Bio ~ Amythyst Raine is an author, a professional tarot reader, a conjure woman, and the mother of seven magickal individuals. She writes books on witchcraft, the tarot, and feminine spirituality (published by Labyrinth House, Moon Books, & Dodona Books). She's an avid blogger, a pagan activist, and a stereotypical Crazy-Cat-Lady.
Chasing the Supernatural- Join Josh Bender as he interviews members from Horry County Paranormal Investigations.
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00:00:39hey girls how are you doing blessed full moon
00:00:52I am well I hate it seems like it's been forever since we talked and how is that going tonight but I'm just so excited about all this girly energy and I told my daughter I'm waiting for the bus like it's it's cold and I wondered if anybody else
00:01:23I just been waiting for all the brushes
00:01:28well that happened today the girls Mercury went direct Day praise be the Gods on that oh my goodness
00:01:39spend any of your electronics
00:01:44I'm still trying to get
00:01:52that's all that noise in the background is looking in the liner in rain
00:01:58tonight with the girl power and everything and you just recently Miss amethyst head you know put out your latest book the spiritual feminist witch
00:02:15okay since you cut out on us honey put your foot down on the floor
00:02:33man about to get you
00:02:36what I'm asking is what is it what was your inspiration to write on the spiritual feminist
00:02:44I wanted to celebrate Womanhood and our connection with the goddess and most importantly our connection with each other and I wanted to kind of tell women a little bit about the goddesses across a multitude of cultures which actually I've been criticized for it some thought and I wanted to also that the patient go to this energy for her or on health or to be uplifted or to make themselves stronger and I wanted to help women who have and to find different energy that they can connect with this process and you wait to celebrate
00:03:32I think most writers write
00:03:45thank you for that it's really refreshing to have a female perspective we have on the various religions have been written by men and they miss some of the the feminine mysteries in the power of on the way so I'm I'm happy to be alive in a time where the goddess is showing her face again and women are welcome. Thank you for me
00:04:29you girls look like little girl I don't know how old you actually are kind of like a second Revival at this time in history
00:04:50would more and more knowledge becomes available and everything in the 21st century there's a special even setting of ancient history
00:05:06can I can I can deliver that or you think
00:05:23double up on it
00:05:31know who you spell
00:05:38I didn't catch your question cutting out
00:05:42okay I'll just type it
00:05:46Azure connection up there
00:05:49open up in the country I'm wondering what what's going on it wouldn't be the first time in
00:06:07I bought up my I brought up our private message box on Facebook though if you do cut out okay I'll just type it to your right now
00:06:29excited to be talking to you tonight because this is sort of one of my
00:06:34one of my my missions I feel like that I'm going out and I have a a term for it which is a double entendre - 4 ^ the feminine mysteries of vaginal torque
00:06:54a girl that royalty would wear and it was a demonstration of their responsibilities and their Authority in their power so to me talking about talking about the power of the feminine but the responsibility of feminine power America
00:07:42I noticed something among women wear it all women are our have to really work to come out of this
00:07:50there's a jealousy among women that like women are not getting along really well learned or relearn to trust other women and we have to watch each other's back and build each other up connections that you have a 10in that you can trust
00:08:19the girlfriends are really important and it's bigger than that I think that women have an obligation to protect and Empower other women even if you don't agree with them even if you don't like them I think tearing down another woman is the most horrible crime that a woman can commit you just absolutely
00:08:47it's just stop actually thank you
00:09:02the Tomboy growing up I was the only girl in a family where all the other grandchildren were boys for a long time and I didn't have female friends until I became an adult and talk started going out and purposely cultivating relationships sing something and there's a kind of trust and understanding that is between people the same gender like my son I gave him everything I could give him but his father and I got divorced when he was really young and I got to the point where a woman from other women from other women from interacting with other women and I think
00:10:02and a curse because we're policing for the wrong Behavior
00:10:07and not sleeping for the right ones by I'm right
00:10:13my household is the opposite of the one he's up and he's turned out to be 24 is turned out to be a marvelous protective big brother for his sister house full of girls
00:11:02but he's right you know I feel very blessed with my children
00:11:19can you hear me
00:11:21yes I found it just fine I can hear you now
00:11:28you know all different types of people and everything of his first I had before
00:11:41became one minute it was about the goddess and then next thing I've been told that's wrong and so as a child it always constantly made me think what if L what was it don't cuz I was always Associated around mother Mary because if you look good you know you're in the hospital I was born with Saint Mary's you know and I'm
00:12:08and so I always wondered
00:12:13when she technically be above God and I would ask that question and the preacher look at me like oh well oh well you know they couldn't really answer it was my favorite part I didn't care about it. In a way
00:13:09it was what I was probably 17 18 years old and it wasn't something that happened with me when I was a kid I mean when reading about that type of stuff and then that inspired me to be I wanted to be an archaeologist and to learn more it's like what is it
00:14:01I left that the guy that sit on her forearms
00:14:19what you doing
00:14:24mood and getting myself an ulcer give it that you on my altar of her I have a
00:14:45heard any called Universal but you know where that what they're telling people there are closed I see people are trying to listen but not that one it's just crazy I just I don't understand this coming from
00:15:35you should come on
00:15:38tell me the African Traditions they're very strict about who can participate in rituals and stuff like that dealing with you for a long long time
00:15:56I guess people don't want to control things and is usually an email voice behind it I think it's the Dominator culture just really trying to hold on to what they built by oppressing other things but the truth will out
00:16:21so I have been told all my life and everything that you know a very young age I was determined to be a vessel of the goddess always be detection error
00:16:45oh yeah with Kanye in the best mother Mary ever I could find and study because that's a part of being of the Unitarian is that we embrace you know whatever path you are to the Divine the goddess and her Berry as far as how how other people can tell someone else what can believe directly or how or what gods or goddesses
00:17:45oh my God you're in the cornfield around a while it's like we're going to be going on for centuries I would like to jump in Here documentary series called the ascent of woman.
