01:32:38and you have pre order on this a Halo 4 you put down five bucks what the first thing I'll do when you go in there it'll say Hey look it's five bucks man it's only five bucks just want you just give us the whole price of the game will take that five bucks where they have in our system and we roll into another
01:32:56they don't want to give you that 5 bucks just needed to know and they're told ways to do it a lot of times like the pre-order said she was talking about where they won't tell you today but they know they're there so it says hey you had Tekken Tag and man Tekken Tag him out if you know what it looks like the game we had reserved came out 5 months ago and they're looking through the system because they have a partner system it'll tell them all the pre-orders I did miss that are still in the system don't say will screw it just roll that into Halo 4
01:33:26so they're going to inflate their hello numbers because of the big title they want to see the number so it just at it right now so always ask because they won't know just like more than 2 weeks ago and you don't mention like you forget that you had to pre-order you just don't mention it they won't bring up your pre-order they won't take your 5 bucks off of it they will just tell you the full copy of the game to keep that five bucks in the system
01:33:52but while it's all corporate shit I don't agree with you keep in mind you know if you are choking your cashier to demand your list of open pre-orders that it's equally as bad for them if you try and cancel that's why they you know do everything they can to keep you from canceling cuz I mean get any cancels like like if you're trying to get your phone money back and cancel the pre-order that ruins a person's days so just keep in mind that they're not the single individual person is not trying to steal your money but they're trying to not lose their job basically which is bullshit but I told you they're their store manager tells them to do it because their district manager walked in and he said number if you don't have your team get good numbers you're fired but you'll get a ride up or something like that it's it's it's not shady it's just a business you know I worked in retail for 15 or so years I know the business very well and that's just that's how it works retail is a very very
01:34:51live game and it's a very hard market for a company to stay in business even large companies look what happened Circuit City Circuit City weather small company
01:35:16so we bought CompUSA in CompUSA is now amazing cuz their stores are so much better and cleaner at least the ones that kept open a different computer stores and then I happened to notice that all of their you know weekly sales ads are exactly the same I'm like wait a minute something then all right here I'll look by TigerDirect Allen Iverson
01:35:41yeah yeah they did amazing stuff they've been killing the money so yeah I don't feel bad everybody it's just that's retail it's the nature of the Beast it's a little bit
01:35:53you look at a company like GameStop and you think that they're gigantic but really when it's broken down into districts and then broken down smaller districts in the store by store they're not franchise but they might as well be because I pretty much treat you like that so that's they look at each store like its own little universe and it sucks that there was one literally you know your go to the system to find things that are you know closest to that store there was one that was literally a 0 miles from our store it was literally like a five minute car ride to the other store and yet you're competing with that same store for the same customers pretty much and
01:36:37yeah but we need a lot like that you know there's actually two in mechanic in the town of Danbury there's two of them all they kept the EB Games and they kept the GameStop cool so there's one upstairs and downstairs well they were able to rename the both is GameStop's they kept them both in the store if the downstairs door has it is really stupid and this is not a big mall not talking like Mall of the America size this is you know this is a small it's a nice small but it's tiny compared to most
01:37:13so you know when I was down in Florida we had one in the mall and then one across the street from the mall and then in Aventura which is down to Miami area there was three
01:37:24yeah because there was an EB there was a GameStop and then there was a nanny BX
01:37:32so yeah Molly Merrick three games. I believe it's stupid and the worst part is some of the malls will not allow companies to be in the same mall so you can up to GameStop 1tb axe or GameStop video or something like what the hell was it
01:37:50I wish you the one that strawberries with that was another one that's in the in the malls
01:37:57wasn't Best Buy there was another company was in the mostly in Molly and they split them up and FYE Fye Music or something like that and said do not working to keep our stores we're going to keep paying for it as long as they're profitable and we're going to name it something else so it's really stupid
01:38:18truly really don't but each of those managers they are fiercely competitive they want the numbers they want those reserves in their store they want those sales in their stores that's what get some money so keep him a job really make any money is no spit or anything just keep their job they like to give you the illusion you get like free game stuff for being an awesome manager but attempt at everybody's Insider information on the world of retail
01:38:48you can always check on my channel for maybe a cobra Spectrum on retail
01:39:00I worked it for so long then you know it's just these are things that are natural to me it is. I know these things so
01:39:09the music is still think of people don't realize this by now but I guess out of sight out of mind
01:39:20girl retail
