It is not about living somebody else’s dream, it is about living a magnificent life on your terms. Tony’s shares his life mission on helping people find just that. To find this, there are two main focus areas you must understand: the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. He goes into further detail in his book Unshakeable, but in this episode, you get a sneak peek on how to truly succeed.


In the science of achievement, there are three steps. The first step to achieving anything you want is focus. There is no way to reach a goal if you cannot focus on it. The second step is one we generally understand because we can see it – it is to go beyond hunger, drive and desire. Tony discusses how to activate those emotions to get yourself to consistently take massive action. The third step to achieving whatever we want is grace. Not necessarily religiously, but acknowledgment of the fact that “life happens for you, not to you” and allowing that grace to grow with your appreciation.

As important as achievement is, there’s a second skill that you’ll also need to master if you want to create an extraordinary life. This skill is what Tony calls “the art of fulfillment.”

The art of fulfillment is an even more important skill to master because if you master the external world without mastering the internal world, how can you be truly and sustainably happy? That’s why Tony’s greatest obsession today is the art of fulfillment. There are two main principles to focus on:Growing and Giving. Tony explains why when we are growing and giving, we are living to our fullest. Know that money does not equal happiness; success without fulfillment truly can be the ultimate failure. If you have no one to share it with, what is the point – without your best success what is there to share?

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