Utah has a lot of homes built in areas where they could face wildfire danger. California's wildfires only grow. At :45 past, Adam Shapiro from Fox Business talks about the President and the strong economy. Other things mentioned: Alan Alda has Parkinson's, Kelani Sitake before fall camp, BYU has a new Cybersecurity degree.

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00:00:00good morning it is 7 on Utah's morning news on Brian Martin and I'm Amanda Dixon KSL stop story of the Seven report worries in Summit County is a fire briefly caused evacuations last night couple of residents who have approached they've been concerned about pets that have been left behind today 11 fires are burning throughout our state and a new report says many homes are at risk in Utah when the air does live in the KSL 24-hour do center with more than 14% of Utah householder at high or extreme risk of Catching Fire from a wildfire in Utah ranked 9th highest in the nation for the number of houses that are vulnerable and Insurance data analytics from analyze the data in each state to help people determine the chance of their homes going up and it showed Utah has 133000 Homes at risk it's hot and dry across the last more intense Myers or that's being fueled by dry vegetation and nationally fire danger was just raised to its highest level in California the state with the highest number of Homes at risk experts blame housing that's expanding into undeveloped
00:01:00live Lindsay Arts KSL Newsradio burning fire in Summit County is burn more than 300 acres but people evacuated for the toll gate fire their back home this morning Summit County spokesperson for Shell Murdock says there was a concern that we are keeping an eye on of those 400 homes 200 of them are full-time residents who's intentionally set the hill next to I-80 on fire a few miles east of Park City Murdock says the Flames going up the hill extinguish the Flames going down the hill The Goose Creek Fire may have a lasting impact on Native Wildlife common species will eventually return but KSL's Mike Anderson says some at-risk animals may not be so lucky PCS are still at risk of losing their habitats but well Grass Creek appears to be in the clear there still a lot of lasting damage Left Behind thousands of grazing land Acres that ranchers to pay
00:02:00John are not burn the Goose Creek Fire has now burned about 120,000 acres and it's only 15% contained California's biggest wildfire is now starting to slow the shower door showing Michael I'll live at the case on national news desk of the car fire in Northern California police chief says it's 39 thousand people displaced it creates a lot of anxiety some of those people made a Grizzly find ever been called to a Queens apartment for individuals that were apparently the victim of gunshot wounds a 5 year old boy two women and a man found dead NYPD suspect in murder suicide selection begins today and the tax evasion and fraud trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul campaign manager Paul manafort's president Trump has pointed out before the charges that they are unrelated to the toy
00:03:00B16 election to get things that he did 12 years ago this is the first trial to come out of the Mueller Russia probe and CVS on the job is the network launches an investigation of the allegations of sexual harassment the CVS board of directors made the decision yesterday after six women accused the CEO of misconduct in promoting a sexually abusive culture live at the carousel national news Sean Michael mile KSL Newsradio breaking news this morning out of Farmington where search has been happening near Davis Creek Trailhead for a missing person we've just learned that person has been located and helicopter brought him out safely authorities tell our KSL photographer on seeing that the man got lost last night around 9 he was on a trail motorcycle and ran out of or out of the trail got stuck and became disoriented the DPS helicopter was called out and found him this morning and had to go to the hospital after rolling an off-highway vehicle yesterday in Sand Hollow State
00:04:0018 year old was driving and she had a 13 year old passenger he escaped with minor cuts and bruises but she was pinned under the OHV when enrolled they were both wearing helmets
00:04:13kids weather now at Grant weyman slightly cooler weather weather is on the way for the Wasatch Front there is a slight chance of storms tomorrow afternoon we got a much better chance of seeing some rain showers and storms on Thursday night and even on Friday as well is that the push of high humidity or so again hot temperatures before the showers get here but at least we'll get some rain in there near future some soaking rains perhaps could be some isolated flooding we do need to keep our eyes on that but the most folks would love to see Lee some rain and sent the temperatures will only drop a few degrees but we will get some shaving for the increase in clouds
00:04:47firstly traffic on the 7:40 here Sandy right now seeing big delays because of a crash in Davis County near Layton Parkway only one lane was open but they got the crash moved off the wall Lanes of open up and we still got backups that go back past Antelope Drive I'll probably stick around for a while even though all the lanes are open now we have also some delays on Northbound I-15 in Salt Lake County but not nearly as bad just a minor slow down Sandy and Midvale Amanda Farnsworth in the KSL traffic center 705 Mayors Across America including in Salt Lake City and County are pressuring the federal government to reduce wait times for US citizenship applications more reports live heater will Amanda this letter that said he married Jackie biskupski and Counting are Ben McAdams sign claims that Utah's backlog for citizenship applications grew by 53% last year and they take 20 months to approve and move forward a total of 45 local government executive sign the letter pushing the beds to take aggressive