01:39:24but yeah going back to the sponsor thing so that's why people sponsor things and that's why you'll see their names it's just hey how can we make our our business whatever our business is you better or something
01:39:36I wonder if I could get some stuff I worked at
01:39:41good luck with that crap we don't even sponsor their what
01:39:46cancer patients are they were good with that they didn't care your kids sick and dying of cancer man we don't care we ain't giving you nothing up and let's
01:40:00he's coming out
01:40:05the week after your children you can always we have holiday layaway
01:40:12it's coming out that day
01:40:15get it at the midnight release and you'll have a good one I'll be loved
01:40:20they're really really bad
01:40:23I am not much I can say about that crap but whatever maybe they'll give me the old visual merchandising internship
01:40:34when you don't
01:40:47yeah and you have to go back to the same store and talk to the guys you worked with because you go to another store and you know I used to be a manager whole grade
01:40:59but again just Nature's business I don't really care that make 8:15 hours
01:41:05I agree with him I shouldn't care
01:41:10baby blanket
01:41:12jobs at those stores and people are really into gaming and the people are managers are typically people are not really in a gaming you shouldn't have noticed
01:41:21yeah I was the only one of the few managers know stores that actually played games manager play games like a lot more than he worked but he was an awful manager so
01:41:36where's to
01:41:39retail the Beast radio station right there actually supposed to be taking a while but I suppose those things too but they're working on getting some midnight show on like Ion TV I don't know if that's local and they are not but some you know late night show just to start up cuz the radio station by zauntee v-slot some stuff and things like that and it's just maybe like a short 30-minute thing but ideally that means I get like an actual he said once I get the sponsorship for that I didn't ask for you know hourly wages starting with that so that'll be pretty cool
01:42:16what are the Buddy money I can produce now with equipment that was older than I am but
01:42:25yeah but then you go home and you're like man ask for the livestream part so that's why I use it now just so I can keep up with stuff work out new things to use with them and make new graphics for him things like that
01:42:43that's funny
01:42:45that's funny and yeah it's it's good it's good the radio thing was something I always want to get into I'm redoing as a kid I used to do little you know radio spot voiceovers between like DJ stuff between songs mixtapes little music or whatever and I've never a couple weeks there where I use my own but I need to go back and we would go to him and stuff that's me just kind of putting things out there I played a little Channel advertisement on cell phone there one day things like that just trying to get a little bit in there
01:43:27nice as funny if they use you for any of those cuz when I'm cuz I do some of that like at least have two shows now so low as far as production goes I basically get to use it what I want so I do use my own voice over stuff when nobody's looking I'll just kind of rolled her Channel advertisement right before commercial
01:43:49it's funny actually I think it's
01:44:07that's youtube.com Evo SVO a box
01:44:20because I don't know why it's running so bad today I mean I got a lot of shit open but my specs aren't used up for whatever
01:44:32that's good though cuz radio says it's very interesting medium and that's instantly everybody hears it
01:44:42you know it's like you know if you listen to the radio station and it's not like you to wear whatever if you like this video you might like this video
01:44:58words like oh hey I'm listening to radio station I really don't have a damn choice
01:45:04I'm going to listen to you whatever is on commercials everything right now and say I'm hoping you know it'll work out pretty well for some pretty good you know listings to say I helped with for once I get to or get into working with other media positions and stuff which I really do you know hope to pursue in the long run so hopefully it'll look good
01:45:27it does and
01:45:30again anything on a resume let's go to my so
01:45:34and they honestly I've been I've been kind of looking out hoping to get you know the position like you had more don't necessarily have to do a whole lot but still get to be a community manager for someone
01:45:47I don't basically everybody you know I talk to you and follow are already having you know that's already taken care of so it's kind of hard to catch on you know when yeah she's popping up
01:46:04it's a lot more crap than you think it is really although every now and then someone will pop up with a bunch of tweets and says we want to come back but but but I'm never gone anywhere like moving that we want you back doing this they like we don't even know who the content manager is now I don't like him oh I thought I recruited my bro
01:46:31yeah he had a good following get good stuff on his channel for what he did and he did The Dark Souls right when she's you do in Dark Dark Souls you like these live streams are always packed so he had stuff so we don't have anybody cuz I can't I was just you know while every other while you're looking at the FPS sign everybody else is bringing people in all over the place I was very very picky right about who I got on my team because I knew that I wanted to grow it with good content not just tons of Trenton so he's very pretty selective on
01:47:12on how I brought somebody in who I brought them in and
