Vegcast 122 is the 2015 edition of Sounds of Summerfest, featuring capsule interviews with Rebecca Gilbert, Vegetarian Hall of Fame inductee Hans Diehl and Gary Francione, as well as an original song Dr. Diehl commissioned for his anniversary with his wife, and other sounds from the annual vegan celebration in Johnstown, PA.
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00:00:04it's here it's complete it's all new
00:00:10that's right folks it's been 2 cast 122
00:00:17yes let's catch 122 is the sounds of Summer Fest 2015 edition of veg gas and yes it is indeed December 2015 we're going to be listening to a bunch of sound clips that were recorded back in July of 2015 and you may ask yourself why are we just hearing this now instead of back in July or even August or September etcetera and frankly the fact that it's coming out at all within the bounds of 2015 is a holiday Miracle however I had to go ahead without a couple of clips that I was looking for that record on a separate device which I was not able to retrieve but this is still going to be a
00:01:17full menu veg Casper in here from the vegetarian Hall of Fame winner Hans deal we're going to hear from Gary francione who made a splashy return to Summerfest I will be hearing us tickets from various people including Allison Rivers Samson and Rebecca Gilbert so please sit back relax and crank up your mp3 player as we deliver to you this 120 second edition of
00:02:03yes the dulcet sounds of bird songs from a previous Summerfest because he did not record any Birdsong this time because once again I did have a little incident with d MP3 recorder which I'll explain later but right now we're going to jump right into this sounds of Summer Fest with Avery quick brief mini interview with Rebecca Gilbert the author of it's easy to start eating vegan for here with Rebecca Gilbert right in front of the Student Union building here vegetarian Summerfest Rebecca thanks for agreeing to do a short clip just for the sounds of Summer Fest because you are one of the people here and I wanted to thank you because you just gave me a shirt
00:02:54I love being here in vegetarian Summerfest are so many incredible speakers so much to learn from a health perspective from an environmental perspective of course for the animals and I just gifted you with a hundred percent cotton yummy plants love life T-shirt also have a book entitled it's easy to start eating vegan which is a book for newbies and it's all right I mean people can find that on my V for vegan blog but I think you're doing great work and look to see what the what you come up with next alright thanks yes I was Rebecca Gilbert now check out that V for vegan blog post about it's easy to start eating vegan but I wanted to point out of Rebecca is probably one of the few people with the shortest commute to Summerfest as she is based in Pittsburgh and now we're going to turn our attention to someone with a longer commute if you will a
00:03:54World traveler internationally known and this year's inductee into the vegetarian Hall of Fame and as you know it's Sounds of Summer Fest tradition to get the first interview with the Hall of Fame inductee and just barely manage to do that by a couple minutes this time but now we will turn our attention to our future interview with dr. Han's Diehl all right wheel right here in blackington Hall on the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown campus talking with dr. Han's Diehl the 2015 vegetarian Hall of Fame inductee and dr. deal first I want to say thanks for joining me on veg gas my pleasure thank you and congratulations of course on your your induction I had to as I said last night there was a bio that you would provided for the program that
00:04:54I read out as DMC in the in retrospect just seemed very almost self-effacing just very basic and we found out about even those of us who knew you had done a lot of stuff with chip and the pritikin program we didn't know like half of what you what you accomplished so you've accomplished a great deal and how have you been it to sit all that in well actually I'm surprised myself that I have been blessed in reaching out to people everywhere the Breakthrough for me came once we begin to understand that we could play as these education contents on First Class hybrid video DVD sets and this means the word has no spread and the program is similar tanious would be
00:05:54acted in 10 20 30 40 different cities around the world so we're very grateful and so I can really take all that much credit for all of this one for team we have people that recognized that this is Joy generating a weird kid we can give people that are in a situation of living lives of quiet desperation we can get them hope and health and healing by helping them to understand that the body is beginning to heal itself if given a chance with a proper input whether it's some proper exercise or perhaps some of the simple foods that come to a such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains and some legumes and maybe a few seeds and nuts these are the simple foods that have nutritional a bonanza that helps the body to begin to regenerate itself
00:06:54show me ask you about because you're off and having people go onto diets that they're not familiar with and that you know they may be saying all this is so hard to eat this way but you know your program depends on them sticking to it and my question is since we're at Summerfest where you have nutritional speakers and you have animal rights speakers you have kind of a potpourri of different aspects of vegan eating and vegan living do you think would you conjecture about whether there is any more benefits being able to commit to a diet like that with a kind of an idiot logical underpinning or have you noticed no correspondence in that you just you say I'm Doctor deal and you got to listen to me and then they say alright I'll do whatever you say no I think the most important aspect of behavior
00:07:54change is to reach people where they are if they are a committed to the west of Lifestyle because I have never heard any better way to do it well why don't we just help people to help them to understand that we have to have more fiber in the diet and when you have more fiber into diet all of a sudden you don't have to free put constipation and him bought and many many other things don't have to worry about you know diverticular disease and so on so forth this is just one illustration if we have a person that is on a typical Western diet why don't we help them to understand hey try to make some changes cut back on red meat cut back on the way to meet maybe you can also do something about increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables cut back on processed food the whole idea that I find a little bit distaste for the sea idea sometimes that we are segregate and a pit against each other vegetarianism versus omnivorous diet
