On today’s final episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Reed and I get together one last time to show you how to become your own health detective … one who stops chasing symptoms and gets to the root cause. Topics include:


* How to navigate the "needs gap." What to do when your doc or practitioner are stuck in their ways and unconcerned with finding what's really causing your health challenges.


* Why diet and exercise aren't always enough .. and how to assess the 4 Pillars of Health on which your health stands upon.


* What may be happening to your hormones if and when you're feeling a little less "frisky"...


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00:00:00It is a three hundred forty eighth and final episode of underground bonus radio here's what's coming up all these other benefits of giving your hormones balance your mood improves your energy improves your weight improves so people started eating good foods mr jenks you feeling with her and pay
00:00:17more attention this's the trick to what they're doing So by paying attention saying wow it does make a difference what i you can't just show any crap in your face and expect to feel good case history of sort of like miracles having if you even just have the
00:00:34mindset of looking for them what's your background on his radio brought tea but underground wellness dot com this is the end the final episode of the podcast I remember it seriously like it was almost yesterday It was november twelve two thousand eight when i first went live on
00:01:08the air for the first episode of the podcast and gosh time flies it's crazy that we've done three hundred forty eight episodes and all of the sessions and all that stuff it's just has been quiet Ah fun ride but i'm just ready to do something new something a
00:01:27little less but still but but a little less health oriented but we'll still have health shows a swell and just kind of interview new people on new topics i think it's gonna be a lot of fun i'm very excited about it from the feedback from my e mails
00:01:40that i've been receiving the listeners are very excited about it as well So be on the lookout for a new podcast which will be officially named sometime in december but that new podcast is going to launch probably the second week of january and very very excited to kind
00:01:56of spread my wings and do something new and hopefully you'll hang in there with me if you're on the email this stay on it because you're still going to get e mails about the new podcast when it comes out and just again if you're not on the email
00:02:08list get on it As a matter of fact i've been getting a lot of questions about whether the current and past underground bonus radio podcasters still going to be online Yes they will they'll be on itunes the last the most recent fifty or on itunes that may drop
00:02:25off but the other ones you'll find on blow talk radio just go two blocks on radio dot com slash underground wellness they'll be on the underground wellness dot com website i think stitcher may hold on to the most recent twenty or so if you do want an entire
00:02:39list of the podcast with links that will take you directly tell them go to underground wellness radio dot com and join the transcribed tribe that's where people join up to get the transcripts for the podcast but in there there's a full list all the way from number one
00:02:53all the way to three forty eight and esso again underground wellness radio dot com you'll be able to find everything there i have more to say at the end of this podcast but my first and my second guest ever was read davis founder of functional diagnostic nutrition i
00:03:11had kind of recently taken reads fdn course in two thousand eight and i'm you to guest and reid was down to do it and then i was like i couldn't figure out who will want to have on the next podcast it's always like read what you come back
00:03:24so he did it again and so i just thought it was rather fitting toe have read as my final guest here as well We talk about getting to the root cause of health conditions and symptoms you know people tend to go to the doctor and you present with
00:03:40a symptom the doctors like this isn't all the time but most the time doctors like here's this pill and it covers up to symptom but it doesn't really do any investigation into what's causing that and that's what functional diagnostic nutrition is all about so we talk about hormones
00:03:55the immune system digestion detoxification system as well which he calls the pillars of health those or what your health kind of stand upon and then we also talk about labs that you can take how to get howto find a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner how to become a practitioner
00:04:12as well and we also of course getting to read story is reed has not always been the founder of functional diagnostic nutrition and so i think a lot of people haven't quite heard that story yes i'm really happy to share that with you stick around to the end
00:04:26because i will put a little a bow on this thing was for dunn and i appreciate you to in n here's read read davis welcome back to the show thank you son i can't tell you how much of a pleasure it is to be here with you man
00:04:40it's a pleasure having you here you and i got together in november november thirteenth i think was the thirteenth of two thousand eight for the first the first episode of underground bonus as well because you know what I don't know what my deal was maybe i just don't
00:04:57want to reach out for a new guest or whatever but you were my second guessed as well so you're on for two weeks in a row had no idea what i was doing but you were down you're like yeah i'm getting let's do this thing and so if
00:05:08it were not for you i may not even have this podcast with mansell thanks so much oh man yeah just some aren't too have been working with you all these years young yes so you're the first and the second and the last guest we met two thousand eight
00:05:23it might have been maybe two thousand seven and e u i took your course on functional diagnostic nutrition i think the really cool thing about you is that you aren't always the founder of functional diagnostic nutrition you actually weren't always a health practitioner you actually went to law
00:05:42school right Yeah you is thievery prestigious environmental and business law So so what was it about environmental in business law that that that made you want to go to law school You know i actually was coming out of business I had a couple that occurs sort of always
00:06:02been in business for myself and i found i just was in my forties and i just said you know i want to go back to school for something some kind of post grid and uh you know i looked at the research programs and that was a good one
00:06:16i loved the environment of course you know i'm a little hippie shot you know so and and i'm a businessman to it's kind of a weird combo but i just looked at this program and it was exactly what i wanted to do you know i just want to
00:06:32work with the environment and help out the planet so so when you finished law school did you practice environmental law for a while what happened there you know before even graduated and i remember graduation day walking into where i was working sam and i got honor so i
00:06:49just really wanted that ours decree and uh so but i didn't leave my job i just kept work i was actually working for recycling coming which is environmental we're doing some lobbying up in sacramento for environmental laws respecting laws through there's a awful lot of money and recycling
00:07:09back then it's not the same anymore but you know i was just helping out the planet cleaner cleaning up the planet and so no i never passed the bar i never became a lawyer i just kept my job in a recycling environmentally related company are you happy that
00:07:25she went to law school Oh man yeah it for anyone i think that education is improving your skills so it's not the piece of paper or anything even though i was very proud of to get my owners grades there's only five people out of a class of one
00:07:41hundred eight to god honors it was really difficult and you know i haven't been to school in twenty years sean when i went there so it's just so proud of the fact that i could go back to school apply myself and i was like the older guy yeah
00:07:56who was in the law library till they were flicking the lights take you gotta leave man it's eleven o'clock you got to go home you know So i was just really proud of that and uh you know how did you balance that Because and what i'm getting at
00:08:08here is that because you've been through many different careers and you've landed in this health feel and you told the love and i know a lot of people out there feel like it's too late to do what they want to do they're already working at their job they
00:08:20don't have the time to go to law school so they can do what they want to dio now how did you balance going to law school like i have friends who go to law school and i know that they are working all the all the time on law
00:08:33school work because it's almost like a job How did you balance law school and the job at the recycling place Well i do you mean you actually commit to i'm over working for a while you know and uh the good news is that i was married at a