00:18:44and she had some wonderful insights about how the status of women is actually an indicator of the society's tolerance and fairness and openness and the better women are treated in this Society the more stable a society is so I need you to play swear word or trying to I bring the goddess back on the edge of a really big Chef in awareness and people are
00:19:27but oh yeah scary
00:19:35Hillary might be the first one that you know The Iron Lady 2.0
00:19:48did you ever notice that it's negative things that they say about us
00:20:09that's funny how they brime I've been telling people all the time he's like when people call me a bitch is or which I said yeah they were on money I'm wanting the same baby I'm highly educated I know how to use my family and what I need to get what I need to do because I feel like the goddess flow through me and that makes you know and that's when you're comfortable with yourself especially in your Womanhood that is the most intimidating thing to the male species
00:20:48they can't help but you know BC the goddess 300 but the problem is a lot of women don't know how to get in tune with that part in them
00:21:00what are what are some easy steps for you know girls especially you know coming of age and ladies were coming into their own who you know I feel the goddess opening you know Awakening within them what could they do to research the find out you know which goddess is our calling
00:21:22I noticed when I was putting the book together and researching goddesses that they have very different aspects of nature different for me personally just for all the reading that I had to do to get these. It says she's like oh that was another one I was not being afraid to get out there and like make noise and
00:22:22I don't know but yeah we don't make waves and we're polite and we usually are taught you know that to keep your place and it was coming off of Donna Reed in the 1950s don't make noise out and so I'm just kind of what I would suggest other women do and
00:23:22wherever you know
00:23:47if a dog is called that's between you and that guy has nothing to do with really difficult for me because I believe that we are a global people we can no longer afford to live in a bubble we are also connected and we always have been that's there's a secret right out there and yes I agree I want to have this conversation with it's not up to the other people
00:24:47that's the only opinion
00:24:49I agree it's the connection and it's calling your spiritual World in your connection with the apologize for not fitting into someone's perfect little spiritual box I'm supposed to believe that certain way certain DDT they don't because of whatever my Heritage is because I'm not up at Heritage and I know you ain't going to tell me what to do I'm going to do how I want it like Sinatra I did it my way you know it's between
00:25:37I like how you think I love that it's very liberating when I listen to European
00:26:00amen. I'm glad to be that wind honey
00:26:15whatever aspect of the Divine at the time you know that's what it is about you know that I don't care who you worship of what you do but as long as it's in love that's all I care about and people need to realize that majority of the time no matter how they try to push it down the first word of God to any child his mother
00:26:37yeah wow that's for people in the Pegasus world and are still playing and intriguing because I think my wife and I'm a different perspective from a different store and it but it's still it's still I think it's a beautiful thing
00:27:37a way of doing things it's it's up to you know dealing with it it doesn't matter what you know who you really praying to at the time whatever they don't she still hears you no matter what culture is she's coming from no matter what you know you know what type of thing that you're doing with her that's between you and her and if it be quiet again or or in her various forms you know it's your decision
00:28:21because I believe that with all of my children I've always been very open and this is something that suits you so I'm not quite sure yet what they believe the ability to people to find your own path
00:29:21I still feel like I know nothing
00:29:32but your mother's wonderful faces of goddess and what you just said
00:29:40the wise mother who recognizes children as their own sacred Sovereign being dark mama if we need to give them the lucky but then when I hear his dad and recognize that and another woman that the goddess of war went through you and your you're living it and I just talking it
00:30:17so awesome about dealing with it is that many times and a lot of different tradition
00:30:38we lost you again patience
00:30:52it says celibate
00:31:09usually no cuz our society shuns you know senior citizens and lock them away in a home so when it comes to you know
00:31:20dealing you know celebrating the wise in the wisdom
00:31:26mother and everything I believe strongly believe it's not a celebrate is it should be
00:31:35oh like you see them in a bathing suit
00:31:58about it just as beautiful as my great-grandmother and it was like velvet and her hair was Snow White with the song I think people think about death
00:32:33Mike this most interesting it seems to even go faster and that's what my eighty-year-old can't slow down
00:33:20that's an interesting time too and I wonder how many women are coming into their spiritual path you know in their in their forties and fifties because life belongs to you again right so you raise the kids and you probably you know you're in a good place in your career in a place where you're done with that and ready to do what you wanted to do I think that's a really exciting and you get to be liberated and genuine and and just like go wild
00:34:02it is everything that you just said is so true and I can't hear and so I'm just going to dye my hair but I told my sister you know.
