Yahoo Style's Joe Zee talks to Kevin Kwan, author of "Crazy Rich Asians" and "China Rich Girlfriend," about what inspired his books and a possible movie in the works. The Yahoo Style team talks about the latest news and trends in the Big Five Stories segment. Amy Odell, author of "Tales from the Back Row," is our latest guest to play Cards Against Fashion Humanity with our Yahoo editors.
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00:00:02you're listening to unbutton the podcast brought to you by the editors of Yahoo style we're going to be at the intersection of Pop Culture awesome things and cool stuff we like we're not talking fashion we're talkin I'm Jodi the editor-in-chief of Yahoo style now we have a great lineup this week today I'll be talking to other Kevin Kwan and then we'll be breaking down or Big 5 stories of the week and of course as usual love you wrapping it up with our signature Game of Cards Against back in humanity so let's get the show started okay so I'm very excited today for our interview cuz joining me and beef into our special Project Director at Yahoo style is author Kevin thank you for joining us if you know Kevin he is the author of Crazy Rich Asians and most recently China rich girlfriend thanks for joining a great to be here thanks for having me I have to say that we talked to you for awhile that I did
00:01:02I'm back now so I know that's that's what I really popular all the roads are never available right now so I was like oh my God I love this book and I start reading a book and maybe today's those moments in your life when books are so good I can tell you like a Memoirs of a Geisha when I came out and I was like not realizing I liked it as much as I would like to read it walking down the street and when I was walking to work and I was like I'm just going to finish this shopping list out of the bus stop outside my office and then I ended up reading for 4 hours on a bus stop bench and then one of those like this is crazy I'm like losing my mind but I love that feeling but you know what I'm about
00:02:02reacting that way you know that when you're at your friends word jaded Riders start reacting and telling you that they were up all night then you start going hey maybe maybe have something here you know you did to me not at all but I did not because I don't want to was is because I do want to too much and I was like there was two years between you writing this and I would scour the internet every day to say when is the next book coming out I was so mad that when it finally came out I bought it on opening day it's it's on my nightstand but I'm not going to read it until later so that the Gap lot smaller
00:02:49well I hope you won't be disappointed I'm not reading it because I'm saving it once you start you won't be able to stop that's why that's why I'm trying to reach girlfriend though Kevin I always knew that was going to be called crazy or richer Asians and an overwhelming amount of his present everywhere you go 2 Broke Girls YouTube people shopping are these China rich people yet what I had multiple Sports I now call crg is the crash recently because of China I mean do you think that's just a correction to think it'll just swing by or do you think it is all just smoke and mirrors in terms of all that money
00:03:49smoke and mirrors but what's powering it is this in a 1.5 billion people bounce back quickly because that's behind the economy that's real and that's the population and when you have a population that's so single a devoted to making money it's going to happen so if it starts at Singapore and they're already crazy Rich Asians and it goes to China with her crazier and Rich are Asians who is the craziest Rich's Asians out there you will see what what top territory in Asia because I may need you to visit it... Did you know that when you were writing these books or even the first book that you would get the reaction that you have getting to to know that be fun and I along with your huge call fan base would be freaking out over these books I really didn't I mean I I wrote these books
00:04:49what I was doing quite frankly I just wanted to do something fun I wanted to sort of kind of it was away from me so I can relax I was doing a really really tough project I was Oprah Winfrey the time so it's cold it's all I go every week a lot of time to kill the plane delays airports are just letting people read at the reactions of a comeback were like oh my God you know what you're doing my Thanksgiving at a friend's I gave her the manuscript and she ended up not cooking for her family like she just could not put it down I'm calling her we need to support group together I know exactly how she feels but I know beefing with so specific like everyday she come to work and think why I have to ask this question... Question yeah because people that work based on real events inspiration from if you even lived it or met these people
00:05:49you know it's complete fantasy tell us where everything came from for some things at least it's not the first 11 years of my life there but as I always say once a Singaporean always is it going to rain or once an Asian always needing you can't get away from their tribe if you know what I mean friends would visit family would visit and then I would go back and visit Asia and I always be pulled into this very specific world of fcra is a crazy Rich Asians and it was in such a contrast in New York working in the area and I'm going to Hong Kong and you're at the airport and therefore Maids waiting till I take your bags and then you come through customs and it was like this is such a bizarre world I have to capture