00:08:48kid and have a good family life and you know i was working and going to school like i say a lot of night but you know i had a flexible position and actually assumes i graduated took a few only a few weeks before they made me senior vice
00:09:06president of the whole company oh wow that's fantastic So so i uh you know i had sixty people working for me at that time and you know but but without the school you know you can go you gotta look if you're gonna go back to school i'll do
00:09:22it you know either you're you're thirty five thirty six years old trying you could thirty oh man you cannot be oh so listen i'm just saying it's never too late now sixty two and you know i i see this morning was a thinking about maybe i should take
00:09:40some more classes you know But and i will if i want to it's just a matter of how much commitment do you have to something you want I'll give another way to look at it and something else that balanced me just just a crudely i kept listening to
00:09:55these self improvement tapes every single day on the way to school now also sometimes i got there and i went in there it was a catholic college us the's a catholic cold private private school and so i went to the chapel the night wood get on my knees
00:10:11and pray you know that i would survive the whole thing and they'll set a great cafeteria lots of really good food so you know me i love to eat but i listen to stephen covey tape seven habits of highly effective people like every single day in the car
00:10:28for you know months and months and months and months i memorized every single thing that he ever said about the habits of beings you're successful and successful family life's except for work life successful private life you know whatever it might be so that helped me the most i
00:10:44think you know what that makes me think of and i hope you don't mind me me bringing this up and i hope the audience doesn't think we're going off the deep end here i got been to your house before and you know i think you have like books
00:10:57and dvds it was scientology stuff not that you're scientologist but some of the courses you taken through scientology have incredibly have been incredibly helpful right You know i studied that as well the hubbard tech caught i didn't get into any of the religious part of that but all
00:11:14of the administrative technology i find very very helpful so long with covey and with harvard and with other systems that i've you know studied yeah i've put together it's how i'm able to i think accomplish a lot you know you need technology and yeah the hundreds stuff and
00:11:34the again do you have a wing of that group that's just completely about organizational technology and things you're all about systems will talk about that a little bit later but i remember when i was at that two day seminar that i attended for ft and back in two
00:11:51thousand eight where i was laying on the couch half awake right But but i think i recall if i remember this correctly an old book that you've had forever like even before you know the attorney thing happened going to law school maybe the recycled and i think this
00:12:07is a young hippie and you were really into this book about healing what book was that it was called healing ourselves by number omer moto and i still have it my archives is still that you know you know if you have to move like i've moved a few
00:12:21times less several years and then you kind of just first stuff you know but man that's in a set of books that's very special and still right next to me here yeah that healing ourselves by a new broom remote tone a governess nineteen at a food co op
00:12:38and i was buying like pro even back then was by protein shakes and uh and when it wasn't even heard off these there was nobody fighting the stores that were food co ops pectin so you could buy bulk whatever stuff and man yeah that books that on my
00:12:56coffee table for twenty five years Well what was it about that book It was about healing ourselves but taking responsibilities about food and interesting and exercises and taking care of your boy and what you could tell by looking at a person and even just looking in the mirror
00:13:13things about like your fingernails were looking in the eyes or even just the shape of a body and stuff so it was basically instant japanese healing wisdom the broom remote ellis is japanese healer acupuncture herbal guy they came to san francisco in the sixties Now you talk about
00:13:32he asked very total total hippie stuff and so these these guys got him to put on some seminars and they wrote a book on it and i got a hold of it like in nineteen seventy i think seventy one you knows they could say nineteen years old and
00:13:48and it was about taking care of yourself paying attention to your body and not you know sort of following that western path of of allah kathy just taking pills so so reading this book and be inspired by it or being inspired by it and taking control of your
00:14:07own health for yourself Did you at any point while you're working for the recycling company why you're going to law school Did you get that That bug that it's like hey i kind of want to help other people with their help with their health as well Absolutely You
00:14:22know i was headed in the back of my mind even though it wasn't in their profession that you have to kind of avoid like i never went to doctors I'd have to be literally dying just even go see one my whole life and there was a couple times
00:14:38and i need a physician Let me tell you they're amazing to have around when you needed one but i didn't lean that way if if you will And then when i left the recycling company i knew the media i knew exactly what i wanted to do something i
00:14:53want to do corporate wellness programs because i was good on at the corporate level I had already created a training program for this recycling company that expanded them and they get about eighteen locations stand i think it was almost sixty location by the time i finished growing their
00:15:10company so i did very well in the corporate world and i just said i would do a wellness program like i wanted to just make the people they're healthy because i'd already you know created positions and levels and training and things so that people could move up in
00:15:28that recycling company like like how to start is the lowest person and how you can get to be the top person so a real systems guy like that No when i when i left that company which wasn't exactly my choice but i did is me my job so
00:15:43easy that the owner gave it to her boyfriend Oh i think you told me about that yeah s o i mean my job so easy i trained everybody i heard getting so that navy to be like general managers and measured and got everybody trained and just my job
00:16:00with kush and so again that the owner was this play did she sees that i'm given your job to joey so i'm like ok i mean she paid me off your well tonight but i knew immediately i'm going to start a corporate wellness technology group and i started
00:16:19lining people up no that's when i met dr melani videl at the wellness clinic where i just kind of fell in love with the working with the clinical side of it so instead of the corporate and how this is going to help companies make more money and you
00:16:36don't get all their employees healthy and then they'll be more productive and they'll be happier and they'll stay with the company and we'll also be very attractive packets to attract new employees you know all that sort of corporate stuff i was doing it before corporate wellness was even
00:16:50a word in common phrases so that was might design but then i again i actually dr video was treating my son who's a high school athlete and i just kind of fell in love with the clinical side like you know like took over her business to run it
00:17:07but i she was starting this nutrition program for chiropractors and took me as her assistant basically so that's when i just forget it corporate mint i want to help people and learn to actually do something because they're on the corporate side of weapon more just management and you
00:17:26know i didn't i didn't know that much i mean it sure i read killing ourselves but i wasn't a nutritionist so here it is once again um like now i'm in my late forties early fifties and i'm you know going to school during the whole new professional new
00:17:42trade home in set of skills and uh so you reading the last set Maybe it's not you never know You were able to see a lot of people observe a lot of stuff see patterns and people and what's amazing is that you were able to get the clients
00:17:59you were able to get the people in front of you I know a lot of health practitioners listen to this podcast and a lot of them go I know all of this stuff but i just can't get clients talk about the hustle because i took over your hustle
00:18:12at one point it was not an easy hustle talk about going to the different stores and taking the bone density machine and all that stuff to actually get the clients yeah absolutely shining well it's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't know that it can't be done
00:18:32So what could not be done I know it's become that busy to become have that much volume of practice I didn't know you couldn't I mean i didn't know it was hard Oh i only news that i needed to make some money and i love doing what i
00:18:47was doing and i was so excited with new skills so you know i was working in the clinic but it was only on ly open three days a week monday was d fridays when the doctors were there Practicing and i was managing case managing that lots of people