00:05:47steps to reduce the waiting time the mayor say the immigrants have done with the master then to live in the US legally and permanently so the US government must now Step Up live Peter say more cancel news radio voicing their concerns about President Trump's renewed threat to shut down the federal government if Congress doesn't include funding for a border wall ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl says the president may be reaching out to supporters before the midterm is a school of thought that the only way to get his base truly worked up and energized is to provoke a big fight over immigration that there are really two motivators immigration and the fear of democratic impeachment in those other things need to be hit hardest there's were the strategy could backfire in some states just weeks after president Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong on new intelligent shows the Rogue nation is developing new missiles ABC's Global Affairs correspondent Martha raddatz
00:06:47new evidence said that threat from North Korea is not over despite promises from Kim jeong-hoon at the June Summit he would denuclearize his Nation these new satellite images according to the Washington Post showing construction of one or possibly 2 liquid-fueled icbm's at a facility on the outskirts of Pyongyang the same Facility North Korea build his first intercontinental ballistic missile believed capable of reaching as far as Washington DC Spectre to give an update on the search for University of Iowa student Molly Tibbetts she's been missing for nearly two weeks there's ABC's Ryan Borough hog farm Authority spent the weekend searching her father Rob Tibbetts holding out hope that someone in the small town of Brooklyn Iowa and seen his 20 year old daughter Molly we just need people
00:07:45I think there's somebody knows something and they don't even know it's important give it says been missing since going for a jog July 18th at the time she was dog sitting at her boyfriend's house Ryan pro ABC news we're now hearing than I wanted one call from a home invasion turn deadly in West Jordan Michaela game in is suspected of using a garage door opener to break into a home for entry closet door was open and somebody was in there and they said the homeowner will not face any charges Saturdays General from 20 states are asking the federal government to block instructions online for printing 3D guns that should have guns will not be traceable in a crime and there's no background check the government settle a lawsuit last month with a nonprofit group defense distributed that will allow the posting of 3D printable gun plans
00:08:45MoviePass may not have even been about the movies at all it offered daily showings for just $10 a month but ABC's Chief business correspondence Rebecca Jarvis says it was bought by a data mining company it's not really about movies it's about the information that you as a customer give their all the things that you do but frankly they have 3 million subscribers compare that to Facebook with more than two billion members that's a totally different data set and the value of those three million customers is nowhere near the value of Facebook MoviePass supper to service a service outage in recent days apparently due to a shortage of cash emergency triple team traffic on Utah's Morning News double rewards and it'll give us the update here and it's southbound I-15 they clear the crash that Layton Park way but the traffic that came to a stop has yet to fully recover in fact you're going to see slowdowns from just south of
00:09:45700 South Clearfield Sr 193 exit all the way down to Layton Hills Mall it does break up now just before leaving Parkway and you see if you break lights in Kaysville and that looks like 215 North and only seeing delays between Redwood Road in the Legacy Parkway merge Eric i v I-15 from Provo all the way to downtown Salt Lake City looks pretty good this morning we don't have any accidents reported so far so you're looking about 40 minutes travel time of India busiest spaces along at hole stretcher and Lee height of between 2100 North End terminal gets highway in between Draper and Sandy we are still looking pretty good on most of the other roadways around the Salt Lake Valley with Bangor Highway being the busiest and that's heading north between 35th South and the 201 freeway or also for Tooele County Drivers they're having a pretty big mess right now it's mostly stop and go from Stansbury Park all the way up to I-80 and it's not because of any accident that we can see and then you're going to have pretty good
00:10:45example of I-80 and the 201 coming out of Tooele County immerse yourself in the beauty of Red Butte Garden and grammy-nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker performing with the Utah Symphony August 1st at Red Butte Garden for tickets to visit Red Butte Garden. Org had a Kelly and the KSL traffic center on the website lots of sunshine going to smoke you out there all ready yet early this morning 80 degrees at 9 noon 90 to 97.3 in the Sun and partly cloudy at 597 early forecast on Grant weyman KSL Weather Center I see clear skies which is a deceptive term in downtown Salt Lake City do you have us some of that smoke in the air as well I'll wear it 70° sister all of the problems that happened to not just famous baseball players but people in various professions that because of old tweets old Facebook posts old social media Post in general a lot of just regular
