In your life, you have probably sought out (or been approached by) a “financial advisor” to help you better understand your finances and reach your goals. Have you ever wondered whose interest they had in mind? You would never choose someone who did not have your best interest in mind, although most people do just that! In the strange twilight zone of the financial industry, about 90% of fiduciary professionals are not working within your best interest. If this is the case, how do you know who to trust with your financial future?

In this episode, Tony Robbins clarifies what a broker is and how to identify one. Although, brokers are not the only ones to watch out for. Those with dual registration as a broker and financial advisor live in the grey area of interests where they could swing in your favor or that of their firm. Further, Tony reviews the 7 key questions to ask any advisor to uncover any potential conflicts or concerns that may impede your best interest. You will learn how to find an independent advisor who truly deserves – and will richly repay – your trust.

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