00:19:02to work on So when i did those on tuesdays and thursdays well you know sean i bought the bone density testing machine about it used was an expensive but it's really a good machine really really accurate measuring proponent city and i set up around along the henry stores
00:19:20they've all turned into sprouts markets no so there's kind of that like a whole foods but a little smaller they're all over southern california and so i had about at the time twenty three stores yet you remember because i've been running that route for five years picking up
00:19:38literally thousands of clients i mean hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of nutrition clients and then bring in clients into the clinic through that as well So two days a week as a screening in the grocery stores doing the bone density testing and they would pay cash as you
00:19:55know for the bone density test but then you get a chance to talk to him for a few minutes and end up doing a lot of hormone testing because that was my one of the things i started to hormone testing through saliva the urine testing for liver function
00:20:09in digestion so i just started in a sense sewing the test kits off doing those screens and by the time i taught my very first fifty and of course what you were in that there was only nineteen people in that class on amazing with well i think it's
00:20:26up to twenty four hundred trainees or graduate in seven years but uh that was the hustle if you will and it too a lot of work issue because you know because well let's just tell everybody saw him took over my bone density testing route and he committed for
00:20:44six months i'll do it for six months and he worked every single up to the last day he never missed a screening never canceled out on anybody i miss one number that one but i missed it as candy ito and i went to the wrong store yeah so
00:20:59so strong took over my machine man and uh you know you go out to the stores and there's a sign of see people so you know you there from tender one and people show up and your collected money for giving a bone density test and you print report
00:21:14tom hey look bones and hormones in the whole thing is so that's how i give more laps than anyone else homes of five years of that Believe me i did a lot of hormone testing not just a born dancing with normal and immune system digested and it just
00:21:30grew and grew and grew to us running on all those lamps that i will never forget that driving around i just put this this huge machine somehow in the back of my mazda three it was it was such a pain in the butt to get in and out
00:21:45of the way You always say you're the flyers and all this sign up sheets and calling people the night before and all that stuff like if anybody's ever seen the pursuit of happiness but will smith that's what i felt like carrying this huge machine all over the place
00:21:58but that was the hustle I mean clients just don't magically appear in front of you you have to go out and get them And so that's what i learned from that so i appreciate you allowing me to do that because that that's a very in part of you
00:22:12know my progression in this whole space so really appreciate that now makes me through some kudos back on your show because again i talk the first fifty in course it was live It was two days in a hotel down in the gaslamp district and you you stood out
00:22:31there's nineteen people How did i stand out I was asleep on the couch you know because you kept afterwards like calling me and asking me this and you know the questions and the enquiring mind digit look it was only what three four months after the class that you
00:22:48started the podcast yeah so you're you haven't enquiring mind your studio who else would take over my bone density road you know we need those happened what just a few weeks after we met at the at the class so i mean you totally stood out son you're really
00:23:05unique a guy and you're not afraid of hard work one bit and that's what separates a lot of well i think successful people from those this struggle because because you know i mean even successful people struggle but the they've never given up i mean you made your commitment
00:23:22to me and you kept kept your word every step of the way and you know we learned a lot of stuff so i want to go back to the women that you were meeting at the stores when you're doing the bone into the testing so i think he
00:23:35said that you had worked with over ten thousand women or run that many tests there had to be that first wave that first generation of women that you worked with and just like all practitioners we all have to start somewhere now so you get these new clients where
00:23:51do you start it i can't believe that what you're doing what fdn today it's what you do you were doing with them then where did you start with them You know it's a great question and you know you mentioned the bone density testing that so it was getting
00:24:04most of my new client Well one of the primary concerns for those women is their hormones no because they're coming and getting tested for their bone density at a certain age when they also would have pre menopausal symptoms or even menopausal symptoms of these kind of things And
00:24:22so i ostensibly was running the task to see what they could do to riff help with their hormones I mean help with their bonds and hormones are really influential Estrogen basically well slow down loss of bone and progesterone which is the other main female hormone excess stimulates bone
00:24:43growth you know So those are the two things i was looking at you know also i start looking at cortisol which actually can deteriorate bone we know the people on synthetic course all like prednisone in these steroidal anti inflammatories they lose bone like crazy that's why you never
00:25:01want your kids on on storytelling inflammatory effect a boat so then just doing that to try to get bones better we started noticing all these other benefits of getting your hormones bounce your mood improves your energy improves your weight improved you know tenderness around the body and put
00:25:19your things like that libido comes back you know so i started running that test not just on the bone density type clients but on everybody on every one men and women that's a saliva test right yes alive you take use stuff morning noon after your night it's cheap
00:25:37it's easy to do at home and that if i remember correctly it was like that that the morning court is off the mid day corners are not the new quarters all the midday afternoon cortazar and then there was the nighttime cortisol and it kind of you know started
00:25:50high and then it started to go down throughout the day and it was lowest at night and like you said it looked at d a i think you may have talked about the progesterone the estrogen there's two types of estrogen there's melatonin and there was testosterone so there
00:26:03was a lot to look at if there is one thing that i really remember from you know you workshop it back in two thousand eight it's the idea of pregnant alone steal it was one of my most popular videos on youtube a long time ago talk about what
00:26:19happens there i'll just give you my own experience with this after the depression says as the audience knows i would take a lot of time often just chillin and gosh you may have been like the third or fourth day of the depression sessions something just happened it was
00:26:33weird just things just weren't the same anymore and i became concerned one thing is i was a lot less let's frisky saying like like like i just was not myself and i was like wow like either i'm aging or something because i did just turned thirty eight or
00:26:53i'm stressed thirty is not that old of course but i'm just saying like i'm just getting older or i'm just really stressed out and i need a break so so tell us about that pregnant alone steal and how that works sure son and first of all i have
00:27:06to say that low libidos really common in young and young women old men old and it's generally ascribed to aging but i believe you're designed to perform sexy have some desire and things i mean to to get together conjugal lee with the person of your choice you know
00:27:30is ah isn't in a ah beautiful thing it helps the species survives so it's a pro survival kind of drive it's a pro survival kind of activity that you need to have a strong sense of s so that we can you know stick around on the planet and
00:27:47things like that it's a gift you know this sex activity and you you should have a strong drive if you're healthy if you're otherwise healthy but stress well really mess with someone's sex drive just ask a lot of well men and women whose significant other is stressed out
00:28:06if they really feel like having sex you know and it comes from the old you know fight flight fight flight is the is a sympathetic nervous is something so it's going to raise cortisol and adrenaline and prepare your body to do either brun away from a fight or
00:28:23have a good fight you know like so well you're having a good fight or run away from a fight you don't need to be procreating doing it's not is going to be about the last thing on your mind and so the same thing with digestion by the way
