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00:00:02vicious veteran transitional I'm with your host tomorrow Perez
00:00:10alright so how does a veteran that's transitioning outside of the military and narrow down his next career choices how do you know what companies what industries are you going to try to get into I'll try to get involved with truck try to get hired into how do you figure that out because the challenges this if you've been in the military for a long period of time anytime you know for the sake of this particular example you be in the military and an excess of 15 years you have been you have become an expert in a particular industry in this case the fence now it is very likely if you have if you have been attentive you have paid attention you probably would have noticed that other Industries Cascade and interact with a defense industry right we have Logistics Transportation Air Freight type businesses so how do you explore what's out there for you to vent or
00:01:10get for your network creation and then your job search now first off I tell every better and I meant or start early now generally speaking when guys begin to notice that I need to do something immediately to be successful in transition they notice too late right they notice within the year that they going to get out because they start to do the resume creation and sending them out and putting them on that archaic software out there that every company uses that you have to fill out the same formation numerous times and so forth and they start getting no hits and then I'm worried I got to do something so I got a lot of those and certainly always ready to help those out and in fact I found myself in a similar situation so you know I totally get it but I'll tell you what looking back and just based on the mentorship I had some guy sex to Brayden who's the founder of the of the global soft fondation and Jill Musselman
00:02:10founder of the on Foundation Basin on the feedback and the teachings I got for these men you need to start at least 3 years out if you met your 20 and you want to do your high 3 right you want to do that your three years after your 20 so you get that pay as part of your retirement for that last rank of yours totally understandable but then understand this you need to start creating or facilitating your exit so you have a successful one and and a relatively stress-free one and it's a relatively because it is never completely stress-free for relative to other circumstances you can make it easier for yourself and your family by eliminating some of the uncertainty okay I'm going to teach you how you pair down to these career choices so you know what to focus on it so the first thing until veterans I teach is go out there and research the different Industries in the market and you know what we live in a fantastic time because now
00:03:10you have information at your fingertips through your phone your laptop your tablet what have you it's it's no longer case of going to the local library right from the comfort of your own home you can do this so one resource that I like to use is the Harvard Business School at working knowledge website and I'll give you the URL for that here shortly right cuz it gives you a good list of Industries which I think is what a very well-researched but it also gives you articles and insight into each and the street and you get a better sense of what's going on out there so this how it's going to work you going to first look at the industries that exist out there understand that there are industry sub-sectors in other words and Industry exist right under your name and then underneath it there's sub-sectors of it think of it as hey I Special Forces Group has so many battalions and so many companies write subunits within just, I can say
00:04:10after you look at the industry's you like I want you to pick three industries that speak to you three industries that interests you obviously if your Lotus Titian you're probably going to look at the transportation industry and you're probably going to look at sub-sectors that match with that and you'll see what I mean by that here in a second if you are a pilot for the rotary Wing or fixed you probably going to look at the Aerospace industry so that being said May okay we are going forward here so I'm going to get that URL to this website it is for the Harvard Business School website School working knowledge business research for Business Leaders that URL is and I'll say it by letter and then phonetically okay is HTTP colon forward slash for slash HBS WK. Hbs.edu forward slash Industries forward slash or a she
00:05:10colon forward slash forward slash Hotel Bravo Sierra wisky kilo Hotel Bravo Sierra. Echo Delta uniform forward slash Industries plural is like it sounds okay if you go there and you going to notice they have all these industries listed on there okay and it's a pretty damn good list now from that list I want you to pick three industries that just jump out at you initially just you don't trust your instinct big three distinct Industries now for this example I'm going to pick Transportation industry why because due to what we do in the military in fact in the Army we talked about Mushu communicate well in order to move is not just your feet there's a huge Logistics step behind and a lot of that is transportation so I picked Transportation industry, special forces guy Green Beret I did not come from that background but I thought it was very apropos
00:06:10so again open on the Google window and start Transportation industry companies within Transportation industry so on and so forth I found that the transportation industry logically has industry sub-sectors and this makes sense right it is not one monolithic industry within the transportation business you have Logistics Services you have Erin express delivery services which is called EDS you have Maritime industry Trucking and so forth all right so what I did was within the transportation industry I picked the industry sub-sector of logistic services and then I research which were the top companies in that space and I came up with companies like XPO Logistics Incorporated JB Hunt Transport Services of course UPS Supply Chain Solutions DHL supply chain CH Robinson Worldwide expeditors International Washington
00:07:10you can I get the idea why FedEx Corporation that's the wrong thing and then you now pick three companies that jump out of you and you say okay which three do I like and take those three companies in you got to go online and you going to look at their performance as companies now the cool thing about today's information age is that almost every person and certainly almost every business has a particular media footprint know so you guys and Special Operations that have dealt with psychological operations and even civil Affairs a lot of those experts in there that help us and support us in our fight against the bad guys they research these very thanks Tina what is it media footprint of a particular individual or organization they're tied to do the same thing with the business you guys have a really learn these skills just repurpose them for your job search so now you going to look at for example UPS Supply Chain Solutions going LinkedIn
00:08:10look at what's being said on the internet look at news you know what I was doing the same thing I want on the internet and I discovered that the year was what late 2015 that Amazon was beginning in which at the time was the largest and I haven't looked lately but at the time shown he was the largest single customer of UPS because that's how they were fulfilling their orders now you people ordering stuff Amazon was exploring creating their own delivery services and I were at the time leasing giant aircraft to do it because they had learned from UPS have you been working with them and partnership for a long time and then he said you know what we could run this ourselves right I looked at that and it concerned me a little bit I was like well you know what I wonder if this is going to make UPS contract a little bit right and reduce their Workforce right because when there is a shock to the system often times companies look for efficiencies
00:09:09can cut back and remain viable and profitable okay so look at things like that look at news on the company's you're like who's their CEO what's his background does he have any content on LinkedIn whose only thing from the company stock performance for the last 3 or 5 years Trends so on and so forth that you kill yourself on these three companies something I used to love to do is then a little LinkedIn and I would then try to connect with like maybe a hundred people in each of these companies and I don't think they like to tell you not to do that to me connect with people with people you know I did a podcast on this ready so you guys can redo my previous ones and see it but it was it became up for me and became a great way to connect with folks cuz then I'll send a message as it look much better when I'm getting out this is the process that I am creating for myself and I would love to learn from you because I see that you've been successful in the industry and I
00:10:09you teach me what you know teach me how you became a success I want to be a success and that's pretty much how I built those Communications and let me tell you the vast majority of folks will get back to me but that's pretty much going to get you focused so my methodology for doing it is take three Industries look at their industry sub-sectors and within their pick three companies on each in the street that's going to give you 9 that's plenty that's not even 9 companies all right and that's how you start figuring out what you want to do next when you get out of the military in any case I hope you guys enjoyed this podcast again thank you for the support thank you for continuously delivering to me feedback because that is what creates more and more and more valuable content for you guys the rest you guys out there that have not kind of seen more of my content I do invite you to listen to every
00:11:09podcast cuz it kind of build on each other so certainly do so this is JP signing off have a Very Special Forces Day

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