Interview begins: 6:05
Debrief begins: 45:15

Michael Markesbery is the co-founder and CEO of OROS apparel, an outdoor and sportswear company that has revolutionized the technology in outdoor clothing.

Founded in Cincinnati and now based in Portland, Oregon, OROS makes outdoor apparel using their own NASA-inspired aerogel technology called SolarCore. An online, direct-to-consumer brand, OROS offers several products with the aim of making outwear less bulky and, perhaps one day, eliminating the need for outwear at all.

Michael recounts his inspiration for the product and for the company, and how he and his partner started building the brand as pre-med students and continue to watch it grow.

We discuss:
  • Inspiration for a less bulky yet warmer product (6:15)
  • The potential of aerogel and it's use in SolarCore (8:00)
  • The start of OROS and it's values (11:15)
  • Acquiring aerogel (15:54)
  • Kickstarter success (17:50)
  • Flourishing of the business (22:39)
  • How warm is SolarCore? (25:33)
  • Target consumers (30:25)
  • OROS's goals for today and market potential (32:05)
  • OROS's products and finances (33:45)
  • Move to Portland (42:04)
  • Marketability of eliminating outwear (43:29)
OROS was founded in 2014 and based in Portland, Oregon.

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