00:28:36this we say that fight flight is the one side now the others so nervous system the parasympathetic as opposed to the sympathetic that is your rest and digest no it's also known as feed and breed because it's the paris sympathetic side that has you beat get your hunger
00:28:56back at your saliva move and get the juices flowing for digestion and of course that you have two good meal what's better than good sex right So you know i'm a paris sympathetic you know i like my my wine and dine in you know this that so So
00:29:16you know so you're talking about that's the basics now winning you mentioned the pregnant on steel which is when you're under chronic stress and so are you knows and you said had been days i mean here you are grinding it out sean look we all know and appreciate
00:29:29how hard you work i mean you're always doing something for the people you know and it leaves you us sometimes not attending to our own needs and self and stuff so what happens is you have the the main hormones you're pregnant on and then you mentioned t j
00:29:46that is a sort of the parent of your testosterone and your estrogen to remain male and female sex hormones so that the trouble is that there's another pathway that hormones could go into besides the sex hormones they could go into the stress hormone path with basically that's progesterone
00:30:05and cortisol so if you are under chronic stress you could easily be shunting the pregnant alone into the progesterone cortisol pathway to handle the stress you need cortisol to raise your blood sugar you needed to it's a anti inflammatory it's a painkiller and there's even other pathways that
00:30:26could help drain off pregnant alone leaving the low and so and teaching again is the parent of the sex hormones so we notice under crops stress that the days when the first things to go down and of course all might go up because again you need it to
00:30:44survive stressful situations yes oh deity is going to go down there for your sex hormones go down therefore you could have all kinds of sexual dysfunction or it could just be low desire you know and and that's really it could be a simple is that catch it got
00:31:02so so when we talk about stress though even though i was going through a lot of mental emotional stress of giving that launch together and everything else that goes on with that stress doesn't have to be life situations right It could be internal hidden stress or scribe a
00:31:18man sir you know that gotcha is also when you're looking at thes these test result you're just running this hormone panel on this initial wave of clients that you're getting are you starting to wonder you know hey well first of all these hormones away off court is all
00:31:34is going up when it should be going down is down it should be up it's erratic testosterone is low estrogen's low progesterone is low and that's causing the bone problems as well as all the other symptoms that they're having a swell do you start to say maybe this
00:31:48isn't just mental emotional stress maybe there's other hidden stressors internal stressors going on And maybe we should go look for those as well Absolutely sean but i did find over time real quickly you know when you if you were only ran that one test there are some sort
00:32:04of time honored protocols for relief so you can support the adrenals because they're making a lot of these hormones the cortisone especially in some of the deed hey you can support the adrenals you can use like licorice root and some other herbal things there's lots of what they
00:32:21call adapted jin's which can help you in a balance of these things out now I also had access to actual normal so i could use a little bit of a progesterone for sure sometimes a little bit of estrogen there is natural things out there in united states mostly
00:32:36some of these were available over the counter so you can kind of play around with the protocol based on the test results but what I found it after time it no almost everyone feels a little bit better at first when you do that that's why we call it
00:32:50relief care but then people with their symptoms would come back or new symptoms would appear it's a yeah you know i have a little more energy or a little more sex drive but you know i've still got bad sleep i've still got moodiness and your inability of still
00:33:05got you know excess weight and you know on and on and on So that's when i obviously started experimenting with more tests so as we had learned to run that hormone panel it did some good oh so almost everybody in terms you relief care and but then there's
00:33:20the people where it just wasn't everything and that's when we started looking for some of the hidden stressors and other dysfunctions that could you know take the same approach But you know it's what brought in some of the other labs got you now Speaking of other labs did
00:33:35you start Did you start trying multiple labs that in the beginning or did you just stick toe one additional out Like how did you find what the next lab was going to be Was They said i had some mentors in a charred different labs and different systems I
00:33:50kept actually referring back to some of the blood work that normal auras the standard physicians were running and i never found that useful nowadays there's more workman done on it and i think there is more some opportunities with standard blood work to be helpful But back then the
00:34:08standard approach people already been and had those tests so i did have to turn your test No the nice one Mr running right next to the saliva test was also an easy to do the home urine test for some markers on digestion oxidative stress liver function of course
00:34:27and these air critical So through mentorship and some charlyne error we found that when we ran the hormone tests and did something's gave the person thing to do and run this urine test for again to justin detoxification and toxic stress on did those protocols well hey then even
00:34:49then we're getting our arms around more people solving more problems you know taken on a wider class of problems What What are you seeing on this other test You look and oxidative stress you're looking at the capacity to detoxify looking at digestive stress as well and i've run
00:35:08this test many times myself What are you finding there Well you're looking at three markers in the kitchen lipid proxy it's in your new balances the ticket is going to tell you if that person's actually breaking down and observing protein properly And so if you're not bringing on
00:35:24protein you're probably not breaking down your other you know your fats or carbohydrates either and you're basically mount nerves and protein of course is the where amino acids are immuno assets need to be broken down and turned into neural transmitters and all kinds of it says you and
00:35:40your body and immune molecules and thinks oh so you have to be breaking down their protein you know that seemed to know that any contest it tells you hey you're not breaking down protein doesn't tell you why But it gives you something to work on okay like so
00:35:56there's some immediate again kind of relief care here's some suggestive or things you could do you know each mission pre digested protein and things like that s o it's very helpful in assessing the areas of person needs to improve that's how if he ends work we try not
00:36:14to diagnose or treat evening specific you were kind of everything at once it's improving digestion you're improving everything and then the next marker the living perhaps it well that's a measurement of oxidative stress no words if you could on apple open in terms brown that's oxidation now that
00:36:32happens in the body all the time anyway but if and we have natural antioxidants like vitamin e and e and cnbc that kind of counter that so there's this proksa date of activity and then there's anti oxidation activities and elements no if it's excessive what is that Well
00:36:54first of all it's just good to know that there is excessive oxidative stress that could be over exercised but that's not most people and so then what is it Will you start first of all again there's some immediate things you can do every test give you something to
00:37:09do for now tears of relief for immediate kind of restoring balance but then long term it'll point you towards where you need to be looking it is why i learned to run a lot of left it's going to point towards where is the success of oxidative stress Coming
00:37:25Could be toxicity from the environment or from internal things like bugs and the other marker on that test again from urine which makes it so cool Cool Easy Is the liver congestion marker urinary bile acids Now it doesn't measure if your liver's congested Which again you you play
00:37:44some therapy let's start cleaning that up But it's also looked for why Where is that congestion coming from It really looks it It's called in terre haute hope attic circulation you deliver releases some bile by august in small intestine helps break down fat You get other juices and
00:38:01they're breaking things down And some gets re absorbed through the small intestine lining back into the liver so that's in terror of appendix regulation that things could get caught up in there and extra just kind of crap could come through and it's an overload immune complexes and so
00:38:18on and so on diseases you know chemicals drugs are incredibly clogging And just you know in all these sorts of things so having those markers gives me to work on as again not a doctor training oh here's your diagnosis here's the standard treatment of symptoms it's more what