00:06:38yeah so if I wanted to did you ever have a publisher come up again since a Kevin the book is to Asian or anything like that like that you know that it would actually resonate in a Broadway that was never a comment if anything like this is to outrageous no one will ever believe it and I would say what this house looks like this something really are that rich speaking of we have in our office and we wanted to know in the second book it's all about crazy Rich Chinese at all with a koi pond Is that real
00:07:28it's a mash-up of several planes I've heard about or seen basic late so I didn't want to ask because I hate the family that owns it certainly there are planes with the most elaborate airplanes of bowling alleys you can imagine like how do you bowl in turbulence I don't understand but I do want to bowl on a plane... No golf potentates or there for the Chinese it's definitely all about home porn and their families that are just copying Hotel decor for their homes in China is a hotel in Shanghai which I don't know he's been there but I've been such a beautiful space
00:08:28it's beautiful it's a Chic Hotel Vermont to come out if there's a beautiful Lobby culture and the people coming in to tell Steven bring their like measuring tape in because they all want to copy this Lobby you show me actually pictures of other resorts in private homes that have ripped off does lobbying it's just kind of funny parody. In the new pop I love it because I think nobody actually visualizes all of those locations and locales as much as you and you seen it all how much research did you give to live in Asia to research these books I didn't have to because so much of that was familiar to me already travels from living in the second book for trying to reach girlfriend I really went to China and for me it's so important for me to breathe the air in the room that I'm running about and actually see it before I can write about it like I have no imagination
00:09:28lot of it will have to come into play when there is a movie I'm not even saying it because you're already in development for crazy Rich Asians as a movie I did not write that you did not write this crap anywhere Singapore to Hong Kong you know cuz I wanted them to really see this world you know what did they change the law from the book
00:10:00can you know it's really inspired by the Box okay so I think fans will be happy but you can't take a book the timer two pages and condense it into an hour 45 min to remove some characters needed removed from a hundred percent completely the book no it's not not yet do you know if there's an intention to have an all Asian carp cuz I thought this would be a movie would have to Dream Team cast of the best Asian actors panties in from all over Asia and Asian-American yeah but why would they want to do Cameron's Chromecast Emma Stone
00:11:00see that well I think the filmmakers are really committed to making the fanbase happy and to making Asia happy they want to do well in the Chinese box office and they cast it would make no sense you know do you have any dream cast you would like to play Nicholas and Rachel wait for this weekend so we can really see who comes and brings it
00:11:45so maybe it might be a 2016 movie or 2017 it sounds like we'll see like I don't want to put it out as soon as possible but they want to do it right you know what I mean because they're there's going to be so many highly critical agency I absolutely wish girlfriend is that already being discussed as a movie as well
00:12:13this is the first one as well so hopefully support it I love it you know it's been I mean it's extremely positive I think I'm right behind I want to go to Singapore exactly so what's even more interesting is that I've been getting mail from from people in this crowd from the CRA crown molding sure whether they would be critical or not it's a raise on the baby crazy thank you for doing this thank you for bringing his light into the strange and I thought I came from a strange family until I read your blog and I could relate and realize oh my God I'm not alone you know so that to me is right
00:13:13sure from people that can really identify with the issues in the book How many how much of you is in the characters would you say you're more what would you say you're more anybody or would you like an every character in some way because you're taking your time so I went to there's one two fighting character that's me I think I'm in a lot of pain I also huge Foodies we sit here and talk about it all the time in the fact that I thought you were Canadian you're not fat you're like a New Yorker which is even better because I'm going to put you on the spot and be like favorite Chinese restaurant in New York and favorite Asian Rice restaurant in New York cuz I'm going to populate them real quick well I love 456 Shanghai cuisine on Mott Street
00:14:13Joe Shanghai better than you know Singapore Malaysian food I love new Malaysia I've been there cooking so those just so you're not talking about the trinity in London of like the Chinese food is all I got two for all those who are living with at the London you can run to Four Seasons and get duck oil China for dim sum and then Mandarin Kitchen for the lobster noodles that's to me that's because then I've been to London a thousand times I feel like now I have to go