00:11:45people of thought I need to get rid of some of my old social media post more on that we go in-depth coming up on KSL Newsradio I know that's going to have but one of our top National stories in here going to Sean Michael Alpha KSL national news desk it's just in this morning Hawkeye Pierce announced he has Parkinson's disease actor Alan Alda told CBS This Morning he has the same disease as fellow TV actor Michael J fox the 82 year old star Mash says this is not tragedy and a half years ago and I've had a full life since then I've acted and shaking during TV interview since someone would eventually figure it out it's probably only a matter of time before somebody does a story about this right much Chad Alan believes in all that believes that Parkinson's disease has not slowed him down and he wants to set himself as an example to others live at the KSL national news desk Sean Michael I'll KSL News radio
00:12:45you say a basketball fan pose as a restaurant employee in order to add the Pac-12 network to the TVs you wanted to watch in Arizona Wildcats game while dining out but now Kevin Caton face is a felony charge that could mean 12 years in prison come on come on Illinois news reports say Kayden called from Buffalo Phil's several times restaurant manager caught on to the scheme after noticing their monthly cable bill had gone up alrighty then what are the stories were following on the seven report a southern Utah man faked his own kidnapping to collect a ransom KS on the radio is Peter say more joins us live did he ever get the money Peter know Brian he didn't because the woman who serves as his Federal fiduciary never trusted his story core documents say James Daryl Clark of Cedar City claimed he was kidnapped by people who me old money and they beat them up you needed $1,500 to secure his release Clark has a federal fiduciary because he's a military veteran
00:13:4557 year old man now faces a third degree felony charge for communications fraud by Peter same or KSL Newsradio 50 and a little less but he won't return to Jeopardy when his contract expires in 2020 that will make 36 years of hosting a shark from an aquarium in Texas did you hear how they did it they put the shark and a stripper seriously
00:14:23stroller ma'am I'm with my baby but
00:14:29meditation ugly baby it's like that is already the check was returned safely by the way it is time for some guacamole and some toast to go with it or what time does Sears some good news for your Kansas dog saved his owners chickens you saw a hawk swooping down to nap two hands and he batted it out of the are the dogs owners say they caught the hawk and it seems scared and days they release it it flew away Cooper the dogs a huge Great Pyrenees mix was owner says gets along with chickens really well things you need to know this our first report says 14% of homes in Utah are at risk for being burned by a wildfire and Utah's risk is ranked 9th highest in the nation on KSL News radio is Lindsay a second two hikers are recovering this morning after one of them split off a ledge near Strong's Peak and Weaver County falling 15 feet search and rescue crews found them overnight there a check of the commute to Buy Rewards
00:15:29Davis County we still have some backups between Clearfield and Layton but now she had passed them all down at the Kaysville me to improve but we've got to some brake lights in Kaysville itself Northbound I-15 earlier so Downs in Sandy and Midvale have cleared out for now I'm a t Farnsworth in the KSL traffic center at sunshine high temperature is still hot 97 I'm Grant weyman KSL Weather Center
00:15:57I'm Cheri Preston it is the first trial to come out of the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling in the election jury selection beginning this morning the trial of former Trump campaign chair Paul manafort ABC scary Phillips at the federal court in Alexandria says this child doesn't focus on the election it focuses on finances at least 16 million dollars while Consulting for pro russian-ukrainian politicians basically living the life of a king luxury cars beachfront properties as to how president Trump feels about this while his latest quote he says metaphor it is being treated like Al Capone there are new reports that North Korea may be working on new missiles here's ABC Chief Global Affairs correspondent Martha raddatz new evidence from North Korea is not over despite promises from Kim jeong-hoon that the June Summit he would denuclearize his Nation these new satellite images according to the Washington Post showing construction of one or possibly
00:16:57two liquid-fueled icbm's actor Alan Alda now says he has Parkinson's disease he is announcing at this morning it was his first diagnosis about 3 years ago ABC cheap medical course my dr. Jennifer Ashton says there are several symptoms of classic symptoms of resting Tremor a sad or angry facial expression some muscular stiffness then we go to non-motor constipation depression Sleep Disorders loss of smell it so cold car fire Northern California keep spreading the numbers keep going up 818 homes and over a thousand buildings in total have been destroyed on this fire almost all burn several days ago but damage assessment teams are just now getting into account the burn buildings the car fire has become the seventh most destructive wildfire in California history last October's firestorm in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County top sad lyrics to ABC News