00:38:37do i really need to fix So when we discovered putting these two test together it became my foundation of health program you're going to do a saliva test urine test we're going to clean up an awful lot of stuff going on in your body eh So what you're
00:38:50looking for essentially is clues you got i think back in the day we called it like the four pillars of health the hormones immune system digestion detoxification so with these two tests you're able to look at those four pillars and see where the cracks are because the house
00:39:04stands on top of them and if there's cracks in these pillars of course and the health starts to topple over with that be fair to say and this for you at the top of the class a long long long time ago right on with this particular test that
00:39:17is called though the one o one test from bio health how often are you seeing these scores out of range Well on our clients who have problems you see in an awful lot no words and by the way we don't treat the test results that's what i'm gonna
00:39:36keep hammering that home it isn't just or run this test we can sell these supplements or someone that it really is part of an overall lifestyle behavior program that may includes of supplements but also just what to eat you know going to you can't he talk to you
00:39:51for your body for not getting it Couldn't i sleep in red You know resting and also exercising so your entire life comes into it So we use the results to tell the lab results to tell us something about a person so we could give that person clear cut
00:40:06guidance on all the things they need to do to restore function and get back to normal health And so those two tests we're seeing lots of problems show on paper it's their life and all of their stressors all the contributors to metabolic chaos in the boys It's just
00:40:26well here's a picture of it on paper you know again so it's you But here it is on paper and that's what people love above scene I was just about to say that the client specifically very happy to see their test results because they go oh my god
00:40:40this is exactly how i feel but nobody else was able to find this on any of the other tests that i took with my doctor and a lot of people aren't even looking again They're just looking for disease You don't have one you're fine what we take it
00:40:52you know way deeper than that I want to talk about a couple more of these tests for that you go the intestinal barrier screen i think was something that i used to run you already talked a little bit about the mucosal barrier and things that get across it
00:41:05maybe give us like a little well chris knows version of what it does and why this particular test is important what you find well what i want you to start seeing here is that we're assembling a constellation that will tell us exactly what that person's due to build
00:41:21health resolve all of their you know missing links if you look or ill things that aren't functioning so the hormones are important the digestion detoxification important immune systems also incredibly important and sean where is most of your man system that they got and that's when we talked me
00:41:41a coastal barrier we're talking about good now you have me coastal barrier from the contact iv of the eyes to the nasal cavities to your esophagus your highness your you know all your gentle vaginal tract and all that it all has a mucosal bear but the one that
00:41:57has the most significance for us with our clientele is the one in the gut so it's very turkey we it's like the second skin new york said skin has basically one job ah one big job which is you know be waterproof don't let stuff in the body it
00:42:14protects you and it also releases some sweat and detoxify some things like that but we're going to see that the inside barrier that second skin is much more sensitive and critical and complex because it has a really important jump of living some stuff through it's got to be
00:42:33able to distinguish what's food and going to nurse you let that in it goes through the villain to the either the lymphatic where they are in terrible paddick systems and gets treated and then gets released your body nutrition comes in like that but the it also has to
00:42:50recognize bad things if you will like and it can get very confused so we can take a look at that and that's why you said what are the four pillars of how formal immune digesting detoxification well you know most your immune system is right there in their guts
00:43:06so we can look at secretary idea you know something we're good with that see that zina munich alive one which is basically defense chemicals that your body exudes through the lining of the small intestine they're made in the blood stream but they bubble up so to speak out
00:43:23into the gut on they recognize things that you want to neutralize and excrete like you we swallow dirt and germs all the time and that could be pathogenic nose disease causing and so you need to be able to have that it's a very very complex thin area this
00:43:46mucosal barrier again has to recognize what's food properly help finish off the breakdown process and let it through and it has also go hey wait not you you don't get in for pathogens potentially pathogenic elements again that's why your immune system right there that's where the rubber meets
00:44:05the road and so you certainly want to take a look at that and that's one of those layers of investigation sean that we added in i edit it in very slowly now you know building up here that you got caught up in a home phone and being digested
00:44:20the intoxication if you only did those that you'd be doing a hell of a lot of investigation and you'd come up with an amazing protocol for someone to fix an awful lot of stuff So if i remember correctly when i used to run that years ago there was
00:44:35a signatory idea but they're also answer bodies their antibodies to different foods there was antibody to different bacteria Ah i want to say he stas well in a lot of times that kind of told us hey this person may have food sensitivities if that antibodies to food scores
00:44:49high or they may have that's your lower growth and maybe they have a parasite i do want to talk to talk about stool tests in a minute but the particular score for antibodies these different foods i want to say it was like we corn soy and a couple
00:45:05other things right way now there's a lot of controversy these days about the food sensitivity tests that they're not very accurate referred practitioners say that they sent in you know two different test test with the same blood sample and they came back with completely different results so do
00:45:22you find are have you found a reliable food sensitivity testing screen or do you rely upon something like an elimination diet Well i think that the first place to go would be to eliminate some obvious offenders from most people in this country you know you can eliminate those
00:45:40things without testing for them but the test i'm using right now we'll use either and this is assuming that someone's are already been screened up for allergies like if you have what's called an i e allergy to strawberries you'd already know it's the same way you'd know if
00:46:01you have e a true allergy two dogs or cats because when you walk into a house that has a couple dogs your i start water and you get it immediately see that's your immune system meeting up with something that offends it and the combined together in your biceps
00:46:18releasing there is some other chemical like histamine and it gives you symptoms you know so that's an analogy but these you've been used to it's properly sensitivity it could be a much slower reaction it's not idee mediated like i g or there are other mediators and ways of
00:46:37testing for foods that will cause information now when you talk about accuracy there you have two things you have sensitivity and specificity now it should be really really sensitive in other words it can measure tiny tiny tiny little amounts of information or reaction but the other thing and
00:46:59he's being very specific as to well is that carrots or is that wheat or is it you know broccoli or is it pieces And so is there no perfect test There are just screenings and there they were do require blood work and what i'll say about them is
00:47:19that they're not perfect and they are very useful though looking backwards at certain cases there's no way to predict looking forwards it is going to help you shawn So you if you came to me with migraines and and i ran a food sensitivity test to see if it
00:47:38was foods that could possibly be triggering that and the same thing if he had psoriasis your examiner or just all kinds of things if food sensitivities could play a part in the middle of chaos that is resulting eventually somewhere downstream in your symptoms so his food playing a
00:47:57part in that part in that well there's different food sensitivity tests and looking again predicting is going to help you is almost impossible Would i still run it Oh heck yes i worked What Because looking backwards at other cases i've had absolute miracles happen with people who reina
00:48:17food sensitivity tests got off those foods and man what What Even if it was you know didn't list all the foods quite right They got off that two things happen once they get up those foods and i've had people completely their migraines air gone kids with a d
