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Disneyland is decked out for the holidays. But before you grab your tickets, there are some things you should know about visiting Disneyland during the holidays. This week Leslie Harvey and Kim share their recent experience with Disneyland's holiday celebrations. ON THE PODCAST 00:30 - Talking with Tamara about her trip to Arkansas 09:15 - Presenting Sponsor Rosetta Stone 10:05 - Talking with Leslie Harvey 11:35 - What to expect to see in Disneyland at the holidays 15:11 - When the holiday season starts at Disneyland 16:31 - Crowds 17:27 - When is the best time to go 19:40 - Extra cost events 23:09 - Shows and fireworks 25:10 - Tips and things to know 28:25 - Seasonal food in the park 30:36 - Disneyland app 32:13 - Hotels for the holiday 35:03 - What not to miss in Disneyland 37:11 - What not to miss in California Adventure Park 40:25 - Leslie’s favorite travel gear 41:46 - Where Leslie is heading next SPONSOR: ROSETTA STONE Are you planning an international trip next year? Now is the time to start learning a new language with Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone language learning system prepares you to use your new language skills in the real world. Rosetta Stone uses visual cues and its Dynamic Immersion system to develop practical conversational skills. With an emphasis on speaking, you will feel confident using your new language skills when traveling abroad. This holiday season, why not gift your family (or yourself) a three, six, 12, or even a 24-month subscription for as little as under $11 per month! You can learn on the go with the Rosetta Stone mobile app with features like downloadable lessons for learning offline and an audio companion for environments where you can listen but not speak aloud. Visit RosettaStone.comto sign up today. ABOUT LESLIE HARVEY Leslie Harvey writes the family travel blog Trips With Tykesand also co-hosts the Disney planning podcast Disney Deciphered. Follow Leslie on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. DISNEYLAND HOLIDAYS TIPS If you are planning on visiting Disneyland for the holidays, the best time seems to be in early December and during the week if you can. There seems to be a good lull in visitors at this time after the decorations are first put up and when holiday school breaks start. The Sip and Savor Pass is a great idea for families that plan to try several different food items. You recieve 8 tickets for different food items and you don’t have to use them all in one day. But try to plan what you use your tickets for to get the most value out of your tickets. Due to the weather, shows and fireworks can be cancelled so try not to plan your entire visit on these events since there is a possibility that they could get cancelled. Be sure to check crowd calendars when you plan your trip. If you do decide to go during peak season be sure to get there as soon as the park opens (or earlier) because they will close entry to the park if they reach a certain capacity. This can happen as early as mid-day in some seasons. The Disneyland app is a great help and you should make sure at least one of your party has it downloaded. The app will tell you when rides are closed, even if only temporarily. This can save you a long walk to a ride you would like to experience when the ride was closed down. FAVORITE TRAVEL GEAR Leslie loves her Skechers GO walks and a pair of North Face Aphrodite pants. MENTIONED ON THE PODCAST The Preacher's Son Oven and Tap 21c - The Hive Complete Guide to Holidays at Disneyland Episode 17 - Disneyland Travel Tips FOLLOW US AND SPREAD THE WORD! If you liked this show, please be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Playand leave us a review! Have a question or comment? Send us an email or leave us a voicemail at +1.641.715.3900, ext. 926035# You can also follow our travels on Stuffed Suitcaseand We3Travel, or follow the Vacation Mavens on Instagram, Facebookor Twitter. Thanks for listening!
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