00:17:57hey there pretty high price for controversial tweets at as other big-name scrubbing their Twitter walls they'll fear tweet from years ago might come back to haunt them on ABC's podcast start here Emily Drive is talked about how she paid a company to delete thousands of her old tweets and more I thought about it the more I realize there was not a good reason for me to keep my tweets around so I tweeted it mainly because I do not think my tweets are a historical and accurate representation necessarily of myself because the second I just needed them they're out of context but the main reason I deleted my tweets was because we have seen a rise in people going back through people's old tweets and weaponizing things that you have said and taking them out of context and I decided the risk was too great to just keep my bad jokes alive how did you do it like are there services that help you delete tweets or did you have to go through one by one free services
00:18:57are the one I used is the Lazy Man's option which is called tweetdeleter and it is a paid subscription service so I paid 1499 to delete all my tweets in one Fell Swoop and then if I want to continue to set a timer to have my tweets sort of expire or explode after let's say 90 days I can have a year-long subscription with this service to delete your tweets or is the answer just don't post things that are racist that are homophobic or the misogynistic I understand you're worried about people taking you out of contacts but does that mean we're kind of papering over people who really were putting that stuff into the world and and didn't really have to answer for it I'll put it this way there are people who say terrible things online and I wouldn't want people to delete their tweets and then have them filled. Give them carte blanche to say whatever they want but the fact
00:19:56matter is the people who are all who are saying terrible things are already feel as though they have carb lunch I don't think that they feel like oh because this is going to last forever that they should be watching what they're saying that's probably true those people are probably the least affected by 15 + 45 + right now on KSL News radio is 719 just a double rewards and we start with you and Amanda seeing a lot of delays on SR 36 in Tooele County this morning it's been very slow from just after Village Boulevard all the way almost to the I-80 on-ramp into it looks like I got the Flying J is where the delays break up but didn't have an accident reported there but just slower than usual main line of I-15 is the running pretty well between Draper in downtown heavy traffic in the Sandy Fortune but not yet and have to add to your drive time Eric and you sing a touch of the southbound congestion on I-15 in Utah County just passed Pioneer Crossing up but that's about it for the freeway. No problems as your head north from Provo and Orem
00:20:56all the way through Lehigh to point of the mountain we did have an accident exiting Center Street in Orem earlier but that was cleared up pretty quickly and there was any delays to begin with Heather. You might still see a brake light or two through Clearfield but unfortunately the typical rush hour delays are still happening as you leave Layton Parkway make your way through Kaysville and I'm starting to get pretty heavy as you head into downtown Salt Lake as well but Legacy Parkway and US 89 still in good shape summer is here and it's hot outside get out of the Heat and stop by Ogden's flooring & Design for the sizzling summer clearance you'll find the lowest prices of the Year Ogden's flooring. Com have a Kelly, KSL traffic center smoke in the air at least for today are we we are for the shorts are Brandi I mean we got some better he was at least finally showing up here in the next couple of days but today I'm wore the same pot Sunshine Smokey like 97 degrees tomorrow
00:21:5636 partly cloudy skies will get a slight chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow afternoon but here's the deal a much better chance of actually getting some rain and thunder on Thursday and Friday so Thursday is I30 9594 the high on Friday so it'll still be hot but the showers and storms will be more likely those afternoons and I think we could see some soaking rains here and they're both those days so that would surely be nice but it dries up for the weekend partly cloudy on Saturday 95-96 Sunshine Sunday and back the 97 of the sunshine on Monday it's time now for Zions Bank speaking on business and he was Chris Redgrave
00:22:36nothing makes you feel more like a child again then walking into a County Fair the combination of sights and sounds and smells sets the stage for an All-American Summer Night the Salt Lake County Fair start in 1936 and over the past 82 years a supportive family and Community agricultural Lifestyles play strategically in August the county fair has always been a time to celebrate the season does annual event is how the Showcase livestock and joy the Summers Harvest and dig back to family Roots by creating Memories the fair offers a chance for Salt Lake resident to compete with the opportunity to participate in the annual Utah State there by entering their jams and jellies and other baked goods but if it's can also attend free events that teaches about developing agriculture Horticulture and sustainability skills and knowledge and honor in Salt Lake County's Heritage entering into the 82nd year the fair continues to have a small town charm explore the food trucks and see the animals and you don't want to miss a barrel Racers Thursday night to Friday Night movie in the
00:23:36or the junior Rodeo on Friday and Saturday night come and celebrate the summer at the Salt Lake County Fair August 9th to the 11th at 2100 West and 114th South in South Jordan check out more details at SL County fair.com for Zions Bank on Chris Redgrave speaking of business
00:23:55my grandfather's grandfather was the first one in our family to Bank in science back then paperwork was more of a handshake and a bank was judged by its Community Integrity teamwork trust and Val fast forward 140 5 years now I'm with Zions Bank and like my great-great-grandfather and I enjoy the same values you can to for established principles you can count on today and tomorrow Zions Bank is for you cuz I inspect the division of CBN a member FDIC