00:48:33d gone kids with asthma gone and all kinds of things like that i mean could tell you wonderful stories about people but with time being sure i'll just trust me on that now So again looking backwards very very helpful in certain cases looking forward there's no way to
00:48:50predict is that going to be the test that it is the magic bullet but you can get off the foods and generally do spent about kids and i just want that station real quick The other thing about food sensitivity testing it's cool I said it does two things
00:49:05that can identify inflammatory foods but also can teach a person something about themselves and they can just say you know hey i got off these foods i start concentrating on the good list that's what we want you to do get forget what's bad look at what we say
00:49:20is clear it's okay to eat these there on this test they're not causing information so people start eating the good foods mr jenks you feel a little bit there and pay more attention This is the truth to what they're doing So by paying attention saying wow it does
00:49:36make a difference what i can'tjust trouble any crap in your face and expect to feel good so they start realizing it and they start looking around the rest their environment oh hey maybe look my household products i'm going to go through those and see if there's anything i'm
00:49:49sensitive to i'm going to go through my personal care prize see if i'm says and if any of those things so by running a food test your teaching someone something and you're looking at some markers that could be very helpful Fantastic Do you still use the lead him
00:50:04marty one fifty test yes there's still basically are pragmatists i mean look we're we're waiting for the perfect test to come out and they're scientists who are working on it The guy who developed a lead test hey left another test in his dust that lot of people still
00:50:21use and this is so the party is a evolution it's a better test than his previous is and guess what the next year to expect him to come out with an even better test which still will be great looking back boy that's your helped us with that lady
00:50:36but looking forward you can't really predict it's going to solve all the problems of the world because it's not right right Right another one that we would run is a stool test to look for digestive pathogens will say overgrowth of bacteria specific specific bacteria yeast overgrowth parasites and
00:50:55all that fun stuff c diff all kind of crazy self would find in their very commonly just real quick i don't want to spend too much time with us because we cover stool tests many times on this show tell us why that's important Well both are a contributor
00:51:09to metabolic chaos and they're also a result of many of our care so again that you buy in testing is you've got some constants up on the board and you need the vowels you know you're playing wheel of fortune so you know a few things about a person
00:51:26but there's a lot of missing parts missing letters if you want or just something like that So with the stool test you're buying some fouls man you're going oh well here's a blessed assistance hominids here's giardia here's h pylori here's in terra caucus here's asper gillis here's you
00:51:44know you go on and on well there's the way that we look at that is that wow you must be missed up to have all those things you know another was your immune system was broken down your digestion probably wasn't working very well you started with this like
00:52:00maybe a mild his bio sis you know you had some sickness he took samantha bee i actually kind of screwed up the balance of good flora now by the way you're going to have food sensitivities guaranteed and know the bigger badder bugs come along and start to really
00:52:15haven't tate build kind of you know it's like i've used before the idea of us the real sort of islam and the houses were all broken down who moves in you know the dead people are like at least grubby people and so i know now so it's the
00:52:31environment that allowed them to come but you still got to get rid of them so we have people go their doctor and get treated or oh they can self truth there's there's like amazing developments in botanical treatments summer still two thousand years old but they've been combined with
00:52:51some new understanding and technology about biofilms and things like that So so i look at these still tests is critical to like when you see a bunch of bugs and on one task you could see bacterial infection plus a parasite plus a yeast that's amazing that's you the
00:53:09mistake those two go Oh i've found your problem No one to an anti us We're doing anti parasite will do dancer victor and you'll be fine Well you won't be fun because if you don't clean up the neighborhood those things were gonna move right again And so we
00:53:22just look at them as part of again it there contributed to metal ball chaos because they do it sued some bad juices Yeah like they stink up the place and will ruin your brain to your from one into the other But they're there because of the host is
00:53:40what you need to work on I think everyone gets that soul What do you say when somebody just wants to skip to the stool test I don't want to do everything now it's only have enough money to afford the stool test What you say Well you know i
00:53:53mean it's there you know we just explain we're there to teach or not there to make decisions for people I don't decide those things i do run still test I mean listen i've kind of got to the point where i don't take a lot of points and they've
00:54:07got to be prepared to invest in a real investigation no You know that's what i prefer but can you still help someone by just running a stool test you can because it's a window and and by the way if they have a history of travel and previously head
00:54:24books before it's not a bad thing to run it statist or you know a book to look for the books identify him i think identifying on appreciating is pretty important you can also test even for what they're sensitive to what's going to be most likely to eradicate them
00:54:40into but as long as the person who stands that they're gonna come back we get them to focus on themselves as a host for those bugs rather than just all those nasty burn bright exactly Now give us a case study if you don't mind you know give us
00:54:58one person who you've been able to run all this stuff where they showed up with these symptoms you ran these tests and how to turn out how are they feeling out one of those stories Well oh god you know i could think of so many athletes that came
00:55:13on sean that we're looking good maybe maybe even now that could cause the the audience probably isn't full of athletes maybe just give us a regular person oh so we'll tell you about lady came in our office once and she was actually just there for neck pain you
00:55:27know in chiropractic her world was completely like l a path it basically we're surprised even came to the chiropractic is that soul turned if you know like they're all cracks right according to her physician who had her on medication so anyway she's coming in and she's getting treated
00:55:44and two's owner fourth or fifth fifth visit remember i'm the case manager and so i'm walking back to a treatment room one day and just you know i i love everybody so i just kind of you know how's it going and she's like really i could tell she's
00:55:59depressed i said hey you know what's going on because i'm really sad you know because i'm so overweight it's really been bothering me i go well what you're doing about that what want you you know loosen way that's what can we do let's talk about it because well
00:56:14no i can't i can't understand because i'm on medication that makes me gain weight I've gained forty pounds in two years since i started this and there's no way to get rid of it I said well what do you mean with what kind of medication and why are
00:56:28you taking it She says well i get the hives so i had this really bad hives like big big red blotches on my arms and chest if i don't take this medication like all the time and so you know i went to my doctor you put me on
00:56:42the medication and yet helps my eyes but i've gained forty pounds and then the day i was there and i was complaining i'm really depressed with all this weight and he says look lee you got your choice you can have the hives or you could be overweight but
00:56:57i can write a prescription for antidepressants if you'd like and man i mean that's that gets my skin boiling on the show i'm like who are you know like like wow and so i said well let me ask you did did you ever try to find out why
00:57:13you get the hives in her head spun of only what like what do you mean i go what did anyone ever checked to see why you get the hives Like maybe you have a food sensitivity or some other dysfunction in your body worth worth looking for the least
00:57:28we should live and she goes yeah what were you talking about Let me dio we'll show him this is what i say looking backwards certain tests are just critical and you you know you should run a mom because you don't know what's wrong with that person but she
00:57:44within nine days after getting her test results and i gave her some rick commendations within nine days called me and says i told my doctor today that i'm off the medication and i don't need it anymore and i'm doing two things that i haven't done in two years