01:47:17it was just one of those things that I took a lot of personal responsibility on it was my channel for all intensive purposes it was mine and now I don't know how he's doing or what he's doing and I don't see anything coming on that side of it and it pisses me off cuz it's got the biggest it's got the largest amount of growth I think in that area I heard bad things about the guy who runs this season he just doesn't really care about is really do anything with the channel that pissed me off cuz I'd love to run that broadest area you know what I'm something like Ralph you can put World of Warcraft you put League of Legends you put Minecraft you can put you know any freaking Devil May Cry it's like you kind of have a pretty big gray area there and if you get a good enough and you know you can kind of do a big counterbalance day okay well
01:48:17Nerf war videos going out today and you're going to like one of them you know I'm a huge Network you one of the videos I put up
01:48:24where is 40 I wish I try to put up only one video a day before picture like what are you doing more you know sometimes I'd be so overloaded I have to do today and then some days you would like you to have two week
01:48:35you know what's funny or more when I took over
01:48:38from the people are doing it before leaving right after star they went through two content managers for that and they're like two videos total and I wanted one to two and I got all the people I got I started
01:48:57hammering crap I've all my directors I was weekly emails I mean I actually miss you that was awesome it was a lot of fun I had a great time doing it like a couple weeks ago from so wrecked one of his name is the new content manager you know asking for uploads new series and stuff
01:49:19and I just kind of realize that you used to send out a weekly videos or weekly emails you know cheer and everybody on getting you know asking for Content talking about growth and stuff that was the first email I ever got from mattress
01:49:35yeah and the there was something else that I had started that unfortunately died was when we had one of our you know whatever the crap you'll weekly meeting with the staff I wanted to do the weekly video on the main channel that spotlighted a other a director on a Channel or you know the whole Channel or something you know different directors on each part of the network and they loved was great so we got one together I got you in my first guy was actually a satta cuz I was having a hard time with him and it was just you was not so happy with he's basically he stayed because of me once I started he was I was the reason that he stayed in because he was in there and he was deleting right and you know I like a really good guy
01:50:20coyote she's getting better channels growing finally which is really good but he
01:50:27he was having issues and then I just started communicating people and really that's all it was the end of the day was I really just wanted to get that channel out there and I felt that they had not cared about this Alliance Channel they started by Michael that's going to start guys I was like you got to stop and put this Call of Duty crap cuz there's a lot of other games out there that blow the crap out of Call of Duty is like you don't see the viewership on a Call of Duty match that you would see on you know a wow tournaments like a battle ground or League of Legends terminal like it's literally you don't see it just did
01:51:05I do miss you I really really miss you know for that reason alone I'd love to start a network I'd love to go out and be like you know what screw it these guys can do it and they are
01:51:15whatever I can do it you know I can do what I can dedicate the time to it I normally get something out of it at the end because everyone's going to love this going to be the best network ever but I can't there's no way I could do something like that and I wouldn't I wouldn't even know how you know these guys got a big back in behind them in at this point do a splinter off of it and say okay you know that you got this and if bails and fails you lost nothing if it if it does really well then I make money you make money and you can wrap it into somebody else you know how everyone do it but again that day comes back to you on getting bigger and finding the right people to watch your stuff listen to you and I used to be able to eat that's a probably year 2 years ago 3 years I've ever seen a tweet you back now it's it's not that he probably doesn't want to it's just that he can't just tweeted me back
01:52:15Uptown Spanish you never made a big deal but I can I can help you you know it's like why wouldn't you take it but I would not awesome they don't know who I am
01:52:36oh well yeah I was going to manager I think I brought y'all Lions all the way up and it's like I saw one I see you want to see the month it's frustrating frustrating to see it's like man I just just put me back in the channel pay me the money and I'll just give you one right now
01:52:50there's a lot of work and a lot of free time at work
01:52:56wow you're forget August 2nd C
01:53:11it's a it's good but basically like I said I'm really is going to be trying to get myself out and you know see who responds and who comes back and says hey you know actually watch your saying it's a great concept of this or hey you can do this for myself. Like a $2 Saigon horror I'm a man sled yes I did see that we had a bunch of people damn these presidential debates don't these people know that there are two lying sack opposite side Podium that no one really cares about anyway
01:53:50if you watching this tell your friends and family and say you guys all suck
01:53:56or spread the wrapped up and it's already been like 2 hours I had no idea
01:54:03thanks everybody who still here that came out all like two of you huge drops cover off for sticking it out with me everybody go subscribe to him to help him out and push it out you know I'm goes
01:54:20help him along his journey with me
01:54:23so I can type you properly
01:54:32you can play like another I've been here for almost a year like I said it but I can't marry January 2nd is when I moved and I'm sure I can dig through
01:54:54you know some of the old Skype things chats
01:55:00if it's crazy
01:55:03thank you to everyone who have a good night

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