00:24:26are new show 7 to 9 on weeknights is called unrivaled Alex Curry Scott Mitchell they team up together make a great show other talking all things Sports BYU U of U and if you can't listen to you can always download it on the KSL News radio app which is powered by any other services in May long is back-to-back games and six years the government numbers also show incomes Rose .4% Castle Drive snob Ron to buy Ken Garff Volvo Safety First Uber is slamming the brakes on its self-driving truck unit employees in that division or being reassigned company is going to continue though to develop their autonomous car Fleet Samsung posted its lowest quarterly profit growth and more than a year today company says the Slowdown is due in part to week sales at its Galaxy S9 smartphone so let's see what your body looks like we've got just a couple of minutes until the opening bell is going to sound on Wall Street. Ton of movement on the Futures more
00:25:26it's right now. Futures down just three points NASDAQ futures up 11 S&P 500 futures are ahead by four points I feel like you're being watched well according to the Boston Globe the TSA might be tracking you and following you in an airport from the moment you leave Security even following you on to a plane why would they be doing this well they might have determined that when you're on a plane you use the restroom too often or you're too sweaty or use your computer in a certain way all of these reasons are reasons that they've given in this program called quiet Skies to track you what they haven't said and what we don't know is how this helps them stop terrorism on airplanes and if this has actually worked is this probable cause enough for the government to be tracking you and your information
00:26:26I say no it's not and they need to show us how it's working and how this is constitutional or not coming up today at 12:30 on KSL News Radio at the end of July my son Pinocchio is going on at Hale Center Theater right now in Newsies if you can find tickets is going on at Hale Center Theater right now but how about 2019 can you believe we're already talking about the 2019 season at the brand new Hale Center Theater location to Hale Center Theater but if you don't may I suggest you get them because when I saw the lineup for 2019 but I thought I didn't think they could do better than they did last year falling away but tell them about 29 to listen to 2090 these tickets are on sale right now by the way to the general public here we go. Gentleman Guide to Love and Murder An American in Paris Steel Magnolias if you have anything terrible if you don't have anything good to say come sit next to me you have matil
00:27:26Disney's Freaky Friday Cinderella The Addams Family Phantom and Seussical in Seussical it's going to be fantastic 9849 or hct.org when rock and roll first hit the airwaves it was electric it was a freedom of expression the world and never seen before
00:27:51daughter listeners to be informed I have an opinion I want to help people live Better Lives I want people to be able to walk away from our show and say wow I didn't know that I think we can do that a new conversation a new generation of talk mornings from 9 till noon on KSL News radio Utah's news station
00:28:154 C's construction Salem giving event coming up August 3rd 4 to 7 p.m. save up to 70% of forces will donate 5% of sales to the Boys & Girls Club of Salt Lake KS on your son of 729 triple team traffic Rock You by non-americans Visa double rewards what do you seen out there Randy was just super busy on a map to Lake Point just had another KSL traffic Trooper letting us know no crashes just really busy so be prepared for it to take longer than usual this morning just to get onto I-80 Northbound I-15 slowing down now you're Drive between Bangerter Highway and 90th South me an extra 3 or 4 minutes of drive time because of how heavy it is near each of the exit ramps Eric congestion to getting a little bit thicker on I-80 Westbound from Foothill Drive over the South Salt Lake to no troubles runs through sugar house as far as delays not so far is it to the mountains also in good shape after some overnight road work we've got all the lanes open or at least enough to get through without any delays I-15 Utah County no problems from Provo to point of the mountain Heather
00:29:15going a lot of stop-and-go traffic southbound I-15 from hillfield Road in Layton all the way through the Kaysville ponds you brake lights popping up near downtown now I think a lot of people are opting for us 89 instead of 5:15 because now we got stop and go traffic between Antelope Drive in Oak Hills Drive that's a bit unusual this time of the morning don't miss Seagull Books Super Saturday sale this Saturday 9 until noon incredible one-day-only sales a free gift to the first 100 customers at every location I sale not-to-be-missed Heather Kelly KSL traffic center 10 minutes on the 9th let's talk more about the forecast and see how warm it's going to get today back over to you gram Sunshine high temperature start to creep up little bit storms showers more likely by tomorrow afternoon high temperature is at 96 I'm Grant weyman KSL Weather Center
00:30:12you're listening to Utah's Morning News with Brian Martin and Amanda Dixon on KSL Newsradio walk downtown it's 70° to delays remain and Davis County from an earlier crash I'm had to Kelly. Story this our investigators want you to be aware of a new Cyber scam have your email password trying to embarrass you KSL Newsradio Lindsey are did live in the cancel 24 hour news center with more than just a scammer steal your correct email address and password and they send you a message sensually says hey I know that you've been to a pornography website recently and I know that because I installed malware on that site Sergeant Jeff Plank with the Department of Public Safety says Crooks been too mad money in exchange for embarrassing videos of you and those who've been to any such website May worry they'll be exposed