00:58:00i haven't taken a hot sour in two years because even on the meds i got hives and i haven't exercised the point of perspiration in two years because even on the medication if i swear i still get the hives she was i did both things today that i
00:58:14exercise to sweat took our char and called my doctor told me i didn't need the meds anymore you know most later she'd lost thirteen pounds and that's that's the kind of thing and that happened fifteen years ago sean it's old case history of sort of like miracles having
00:58:30if you even just have the mind set of looking for the underlying cause you know and that's how we learned to keep well this room so more lives let's see what else we can learn about the body so you're not done with finding labs right now you're still
00:58:43looking for new laps labs lives her it will be fifty years sean now sorry to sail probably didn't gun you'll be what eighty eight something that you'll still be around when they have when they have all the labs we need t really sort of figure it all of
00:59:02you know tio completely resolve metabolic chaos we're gonna have to get lamps tio go deeper no i'm already at the next level myself learning the knicks i mean it's it's a never ending process sure i put together of course based on what i've learned enough you know the
00:59:22eight years previous to that running labs and you know we're we've tweaked it a little sunday you missing that three or four We don't run that test anymore but we still look at the same thing but a different way labs common labs go and they are were starting
00:59:36to run new labs from more we're doing a little bit more blood work as i said looking for again healing opportunities i'm not a physician i don't want to diagnose and treat with medicine i'm not licensed to do so i i can't and i've learned many years ago
00:59:53i don't want to i just want to know what's really rob was the healing opportunity so i can put people on that path helped them get and stay on that path of healing and recovery that this let's address some of the things i'll maybe a little bit of
01:00:07the pushback that i would get about fdn some practitioners would say you're still in people's money they don't need all of these labs just get that's the basics get them on a good diet and exercise program get them on some enzymes get him on some bone broth on
01:00:21and on do that stuff first and then if the symptoms don't go away then start running the lapse instead of leading with the lab's what's your take Well if that worked for people and by the way that's phenomenal there's people out there i love bone broth You know
01:00:37you and i have a common friend who has the best bone broth on the planet that plant a man so you know yeah drink remember what i said in the beginning sean i got into this as you know a fresh guy that didn't know a lot but i
01:00:53think the thing i realized really quickly was everyone walking endure had already seen five people they've been to five with avery spent ten thousand bucks or twenty in some cases so that's fine if someone wants to do that and they should do that you know amar'e fact i
01:01:10have an intake form that people can start sorting out metabolic chaos just by filling out forms and history taking things like that and you could give someone a protocol and my protocols d r e s s diet rest exercise stress reduction supplements Could i create that Just based
01:01:30on an intake form with the libs Absolutely would it be the same is with the lips Absolutely not you know because the insights remember we're looking at a constellation or let's see you know a phrase but all the vowels are missing and some of the continent's due for
01:01:46that matter and so you khun fill out a form i have a form that i ask you a lot of questions it'll it'll break down your symptoms and some other even objective criteria into certain categories of dysfunction and weaken its get points associate it and you can come
01:02:05up with that if people want to copy that i'd be happy to send it to him to get that well if people should get out a pen and paper first of all whenever shawn's talk and you know you need a pen and paper so the numbers eight o
01:02:19two four six seven zero zero five seven don't call it just text the word sean s e a n my good buddy to that number tex shaughnessy and tito two four six seven zero zero five seven maybe we'll give that later but if you do we'll send you
01:02:38a copy of my medical a kiss scorecard it's ah excel spreadsheet questioner it's amazing when i could tell you and then you could do address program so i absolutely agree with those people you don't have to initially spend all that money on lab work but very rarely is
01:02:57the and if the end the first person someone sees they've already seen five people are right down on that stuff so it's time to do some investigation you're hire professional and get the job done right and i'll leave that number on the show notes that'll be underground loan
01:03:11is dot com slash three four eight for episode three forty eight another knock that i would hear against fdn is the supplements it's too heavy on supplements the supplements get really costly blah blah blah blah blah what you take on that you know they could be right if
01:03:27if the end isn't done the way that i teach it because i teach it very very carefully but you find people you know who need so mr training you know an extra discipline because see selling supplements works for sure in people's business models you know they don't really
01:03:45know howto charge for their time and for their investigation and bring for the recommendations They don't value it enough so they try to make my and supplements i don't matter of fact i told you shun that when i first started doing nutrition it was also open since it
01:04:00was where your complaints here child says You know and it was kind of like like just like medicine on ly instead of drugs you're used it's very allah path iq nutrition so i think what happens is people get stuck in that l a path of nutrition mindset that
01:04:14they're going to take this for that and even some people would treat the test results with the supplements because they are helpful in terms of relief and then in terms of stimulating or supporting or you know substituting for missing ingredients so i want to say this that i
01:04:33totally believe in supplements peak because of the support did they could provide but everyone right now look at your left hand and labels starting with the thumb d r e s s each finger d r e s s now that's diet rest exercise stress reduction and then they
01:04:53say the pinkie is the supplements so if you think all you're gonna do is take supplements that's twenty percent of the program on lee twenty percent of program it's one fifth that's it so the people who are doing business that way are doing it wrong and they should
01:05:10they shouldn't be so it's not if the end its zx maybe an individual just really isn't knowledgeable enough about the diet part of the breast part in the exercise of the street so i focused tell you truth if i was going to pick one i could you know
01:05:25it be but but diet obviously we put in your face three times five times a day that's important and stress reduction now because i can go here in there though sleep just just a little bit you know exercise i can't go without that it's actually really does like
01:05:40cutting off when your fingers which one you're not going to do so but supplements you know i get tired of him i'll go a week without this Oh i need a break from the supplement but then what i do is they start back over and you continuously learn
01:05:55you got them all on your on your countertop and that we all do everybody listening as probably twenty miles of stuff i would drawer full of supplements i'm down to two that's it i just take to think that's a pro tandem every day still and i take enzymes
01:06:12every day with that's it all right So you're doing antioxidants to fights off your oxidative stress and you're doing something for digestion which is you know you e think we can all use that now depending on your health and situation you might want to support some other thing
01:06:28that here's the way look at supplement their three s is of supplements their support for the very specific but we know what things would support on your ovaries or your test ease or your adrenals or your liver or your other important organs even muscle tissue you can support
01:06:47your joints you could support your brain so there's support that comes then they're stimulation you might want to stimulate your immune system like you know and cold and flu season before i go on a plane Sean i'm taking down my elderberry is this an herb but it's something
01:07:02to stimulate my immune system while i'm on that flight for the next couple days maybe i always take a bottle of being support with me you know what's in it stimulates the immune system such during temporary things like that was the first deaths again was support stimulate and
01:07:18then substitution show him you know to the food today is not grown in the same soil it was grown in fifty years ago soils air depleted of nutrients farmers put basically things to make food grow fast into the soil and in terms of nutrition it's not even close