00:15:13you talked about plastic surgeon China TuneIn in the book oh yeah there's a there's a ton of health and it's so much a part of their lives especially the money crowd they're getting everything done for all these new developments you've learned about plastic surgery and all the new things are all going to Korea are all going to Saul and something because it's easy no it's cuz the best work is being done there somebody the thing to do now is your daughter graduates you give them the money to go get plastic surgery it's like a rite of passage because they feel that your looks will really help you get ahead in the corporate world of Asian thinking so I guess not even that you get plastic surgery at 6
00:16:06that's that Saturday is the new China Rich that's what they're doing
00:16:13because you also have like the Astrid Leong old family but that's not as much as evidence in China yet I'm in the money is so new in China of course now you have what they call the second generation rich studer I but they're still Farm to call the food arrive there are three Asian sitting in this room having this very conversation yet for very different people and I kind of love that but which brings me to understand so you're Asian a different day than your fanbase in Asia is it a very different type of group completely different cultures Caucasian Caucasian Americans overwhelmingly Asian Americans are not part of this weird Cults. Is that beeping and I are
00:17:13I think you know I don't know I think for the most part you know most Asian Americans don't think they might have any interest in the book I haven't really figured it out but it's Asian Americans you set up grow up with a lot of sort of probably too heavy a word but it that you grew up with a lot of thing we're like use simulate in DeSoto of white American culture in a Razor Edge action of anything I don't want my house to smell like Chinese vinegar I don't want to eat chicken feed I don't want to have soup dumplings I'm not reading Chinese and I'm not going to read books about Chinese so they're not going to until Josie tells him to do it and just telling them right now and Josie saying run don't walk crazy Rich Asians right now read it if you'd have it read it and I'm say shame on you if you have not but that's okay cuz I'm telling you about an hour and then of course China rich girlfriend which I do I will read it with you together at the same time because I'm going to pressure Kevin to not wait 2 years already
00:18:13hopefully another one in the works I do you say that like it's only in your brain and I wanted to be pen to paper well at least laptop I'm I'm hoping it will happen Okay I'm going to hold your word to that okay I will also be happy I'm sure thank you for joining us today thank you it's been a pleasure
00:18:31and then the Big 5
00:18:36big week fake stories care discussed a Big 5 are the editors from Yahoo style today we have me Lauren talk on the news editor and editor at Yahoo ostroff assistant editor at Yahoo style beef in Sioux special projects director at Yahoo style so today the 1st this year is actually a little different recently wne and I together and formed this Behemoth everyone from the best stylus the best celebrities the best of the best basically and they're looking to transform Fashion Week into not just Insider industry kind of thing they wanted to be for everyone they want fashion to be entertainment basically so Ari Emanuel you know you might recognize the kind of
00:19:36from Entourage. Show ever yeah a total party it's a total parody of him but this guy basically runs Hollywood and he is here to take over fashion week so the story and they even talked to him and he said when we look at the world we see Fashion sports movies TV books they're all just different aspects of global entertainment consumption so few shows what do you think the world we still think that we are all little want to be like Anna wintour's and I don't know if we see ourselves as being grouped in with sports in movies and TV and all that stuff you know like we we still think it's fashion darling you know but I lie and I agree with you but I actually went to a show this morning at me if I'm wrong and
00:20:36I think it just has to do more with the fact that you know it's entertainment for everyone it's it's about making it accessible for Everyone likes sports for example my cousin just started at Parsons and she was able to come and pop in so that was really exciting for her. Just I think it's Beast volume to the fact that they're trying to make it accessible I completely get that I think that like a major thing that's been happening in the last couple years is the democratization of who gets to go to the shows right like it used to be such a controversy when filtering the bond I think it was in like 2010 or something like that and it was like the biggest story at Fashion answers were totally outrageous and now seeing bloggers been trying to get into fashion shows
00:21:36card card stock and bring with all my friends and we would you know Kim Gordon played but now I never was before so I was going to be shopping there filming during York Fashion Week and there's no give to our fashion special on ABC Family which seems interesting the reality shows led the way in everybody and their mother being interested in fashion like for me I mean even for the Project Runway yeah but I think it was just