00:31:12the email is it clearly said I know that your login is XY or Z and your password was this and that amount you can report a cyber cyber crime tip online live Lindsey are KSL Newsradio Security Experts so they're offering a new degree he was already had cyber security classes as part of their information technology program in fact some BYU faculty members even created cyber security curriculum that other schools use immature give the point where I'm ready to offer a cybersecurity major program coordinator and Homeland Security had already named the school as a center for cybersecurity academic Excellence a new major will teach things like how to find weaknesses and computer code as well as digital forensics how to figure out what has happened after the breach on Nelson KSL News radio
00:32:121 dangerous fire in California in fact there are 17 days I'll stop National stories with our was Sean Michael I'll live at the national news desk in California now 23% contained after having burned 1,100 structures more than 700 of those are checked at 800 of those are homes a hundred thousand acres also burn not far is Lake County ABC's Alex Stone says another fire is threatening Lakeport the county seat Tower in Flames were bearing down on that town Last Knight firefighters have been battling to make a stand to save the town the entire town is evacuated Isis now claiming responsibility for Sundaes attack in Tajikistan that killed two American cyclist a group of seven for and Taurus and bicycle struck by car then gunman opened fire killing for the ideas of the American not yet released North Korea appears to be making ballistic missiles again this recordings of the Washington Post just last week Secretary of State Pompeo told the senate committee
00:33:12and precisely are definition of denuclearization and have agreed to denuclearize no preconditions much Ron says they're just missing the idea of the foreign minister says that the us would have to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal before any talks could be considered live at the KSL national news like a wild KSL Newsradio amended got stranded in the hills in Farmington was brought out safely by helicopter this morning Davis County search and rescue crews were looking for the man after he got lost last night around 9 o'clock he was on a trail motorcycle and ran out of Trail rescue overnight help to hiker who fell 15 feet near Strong's Peak and Weaver County this was in the mountains behind Weber State University Cruise had to carry one hiker down on a litter before reaching the trailhead after dark a hiker was then take him to a hospital the West Jordan Police Department is released the 911 call from a fatal shooting police
00:34:12Michaela Yaman broke into the home using a garage door opener
00:34:24call my husband scratch his gun and went downstairs and check wasn't listening to her husband and started toward him so he shot her the homeowner is not facing charges the suicide bomber at Ariana Grande's concert in England last year had been rescued by the Royal Navy three years before the Daily Mail says the Navy picked up the man and his younger brother from the Civil War in Libya and got them to England 22 people were killed at that bombing and hundreds injured coming up on KSL college football is getting closer fall camps open this way and triple team traffic 15 slowdowns continue through parts of Davis County Sandy and it's been really busy on sr36 this morning just to get onto I-80 I'm Andy Farnsworth in the KSL traffic center I think they bring a lot of inside his brain Martin feel about David do Jennifer this is where you have a chance to think up your own opinions about some of the bigger stores
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00:37:21emergencies when you call today we come today BYU's Camp opens with plenty of question marks and a whole lot to prove after last year's 7 game losing streak KSL Newsradio Streeter say more joins us live with more Peter Ryan Bingham is competing with seven others on the roster for the starting position he held last year until injury sideline him head coach Kalani sitake isn't worried that he has an identified a starter yet but it's coaches will help him have a wonderful and coordinator and Jeff Grimes and then he has three guys like that we hired on on that stuff that have been coordinators before that I've gone through this quarterback battle talk show unrivaled with host Alex Carrie and Scott Mitchell the donkey Auntie May identify all of the starters long before he announces then publicly Live Peter say more KSL News radio
00:38:21one of the team leaders this season is offensive lineman lofall amaka the Cottonwood High Grand got a medical extension for one more year of Eligibility and he won't take it for granted especially after all he went through 3 years ago remember this key was shot at a house party in Salt Lake City
00:38:44do you encode I was like all I told him anywhere else you would have been in much worse shape well today is the 50th anniversary of the first appearance made in the Peanuts comic strip by Franklin the comics first black character maybe she's Scott Goldberg reports my bedtime Franklin appeared in the 2015 Peanuts movie he was well established as one of Charlie Brown's best friends on July 31st 1968 Franklin found a beach ball Charlie Brown had lost at South Charles Schulz introduced readers to the peanuts first black character months after Martin Luther King jr. assassination Franklin was a good kid and kind some would say to a fault Soul says his goal was to make Franklin relatable without being condescending Scott Goldberg ABC News
