In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living, it can be hard to focus on your quality of life. Never forget that your quality of life is multi-faceted including elements of your physical body, emotions, family relationships, career, mission and finances. If you live your life with a constant emotion of stress and frustration, then your quality of life is not at its peak, it is you feeling stressed and frustrated. In this episode, Tony shares several 2-minute messages from his novel Unshakeable to plant seeds into your mind to better shape your quality of life.

Why stop at your quality of life when Tony can pinpoint stressors in your financial freedoms?  Freedom Fact 1: On average, corrections have occurred about once a year since 1900. When you’re in the midst of a correction, you might find yourself becoming emotional and wanting to sell because you’re anxious to prevent the possibility of even more pain; you are not alone. These widespread emotions create a crisis mentality. Tony helps you understand how to be Unshakeable in the face of the inevitable storms.

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