00:34:55purpose one of my favorite color
00:35:10well we got a little quiet Italy contributing offerings
00:35:28Amen to that honey and no more bad you too but you know the kids are being a jerk to people
00:35:49whole lot about the churro and I wanted to talk to you about an interesting phenomenon miss it seems to be when I'm doing readings mostly for women but I'm going to stay a good
00:36:13she's making herself known
00:36:18creative life from the Creator
00:36:34and she's all about
00:36:37games in trouble and sorting things out very strong very strong woman and she's very hurt and a lot of the time though as if something is there something going on in my community and general I think there is
00:37:37population of community and my husband works and have conversations with people
00:38:02how fortunate I am to be here but if
00:38:20and I drive around this small very conservative on my little red car that I swear to God I don't like Felicity
00:39:11oh you try to call and see phone and the internet bill up
00:39:20people and you cut out and I said and then the internet
00:39:30have a very narrow view of of what is acceptable magic in their lives
00:39:56pussy like down in the shower
00:40:10we use variation of Christian symbolism in our magic and everything because you know if we were blatantly Sayo
00:40:21to address for herbs and oils and it's kind of like
00:40:55it's like you know I've said before you don't like you when you know somebody
00:41:04I got a prayer closet you don't even know they Praise Jesus
00:41:20Oh damn so bad right now
00:41:37I got to make you like some socks or something please that would be a good topic to use your bras a gris-gris bag
00:42:07do you ever hear anything in your bra amethyst like yeah I like
00:42:41that's okay so I don't believe you
00:43:03we say what we want freedom of speech and also like I said before where I like to practice freedom of religion I strongly believe in that you know hopefully being a 21st century more people
00:43:34we just got to put the bridge back up between religion and Science and and that that bridge is is Magic that's the bridge and if we if we can rebuild that I think the world is going to be
00:44:02all it is energy have misconceptions about what we do that's how I try to concentrate
00:44:32and I try to call them
00:44:40and it's just all energy and it's a wonderful thing
00:45:06have been measured in the positive side effects they are much more powerful than negative thoughts and people don't realize that everything I can understand you know it's when you know is atheist I totally respect that that's why I was able to explain them from the scientific way you know quantum physics and you don't then they're like oh okay you know when you bruise
00:45:38and the concept that everything is connected I want to watch children
00:46:09that's good that you do because I've been also that's why they tell you be careful you know specially when you're angry what you say and what you think because that puts it out there to the universe. You may want to take it back a minute later when you're not Angry Anymore sorry too late you're already put out the universe Ripple Ripple Ripple baby it's going to take a fact maybe that days a few weeks later a few months later but you know that's why they say be careful for what you wish
00:46:42why won't my going to come back on you and I just remembered I was a little girl
00:47:02why would you get Farm upon upon your brother your sister or if you want to get really crazy meta about it upon yourself mentally comes around an impact your own life so for your ego but what you've done now is that farmer Smith down the road his crops aren't getting enough water so that when you go to the grocery store to buy yourself some lettuce the price of that is 4 times what it should have been because of an action that you did
00:47:44I need to talk to you back in the back of your own head don't know where they are on that Journey
00:48:10so just about
00:48:21text scientific views Newton's law perfectly describes it every action positive or negative has an equal or greater reaction and that is the law of Karma and directions via thought physical movement puts out whatever we do is energy so if we're going to put out energy put out the love man because I would rather have blessings coming back to me then
00:48:53negative yeah it's like you you like sending out when you like Rays from the Sun sharing that positivity but it makes us disease that makes you happy and maybe
00:49:44because that's Mama's all I had a hoodoo teacher of mine he's no longer with us he's known as The Frog Prince of the fortune tellers down in the quarter in New Orleans and Big Mama
00:50:02and that was one thing he would always say it's all about the love and that's where I got that philosophy
00:50:14growing up adopted and missing you not having that connection with my own birth mother for a long time before I met her I always burn in the mother Mary
00:50:31I really didn't have a you know the best connection with my adopted mother growing up as a kid and I mean that for years but I mean before I knew who I was and I woke up from a nightmare and I was screaming for my mother and when my adopted mother came in she says mom was here and you're not my mother
00:50:55I know you're not my mama
00:50:58and I was right
00:51:01it's like and then at 17 Thanksgiving I met my birth mom and
00:51:11I wish she had was 14 going on 50 if you had this is 1976 Catholic home you know not very good thing so she was said to an unwed mothers home
00:51:26that unwed mothers home is now offices but I was bored
00:51:32they have meetings there for women who have given up children for adoption cope with the pain and everything is giving up a child to the office I thought in one of the meetings and my mom didn't tell me anything about the house about what it used to be and I told her exactly where she sat where her bed was the interview
00:52:32a girl and she has red hair you have an unborn child inside of you I one of my other daughter's my God I'd be up at 4 in the morning I would have I would send this energy and it wasn't coming from her energy I have never been so energetic
00:53:32that's just fruits that it's just another affirmation of it
00:53:36oh yeah oh yeah I come to find out that both sides of the family is very spiritual you know cuz my birth mother side of the family is Irish Roman Catholic and then my father side of the family and I have them Latin Roman Catholic
00:53:54being very spiritual and even though they don't want to recognize on my mom's side of the family you know put it this way then my mom had told me that you did several great uncles and you know Grandpa