00:08:54versus plants and what I'm suggesting is that we need to give people an opportunity to find their way of doing what they feel is best for them so if you're not quite ready to make the jump all the way there come to that as it begin to open themselves up to the huge amount of scientific evidence that is out there that is very created telling us we need to be a moving towards a diet that has less processed foods I mean 51% of the colors that we today's processed foods so you can be a vegetarian and still be a junkie the stripes and so we want to bring people to a balance here in the lifestyle and of course we're not just talking about diet either we would like people to get into an exercise program to begin to manage their adequate sleep patterns to pass to become nicer people you know I mean if you don't find happiness in life and you're just a grinding it out I'm a vet
00:09:54Tyrion and I don't need those Eminem's what have you really accomplished so I think we need to find an inner light that guides us towards of softer way of living and in the process you find the Deep with joy and you find that your taste buds begin to gradually change and you have to why you don't even miss those Oreos and M&Ms and the sirloin steaks and all the SS shocking as it may sound to some people never heard this before I used to be there years ago but I wouldn't I wouldn't even imagine that I could eat a corpse
00:10:33I mean I mean for people to eat those cadavers Unthinkable now and yet I was doing it myself well that's right I was there too and caring and we let people know hey there's a better way out there want to come and take a look and maybe you can join us right well that's great and you found so many different ways of getting the message across different media and we only a lot of us anyway only found out last night you're a musician you're a songwriter and love song that is apparently I don't know it's like this rumored about them cuz we're not allowed we weren't allowed to hear it but my other people you know and reacted to it I wondered if you had any comment on that we are here to to make life a happy life and if you know my humble offering there in the music area which men
00:11:33talk to my wife I made it for our 40th engagement year so if that is going to be a blessing someone great you know I'm happened to be married to a concert sizing The Pianist and Soul music has become sort of an amateur Ridge effort on my part I guess so just sum it all up you know it's a great thing that you have been recognized for all of this work in the vegetarian Hall of Fame and now I mean I know you received plenty of accolades that this is being piled on top of butt what what it what's the next step can you can you go any further beyond that are you still just trying to get as many people as possible to understand what's going on out there and that's you just keep on in the same frame or cuz you've been doing
00:12:33people to know that health comes by choice not by chance happiness comes by being a giver rather than being a taker and I am concerned that the planet is in a mortar State and I think unless we make some changes that planets is groaning under the load every place on it so boring side well I guess we're going to have to end this interview on a down note then kill but I did want to be you know we're happy for you and you're obviously a happy person despite some of the big picture problems that we all face so I guess I just want to say thanks for taking the time out from a very busy day and a joining me on Michigan thank you so much thank you
00:13:32very smelly movies
00:13:56why I love you
00:14:04is when I first saw your face
00:14:21blessed with happiness
00:15:04dream come true
00:15:12you brought me through
00:15:16it stronger
00:15:26mere words cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me
00:15:42and happiness
00:16:05Define adverb.
00:16:51old boy that dr. Han's Diehl can sure carry a tune can t I know that was what do you write performing that song I Woody Wright although he also certainly help to write the song itself on some lyric ideas of doctor deals on the occasion of his anniversary with his wife D esteemed piano stand music educator dr. Lily deal and Woody right wanted to do something as a favor for dr. deal after chip improved his life so he's the he wrote the song and recorded it I got it done just in time for the anniversary it's called simply loving you happy ending all around in that particular sector but now we must turn to a darker the topic and no I don't mean
00:17:51the technical difficulties with my iriver although that plays into it and what is how I was besieged besieged I tell you buy Summerfest attendees asking me the same question over and over and I decided to start documenting these with sound recording this and that got all kind of hyped up to make this case on the podcast app for this item that the people were requesting let's see first what some of those people have to say and I'll be back to explain
00:18:26for the most important question this is Alison by the way are you doing a drawing this year I'm not okay with this okay well I'm writing it on the evaluation form where is Summerfest now so they were creating a Grassroots movement
00:18:58exactly yes everyone was saying that and the drawing of course the inimitable well at Ed Barnett did imitate only a one-of-a-kind live improv cartooning Extravaganza that has been at most Summerfest although I think we did before I but we certainly skipped it this year there was outraged that was Allison I did ask people to say their last name after this but she just used her first because it's Allison River Samson I really can just go by the one name in the vegan movement of course the chocolatier Baker entrepreneur all around the vegan Dynamo expressing her opinion there but she was not alone in asking this question where's the drama
00:19:58exactly is exactly right because while this was a fun summer fest in general for me I just kept being accosted by people wanting to know where's the draw long and I would get out my recorder and record them because I was building up this archive and so I would like they would say that and I would say okay could you say that again for the court although I I don't want to imply that there's any litigation involving dear but I would pull it out and then record when people said