00:39:44Port of America right there by Mountain America Draper and Sandy big big problems over in Stansbury Park going up towards the Lake Point on I-80 no crash there just very busy this morning adding people an extra 5 to 10 minutes to get on the freeway Eric westbound Pioneer Crossing commuters are going to be happy to hear this you've got more to lace as you approach The Mill Pond Road intersection that's because the right-hand lane drops off their other got that blocked off by a barrier so right now it's backed up to let's see about the will not so quite to Center Street yet but so we expect that to get worse if the previous days are any indicator of what's going to happen by 15 looks Noah like no problems on the other hand from Provo to point of the mountain Heather southbound I-15 almost at the same place we had one an hour ago this is just south of the lake
00:40:44Parkway exit the good news on this one of the cars pulled all the way over to the left shoulder now one of them already drove off but another one looks like it's not going anywhere for a while so that is just adding to the Slowdown that we already had that area from hillfield Road in Kaysville then you'll see more brake lights between Woods Cross and downtown Salt Lake immerse yourself in the beauty of Red Butte Garden and grammy-nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker performing with the Utah Symphony August 1st at Red Butte Garden for tickets visit Red Butte Garden. Org Heather Kelly and the KSL traffic center
00:41:18traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the nines time now for the KSL Stewart's Lawn Service allergy report he was granted the weather center the weeds and the mold pollen showing up in the pollen report that the on the low side we get to Smokey sunshine today what the 97 I'm grant weyman case I want to send it right now downtown Salt Lake City we've got clear skies with some smoke and Haze in the air I've got 70° president Trump say about over the weekend there is so much good financial news why is nobody talking about it I mean look at the gross domestic product GDP numbers were way up and just this morning we had some more positive and I forgot to check in with Adam Shapiro from my fox business in the moment on KSL Newsradio 1160 a.m. this is Utah's new station
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00:44:54find his home earlier this month in North Salt Lake has turned into a homicide investigation a man was found in a pool of blood and things had been taken from the home to check if the commute brought to you by not America's Visa double rewards still rough in Draper Sandy southbound or still backed up late and in Kaysville the crash there was a late Parkway the second one of the morning has been moved Bangerter Highway suddenly gotten in rough shape near 6200 South on Farnsworth in the KSL traffic center today let the sunshine high temperature is still hot 97 I'm Grant weyman KSL Weather Center
00:45:29jury selection beginning this morning in the money laundering trial of former Trump campaign chair Paul manafort ABC's Keira Phillip says this is the first trial to come out of the special counsel investigation the only American Char is actually opted for a trial instead of cooperating with investigators you remember Michael Flynn struck a plea deal so if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in in jail in Northern California firefighters have the so-called car Wildfire 23% contained ABC's Alex stone is there a progress continues on this fire there is a lot of worried right now about A3 hour drive away from here in Lake County where another Wildfire has been threatening the town of Lakeport and tell me about 4,000 people at the county seat of Lake County huge Tower in Flames were bearing down on that town Last Knight firefighters have been battling to make us stand is save the town or Continental ballistic missiles Cheri Preston ABC
00:46:29sign up for the KSLA in-depth president Trump is cheering the latest Financial numbers that seem to show a growing economy GDP numbers and other numbers are showing of a very positive economy GDP growth in the second quarter is the strongest we've had since 2014 the key questions for you and me as people who want this economy to be very strong is it sustainable and it what rate and will probably see a little bit of a pull back from 4.1% for reasons we can discuss if you wish but we're still going to be most likely over 3% growth and does the bottom line is yes the president can say my policies are working and the economy is strong. If you want to be a Critic there lots of things you can criticize if you want to go there yeah I was just going to say Adam there's tariffs right around the corner that they know if people are going alright wait a second how is this going to impact everything
00:47:29Juiced the GDP number a bit because we saw export surge over 50 billion dollars but part of that was people overseas Advanced buying soybeans another farm products so what was happening is sales that would have taken place now in the third quarter we're being pulled forward front-running almost to the second quarter so with the Terrace on the Verizon were saying Advanced buying before tariffs hit to that that's a big part of it but the other part if you want to criticize what's going on is we're about to have a trillion dollar deficit we have a very strong economy but where we've doubled the deficit which gets added to the national debt which is now 21 trillion that's what a T20 1 trillion dollars is that as well say just spending money to make money and that's a temporary thing and we'll come down economics class you ask people who would support what the administration is doing would say yes