00:54:20it is so he's been that you know strong even though I wasn't raised with her and everything I still I'd like I knew I could send you don't like I said I have that kind of connection with the holy mother you know from the very reason for a child what we want or is it natural as breathing air you know I mean
00:54:50either chance
00:54:53Alyssa me
00:55:03alright where can I buy some more frankincense for you if that's what you want
00:55:08alright well next week we're going to be having Mama start back she'll be doing a show with us
00:55:19Alcatraz can be whatever other workshops you should going to be doing down there in New Orleans talking about the Native American spiritual lism that it is a part of
00:55:33well I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks to call me away to a pretty area
00:56:04I hope you have great weather and everything and send my prayers down with you
00:56:12well thank you about getting down here for this mystery school that we're doing and if anybody's interested in
00:56:42you know in certain areas and everything fortunately it's the 21st century and still very very still Ironclad closed-minded people who control issues word you know like we're talking about earlier it's like control of the magic no matter what they call it they want to have just a select group of people who can commune with God and they want to have control of that and everything else
00:57:32and all the old ways and can you do some research and I guess for me you know I gravitate for this because this is a pathway that promotes balance the divine feminine in the end of divine masculine everybody who seeks Us and Them with love and kindness and understanding and none of us are perfect world learning while growing in the community that I chose to do my gross and then I will defend it steadfastly
00:58:31but sometimes that means you know it's true or neck New Orleans I mean
00:58:49yeah it's it's it's as I say out of the broom closet for some but then but there's a lot of people like I said they got to have the prayer closet or the prayer house and do their work
00:59:04because of where they live what you got
00:59:23various as I am
00:59:40people who find you if you are putting out the vibe they sometimes have a good trip be safe and may God bless you and your Endeavor honey and I'll be there in spirit with you love you love you too honey have a good night recipe
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01:01:33welcome to
01:01:36ACU Supernatural
01:01:39with your hoe
01:01:42Josh Bender
01:02:14good evening everybody Welcome to chasing the supernatural I am your host Josh Bender tonight we have a great guest before you bring them on last night we had paranormal restore to Vibe radio network attended that event they have a few vendors and speakers and we had investigation afterwards that it turned out really well we got to meet a lot of great people and see a lot of the a lot of the building and and Explorer on our own and
01:02:49so if you ever want to do something like that used to watch the Vibe radio network page and look for upcoming Advance will be working on more events at St Albans sanatorium and I others as well but tonight we have Horry County Horry County paranormal investigation we have a few members on the show tonight when I go ahead and put them on
01:03:17we have Gary Frank Melissa and Dana on how's everybody doing this evening
01:03:24hello that's why I'm doing fine so far
01:03:29awesome guys welcome to the show
01:03:32sagari you are the founder of Horry County Turtle investigation before we get into into your group how long have you been in the Paranormal
01:03:44I've been doing now for almost 21 summer 23 years myself
01:03:49awesome in it and how long have you had
01:03:53the other group that you have now other group I have now we started about 2 years ago and like I said that we would we just go out and do our thing you know we respect everything and
01:04:18how did you how did you get into the Paranormal
01:04:22I just it's all started many years ago when I just like I said I saw an apparition and I just like I started liking places going places like I've stay at the Myrtles Plantation I stay at the Stanley Hotel the Queen Mary stuff like that this it's really intrigue me to do more
01:04:42and I don't know in a group I have or a fantastic I couldn't have asked for a better group of people
01:04:49that's awesome that's awesome good to have a good supportive group to help you out and help them people on your in your Private Investigations as well
01:05:01so I take it very seriously and I also meant I'm going to get to meet all of you guys here in a couple weeks down its Old South Pittsburg hospital with Corey Hines into oh yeah I'm looking for I'm looking forward to that behind you and Corey don't worry
01:05:29Tuscan down the line here Frank tell us a little bit about your personal background how you got into the Paranormal I was too and my grandfather just died
01:05:44and I saw him in the house
01:05:48and that pretty much started it
01:05:52and be from a Catholic background with one of those you can't believe in things like that
01:05:59so naturally once I turned 18 I just started Jason ghost
01:06:07Horry County paranormal great group
01:06:13and like you said we're we do take it seriously but we do have fun
01:06:18good good how did you how did you meet Gary
01:06:23I actually threw his page on Facebook
01:06:28he invited me out to meet him
01:06:30Canada drawing
01:06:33awesome Melissa
01:06:40how did you get into the Paranormal
01:06:56yeah I thought I was crazy actually and I was sitting in a tree in the woods and someone call my name and I was the only person around and it was like a long-drawn-out whisper my name and I don't think I could talk for hours and I just kind of started it for me
01:07:24and how long have you been investigating
01:07:3820 something years I will go into 20 something years
01:07:49I don't know
01:08:16are they good good Gary how many investigations do you say that your group has been on
01:08:22so we are group a different group as a group
01:08:31I'm about two and a half years at least 30 when you say then at least 30
01:08:36did the battleship North Carolina and now that was awesome I did that that was awesome
01:08:52how many how many of those investigations would you say were or private cases about between 10 and 15 houses and businesses
01:09:09now do you see from your investigations
01:09:13are we weak what we do if use the IR