00:20:41alright Dean Barnum and right about there is where my River ran out of memory because as it turned out a bunch of earlier sound files that I thought I had deleted off of that I had not succeeded in doing so and it was still full of audio so I ran out of room to record and then I had a couple of others that I managed to record a different system but was unable to get those to retrieve those so I'm going to have to stay with the three ships the we have us d'masiv archives that I was building but to the Summerfest organizers you know at least three people now I want to see that drawer along next year so I hope we can get that worked out I'll have your people call my people
00:21:41okay glad I got that out of my system when one of the know where the aspects of Summerfest 2015 was the return appearance of Gary francione for the first time in 15 years I've giving address on Friday night classes and everything that was great to see that a lot of people were fascinated by this person that that they've been coming to Summerfest for years and ever seen and I wanted to get a clip with him there at the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown campus during that weekend but it did not happen due to scheduling and technical difficulties so at a later date we met up in Bryn Mawr to try to recreate what it would have been like if we had been able to chat for just a couple minutes and of course since it was Gary francione the the chat kind of went on but there's a lot of good stuff there so we're going to
00:22:41right now okay here we are right now, Johnstown looking around the parking meters to Fred Meyer train still wait a minute Gary francione here who was at Summerfest but I did not manage to Corral him while he was there so I'm talking to him now so Gary it's not exact they're not the same
00:23:42Summerfest in the return of Gary francione so I think you were last at Summerfest in Senior High coming back settling back into the warm during your over at all in French
00:25:17great response people hacking the different venues to hear you know you know the main hub for everybody has to have a book or a saying that they're tied to you have this is like you care and now a new website how do I go there I think I'm going to always send
00:26:17try to make contact with it can easily get something from you
00:26:37give me some time to get this stuff started 30 some-odd years ago in working with all these animals
00:26:58counterproductive effort sometimes workout
00:27:05what was the situation in the early to mid animal groups
00:29:02I'm living in the World 2005
00:30:00I want to see if you don't have a lot of time here but I want to be here the week we can talk about the large part of the content where do I how do I tell people about her that we have in your always like I want to be your later you got to go out and
00:31:00got to go through five steps for everybody going out in and being kind of 24/7 advocates for for the vegan etiology no matter how you encounter somebody you're recommending comes with you are and you're a cure an excellent debater and you have a way that you can respond as most people don't have those skills that you say you don't need to have those Red Sox
00:32:00most of us what we needed to Believe come to the conclusion
00:32:59where where
00:33:59give you
00:34:59how do I impress when I heard about this critic so when you said you was just something that has this
00:35:59front facing to the public and cummings who was one of the two people who have done it earlier vegan starter guide
00:36:59how do I attract animals
00:37:59what animal makes you anxious
00:38:58veganism Boston let's get going that's right thank you for the trend there and thank you for joining me for this sounds of Summer Fest thank you for having me because thank you for being on bed caps sorry
00:39:48our science fact or veg cast 122 is actually more of a collection of science facts that have been collected into book form now obviously my 121 podcast worth of commentary on a different studies at the appear in the media comprise know they composed was a kind of collection of science facts that I've sometimes referred people to but now we have a much better resource and that is a site called nutritionfacts.org which as you know dr. Michael Greger a frequent guest on the sounds of Summer Fest podcast but not this year so we're getting him in this way he does decide nutritionfacts.org which is an exhausted and comprehensive collection of a scientific data with
00:40:48explication and commentary by dr. Greger and now I kind of the companion volume to that is a book entitled how not to die from Flatiron books and I bring this up not just because it's been a while since my last veg cast and there's so many different studies and fax to choose from that this is a much better option but I also want you to run out and buy this book because I'm the illustrator of it I did one credited for it that is on page 120 so check that out but the go get the book I don't actually get a kick back from the sales but it just it's a great book it's got all kinds of stuff for you to explain the different ways that you can die now the book is not called how to not die you going to die
00:41:48there's different ways that you might die that would be better avoid it and he's show you how to avoid those with various Lifestyle Changes mostly involved in your diet obviously and it says exhausted it's more than 400 pages of book and more than 130 pages of notes with references index and everything so please go and get that read that and then when you are done with that in fully understand all of the ramifications of that why you come back to me and I swear I will have yet another sorry it's New York Times bestseller how not to die this particular Sounds of Summer Fest podcast so late that I've actually heard from na vs so they've invited me back next year so I will be back there see you there hope to be doing the drawer along we didn't even say anything about that but then they
00:42:48haven't heard this podcast yet course that was for me one of the key Sounds of Summer Fest into having now past that and these other sounds along to you I am out of here
00:43:12yes that is Best cast 122 thanks to dr. Han's Diehl for talking with me and thanks to him and what he write for Michigan play simply loving you on bench cast thanks to Rebecca Gilbert or talking with us thanks Gary francione for meeting me in Bryn Mawr for That interview and thanks to dr. Michael Greger or asking me to do the old stration for how not to Die thanks to all my Summerfest fans whether you were heard on here or not say next time and until then please get out there and live like you mean it

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