00:48:29how to get greater growth which will increase Revenue to the US Treasury which will help shrink deficits in the future and Larry Kudlow is actually said that we expecting another year to to see that process beginning the critics would say the Democrats would say it's not happening and that the investment that we were promised from the tax cuts the corporate investment into factories in all of that but the Democrats are going to do is point out the studies with show the roughly 500 billion dollars and repatriated funds from overseas did not go to reinvest staying in factories in the United States it actually went to shareholders in the form of stock BuyBacks now I'm not making a judgement call on whether that's good or bad cuz lots of people own stock and lots of Pension funds on stock but you can pick a side of this to argue bottom line is right now. Economia is good but you know did we sell the house in order to take the vacation it look forward to talking to you again soon the job numbers and more Adam Shapiro a kiss on his
00:49:29already on the kids on this line from Fox Business I mean death of 15 and 45 to jobs for unemployment rate in housing prices to talk to him again what is 749 of the check and triple team traffic brought to you by non-americans Visa double rewards how are things out there any right now you've got slow down several spots first of all it's been very slow going between Stansbury Park in Lake Point this morning much more than usual I we got some troubles on Bangerter Highway now 6200 South and North bound Drive backed up all the way past 70th South and we also got the latest new the 21st South Freeway I-15 how your extra time is going to be between the Bluff Dale and hundred six South exits in Sandy Eric to clean drive right now Northbound I-15 in Utah County you're looking at 24 minutes from Spanish Fork up to point of the mountain we do have some slow down spots on Redwood Road. Approaching Pioneer Crossing and it further up the line approaching 2100 North Pioneer Crossing eastbound or slow once again as you get closer to the freeway because of the right lane being
00:50:29close down a bit of a rest drive for Davis County Driver's southbound I-15 you'll run into slow and stop and go traffic just after Antelope drive down to the Kaysville ponds and an earlier crash near Layton Parkway just cleared about 8 minutes ago and then you have more slowdowns between which cross and Salt Lake City and then on us 89 lot of people are taking that as an alternate but that's made for some a lot of congestion between Antelope Drive and Oak Hills Drive July is National carpet cleaning month so Zerorez is looking to clean More carpet they never schedule today and you'll get 3 rooms for $99 under 4th Room free calls your rest today have a Kelly KSL traffic center every 10 minutes on the 9th let's look ahead to the rest of the week and into the weekend for that 7-day forecast today what's inside smoke you out there tomorrow partly cloudy and a slight chance of storms and high temperatures in 96 more storms that there is a 95 storms Friday 94 Brantley County Saturday 95 it warms up
00:51:2996 lots of sun and sunny Monday 97 I'm Grant weyman KSL Weather Center
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00:54:43good morning watching Utah's money a coalition of more than 1,200 businesses in cities they're all pledging not discriminate against employees or customers based on race sexual orientation or other characteristics businesses in the Coalition replacing open to all logos and their windows or online by Jaguar Land Rover downtown Salt Lake to build a plant in Hungary to manufacture up to 150,000 conventional and electric cars a year the plant will create over 1,000 jobs by their first home is 28 Financial experts say young adults were planning ahead should be doing all they can to save up for a down payment interest in joining me on the first half hour trading the Dow as of 88 points so just shy of 4 tenth of a percent word 25,000 395 as a piece of 8.9 and 3/10 the NASDAQ is up 15.7 that is 2/10
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00:58:15you always have KSL News radio news station Amanda traffic heading north on I-15 going to be in a lot of brake lights in between Bluffdale and 123rd South you're going to see off and on slowdowns as far north is 72nd but the most consistent backup is at the South End of the valley backing up again today on 106 South approaching I15 from South Jordan Bangerter Highway delays between 70th and 6200 South and in Tooele County very slow from Mills Junction to Lake Pointe Eric I-80 into the mountains looks good if you're heading out to Park City no problem sending West as well on I-80 from the from Foothill Drive over to South Salt Lake. Utah County I-15 continues to roll smoothly from Springville to Provo to American Fork and Lehi southbound I-15 between Layton Parkway in downtown Salt Lake and I-215 very slow now heading toward Legacy Parkway Subaru kids Ops 2
00:59:15challenge the ultimate Family Adventure Course is coming to soldier Soldier Hollow August 11th 25% off with the code radio at kids obstacle challenge. Com had a Kelly KSL traffic center going to have 97 today some smoke in the air as we go through the day otherwise chance of showers coming up tomorrow The Hive 96 chance of showers on Thursday and Friday as well cancel in the power on the biggest stories of the day brought you on the KSL News radio app Services KSL News radio presets the in-depth hour starting now
00:59:57good morning this is the are we

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