01:09:17night vision camera stuff like that and we could get you the recordings and sometimes people use their phones at their the phone talk like that cuz we're not rich and famous when you get The Hideout we have but we just like you know we're not into the idea of the DVR stuff yet that's coming out soon
01:09:36that'll definitely likes in your
01:09:39your evidence review
01:09:42oh yeah trust me I already know that
01:09:46and you do you ever post any evidence
01:09:56so what would you say would be the
01:09:59scariest place that you've ever been
01:10:02scariest place I've ever been
01:10:12I love talking to you about this before and you said you didn't get much sleep at all either know the kids were playing with my feet opening closing the door turn the fan on
01:10:24where's my phone
01:10:28is a very active place
01:10:34battleship North
01:10:42what I meant what would you say is this is at what's the scariest place that you've ever been
01:10:51oh wow
01:10:55that's a tough one probably Old Charleston jail in Charleston South Carolina what what happened to you there I was touched a couple times
01:11:11I had a couple of good EVPs, to get out
01:11:17Nicole typical Kohl's charge
01:11:21it was an interesting time
01:11:25how about Melissa and Dana who is this
01:11:30scariest scariest place
01:11:38it's pretty it's pretty active
01:11:44and what happened out there
01:11:46investigated things you see full figured people
01:12:14I moved out and I'm like
01:12:24okay Josh I will say one thing since I've been with Melissa and Dana been in the group I learned why use my flash camera that can Flash to take it from behind them because it's amazing and see what they say
01:12:40so Melissa have have some abilities
01:12:46we have a lot of ability like they think they're amazing. Like we were last night
01:12:59I said yeah I'm amazed cuz I took a picture to cemetery ones of a tombstone and it's like a man leaning on it but it didn't show up in the picture
01:13:09turned around and ask your date was Dana what's in general with me I said did you just see what I saw over there and they both take me to Manuel
01:13:28very very good what they do very good
01:13:33the Frank and Frank and his wife have very very good hearing download Candice is on here or not or what you're not but she's out there to Josh
01:13:43Google speaker
01:13:54I saw a picture of that church that you just investigated and that's that's a pretty impressive
01:14:04if I can't it must have been beautiful back in the days it had it and it's amazing I drove right by it last night that was used to go into the day
01:14:21but people were messing with me and I was cussing up a storm for the girls
01:14:45what Dodge worth it one place and I got really sick when I told Frank I got to come out here I don't feel good and I'm starting to get sick and then also ready to leave the truck wouldn't start the battery cable thing came up
01:15:17what else about some other locations that you've been to the years that you touch a little bit on the Myrtles Plantation but what about the Stanley Hotel in the in the Queen Mary Mother supposed to stay at the Stanley Hotel I was like a few years ago 7 years ago I stayed up there in one night my birthday won't there be another friend of mine went there in around 3 days no air conditioning no TVs no phones in a room or nothing in around 2:33 in the morning I got real cold I woke up and is this woman standing in the corner of the room so walk my friend up and she saw it all
01:16:01so I jumped out of bed when no one's there
01:16:05the next morning we're downstairs and like once going to the museum and and go to the pictures and I said who's this woman
01:16:17wow that's crazy
01:16:27and the quick Queen Mary is like that you nice but it's just me it's like a I called tourist traps all it is cuz they don't they overdid it they overdid it with the stuff
01:16:39tell him the battleship North Carolina that was I mean that thing was crazy from some like say around 2 or 3
01:16:50told you say your favorite places what it would have been the Myrtle's plantation
01:16:56push the microphone to or your favorite location
01:17:08as I figured that would be the your favorite because of how much you talk about it whenever whenever I do talk to you about things like this and you always bring up yours reference the Myrtle's plantation place this weekend. I'll talk to some people at the Paranormal restore that St Albans yesterday whenever
01:17:44I heard some good things about it it's very active and and someone actually said told me that you're not the one that's doing the hunt
01:17:55you almost feel like you're being demoted yeah there's a lot of a lot of activity there
01:18:06I can't wait either it's only a couple weeks away so
01:18:14it'll be pretty exciting
01:18:29probably the
01:18:37Justin meaning of activity
01:18:40what kind of things did you have happened there
01:18:53would I mean receive people walking on the road
01:19:00it was pretty cool
01:19:03and they know Melissa what would you say your favorite places
01:19:10I don't know I mean
01:19:13favorite place
01:19:26okay that's my favorite favorite place
01:19:32shut down in South Carolina
01:19:37middle of nowhere
01:19:40what what kind of stuff did you have happen there
01:19:49shadow people
01:20:03agaria if you ever have you ever caught on camera yeah I did it's a phone when I call in the picture but sound my page somewhere of a woman carrying a baby that I took it a cemetery I took three pictures I sent to take three pictures if you show yourself in the picture I give you my word I'll leave and I'm I'm good to my word when I say that and it took 3 pictures and it was and it showed up middle of summer and no one smokes are we don't smoke or nothing we're doing anything like this and it's an African woman carrying a baby in the grapes and the grave in the front or mother and daughter
01:20:53can I call a shadow person at a friend of mine's place that's that's one of my favorite place we go there that's why do my training stuff when we get to go there a shadow person on the back wall
01:21:06November 8th
01:21:11Frank where you were you part of any group before you join Gary's group
01:21:22so I can freelance
01:21:32how you say I've been there
01:21:37people Pals will you know I was going to give her a friend of mine at the house 100 years old that was haunted
01:21:44yeah I talked to them find that try and find out who they are
01:21:53yeah I just I just really enjoy it
01:21:57good how about you were you part of any group before you join Gary group yeah it was pretty much just like you and they freaked out anywhere
01:22:31they were scared
01:22:41hey Josh
01:22:51last night