01:07:37to what it was that my grandfather grew Both my grandfathers grew their own food up in canada And so i know i was eaten and we're pulling carrots above the ground and districts in him off in a barrel of rainwater and then eating them with basically the harry
01:07:52dirt still on him now that's good for him and you're getting your minerals and your vitamins and you're all your stuff today you have to substitute for what's missing from food in my opinion and so that's why i believe in some things but members looked at your hand
01:08:07what how much of the program are they one thing sure this this information is resonating with a lot of our audience and they're wondering well how do i get in touch with a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner how did they do that functional diagnostic nutrition dot com would give
01:08:24be a good place to start that's our website and but again if you if you just want to text the words sean eight o two four six seven joe zero five seven will personally contact i mean i will follow up just just give it some time we'll even
01:08:40have a class maybe on just how to use this scorecard you don't have to spend any money on labs if you don't want to and what about because one of the reasons why i want to cover your story early in the podcast is because there are a lot
01:08:52of people who have come into contact with who have found fdn who have been in another career and found ft enemy like you know what i don't want to do what i did before i want to do fdn and so it will talk about how one becomes an
01:09:06fda and practitioner well you have to start with signing up registering for the course and learning no i teach it step by step and ana grady in't so that you can learn some easy stuff first you know couple laps you could be helping people you're gonna work on
01:09:21yourself you're gonna work with the mentor you gonna work work on some mock up clients one on one with the mentor and then you're going to get some real clients now again if you're not in the business already from not a health coach or personal trainer and new
01:09:36truces were massage therapists we have nurses registered that you know chiropractic lots of people are already kind of in the bins one of helping others one way or another so they start to see their way clear toe you know i'll ask mr smith to run a couple lives
01:09:52or bobby jones you know whoever it is that what needs this decline but son we've also had people come from other professions who wanted things i've had real estate agents and engineers and had an airline pilot and and on and on so you just have to have that
01:10:08desire to help others and you also have to want to walk the time just like yourself son what do you do every day you go to the gym right You're playing basketball and you come home i've seen the way you eat man you eat clean try the vast
01:10:22majority of the time i'm definitely not perfect that's for sure perfect so so our audience will find out more about becoming an fda and practitioner at functional diagnostic nutrition dot com as well Okay very good read davis great stuff as always thanks for being my first second and
01:10:40last podcast guest ever and uh you guys head over to function diagnostic nutrition dot com and dialled eight zero two four six seven zero zero five seven and enter sean in the text message and you'll get that metabolic chaos scorecard re davis you're the man Thanks so much
01:10:59you know thank you All right friends that's my main man we davis his website will more time functional diagnostic nutrition dot com head over there find out how you can get help also find out how you can get certified as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and that's it
01:11:16three forty eight is in the books and underground bonus radio as a podcast is a rap gosh it's been seven years again november twelve two thousand eight that's when we started episode number one we made it all the way to three forty eight and in those seven years
01:11:33seoul much has happened You have no idea and none of it literally none of it would have happened if you didn't listen to the show if you didn't share the show if you tell your friends and family about the show if you didn't post it on your social
01:11:48media if you didn't write off the encouraging e mails and write the encouraging comments on my social media feeds none of it would have happened without you And so i just want to take a moment to say thank you so much thank you so much i could email
01:12:07sometimes and you know people will be like oh my god your podcast or that particular episode totally changed my life and sometimes i don't think the listeners realize how much you listening has changed my life My life is so cool i love my life it's just being able
01:12:28to help people being ableto interview people being able to do what i love has just been such a thrilling experience and i just really appreciate it because none of it would have happened without you and not a whole lot is going to change really i mean that the
01:12:47podcast won't be on the ground bonus radio anymore I'll announce the new podcast name to the email this sometime in december and we'll have a new podcast up and running probably the second week of january We're going talk about new things we'll still have health episodes the main
01:13:04focus won't be health however we'll talk about all kinds of topics i'm interested in serving people and helping them to live better lives alive that they want you know by way of bringing new experts new guest new people new inspiring stories new topics on the podcast and a
01:13:24lot of those topics don't quite fit under the underground bonus umbrella and i'm so pumped you have no idea it's a risk but i'm always telling people to do what you love because if you don't you're gonna have that nine feeling you know that i should be doing
01:13:45this I could be doing this you can have that feeling all the time and i've had that feeling for at least a year now and it's time to stop having that feeling this time has just start doing something different and so again not a lot is going to
01:14:00change the second opinion siri's still going to be around we're still going to be doing those i love doing those that is fun traveling around doing the in person interviews and then launching the event in helping people all i got that is just rad and the next one
01:14:16which will revolve around sleeping insomnia will be coming out in march or april hopefully mid march as my target date We'll start filming for that in january kind of a smaller event I have like twelve to fourteen speakers instead of like twenty four or forty Sometimes people have
01:14:31forty it's like how do you how do you make it through forty interviews That's a lot and so we'll probably just make him a little bit smaller and you know like that we really cool sump pumps are feeling for that let's see what else The web site on
01:14:43the ground wellness dot com will still be around Very likely i'll bring in some guest bloggers toe continue to create content on that site but my new site actually is not really a news cycle has been done for like two or three years i just haven't used it
01:14:57is sean crossed in dot com I think that's up right now there's just nothing on it So that's where i'll be posting the new podcast i'll also be writing their i'm very excited about getting back to writing i'll be sitting down reading some obscure book and i'm like
01:15:13oh my god people need to know about this and i want to write about it but didn't quite fit under underground wellness you know so a point about doing that And i think that's if you've ever ordered anything to underground wellness dot com that's not going to change
01:15:26it will still be available in your customer hub and yeah so just be a new podcast coming up in january i want to get some quick shoutouts real quick t n who edits the podcast does a fantastic job with the podcast with you doing all the little snippets
01:15:44of the beginning of the show making the music come on the right time just making the show sound really good remember like back in the day we have really really bad audio is terrible i'm surprised people actually listen to him without really bad audio in as totally stepped
01:15:57it up and so he'll definitely be with us as part of our next endeavor evelyn who seven years ago was like booking guests for the show i really appreciate that read of course for being my first and my second of course my last guest alison the assistant for
01:16:16her bookings when she was doing when she was helping me with the show katie who's been helping me with show doing all the transcripts to show notes doing the transcribed tribe stuff for you guys a huge part of this podcast and of course to our guest for coming
01:16:31on for for for you know time is so precious and i'm always just blown away by how much time all of these really important people you know give tow us you know by coming on this podcast and so really really appreciative to our guests And of course you
01:16:48know i'm appreciative to you very grateful to you for listening to this podcast And hopefully as i take this next step on my journey you'll take that step with me And so if you stay on the email list you will find out when new shows were being posted
01:17:04and that's it That is it from the ground bonus radio and just i just don't have anything else to say Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much and we will see you in january

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