00:22:36hang out of the Town Car in her like 4 inch manolo's you know now it's much more like an every girl thing and every girl wants to like you know exciting event and so the rise of the Fashion Show is an event is it at rather than like just an industry Insider a thing as major reason the way normal people you know they see grace Coddington in the street because of the September issue just like regular kids are so excited to see her but she did a whole book off of it and stuff so I definitely think it's ready to come into the mainstream and I think there's no going back you know like there's no into this world and know about it it's addicting like we were all that girl who got a part of fashion but wanted to be you know it's hashtag you can sit with us totally
00:23:36okay speaking of Fashion Week street style Stars they are so crazy sometimes like peacock to get Street South Bound for the same things but right now New York is experiencing some it's 90° it's so hot but it's a time when people still want to try it out there fall clothes like I'm just waiting to see someone come out and what are those for there was a work for them like the long time at don't they call him like a noodle or something like that I mean they look like swimming noodles they do and it was like in this really Chic space in the Meatpacking District really elegant beautifully lit and you walk in and there's like so many girls there it's all the fashion editors they're wearing their like heavy
00:24:35put out I'm in Aberdeen Blackwell jumpsuits and you're just like are you serious but of course where is I'm doing the schlep from the subway station into the venue and then get a running back out to write my story these girls walked out and get into a car I couldn't imagine going to commit to discomfort for fashion I could never do that I don't think so either but the funny thing is all these girls prepare their looks all summer street style pictures and literally working on it
00:25:35reschedule for Tuesday or literally have racks in their homes that are put together looks that box and taking Polaroids of some cells for each day of Fashion Week and they're calling a PR companies and their Polo they're calling in garments to borrow just to wear to a fashion show just like you would do if you were going to be on the cover of a magazine it's really intense and don't show up in the same thing as another editor cuz I've seen that happen before and it's awkward and it's like you're both front row I feel really bad for you thank you and that was a another good Segway leading into our next story so after the MTV VMAs Miley Cyrus change her outfit 11 times every single one of them was just acting like she was wearing lingerie that shrunk in the dryer
00:26:35Kim Kardashian before her trending at the Met Gala Mop at about how much she hated to make a dress or some people at the VMAs who actually put some clothes on and one of our editors but I will try lab rat Row 2 story cheers the women who wear clothes at the MTV VMAs their wife Helen hailee Steinfeld and Selena Gomez who are covered up which is a drastic difference from the training naked dress and Miley Cyrus's money off it changed so it's interesting to see that you even after Carolina Herrera said something that we're now seeing this you know was like naked women wearing clothes again so what do you think of women have been trying to look naked on the red carpet for a long time right has it just been happening for a while
00:27:35National Guard Group which in this situation was Dakota Johnson and Diane Kruger those girls are little more fashion for selling against taking the easy Road anything else it's a trend friends come and go that I've been flow of fashion so I think now it's time for girls ladies women clothing look at dresses it's just that you know at a certain point that was really boundary-pushing and we have gotten to the point where it's at it's just such Overkill like we know you have a great body we don't need to see you naked at every single events so this point maybe like the way Pharrell's wife were super cute little like double denim outfit with an overall in a little pork pie hat like
00:28:35maybe that's the new sexy is like just feeling comfortable and you know you don't have to like show at all I like that man or when Dion say made us way and Beyonce showed up and her fiance didn't butter for like weeks to get into the hashtag 22 days weekend this is our next story all hail cake down styles to Selena Gomez Natalie Portman and everyone else you love she's been dressing these women in such a sophisticated way as opposed to you know the Beyonce's the Kim Kardashian's in the J Lo's of the world like she recently at the Venice Film Festival Dakota Johnson just totally one what did you think Erica I thought she did
00:29:35no job she dressed, but she actually also carried herself extremely well and it was very classy and stylish all while being conservative so I think she gets hands all around there's a little bit of Personality like Dakota Johnson is never the girl who shows up and she's looking super done and like obnoxiously perfect like I don't want to say Kate Bosworth I know there's some super formulaic have any strong opinions on Natalie Portman