01:22:58Gary laptop set up one day and I'll take some pictures we took like 7 or 8 pictures but in doing the pictures you see a little shadow person standing there to let the room
01:23:23I said I had to go through the video frame by frame because it's so fast
01:23:50so some of the stuff that you will have on your on your webpage or on your Facebook we have the way of the queen of the bunkers in our group
01:24:05her name is Melissa
01:24:12will definitely be able to use that in a couple weeks when we're down there at the hospital before I forget one of our members Ozzy could make it due to an illness so my wife is stepping in and she's going to be coming with us she's had some pretty interesting experience
01:24:37how cold would she like to tell us about some of those
01:24:46everywhere again
01:25:01so here I am
01:25:06are you are you part of Gary's jerky well
01:25:11search gun told me it'll be good to meet you down there as well
01:25:22turn out when we talk about equipment carry what would you say your favorite piece of equipment is
01:25:30I like the IR camera but I like my Periscope I love the Periscope is that in the room pod but the Spirit Box really been helpful a lot
01:25:46Periscope in the Spirit Box by my favorite I have never used the Periscope until until last night actually I don't I don't have one myself but it was one of the vendors there last night was telling them and there was a couple people walking around with him is if we were moving around the building and Equipment outside that millimeter that's like that it's like a portable rimpau dances like I got that one I got some shrimp I got 3 Periscope kitchen recorders to IR cameras
01:26:36they can never have too many digital recorders what we set them all over the place
01:26:44Frank how about you
01:26:48what would you say your favorite piece of equipment is
01:26:53he asking
01:27:00I love my digital recorder
01:27:03that's going to have a Spirit Box to which I love that says some pretty interesting things to me the Periscope is pretty cool too
01:27:15dead people Spirits Whiting it up each way which is pretty cool
01:27:28set at the periscopes that you have are they play the 360 Periscope for the ones that have the straight up
01:27:36I got both of them I got the 360 and vertical and I got the like the heat one yes or no one Ceviche point
01:27:48how about Dana Melissa what would you say your favorite piece of equipment is
01:28:12as crazy
01:28:20I will vouch for that I will vote for that dress they do hate equipment they all they want to do is walk around to caister recorders and I'll take care of it in the majority of your evidence is going to be meet wvpe
01:28:39the easiest thing to guess
01:28:44I'm trying to train like making his wife and I use the equipment photographer like take a lot of pictures in my system
01:29:00that's why God makes me have to learn to stand behind them so it goes that way a while it's like very bright thing is like I said with Melissa and her they see and hear things that we don't but
01:29:49so it's really cool how everybody gets me on like we're Frank Frank and his wife both got good hearing to
01:29:56like that one Cemetery me and Frank went to on the woods there I mean know where the video talk with the K2 meter
01:30:09cinefamily talkin to us
01:30:11by any chance
01:30:14he has a chance against what we are transferring to that's one place I got to bring Dana Melissa I think they'll enjoy that place
01:30:27enjoy it
01:30:37I don't know I think I like you who drafted the laser grid
01:30:42okay yeah I just got one of those last year I haven't used it much
01:30:48that goes like I like sitting in the house by private houses and businesses and stuff I like stepping up I got the red one and a green one those to the best colors red and green
01:30:59we have a green one that we use in this in a way that we haven't had anything that we use it we still do try just to just to try out and then we keep using it to
01:31:21open that we may get something with it but most of the time those yeah like we've been talking about it.
01:31:37what does the one thing will never stop learning about their mom watches her
01:31:44and you are very open to working with other other groups and and inviting group chat with you I have no problem with that I have no problem you're like I said no group has been anybody else they may have better equipment and this and know how but you always can learn more from other groups that's how that's how I look at it
01:32:05you can catch excellent evidence with with with with pieces of equipment sets that are very inexpensive really cheap digital recorders cameras you really don't need all of that other stuff as long as you have all you all you need
01:32:59I'll write it down and then
01:33:03yeah we do the same thing on the drive home
01:33:06I'll see just plug it in there and you listen to it on the way home
01:33:12yeah that's a great idea
01:33:16and when we get home we have an idea where there
01:33:20where do I seem closer
01:33:23love another dog
01:33:36check alarms I've done the same thing but when I fall asleep that's it so I don't have it I don't hear anything after I fall asleep and I wake up in the audio is over
01:33:47I have done that before I fell asleep with the headphones on
01:33:53does anybody especially for his for any of us does anybody carry a notebook in it in and a pan to the right down in a X on your recorder when you hear something or it's okay
01:34:28have you ever
01:34:34yeah I carry around everything I have a book bag I always carry with me with me anywhere I go and see you to have the same type of abilities
01:35:05no I hear I hear more than anything I don't feel invisible Genesis more than
01:35:22feeling good
01:35:36you both are bringing something different
01:36:00whoever's closest to us when it's night time
01:36:19is there anything that that has happened during an investigation that is
01:36:26has made you ask yourself why am I here or made you think about leaving the field
01:36:33that's a good question
01:36:43journalist restaurant
01:36:55I've only had one really bad experiences with the group they know it to that and I get teased about a lot and ruin a cemetery one night and I felt very uncomfortable to something doesn't want us here and I'm six foot three and I turned around and saw two red eyes in my face my soul it couldn't come back because I'm out of here I will not go to that corner again alone I promise you that
01:37:22what's the temperature in Gary
01:37:26what's up Melissa
01:37:39I was asking Jerry go to cemetery he took me to
01:37:49that was fun
01:38:02I want them to touch me to grab me
01:38:09and get Gary's not like that
