“Where should I put my money?” In this episode, Tony shares seven facts that show you how the market works from his book Unshakeable. These facts can free you from all of the fear and anxiety that dominate most people’s financial lives. That’s why Tony calls them Freedom Facts. Based on more than a century of financial history, you can learn to understand that corrections, bear markets and recoveries follow similar patterns again and again. Once you have the power to recognize these long-term patterns, you will also have the power to utilize them.

When taking control of your financial life, you are taking responsibility. Most people never take responsibility; they prefer to blame the market for whatever happens to them. But the market never took a dime from anyone! If you lose money in the market, it’s because of a decision you made – and if you make money in the market, it’s because of a decision you made. The market is going to do whatever it’s going to do. But you determine whether you’ll win or lose. You’re in charge.

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