00:30:16super talented and has a super specific aesthetic and all her girls always are kind of the cool girls you want to be and always sends like Natalie Portman for when she won for Black Swan for talented and making interesting red carpet looks at least because we're okay well I'll get for it if not I also recently saw that Reese Witherspoon people magazine's best dress celeb for 2015 said specifically that she looks to Natalie Portman and I think she might mention Selena too so she must be able to locate young fan but you look young and elegant and also that are petite but still dress really well for their body type so kudos to Kate Young she's also one of our nice girls the nice girl
00:31:16Finish First nice girls always finish first so for years the fashion industry had a reputation for breeding bitches we can say that just because someone said cocaine before I decide to go but now there's more of a trend upwards towards the nice girls so have you experienced any of this when I can actually say that I have personally been the beneficiary of one of the nice girls that we mention our article Eva Chan who's now director of special projects at Instagram but formerly I was a Teen Vogue editor-in-chief she is a fashion editor who is known for having an elevated really beautiful taste she has every right to be a bitch at these amazing jobs but she is so nice that I reached out to really early in my career and I got such a sweet supportive message from her and she liked even hook me up with like back in the day
00:32:16every tweet an email but she does it and I will never know how that woman finds the time but it's just about like fostering that those relationships in like mentoring people and being willing to reach out which is amazing and so unfashioned it's not common enough without UV send you were really experienced both ends of it I mean I think actually the funny thing is I actually think the best people the people at the top-right the mouse back he's great about giving people responses but I've met a lot of people settle a lot of great women editors I've had informational interviews of the funny thing is actually I think the more mediocre people are the ones that are ghost in you
00:33:16amazing to see that people at the top are they there succeeding but they're all so pretty nice I love this morning Charmaine the writer of the key she says it's important to note that nice doesn't have to mean wet blanket you can be demanding without being a dick I love of course I mean I think there's a fine line between being able to assert power and be capable and confident and you know knowing what you're doing as opposed to just being a bitch for lack of a better term like if you are intelligent and you are woman who knows what she want that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be mean totally into our first conversation about fashion coming into the Main Street Festival make it exciting.
00:34:16naturally but you know it is pushing it to be a nicer friendlier place I used to internet Vogue in early 2000 and you know if you are picking up dry cleaning you are getting money out of an ATM for someone and it was about like throwing the code on the floor and put away. So maybe that's something to do with it to be different and much bigger than so guess what there might not be an assistant running around you know playing ball girl you know catching your coat when you drop it on the floor so you better get used to doing it yourself is it almost like the fall of print coinciding with the Little Prince and the rise of the internet
00:35:02okay thank you Lee and again for being so much for having me
00:35:14or back with our Cards Against Humanity fashion take so here's how it goes for each got a card and said something on it and then we have to fill in the blank with something fashion-related so we're here with Leanne and Amy Odell Yahoo style excited to be here today with Amy Odell editor of the wild be popular and very addictive site cosmopolitan.com and she's also author of The recently released book Tales from the back row a very hilarious collection of essays about being an outsider in the world of fashion hey guys thanks for having me thanks for coming so can you give us a little background on your book I sure can so it's called Tales from the back row and it's you and probably many of your listeners the back row is where you sit if you are a nobody at a fashion show and all of December
00:36:14sat in the front row and the book is a collection of funny essays about what it's like to sort of enter that world when you have no idea what's going on and you don't understand anything about fashion and you're looking at a runway show and you are going what the hell is this and everyone around you seems to be loving it right now so good and ripped tights move amongst Liberties and what it's like to have a job interview with Anna Wintour spoiler alert she did not get the job with Anna Wintour on Fortune employed at Cosmo
00:37:14I myself was rejected for a job at Vogue also hello Yahoo style so it happens to the best of us and it happens too many of us but there's so many great stories in the book you know like if it is if you've ever worked in fashion open curious about what it's like to work in fashion or just wondering if it were taping this on the first day of New York Fashion Week so if you're wondering what all these freakishly dressed people are doing teetering in insane shoes around you know Chelsea in the Meatpacking District leather jackets when it's 90° out send my favorite this is a book you want to read okay so I don't know what this says about me but I thought about wearing a leather jacket cooler today