01:38:13what would one thing with one thing I don't do I really wish that some people still do it I will never provoke I won't do it
01:38:23symptoms if there's just a start getting that nasty then we're going to leave
01:38:27well last night when Gary got sick I was like okay could you too my friend give it to me because I was getting dark Amber Josh
01:38:41and I was telling Frankie Frank I don't feel good or something. I just don't feel good I got to get out of here I had to stop recording and walk out as soon as I walk out the gate I got sick went down on my knees and threw up
01:38:55that was like that when I get sick like that
01:39:04that means we have to go back there together but there is one thing I got to mention about our group we do have members that are Sons of Confederate Veterans
01:39:13and they go around cleaning cemeteries up and do an outstanding job what they do
01:39:18awesome awesome they are also giving back and in the helping out the community as well as branches and try and fix the sentences if we can
01:39:37awesome so you guys do you guys attend any events do you ever go to any kind of perricone's or anything like that
01:39:46I haven't but they said they might have but just kind of hard with our little cuz we all have our jobs and stuff and the airport
01:40:03I need to do in Myrtle Beach
01:40:08are all they have around here at Comic-Con or talk like that your gun is like caramel top here
01:40:14is this the Bible Belt found here
01:40:17yeah yeah that's all they're all the members in the group that I'm in except for me and the majority of the host on the vibrating Network or all in Virginia and they all say the same thing about no being in the Bible Belt and everything gets
01:40:38there are little events in Virginia their this that's a really good ones to take out you too I don't know how far you are from Gordonsville Virginia
01:40:53probably a pretty far drive to you guys too we have one coming up June 18th and that was a commercial that I played earlier
01:41:07I'll have to I'll shall share that it did for you guys to to check out don't have speakers there and then vendors and I believe they're doing an investigation in the evening it's a it's a public investigation
01:41:21my thing was public investigation 2
01:41:24if you're somebody that's new to the Paranormal or just getting into it or just coming to have an experienced something like that public investigation is something good to take to go to to have those experiences somebody that's
01:41:45experience or as far as been part of a team of public investigation really isn't something that says
01:41:55I would recommend them going to I don't know if you guys have ever been on a public investigation before but there's a lot of people there's a lot of contamination it's really hard to get any evidence so basically you're looking for personal experiences thing that people being touched seeing things and dancing Rodger or a good thing to use when when you're on a on a public investigation but as far as you guys does the public investigation it would be fun to explore the location stuff as far as evidence that it's it's really hard to get something
01:42:31yeah that's true that's like that old Charleston jail they have tours working down there what you in a group of 30 or 40 people it's kind of hard to get any kind of Evan for that many people
01:42:46it's hard to have 30 people be quiet all at one time
01:42:52bring your own equipment
01:42:55but I don't want you to bring your equipment either
01:43:05it would let us use audio wow that's crazy
01:43:13what are your future plans for the for the group what are you or any kind of goals that you guys would like to achieve or maybe just want to guess work places you want to go that kind of thing vestigate more places like the hospital I want to thank you and you know that's pretty cool you guys do that I want to get DPR and set it up
01:43:53that talk to Corey about his but I'm waiting down the road I said if he's feeling so I'm going to buy it I don't care I want it to be a good group and I want to recognize more instead of really cute I want to get recognized for the job we're doing because we are helping people
01:44:27that's why I want to take no more places so they can have more better experience
01:44:46there's a lot of places on the East Coast that that that you can visit that are just as good there's a lot of places that weren't on TV shows that are still just
01:45:06what is the TV shows are really just destroying all these places at the others are going with protective
01:45:16life is getting boring it's getting really getting boring
01:45:24right exactly right
01:45:31the thing is I asked you to it towards the end of every show and I called the Paranormal bucket it can be any place that all it doesn't have to be anything that anybody knows about or anything like that
01:45:51my bucket list would be go to England the castle over there for the friend of mine invited me over there that's my bucket list to go over more than anything
01:46:01take your place over there
01:46:04oh I wish I wish you was online right now if you can message me but she just went to that is just like unbelievable the picture she posted on her page and stuff oh my God. I got I got to go there
01:46:21I would say any Castle over be good enough to go to I have to agree with you on that one
01:46:30execute she invited me over there cuz she has permission to go until like 7 or 8 abandoned buildings over there her group that she has to get to go tomorrow that's great I'll be there if you get more time off I'm gone right around here and I have to say is the locally will be to Waverly that's a big bucket list of Waverly Place we had a quiet evening but it was the EVPs if we got Amber and just being there was an awesome experience
01:47:08Frank how about you
01:47:19everywhere everywhere everywhere
01:47:28like I said I'm the crazy one in the group I'm willing to go anywhere
01:47:33it does not bother me I was just spiders big spiders forget it I don't think there's a place that you can go to it doesn't have it doesn't have spiders that would be hard to get work and clear everything out
01:47:59go to Candy for candy
01:48:08everything else I can handle you know the rats that online but one spider forget it
01:48:16how about how about you date on the rest of us
01:48:23I know I would go to somewhere like
01:48:27I would love to actually be able to investigate one of the old concentration camps that are still standing
01:48:36something like that I think we have a lot of
01:48:40what activity you think anyway but
01:48:44I just want to go there anyway
01:48:46I bet you that it has a lot of activity