00:38:14at the show is already haven't seen her shoes loafers just like you spent thousands of dollars on those and they're ruined now I could see that going well with what was the outfit we saw Karlie Kloss catching a cabin was like a a full boyfriend Jean and like a heavy sweatshirt and she's like to Palin cab happy as can be to be wearing unseasonal close in summer because it means you're just so skinny and cold all the time to totally like I feel like that's practical Shooters on seasonal clothes totally boss okay I will go first and I will
00:39:14my car and I'll fill in the blank with something very funny and dash related actually don't expect it to be really funny so much pressure so money is a distant memory how will you pay for goods and services will obviously Bitcoin because everything is completely Bitcoins I'm just waiting to really no not really but it blows my mind that you can invest money in Money is a whole weird thing as my mind so confusing the way I don't have to do your car. Do I don't know you pick your own car. Okay alright not funny let's see in a world ravaged by blank are only Solace is blank so yeah by SoulCycle adherent
00:40:09it is a fashion thing though right like a SoulCycle fashion girl would be without her weekly actually in a world rabbits by SoulCycle are only Solace is not giving a way better I know that's like it's a bad day for the soul cycle addict
00:40:42sorry I missed you next time okay maybe she's born with it maybe it's Botox actually always Botox Real Housewives alert okay it's my turn next one is weird maybe song lyrics probably before my time cuz I'm not getting it this is the way the world ends this is the way the world ends not with a bang but with
00:41:11fireworks at the end of
00:41:18where is Betsey Johnson's cartwheel down the runway a blank John Paul Gotye show I finally came to me pretty sure that was a t s Eliot quote
00:41:40okay I'm on the internet okay so just turn this one over and controversial there with me and 200 Cigarettes for four tickets to the Tom Ford show ticket in LA county that's so true LOL is it going to be
00:42:05I forgot he said in LA but it's kind of the most fashionable thing because as the New York Times will not stop telling us La is way cooler than New York and any other place right now what happened to psychic ball let's go to the taco truck around the corner please yeah for real.
00:42:52the question is why can't I sleep why can't you sleep at night and coffee and they're giving away by the way because if you've seen the fatuous you know that that is a man you want to be emulating in what you eat and drink at all times okay Lauren over to you okay what is Batman's guilty pleasure I'm going to say tighty-whities underneath his all black suit
00:43:34yeah I can 100% see if that's just pleasure he likes mixing it up a little bit I think that the boxer thing is over the boxer brief thing feels a little like fancy man tighty-whities all the way it's like the female equivalent of boy shorts trending now or granny panties took offense to the tram cuz I'm like we don't really wear granny panties you know songs.com all this time okay that's right I killed blank how you ask okay that's right I killed athleisure okay
00:44:30how do you ask a showing up killing it and I fix capparelli Couture gown sure that we can take the bad guy freezer at the most annoying term World know what kind of being ironic when we use it but they probably don't know because that's that's what people wear IRL if I didn't have to like work in an office where you had to dress like you're in an office I would wear athleisure everyday like something I all I got to wait to be as a running mom and go to Starbucks and my little friend I feel like that happened and that was 2008
00:45:30she had a little too much fun on a rooftop somewhere like took a little puff puff pass something and then went to shop the Alexander Wang got super high and went to the Alexander Wang sample sale at some bad decisions like glittery sweatpants was it or they were just an awesome president of the United States so I can't wait will you become cats and sparkles and apps and your Dell has my vote everybody think you would have cats everywhere
00:46:30and lots of Glory Suffolk Street would be glitter you and everything or just be glittery are there and feel I could house music playing everywhere you go I feel like your folder so were they have that we could take you to like a whole back to school Island you will be in your element There and Everywhere without blur Myspace are like to go to the best play me thank you so much for being here everybody the book is Tales from the back row it's been like such a delay I've been telling people like any book that makes me actually want to get on the subway to Times Square to go to work every morning
00:47:30really wonderful thing I've been having a blast reading and total must-read for anybody who cares about fashion or Wonder's wife of people give a shit about fashion thank you so much it's been so fun Playing Cards Against Humanity with you guys anytime thank you
00:47:47thanks for listening to this episode of unbuttoned brought to you by the editors of Yahoo Stone I hope you enjoy this as much as we did I remember you can find all the stores we talked about and more on yahoo.com style until next time look good and keep reading

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