01:48:50yeah there's a lot of dead energy there
01:49:07she doesn't have one
01:49:25the gay if somebody wanted to look up your your page and check out your evidence and everything like that how was how would anybody get ahold of you or look you up how can I find you on Facebook it's a closed group so they really if they want to come in I have to cuz I'm the only admin I had to let them into PDF
01:49:50I've had other groups mineral just know where to kill us since they were ruining it on sale this is my group I don't care who else thinks no more
01:50:00but they want to see what they want to see the evidence I have no problems on the show Horry County on Facebook just asked to join it and they wanted to be with you
01:50:14how do people get a hold of you score for an investigation
01:50:20are they can meet him on my Facebook page is Gary Morris in Gary, log on Facebook if they want something they can message me on there and does it mean ever ever charged with never charge for investigation and respect the client privacy also you never never
01:50:44I can't I can't believe that anybody would that actually charge for an investigation I've seen it before
01:50:50using today spend a lot of time people do it
01:51:10other other other groups in your in your area
01:51:14oh yes we have several diarrhea equipment but I'm not saying all the groups you have around that they can work with you and you work with them and and compare things messages anything like that anything that's going to help your group do better and help them
01:51:46it'll do better than that
01:51:49sorry to have that kind of resources we have to get some new shirt that would give it to her free lucky bums
01:52:17I'm also making you and Corey honorary member to my group
01:52:24awesome I mean the core group I got to church to give me give me at like around 10 this evening to give them to you also I can't I can't wait
01:52:35like I said every every every group is different groups that do different things you know no group is there anybody else they have equipment yay while we do but if you work together cuz no group is there any other group out there I'm sorry that's why I look at it we're all the same we're all in the same Hobbies I think as long as you're respecting
01:52:57the field and the spirit there's no group better than the other
01:53:10yeah they won't work with other people late there are more Territorial and won't share anything and they don't respect the locations where they were the spirit scene of the king in the
01:53:28but doing things like that and being disrespectful I don't I don't think that I can be a security on the hospital and we are on our own there at night I think we're going to be pretty much on her own
01:53:51list of locations that I've been to there was at least one person there full time I like Waverly Hills that the owner stay there all night they have cameras set up throughout the place and they are in the retail store and they watch everything in there there in case you need especially in the summer time it was really hot and in Corian warned us about this to started talking to him right before we went and he said you guys are going to be hot if it's going to be hot there and it was there was no windows throughout most of the building and there was absolutely no Breeze at all you were walking through they're hoping to catch some kind of Breeze coming through the halls or anything like that and it really it was
01:54:46it really was no Breeze at all unless you were in the death tunnel in the death tunnel there was it was a little cooler in there
01:54:55so you can go down as a retail store and there was there. That's that's Frank's area call death tunnel in it so it it's about Waverly Hills and it was it was it was directed by Christopher paint booth I just had him on the show not that long ago
01:55:19I might be something good to check out
01:55:25the ugliest why I ask is because I have a bad second that's why I'm saying I don't necessarily think we get locked in the place but I'm sure they'll be somebody there throughout the throughout the night
01:55:48started with me we got a good bunch of you got a good Bunch going down there and say right now that you're going to work we're going to catch something I know we are and we're going to have a good time we're going to have a lot of fun and it's actually actually a couple days before that Frank and I share
01:56:20birthday on the same day
01:56:24that is correct
01:56:30when's the party come on now it'll be it'll be a great time talking to you and hearing your stories and then you telling us about your group we do we do have a loyal listener she listens to all our shows on the Vibe radio network in her name is Agatha she looks she listens every week every show I want I want to say hello to Agatha
01:57:09she likes it she likes getting a shout-out cuz she listens every week
01:57:15Agatha Agatha just go on over the County Journal most occasions and ask to join the club and I'll put you in your no problem whatsoever she likes she likes listening to all the evidence of stuff that people have on on their pages and then she goes and check them out I want to thank you guys again for coming on a really good time this evening and I have no problem I definitely want to have a follow-up show after the hospital I'm hoping to have possibly have Corey and have you guys on as well and just have a discussion about our evening and the night before I'm there with you guys I'll be with Riverbend paranormal they were also a guest on my show
01:58:01maybe I can possibly have a couple them calling in and just have a show about our experiences and and our bit about our visit at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital
01:58:16very cool I'd enjoy that would be awesome
01:58:20for the morning or showed up
01:58:23that's all I get is an hour or so if you guys like listening to some I shall we definitely have to have some great shows tomorrow evening we have the we have the Connor sisters all the Paranormal party and right after that is a freaking awesome paranormal show with Ryan and Amanda they were also adds restore to yesterday and we all had a had a very good time are we did Miss Amanda however Manos was not able to attend
01:59:03it was a it was a very good time so continue to watch or or page and look for events that come up and then it's like it started at the beginning of the show that we are planning to have some more we had a really good turnout with the some of the other events that we have there so I'll see you guys in a couple weeks
01:59:31appreciate it buddy
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